How to Create the Flip Transition Effect in Filmora 9

what is up guys my name is nash and welcome back to another video and uh a while ago i did a video on i was basically what is up guys welcome back to another video today i’m gonna be showing you how to create uh the flip transition uh so let’s go ahead and switch over to filmora all right so the first thing you got to do is identify where you want to add the transition so i want to add it right here because when i was speaking i had a little pause on here so i want to kind of like create a transition in between uh so first things first i’m going to go ahead and cut right here and i’m going to cut where i want the transition to end which is going to be right here so i’m going to go ahead and cut this as well all right so now that we have this we’re going to go ahead and go to effect and we’re going to go ahead and open where it says filters here now you’re going to go to distortion right here as you can see we have 18 different filters you can use but we’re only going to use if you go all the way to the bottom i’m going to use this flip up transition here right so i’m going to click drag you want to put it directly on top of the clip that you want to add it to so add it on there and for the next part we’re going to go ahead and add a little shake effect which is going to be directly on top on here we’re going to go all the way to the bottom again so you can actually use both of these i think this one is a little more extreme compared to this one but i like using this one so i’m gonna go ahead and use this one uh click drag and you’re gonna put it right on top of the video as well so these are the two different effects that you need for this and you’re gonna go ahead and double click on the clip and this is going to allow you to access the video effects that you just added and now you can actually customize them so you don’t really need to do a lot of customization on here alright so for the flip up you can actually turn down the alpha which is pretty much how visible it is so as you can see if you turn it all the way down you’re going to be able to see something that looks like a reflection on here so i just recommend leaving it like this or you can turn it down a little but i’ll leave it on here and there for the up down effect we’re going to go ahead and let’s go ahead and move this a little down so this you don’t really need to change anything and the only thing i would change is the rgb shipper if you don’t want the little glitch effect you can actually turn this off so you’re not going to have the rgb split on here but i recommend adding this because it just makes it look a lot nicer so i’m gonna go ahead and add this on there and yeah so that’s pretty much it you don’t have to change anything on here and then go ahead and click okay and there you go now you have your transition uh thank you so much for watching guys make sure to go ahead and hit the subscribe button below if you haven’t already and i’ll see you on the next one peace

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