How to Create Multiple Popups At The Same Time On Your Videos

what is up guys my name is nash and welcome back to another video and uh a while ago i did a video on i was basically what is up guys welcome back to another video today i’m going to be showing you how to add multiple comments on the screen or multiple pop-ups and that you can use anything you want really can use videos you can use images you can use um anything really so i’m going to be using these comments on here so i went ahead and looked at each other’s comments and i screenshotted three of them so i’m going to be using that for this tutorial all right so the first thing you got to do is actually identify where you need to put these comments right so i want it to be on this clip here so i went ahead and just cut this because i wanted to only be out in this clip all right so once you have that you’re gonna go ahead and grab at the first comment the first image the first video that you have you’re gonna go ahead and drop it on top here right so you’re just gonna add it to this clip on here right so i’m gonna go ahead and adjust this so it matches uh the same length as uh as the clip so this is gonna last for the entire clip so i’m gonna go ahead and double click on the actual image and you can actually resize it once you have it on here so i’m gonna go ahead and click and drag you make it as small as you want or as big as you want it to be and you can also move it anywhere on the screen so if i wanted to put this you know up here you can do that just click and drag uh super easy to do all right once you’re done with the first one you’re going to go ahead and add the second one and i’m going to go ahead and click drag and i’m going to put it on top of this here right and the trick is uh we want them to be on the same screen so you want to put it on top of the previous one so and also you want to leave uh you know a little bit of space um at the beginning so you have it pop up right after the other one so i’m gonna go ahead and do that on here as well and i’m gonna resize this and i put it somewhere on the screen i’ll put it right here all right that looks pretty good right here all right so i’m just going to leave it right there and we’re going to go ahead and resize this to match at the first one all right because we want it to end on here right and for the third one we’ll do the same thing again put it right here make it smaller and put it anywhere on the screen so kind of like that all right there you go and you can actually go ahead and uh you can go ahead and resize this like that there you go now you have the three pop-ups on the screen and one thing i usually do is i lower the transparency for these just so it adds a little nice effect to it uh so you can actually uh double click on the first one and you can go to i think it’s compositing here and you can turn down the opacity so i want to turn it down to about uh 50 60 that’s that’s pretty good and this is nice because if you have um you know some of these images on top of the person on top of the video you kind of like you can actually see through it so i’m going to do the same thing to the other images so this is pretty much how you do it it’s super easy to do it takes you about you know two seconds to do uh thank you so much for watching make sure to go and hit the subscribe button below if you haven’t already and i’ll see you in the next one peace

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