How to Create the SPLIT Screen Effect in Filmora 9

[Music] what is up guys welcome back to a brand new video and today I’m gonna be showing you how to do this play screen effect in film noir so this was really easy to do in previous versions of Amara but when the Chamorro 9 upgrade came it’s been really hard to find as you can see I already have two videos in the timeline one on the bottom one on the top it doesn’t really matter which one’s on top one is on the bottom but you’re gonna go ahead and go to effects and you’re gonna go to the utility category here right and now you can go ahead and click on crop drag and drop it on one of the videos so you can drop it on the top video to make it easy that’s a really matter in order to I didn’t double click on this top video and it should show you something like this if this doesn’t show up it’ll probably show up like this and when you get this click this drop down and video effects might take a second and again click on crop and you get these settings here so what you can do here is you can actually use the left left adjustment and you can adjust the video to wherever you want to put it below now you can type in the 50 year 50 to make it halfway and that is that and you can actually use the right side too so you get a different view I guess and I like that so that looks pretty cool and you can actually do a top you can do them go ahead and put this on 0 you can produce hop and you can also a dual bottom like that or you can do a mixture of everything which I thought was pretty cool you can do like it make sure alright let’s see like that and the cool thing is that you can learn the edges here so it makes the edges looking like smooth and then now whenever you’re done you can go ahead and click OK thank you so much for watching this Michelle go ahead I need the subscribe button below Evans already in a mouthpiece [Music]



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