How To Create A Killer Customer Value Proposition

Kenny specializes in helping b2b specialists coaches consultants and other professionals get more clients by making them the obvious best choice to pick he does this by diving deep into their prospects once and needs and then helping them craft powerful value propositions and marketing funnels directed at those needs he’s going to share some of his wisdom today by showing you how to develop a peak performing value proposition that will form really the foundation of your business model in the years to come for your startup enjoy Kenny over to you thank you very much and I must say it’s a pleasure to be back here second year in a row to speak at a might in truly honored to be here baby wondering why there’s a blank developer Peak Performing value proposition for your blank about Andrews only just noticed this a little bit about Andrew he’s engineering background and likes things to be prim and proper and so the speakers will attest to this beforehand he wanted us all to have our slides in two weeks in advance and so I’ve decided to change my slide slightly just to freak him out a little bit so today I’m gonna do something fairly historical for MIT no doubt it’s something I got an idea from a good friend of mine and James Leslie rody about five years ago and he actually gave an audience the opportunity to choose between two different types of presentation so today I’m going to do that for you I’m going to give you the choice of two different types of presentation and views at the back there thinking why did I invite this Brit back so the first choice is obviously to develop a peak performing proposition for your startup that’s choice a choice B is develop a peak performing value proposition for your sex life can you did no clue this so can you just raise your hands if you want to go for a okay we’ve got quite a few A’s there ray jams if you’d like to go for be of some agility of the room well I’ve got good news for both of you because value propositions are extremely versatile and although we’re going to be speaking about startups today it will actually cover personal areas of your life as well so we’re gonna we’re gonna start with startups now I’m sure a lot of you will be aware that startups don’t have a good reputation of actually succeed and in fact eight out of ten startups fail within the first 18 months and Forbes have put together a list of three of the biggest reasons that startups fail number one startups don’t tend to be in touch with their customers they get their customers and then they cannot forget about them so they don’t have an open dialogue with their customers number two failure to create and communicate clear concise and compelling value proposition and number three there’s no real differentiation in the marketplace now all three of those are value proposition related what you learning today in this first presentation will be the basis and the foundation for the rest of the presentations you’re gonna hear today because it doesn’t sit right with me that eight out of ten startups fail because they don’t have a grip of their value proposition so I don’t want to leave the room today until everyone really fully has a grip and understand the power of value propositions because the survival and success of your startup depends on the quality of your value proposition so first of all let’s have a look at what your value proposition is well there’s lots of different definitions of value proposition all over the place you know big long ones and you know grande kind of faux propositions but the nicest one I’ve seen is by a friend of Andrew and mine he’s called Peter Sam Dean and he’s put it perfectly for me it’s a collection of the best reasons your target customers have for taking the action you’re asking for so it’s just a collection of reasons why your customers should take action and I think that’s that’s beautiful by the way at the end of the presentation I’m going to show you where to download these slides and we’re also going to give handouts of the tools and resources that we talked about so how I’m where can you use a value proposition well it can be used and should be an internal document and it should be five of your best reasons your target customers have to take action with you so it’s simple it’s just an internal document and then once you have that document like I say it forms the basis for your whole business model and your whole marketing strategy you can use it for your website content your individual landing pages your adverts headlines elevator pitch your USP your tag lines your slogans and presentations so if you’re presenting to get first seed investment then if you have a strong value proposition you have a much better chance of succeeding because it’s going to have clarity running throughout it all so what makes a strong value proposition well it answers the following questions number one what is it number two who’s it for what are the features and the benefits why is it unique and most importantly why is all of that believable and it has the following attributes number one it’s clear and it isn’t vague or cryptic and it’s so easy to when you work in your business to be unable to see the wood through the trees and sometimes you need a little bit of perspective and sit down sometimes you need a little bit of perspective to see that you’re not being clear it happened to me recently I’ve just done my whole website get it all done thought it looked great thought it was crystal clear and I was speaking to Andrew and Peter son Dean and the feedback I got was its vague no its cryptic and I’ve been in marketing for twenty years so it can happen to the best of us make sure that it’s specific make sure that it communicates concrete results and make sure that it communicates any meaningful differentiators and we’ll come on to all of this shortly and also it avoids hype jargon and superlatives because everyone’s heard of these things and they just don’t want to hear anymore and it’s consistent throughout all of your marketing strategy so who can use a value proposition well it can be used in business and it can be used personally as well you can have your own value proposition for you as your own personal brand but let’s look at business first you can use it so you can have a value proposition for your whole organization and then you could have separate value propositions that will be based off that original value proposition for product groups so if you run an e-commerce store for instance you could have a value proposition through individual categories and then you could have individual product value propositions services probably value propositions and if you’re recruiting at all then it’s great because you can look at who your target candidates are do some research on that and then develop a value proposition around them you’re much more likely to connect with them that way and for actions as well so for instance if you’re looking to create a lead generation part of your business you may be offering a free report or a free download or you know access to your software again you would have your whole value proposition you would have a singular value proposition based on that which would be again based on your overarching business value proposition personally you could use a value proposition for your thesis or dissertation so for instance you would look you would compare whoever marks your dissertation with your customers in business you’ll find out exactly what they are looking for what then what the moat the biggest reasons are for making you forget helping you pass and get great results you can use it for your resume your cover sheet your LinkedIn profile your bio and you could even use it for dating sites if you are single I’ll give you an example of this my when I was in my twenties I’m in my forties now but when I was in my twenties I got to a point where I was looking to settle down I wanted to meet someone that right person and I kept meeting the wrong people though my people lived in you know Matt girl who was in Norway so there was a distance thing going on people who weren’t into the same things as me and so I sat down and I profiled exactly what I was looking for and then I was able to focus on my personal value proposition and within two weeks I met my wife to be in my local pub where she used to go I used to go and we’d never seen each other before but because I was now focusing I was able to meet her and it’s the same with you and your customers your value proposition is a reflect of you or your business so let’s have a look at why value propositions are so important and why if you have a week value proposition it’s like having a leaky bucket so for instance if you have a bad value proposition and then you send lots of traffic to your website then it’s akin to pour in water into a bucket full of holes the problem we have is according to the New York Times we get bombarded with around about 5,000 sales or marketing messages every single day back in the 80s and 90s it was probably 30 to 50 so we’ve now developed these these subconscious filters to filter out all of the noise and therefore your message needs to cook through all of that noise cut through all of that clutter as fast as possible because people are filtering all of it out all of the time and typically you have around about seven seconds to grab their attention and then keep their attention so for instance if somebody is landing on your website subconsciously they will ask the following 7 questions within just 7 seconds the first one is do I understand what this website is about remember before when I mentioned that mine was vague you know people were hitting the back button because it was vague they didn’t understand what it was about I knew what it was about my team knew what it was about but not everything not all of my audience did do I think it’s relevant to me do I think it’s valuable information all of that those three questions are around about three seconds do I want this do I trust the source whatever they’re asking me to do is the risk except of all and then if they answer yes to all of those you’re doing a good job but there’s one more question they will ask and that is is this worth me going ahead now or putting it off for another day which generally means not doing it at all and so you need to be crystal clear with your value proposition and I’ll give you some examples now sometimes we have clean home pages or landing pages and sometimes we have detailed running pages depending on what product or service you sell sometimes there is a need for more detail this is an example of a clean home page looks clean but what is it what do they do actually no the cow he runs this website I’ve advised him to change it but he he won’t listen and what he’s looking for is he’s a white color boxing event organiser so he’s looking for white collar boxers and what happens then is if he gets these white color boxers they come in fight at these events and then they all buy tickets and their family buy tickets and friends buy tickets and that’s how they make the money but what does that mean the ultimate challenge have you got what it takes you know if someone lands on their cold I don’t know what it is so that’s a bad clean homepage compare that with drop boxes you know it’s crystal clear isn’t it drop box works the way you do get to all your files from anywhere on any device and share them with anyone crystal clear now Dropbox have the advantage of being very well-known so they can afford to be more simple with what their offer in there let’s have a look at a bad detailed homepage you know I don’t even know what this site does it doesn’t answer all of those seven questions in fact it looks like the web designers just vomited on the page it’s awful so let’s get that off the screen fast if you compare that with this detailed homepage and this is around home security so it needs to be detailed there’s a reason it’s detailed because people need more details there and I know the guys who have done the conversion rate optimization for this site they’re called the conversion rate experts and they’ve taken this business or helped to take this business from a seven-figure business to a nine figure business by being crystal clear with the value proposition you look at it there immediately you’ve got these seven seconds it says security system so you know it’s security systems then there’s a phone number adding that layer of trust I can call them up then there’s recommended by New York Times and other areas of credibility there so I’m building trust very quickly here then it’s make home feel safe again so a nice strap line and it’s indicating that it’s it’s home security so know it’s home security then they’ve got David Ramsey who if you don’t know who he is he’s a big financial expert who is on the TV a lot and so he’s endorsing it so they’re starting to differentiate themselves with this now then they say it’s designed by Harvard educated engineers I thought you would all be at that point but but again differentiating themselves and this this this is one of your differentiators immediately you have MIT as a layer of credibility for you you start off with that which is great then it talks about how a Wisconsin police department actually uses it to catch criminals differentiating again adding layers of trust there then it says scene it calls it better smarter home security more credibility then it actually covers some objections by saying there’s no annual contracts no middleman and no landline needed and you’ll get this for half of what you’d pay elsewhere so some big benefits that and then it has an oddly kind of strap line get more security get more freedom and get more savings and then it finishes off with some other credibility elements where they’ve won awards and stuff I think the only thing I would change is I would have his image facing inwards because he’s leaning outwards there I’d probably reverse it so he’s leaning in towards the content but maybe they’ve tested it and it works better that way it usually works better if people face towards the content so clarity compels vagueness repels let’s now have a look at how to know exactly what your customers want so this is how you can get what they call an unfair advantage by going beyond the usual attributes of demographics I’m not saying these are not important they are but we can go beyond that we can dig and find extra layers and we do this by understanding what important jobs your customers have because there’s a framework which is known as the jobs to be done framework and it states that customers buy products not because of the type of person they are but because they have a personal or work-related job to do this guy here is called Clayton Christensen he’s a professor at Harvard Nobu again I thought we’d get another paper and he did a wonderful video he did a presentation and it’s on YouTube and he talks about milkshakes and he talks about how because he’s got a consultants he talked about how he went to a fast-food joint to help them they’d spend thousands on market research had a market research firm n and they’d come in and they’d interviewed all of these customers and you know done research groups and said you know would you like to buy peanut flavored milkshake which like bigger bigger milkshakes would you like different types of straws and they spent all of this money with this first firm and yielded no results so they brought him and his team in and so what they did is they sat and they observed for a full day and they noticed that a lot of the people who were buying these milkshakes were buying them before 8 a.m.

And they were grabbing them and then jumping into their car and then commuting to work so the next day they sat down with them and started interviewing these people and asking them questions and the the main question they asked was what job do you hire that milkshake to do and people were kind of like scratching their head and say watch it what do you mean so they reframed the question – okay so what did you hire what else have you hired to do to do the same job and people started kind of thinking outside of the box at that point and going okay I get what you’re talking about now and so they would open up and talk about what they’d say well I you know I’ve hired a banana before now but it’s it’s over too quickly and I’ve hired a Snickers bar but it’s it creates a bit of a mess and again it’s over too quickly the reason I like the milkshake is because it I have a long commute and it keeps me occupied and you know so thick it takes a while to get up the straw and and I can hold it in my hand or I can put it in that you know that container there so it just fits perfectly and also it keeps me full till 11 a.m.

Till I have my next snack I don’t care what the ingredients are as long as it fills me up and so by asking these extra layers of questions they got much deeper and from the audience and were able to define that there was definitely a job that that milk Jake did now when you’re looking at the jobs to be done framework there’s three different types of jobs customers have to do what we have to do one of them is functional and that is getting a task done or solving a problem the next one is how a customer wants to be perceived by others which is the social aspects and then the third one is emotional which is how a customer wants to feel now a job can contain all of these or just one of these and by asking questions you will find out also once you’ve found the jobs you want to look at the related pain of those jobs so which negative outcomes does the customer want to avoid so let’s use the example of buying sneakers for the gym we call them trainers in the UK but buying sneakers for the gym if you were to look at the functional aspect the functional pain so when you’re looking at pain you’re looking at the possible pain before they bought it during the process of buying it or after they bought it in this example a functional pain would be sneakers falling apart after the first run or just falling apart quickly and therefore losing their investment so there’s a pain then that’s a functional pain a social pain would be other gym members thinking I look stupid and an emotional pain would be feeling miserable and unfair and unhappy because I’ve still not bought those sneakers and then once we’ve looked to the pains we then look at the related games so which positive outcomes does the customer want or desire so with the same example on the functional you would have you know sneakers are durable they save money long term you know social other gym members think I look I fit in and the gym an emotional feeling fit and healthy cuz I’ve got these great sneakers and so these are all your benefits and what you would do at this point is you would kind of measure which are the most important benefits I have a 1 to 10 because this is what’s gonna form your value proposition also at this point you want to look at the context of the job that needs to be done so for example hunger causes the job of needing to eat but it has different situations it has different contacts so if I go if I’m in a rush at lunchtime I’m working then I’ll go to a fast-food joint if I’m eating out with the kids I’ll go to a family-friendly restaurant if I’m on date night with my beautiful wife I’ll take us somewhere where hopefully she’ll be impressed so I’m the same demographic I’m the same person with the same job to be done there but there’s a different context and we need to be aware of this when we’re looking at developing our products and also when we’re looking at developing our offers and our messages for our marketing see this helps you look beyond the usual attributes so commit to knowing their jobs and you will uncover the magnetic pull of their needs and that brings us on how to stand out get noticed and be the obvious choice now most startups get ignored or fail because they develop solutions the jobs that don’t need to be done they develop solutions that they think need to be done without doing any research now I’m not saying you shouldn’t just get on and build your startup but for the sake of a couple of weeks of research you can uncover some absolute gems and I’ll also show you very shortly how to how to do some research in the resources section without having any customers as well now at this stage you’ve got a collection of ideas you know you’ve got the related pains and gains of jobs you’ve kind of worked out the context of the jobs now it’s time to see whether your products or services actually have a relationship with these jobs and if not create them so on the right there you can see here this is the customer job section so this is your customer profile you’ve got your gains and your pains of the jobs and then on the left-hand side here you’ve got your products and services and if your products or services have a match so you’ve got gain creators that match with the gains that are needed and pain relievers that match with the pains that people are trying to get rid of then you’ve got a good fit and I’ll show you how to get this canvas this is by strategizing guys and we’ll show you where to get this in the resources section so once you have this information then it’s time to look at your competitors so focus on where you perform better and/or differentiate on the pain relievers and the gain creators you know what is the point in focusing on where you are weak you know at knowledge where you’re weak if you can’t get better in those areas then don’t focus your attention on those areas so now you’ve got all of this it’s time to laser focus to the crucial ideas which is three to five of the best ideas preferably just three where possible you can you can have more ideas that you can use later for your arsenal but the more you focus on a few benefits the more power your startup will have and be really good at those three ideas three to five ideas each idea can be a few words or a few sentences it can be a claim a promise or a description or a statement so simple I just have mine on an a4 sheet of paper in word so once you’ve got this it’s now time to make it more believable because the problem with being a startup is unfortunately you know if you new and unknown then by default people will doubt what you say it’s it’s only those filters working you know we’ve got these 5,000 sales and marketing messages eating us every day we need to filter I was in the gym this morning at the hotel and I’ve got this screen in front of me I’m I’m running and I’ve got the screen in front of me just selling me stuff the whole time and then I go down to the restaurant downstairs for breakfast and these three TVs with different things going on I’ve got someone selling slip or trip what they call it over a personal-injury stuff there and then I’ve got someone selling insurance there I’ve got to filter this out and so we need we need to make it believable you’ve got your value proposition it’s now time to make it believable and we can do this by using strengthening factors so these are supporting factors so number one be specific where possible so for example 6543 members already use and love our solution we are we we are programmed at the moment this may change you know we may get specific blindness but at the moment we’re kind of we believe specific numbers a lot more than rounded numbers so be specific avoid cliches and hyper balls like I said before so the most wonderful dress in the world or the most beautiful dress in the world everyone saying that we will filter it out so avoid those show them how were possible so explain how you create the results you promise so on my home page of my website find the edge comm we explain how we get the results we use a three-step system where the first step we do a deep dive discovery to find out to help our clients find out their customers needs by going through this process and we develop a strong and powerful peak performing Bally proposition for them the second step is we then create messaging and crap help them craft their offers around this and then the third step we helped them create and needs nurture sales and marketing funnel which is a strategy which helps them automate the process of the sales marketing using this value proposition and the messages we’ve helped them create we help them attract and win great clients by doing this and and because we show them people are more be supposed to believe it stories are really good as well so tell relatable stories and this might be a story about yourself might be a story about your business might be a story about your products you can tell fictional stories people are more predisposed to believe fictional stories to believe stories I should say any and fictional stories come under that obviously if you’re telling a fictional story just ensure that it’s obvious that it’s a fictional story guarantees so remove the risk by creating a guarantee that’s better than a money-back guarantee but again we’re starting to get guarantee blindness because there’s so many guarantees out there offer results in advance so you might offer a free download test drive a trial a sample show them how good you also present to them like what I’m doing now or do webinars or videos you know if you’ve got any good PR then you know featured in show logos or publications studies in fact so according to a study of nine hundred and eighty seven patients and then something that’s a little tip there is if you’re gonna use fact then put the fact at the beginning of your statement because people are more predisposed to believe facts so you then so they’re more predisposed to believe what you say next use case studies the more relatable to the target customer the better what others say as we saw before Dave Ramsey you know celebrity endorsements or industry expert endorsements and of course customer testimonials but with testimonials video works better it’s more believable it’s a lot harder to get someone to do a video address specific goals doubts or objections to make sure when you’re asking questions for testimonial make sure you cover those aspects there’ll be a lot more powerful so now it’s time to create a compelling value proposition by getting together the three to five best reasons your customers have for taking the action you’re asking for and then add strong supporting factors to make it believable a compelling value proposition will equal a confident you if you are confident in your value proposition you will feel it in every cell of your body and you will go forward super confident which will really help you and your business so some quick tools and resources for VP creation Andrews going to hand out this handout so you don’t need to make no so interviewing customers if you want to learn how to interview customers then a great site is jobs to be done org the guys who run that really good around the job to be done stuff they have a great course that you can purchase on there have no affiliation with them but they it’s a it’s a very good course I’ve done it there’s the Christensen Institute org and strategy that all all the kind of founders of the jobs to be done framework if you can’t interview customers then the next best thing is to survey them and you can use tools like Survey Monkey or Google Forms and if you can’t get access to customers then you can eavesdrop them and you know ways to do this is just to go on forums and just hang out on forums where you know they’re hanging out and you know groups like LinkedIn you know LinkedIn groups and Facebook groups and you know if you’ve got physical products then look on Amazon look at what people are moaning about about your competitors products and look at what they like about you competitors products look at their jobs to be done a good little tool to use to search Facebook groups is called posture Adamas not easy to say and what that has been designed for is to actually search content across like Facebook pages Facebook groups YouTube groups that sorry YouTube videos all of that kind of stuff Pinterest and stuff what it does is it shows you the highest performing content so those that are being shared the most and what you can use it for in this instance is to just find the groups where you know your target audience are hanging out find the most popular posts on there you know once you go beyond the silly posts like you know surfing dogs and stuff like that get the real posts and then look within those posts and look at what people what jobs people have to do and what pains that are related to those jobs look in the comment section you’ll get some really good juicer so you can get this the strategy strategy is a value proposition canvas at strategize a calm and these guys have also written a great book which is called value proposition design which is a sequel to business model generation and why would say about the this book is by the actual physical book rather than the Kindle version cuz it’s got some good illustrations that really help the book and then there’s the jobs to be done handbook by Chris peek and Bob Murr esta guys from jobs to be done org so let’s just do a quick summary of what we’ve covered today so first of all a value proposition is a collection of the best ideas the best reasons your customers have for taking the action you’re asking them to take it can be used for your whole organizational parts of such as products services and actions can be used personally as well as we discovered be crystal clear if you don’t want to lose your prospects to competitors because clarity compels and vagueness repels go beyond demographics and look at the jobs to be done look at the functional social and emotional pains and gains associated with the jobs to be done look at the context of the jobs to be done and compare how you address the pains and gains compared to your competitors and focus on your strong points and then map out the three to five best ideas using the value proposition canvas and then add supporting factors to make it believable if you develop a peak performing a position you are much more likely to follow in the footsteps of guys like this MIT startup masters thank you very much for listening today okay so you might be wondering how you can quickly develop a peak performance issue for your business and much much more if so this next step is really simple it’s for you to have a quick conversation with me just going to be really friendly chat where I answer any of your questions you know if you have any and then I ask you some questions about your business and your goals just to work out if or how I can help you if I feel like I can we’ll talk about how if I think that I can’t help then I’ll let you know very politely and point you in the right direction okay so the purpose of this short clarity session is to get crystal clear about what’s possible for you in terms of income impact and the freedom you want to get within and outside of your business we’re going to uncover the biggest roadblocks that stopping you and we’re going to find the exact place of where we can start to get your referral system set up the information we get will allow us to create a three-step action plan so we can identify the most powerful actions to start generating more clients for you immediately and more gray clients as well so that you can leave confident excited and inspired to take your business to that next level fast know that step is really simple it’s just a fill in a quick two minute questionnaire so just click the button or the link below this video you can give me two to three minutes to tell me about you then I can prep before our session and if I could say you were interested in discussing how I can help you whether that’s through my mentoring programs or whether it’s through you know consulting and doing everything for you for your business and you might be wondering well how do I differentiate myself from all of my competitors out there well hopefully you’ve seen that I’ve been in this industry of selling high value services and products for nearly 20 years now and I come from a real business background a real coaching background a real mentoring background and there’s another big reason that we’re totally different and let me just explain what that is here and now not only do we cover tailored strategies high-performing new ideas and shifts in thinking get along with accountability when you get accepted into the inner circle you don’t just get me and my skill set you see my skill set is client generation I know it inside out and I know the overall strategy and many tactics are no to a tee but no one mental coach or consultant should or could claim to be an expert in everything they just can’t and that’s why when you join me as a client you also get access to my elite contacts without any charge if you feel that you need them these are the people who helped me with my business these are specialists in specialist areas and they’re the world’s best at what they do and you’ll see why in a moment I’ll just go through a few of them now we’ve got Marc Williams who’s a LinkedIn expert known as mr.

LinkedIn and he’s not only a LinkedIn expert he’s a super smart guy used to run a recruitment business a really successful recruitment business and then he went into training and hyper focuses on LinkedIn then we’ve got Jen Sheahan on social media now her portfolio is ridiculous she’s helped Barack Obama with his social media campaign in 2012 she’s helped the UK Conservative Party win their election she’s helped Amazon eBay she’s helped Tony Robbins I mean the list just goes on anyone who’s anyone wants Jen to do their social media and you will have direct access to her we’ve got Andrew Percy who is an mit-trained engineer and Google partner and he specializes in Google pay-per-click and he’s one of the brightest most analyst tickle people I know and that’s what you need when you’re doing Google pay-per-click and it just gets amazing results then we’ve got Nick Sal who’s inbound automation who’s used to work within HubSpot and managed a lot of their campaigns for them and then we’ve got Craig Miller who is a speaking expert so he helps you if you’re looking to create a really good presentation and if you really keen he can actually help you do a TED talk or TEDx talk cuz that’s what he also specializes in and he can actually help you get to talk at a TEDx event because he has a portfolio of pretty much most of the TED Talks that done around the world and he knows exactly what the organizers of those events are looking for but if you’re just looking to do you know good presentations be able to speak better he can help with that as well and the good thing about all of these mentors and consultants here is that they love helping smaller businesses they enjoy working with the big corporates as well which is what they do but they also love helping smaller businesses because they all run small businesses themselves and their businesses are successful in their own right and they don’t help me out and help my clients out for the sheer fun of it although they do enjoy it neither do they take these calls lightly they know us they know that we have a rigorous selection process so we keep the group very very exclusive and they know that they learn from it as well and they know that if they nurture the group as well but they eventually generate great clients through being referred by my clients and some of my clients use their services as well so it’s a complete win-win for everyone involved incidentally two of the experts that you see on screen there have come through my mentoring program as paid clients now this group of mentors that you can see on your screen right now this is a growing group so whatever your biggest challenges are we’ve seen them and we know how to overcome them so what will happen when you complete the form is you’ll be able to book a day to chat on our calendar system date that’s convenient for you then my lovely assistant Rebecca will be in touch telling you what to prepare for the call and then we’ll leave it do it by Skype or we can do it by phone and we’ll just focus very very quickly to get clarity on your business and get to know each of a better just remember though for this particular round I am doing all the calls personally myself that not being done by any of my other consultants so there is only one of me so it’s very limited on the amount of calls I can actually do so if you are interested then I do urge you to apply now thanks so much for attending the training today it’s been a fantastic session and it’s been great to work with you on your journey and I hope that to chat with you personally on a clarity session either this week or next I’m Kenny Goodman and I’ll talk to you soon bye bye

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