How To Create A PowerPoint Template: Placeholders, Footers & More (2 of 3)

Hey this is Camille with Nets of old speed training and this is part two of the series on how to build a custom PowerPoint template from scratch where you watch behind my shoulder as I show you exactly how I would do it in this part two we’re going to format the content placeholders on this parent slide layout here in the slide master and if you’ve missed part one make sure you click on the button here on the screen so you can go back to part one and start from the beginning now the next step is to format the placeholders and you can do this a number of different ways some people are more visual and some people like to play around with it and see how it looks it all depends on how you like to proceed but I’m going to show you basically how I would do it it’s not a super scientific way but this is how I would probably end up doing it myself so I’m going to select this placeholder and first things first I’m going to change the font size to 40 I think 44 is gonna be too big for this particular presentation so I’m gonna change it to 40 then I’m gonna just manually drag it here and I’m gonna give myself a bit of room beyond the bleed edges just so that this presentation stays nice and clean and I’m gonna think yeah I’m gonna leave it about about here I might drag it down a tiny bit I’m also going to shrink it let’s see actually let me first I’m going to drag the text to be at the bottom so I’m actually going to go in here in the paragraph area select align to bottom the reason that I do this is because I want all the text to stay around here and as text gets added so for example if I continue to type a title and it goes to the second line as you can see etc I want everything to stay aligned to this bottom line here if I had if I had it aligned middle or top let me just show you an example right so if the next slide if it keeps going everything’s going to be aligned to here whereas if I had set it to middle as this grew you’ll notice the text actually jumps and I don’t want it to jump so I’m just gonna control Z to undo all that so that is why I align it to the bottom I almost always aligned to bottom because I don’t like my titles to jump around from slide to slide but in some situations aligned to middle make sense especially if you know they’re gonna be very short titles all the time all right so once I’ve done that I want to actually I’m gonna type in more text just randomly to see how it looks with two lines of text you can try as you want to get people to only write short titles it won’t happen typically so I’m just going to adjust it based on how I think someone might end up putting two lines of text here I want to be prepared for that eventuality so I will then delete all this dummy text and that’s gonna be roughly where my text placeholder is gonna be trying to decide I’m gonna want some empty white space here so I might just drag this to about mm about here just for stylistic effect so once that’s done I’m actually going to drag one of these guys down so I’m gonna select control drag one down so that it matches here and actually there we go and now I’m going to just realign this here make sure that there are nice and neat once I’ve done the top I’m gonna do the bottom as well I’m basically gonna put guides on all of this because I want to make sure that we have everything set in case anything moves down the road again control drag this here sometimes it’s helpful to zoom in drag another one out here so now I have my layout actually I think this is gonna be a little much I’m gonna drag this to maybe here and expand this well notice once I have guys also it makes it easier to drag and align things because PowerPoint has smart guides which set immediately to this to this guide so that’s another reason that these guides are handy now the next thing I’m going to do is is edit this content placeholder and again this is going to apply to all of your slide layout so you want to make sure that you set it for the general look and feel you can then edit these further down the road so what I’m gonna do first is I’m gonna drag this to the side and look it happens to fit perfectly already there and I’m gonna give myself maybe a little less space let’s see drag it’s about there then I’m going to add my guys again just gonna add one new piece I forgot to hit control let me place it back up here control my mass is being funny control drag alright and then I think I might even drag this a little bit further down and I will add the guide control and drag that’s add about there and I will drag this so now you can see this doesn’t look exactly aligned let me make sure I adjust it there you go so now you can see we have our general framework set up it looks like I moved this rectangle in the back inadvertently now this brings up a good point actually a something that I will want to do before before I finalize my presentation and I’m not actually gonna do it quite yet because I want to first double check everything but before we finalize this presentation this template excuse me we’re gonna want to make sure that we save this background as something that’s not necessarily easy to edit for someone down the road so once you’ve decided on it you want to make sure that someone doesn’t inadvertently do it I just did which is move things around and then not realized they did it and find out later and wonder what the heck that’s doing there so I’m in control Z to undo that but we’ll do that at the very end so that we still have some room to maneuver in case we want to change anything and so actually that brings up one last point which is that I’m going to add another guide to this edge just in case this gets moved and I want to make sure that I know how to replace it so I will have that extra guide right there okay so now that we have this laid out we are going to edit this content placeholder I actually am going to change everything to be a little bit smaller so I’m gonna change this top level to 20 because this presentation is going to be delivered in a small setting so the next one will be 18 the following one will be 16 and I will make the last two the same size 14 because I don’t you want to type anything smaller than 14 so this gives you a sense of the the font size I’m also going to adjust the bullet a little bit in fact I’m gonna make all of these bullets square and I’m also going to bring maybe I’ll bring some of these a tad closer hmm control-z I don’t like that I’ll just bring that one closer this one closer and this one closer okay so and in fact now that I’m here I’m thinking I might even bring this a tad closer as well this is just personal preference okay so you can adjust this however you like oops and based on your knowledge of how someone is going to be using this template you might decide to add more space less space etc I am assuming that someone is not going to be using a whole lot of these lower levels so but I still want to have them formatted in case someone does because what happens if you delete say these last levels and someone types in and tries to go to the next level it’s going to default back to the original office formatting which is not going to work with your template so my recommendation as is Julie’s and echoes is to always make sure that you format the to the furthest extent that you can so that you have at least something set if someone breaks the rules or decides to do their own their own thing which inevitably happens with templates so now that I have these two main placeholders set I’m gonna set the footers as well and these footers I’m actually gonna make a size 10 because I think that is going to be enough I like the fonts and the colors already of the text so I’m not going to make any changes to that I am going to change the positioning of them so the first thing I’m going to do is select I’m going to zoom in a bit here so I can see this more clearly whoops I’m going to drag this slide number placeholder down and I’m going to make it fit to the guide here and I’m going to make this a lot smaller because even if we were to type say slide number 200 which hopefully doesn’t get too but you never know then I have plenty of room for that so I’m gonna hit ctrl Z to undo I’m actually gonna drag it a little bit smaller here and I’m gonna put a little stylistic design element here which is a bar and I will add a couple of spaces and so let’s just test this out actually test this out if we make bar and then 200 299 we still have lots of room what if we added a second space we don’t have room so this is a good thing to do always just test see what it looks like with an extreme situation and so that’s what I’m gonna do so I will hit control Z to undo all that and drag this out a little bit add the bar space two spaces maybe three and see how that looks I think that looks pretty good the other thing that I’m going to do is I’m actually going to adjust this placeholder by right-clicking it format shape and I’m going to go to paragraph options here text box options and I’m going to remove the left margin so that I can really get down to the very edge of it that way when I drag my date placeholder over here I can really get very close to it so I’m going to drag this about here drag this down to match and I’m going to hit ctrl R to align the text to the right and now you can see I have some good spacing I’m just going to adjust this a little bit so that I have the date right next to the page number then I’m going to go in here and go into the insert tab click on header and footer and I’m going to adjust the date and time and I actually am going to make it December 30th 2017 hit apply apply it all and now it’s adjusted ok this doesn’t look like it’s perfect let me make sure it is there we are and to triple-check I can always go to drawing tools format tab check the height 0 35 0 35 so we’re good ok now we’ve set the slide number and the date I’m actually going to make this date a little bit shorter because I don’t need that much room and finally what I’m going to do is I’m going to set the footer and before I can set the footer what I need to do is actually figure out how much room I have here because I’m gonna want to put my logo here on the left so before I touch the footer I’m actually going to go and I’m going to insert my logo now once I have my logo copied I’m going to hit control V to paste it in now make sure you paste it in as a PNG not as a JPEG because a PNG will not lose its quality over time whereas a JPEG will so I’m gonna paste in it I’m gonna drag it down I’m gonna make this way smaller this is much too big and let me just adjust it here to my guides and I might just make it a fair bit smaller here I think that looks right actually I can make it the same height as my footer so 0 3 5 and I’m going to align it to my guides again make sure I have that set my smart guides are helping me out here even though my mouse is being touchy ok so now that we have it in place I have a bit of a sense of how much room I have for my footer so I’m actually going to drag my footer out here and I’m going to align it to the bottom and the top of my other placeholders and I’m actually going to hit ctrl L to align the footer to the left that it’s next to the logo and continues out towards the right so now I have my footer set up this gives me a room in case someone wants to put a tagline or some other text down below maybe an author maybe some kind of source cited so again it’s just like the bullet level here that I mentioned earlier I want to keep these and I want to make sure they’re formatted because someone is possible even though in this situation I’m not sure there’s gonna be a footer someone might want to add it and you want to make sure that it’s formatted or else it’s going to revert back to the default and look very ugly so again make sure that you have everything that’s given to you formatted and there for someone to use you can always remove it individually per layout or give instructions to someone to not use it now before I finalize this I’m actually gonna add one last guide I’m gonna using the ctrl key drag this down and hopefully it fits let’s see please let me select it I feel like recently it’s gotten harder to select these let’s see looks like PowerPoint wants to put it there so I’m going to adjust rather than pulling my hair out I’m just gonna adjust the footer to match there we are and last one that it fits okay so now we have our basic framework set up for this PowerPoint template we have the parent slide layout that is fully formatted we have the background design elements we’ve got the content placeholders including the title the main content area we’ve got our logo our footers everything is laid out and we’ve got our guides to tell us exactly where things are positioned and now we can move on and edit the individual child layouts within this PowerPoint template so if you’re ready to move on to the next part of this PowerPoint template and finish it off click on the button here on the screen to go to part 3 otherwise this is Camille from nuts-and-bolts speed training and I will see you at happy hour

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