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Hey what’s up this is pat flynn from smart passive income calm and in this video i’m going to show you how to quickly create a lightbox effect in your keynote presentation so you can highlight certain parts of your presentation just like this alright let’s check it out alright so here I am in keynote i just opened a brand new keynote document here it’s 1280 by 720 of course it could be any size that you wish depending on the size of the presentation that you’re going to be giving so I’m just going to delete these double click to edit because there’s not going to eating any text here what I’m going to do is I’m going to take a screenshot from my own website and I’m going to place it right in the keynote presentation and I’m going to show you how I highlight a certain part of this screenshot that I take so I’m going to take a screenshot here and the way I do that here and on the Mac is I hit command shift 4 and I can just drag and drop this box around and it doesn’t have to be exact but I’m just going to let go so what it’s going to do it’s going to copy it to my desktop as you can see here so what I’m going to do is I’m going to go back to keynote and I’m going to drag that screenshot right here into the first sort of frame or slide here and if you just if you have snap guides on it’ll it’ll Center it nicely for you just like that now the next step is to quickly just duplicate it and to do that you can right click here on the first slide and click on duplicate and the reason you’re doing that is because we’re going to be transitioning from this slide to the second slide which is where we’re going to highlight it and you’ll see how that transition works in a second but the next up here on the second slide is you want to actually copy ctrl C or command C and Reap aced it on so you actually have two copies one on top of another and you can just lay them right on top of each other you want to be exactly on top of each other just like that and then what we’re going to do is you’re going to hit this mask button and what this does is it allows you to create a section of the layer that’s on top the screenshot that’s on top and what it’s going to do is actually going to only include that part that you include in the mask so what I mean by that is let’s say I complete this mask and then I delete the the second one in the back you can see it only leaves that one on the front layer so I’m going to cut command Z to undo what I undo what I just did there now what I’m going to do on this particular slide I’m going to open up the inspector and I’m going to go to this second tab here which is called the slide tab and I’m going to go to appearance and I’m going to make the background color fill black so I’m going to slide this all the way to black and you’re not going to see any changes on your screen right now but the reason we do this is because we want to have the background be dark so it has a nice lightbox effect so it darkens the background instead of lightens it and it really put makes the section that you’re trying to highlight pop so for example if I go to this fifth tab here called the graphic inspector and I click on that and I make sure that the background not the mask is clicked on I can move the opacity down just a bit and you’ll see it starts to darken the screen behind it or the second layer that is behind this mask that we just created now if you need to adjust the mask you can actually just click on this and click Edit mask and you can sort of increase or decrease the size of the mask that you want but I’m going to keep it as is and what I’m going to do here is going to make sure that the opacity of the background is at 25% you can darken it or lighten it a little bit more if you wish but I’m going to keep it at 25% then I’m going to highlight or click on the mask I’m not going to move anything but I’m going to click on stroke here on the same fifth tab the graphic inspector and I’m going to put a frame around it so I go to a stroke picture frame and then I’ll make sure that it’s on this one down here on the lower left which is sort of the blurred sort of a blending sort of frame so I’m going to click on that and you can play around with the scale a little bit to make sure it just highlights it exactly how you want it and again you can edit the mask at any time so it’ll change it for you if you wish and now you’ll see that I’ll have a nice slide here from one to two so the question is how do we make the nice sort of sliding transition between this slide here which is our original slide and then this one here which is the mask that we’ve created a frame around the blurred frame with the darkened background and the way we do that is we go to the first slide you go to the second tab here in the inspector called the slide inspector and you go to transition and then you click on effect and then dissolve and you’ll see a preview of the dissolve effect here if you want to read if you want to see it again you can click on this preview screen and it’ll keep playing it for you and you can decrease or increase how quickly that dissolve happens and then you can just click play and play slideshow and you can see that effect just like we saw in the beginning and of course you can rewind this video or go step by step through it to see exactly the steps we did to make it happen and you can do this for any sort of slide it works great for any you know thing you want to point out on a particular website that you have up whether it’s your own or when you’re trying to highlight while you’re teaching something to your audience again it’s a great slick way to highlight something on your slides it’s going to really impress people and people might not come up to you and say oh wow that transition was awesome they’re probably not going to do that but it’s going to really help fine tune and just really take your slide presentation to the next level so I hope you enjoyed that tip and yeah I’ll see you the 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