How to Create Drop Shadows in PowerPoint

Drop shadows are a great way to make objects pop off your slide let me show you how to add them in PowerPoint hey there folks Tim slate here you know one of the graphic design techniques I like to use in my elearning courses and presentations are drop shadows now drop shadows are a great way to add some visual interest to the objects on your screen or add some contrast between different objects or to make it look like the objects are literally popping off the screen now the thing about drop shadows is that subtlety is key less is more when it comes to drop shadows you almost want to make the drop shadow so subtle that the the learner doesn’t even notice it if it’s overly apparent then you’re doing too much drop shadow but let me show you how to add drop shadows in PowerPoint it’s actually really really easy I have several objects here on the screen I have these characters and I have a couple of shapes here for my lower third and I really feel like they could benefit by adding a really subtle drop shadow just to add some depth between each of the objects and also to help them kind of pop off the screen like I was mentioning earlier so let me show you how to add a drop shadow I’ll start by adding drop shadows to these two characters here I’ll go ahead and select both of them by holding shift and selecting each of them and going to my format tab and under a picture effects you have the option for shadow along with a lot of other effects that you could also apply to your objects now under the shadow drop down you have a couple of different shadow options you have outer shadow and inner shadow inner shadow applies a shadow on the inside of the object what you really can’t see in this case but what I’m really going for are the outer shadows or the drop shadows and you’ll notice there are several different options for how you can add a drop shadow and it really comes down to the effect that you want to create and the different shadows show which way the shadow is going to cast now more often than not I would say probably about a hundred percent of the time I typically just do a centered drop shadow so it applies a even drop shadow around the entire object so I’ll go ahead and select that option and it’s applied it and you may not even notice it it’s there you can notice it really clearly up here at the top and all around the edges but it’s a really really subtle effect to make those objects pop off the screen now I’ll go ahead and do the same thing to these objects down here these shapes that are making up my lower third I’ll select both of those again by holding shift and selecting both of them and going back to my format tab and under shape effects I’ll do shadow and I’ll do a centered shadow there as well and you can see it applies a really really subtle drop shadow which makes them pop off the screen a little bit and adds a little bit of depth now in PowerPoint you have a lot of options to control the way your drop shadows look so what I’m going to do is I’m going to select all of these objects that I’ve applied a drop shadow to by holding shift and selecting all of them here and going to my shape effects going to shadow and shadow options down here and it’s going to open up a panel here on the right hand side of my screen and you notice I have a lot of different options for shadow effects I can change the color of the shadow if I wanted to make it look more like a glow like an orange glow there which I probably would never do but you can do that in this case I’ll turn it back to black I can change the transparency of it right now it’s set at 60 but I can make it more transparent or less transparent you’ll notice it’s making really subtle changes to the shadow there I can change the size of it I can make it much bigger as you can see there which I would not recommend or make it much more subtle I typically go with a hundred and one percent very very subtle drop shadow I can also change the blur to make it more dispersed or less dispersed in this case maybe ten points is really good change the angle again to show where the shadow is casting from in this case I’ve made the shadow so subtle you can’t even see that anymore megha also change the distance to make the shadow appear further away you can see how that affects the shadow as well so what I’d recommend you do is just play with these settings until you have a really really subtle shadow I would suggest adjusting the transparency and the size to get the effect that you’re looking for and that’s how you apply and edit drop shadows in PowerPoint it’s a really really easy way to add some visual depth and to make objects pop off the screen enjoy hey did you like that video if so check out some of my other great content at Tim slate com

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