How to Create Zoom Rotation Transition Effect Using Filmora9

[Music] hi guys welcome to my channel in this tutorial i’m going to show you how to create zoom rotation transition effect using filmora 9 as you see at the beginning of the tutorial so i think this transition effect is is amazing it’s very useful when you want to to change transition from one location to the other location and it is especially useful for those of you who want to make a travel video and it is kind of creative transition effect and it is actually it is very easy to to create so i i’m going to show you step by step you just need to follow follow my steps here so that you can create this kind of transition okay let’s jump into to film right now all right so here’s fibora in order to create a video for youtube i’m going to select the the spike ratio at 16 by 9 here and then create a new project click here now we need to focus we need to import two footage into the media library i’m going to use my example for this here the first this is the first one and it is a second one i just drag and drop it into filmora right here okay and drag and drop the first clip onto the timeline uh let’s select keep project setting all right so now we need a five second this clip i’m going to go to the duration control right here and then type zero five press enter all right so the marker moved to the to five second position let’s split it and delete the rest let’s drag and drop the second clip onto the timeline yes and do the same go to the duration control duration control and we can type here 10 and press enter all right say and split again okay and now delete the rest now we need to straight out the timeline to to straight it out okay because we need to move frame by frame to create the transition effect between the first to the second clip and just straight it out let’s click here and straight it out all the way out all right and move here so there is a split at the split position between two clips move backwards 11 frame just use your your arrow key one two three two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven here it can be eleven frame or ten frame or twelve frame it’s up to you but i’m going to use eleven frame now drag and drop the second clip on top of the first one backward 11 frame at this position okay so we we just created the transition effect between the first to the second one by the way it’s not that it’s not exactly the changes in effect now we need to create the motion so the spinning motion for both clip on the timeline so we select the first clip double click and then go to motion and here we have uh no just scrolling down a little bit okay so here we have photo spin 3 and photo spin 4 you can choose any any of them we’re going with the photo spin 3 to create the same the same changes and effect like what you have just seen at the beginning of the tutorial okay double click on that alright so click on the second clip and double click on the motion again alright so click ok now we need to export this this timeline and bring it back to filmora let’s click export and go to your setting and select 30 000 kbps remember 30 000 or above maybe you can select 80 000 100 thousand it’s up to you and the frame rate 25 frame per seconds okay and click okay and now export a few moments later okay so the spot is finished we need to bring it back to a filmora so let’s click on file target here and here we have my video so that is example for this so we run and drop it back to the media library right all the way here so we can delete the everything on the timeline now and drag and drop the footage that had just been export the output one the output to the timeline all right so let’s uh preview it okay and stop when the first rotation finished because we we have two rotation here now stop at the when the first rotation finish and we split it now let’s view the whole timeline and delete delete the first part and play again stop when the second rotation finished and split again and delete the rest okay now we need to find the the position when the first clip transition to the second clip i’m going to find it right i think it’s right here so do not do anything just select the clip and go to crop tool now we need to create the zooming effect for for the clip okay and let’s click pan and zoom and adjust the end point the end area to as small as possible all right as small as possible and move it to the center of the frame right here and click ok that’s done okay now you need to split the clip here press this button split and select the second clip go to crop again now when you need to hit this button swap the start and end points click on that and click ok to go back to the timeline okay and we finish finish the transition effect let’s preview it nice right but we can make it even better go to transition at the at the third box search for flash okay here the flash and drag and drop it between two clips and then adjust it one to one second so double click and select here one second zero zero and click okay to go back and now we finish the change history effect let’s render it so you can see it smoothly right there okay so here the transition nice right so that’s all you need to know uh or know about this transition in fact i hope you enjoyed the tutorial if you have any question let me know in the comment section below thank you very much for watching and i will see you in my next video [Music] do you

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