How to Create a Gif Image Using Powerpoint

Hi everybody Sharon Parkinson and in today’s lesson I’m going to teach you how to create your very own animated images for use on things like your blog or as a banner and for a bonus I if you wanted to create your own custom you know write unique banner so the first thing you’re going to need for this particular demonstration is is that as access to a product called Microsoft PowerPoint now unfortunately haven’t got this product then it this particular video isn’t for you but a lot of people these days use microsoft and suite of products so we’ve got to teach you how to do it using PowerPoint okay so you would open up Alpine and click on blank presentation and then what you would need to do is get rid of this box I want to create my own box and then what Pete works is rectangle where the rectangle shape is and just draw all yourself it’s kind of the shape that you’re looking for so this will kind of be like a 250 by 250 image so it automatically noting blue so it’s going to change the background first of all you can do anything you like with this box so it’s up to you so click up double click on it and then you get the shell the shape fill I’m going to make it a yellow bright yellow it stands out and the outline I’m going to make below and I want the outline to the text outline there sorry this outline I want it to be quite thick so you come down here and you can do the width here so let’s go and do it me that 15 maybe not that big there’s 12 or even 10 okay so that stands out so you’ve got yellow box with a blue background and now we’re going to do some text so you need you know come up to click on insert and text box here and just draw a box within your box let’s go say this is a test okay we’ll just do that on this slide and change the size so let’s make that 72 centralize that I’m going to be just happy where you get you see those four points of things there you just kind of drag it you see how those oh the red dashes have appeared that means it’s sent to completely centralized both from top and bottom so you just let go at that point and I want to make this text below so I highlight the text and again we’ll be out and make it same blue as your background and make it bold that’s your first slide so what you need to do now is right-click over here and do duplicate slide so now you’ve got another slide to play with and we’re going to say this is a test so to show and then we’ll do another one duplicate slide o2 and duplicate slide make and okay and then next slide duplicate again make an animal gif using and then glass wannabe check a slide okay so it’s got a bit too big so we just highlight that text and make it slightly small on this particular ones let’s make out 60 okay so that’ll do so that’s make it that’s made our slides now just make this one a bit more centralized doesn’t look quite there we go okay so that’s everything that you need to do so what you need to do now is do file save as and what you can browse to the location that you want to put the place that your file on so so computer in my case just going to My Documents just I just put it here for now and then you’re going to call this you’re looking for one that says gif graphic interchange formats this one click on that and click Save so it’s going to My Documents okay save just find for let’s just do it’s just procedure I’ll do on the desktop and find it back better than okay and this is going to be tests test bummer okay so you’ve got it as graphic interchange farmer and you’re going to give it a name so click on save it’s going to say which size you want to do and you want to do all slides this is each TX file has been it’s been saved to the desktop so I just go back to my desktop my desktop now so get to it okay so showing with the desktop when my PC starts playing up show the desktop so somewhere on my desktop I should have a folder with these files in back out see them at this stage I’m going to pause this video where I find them okay I found it is here in a folder called test banner and we just look like on that just to show you what’s inside and us make that so you can actually read those slides so extra large so this is a test to show how to make an gif file using Microsoft PowerPoint okay so that’s that bit so what we need to do now is put that all together and create one file so I’m going to take you over to a website called if make adopt me and in this all you need to do physically literally is upload the images so if you click let you just save so click on upload images and find the images that you’ve just done so I’m just going to find the test on the desktop it’s test banner just highlight all of these just kind of drag your mouse all over all over them and then it will highlight all of them together click open you can see it’s copying them in okay it’s going to show you what’s happening over here on the right okay Aries going so that’s actually going too quick so want me to slow that speed down so I’d bake it to 12 100 2,000 milliseconds you can see it’s going a little bit slower now there you go and then I bring this like this kind of size and you can have them as big as you want but I think this size is big enough 640 by 360 and if you just do click on here where it says create now you can’t add music if you want click on create now and it’s going to create so you can Glenview your animated gif not sure what looks like okay and then you just go download gif image if that’s what you like if it’s okay and just click download and then that’s stored in your download folder so you just click that download folder and copy the file and put it in a location of your choice so you can find it so you can use it again so that’s so simple it is guys and so if you’ve got Microsoft PowerPoint is free if you earn the actual low animated gif the actual gif maker drop me is also free so you’ve got no reason to not be able to make some astounding and fantastic looking images I mean these are quite basic just colors and text but you can actually put pictures in there as well if you wanted to so just how to play around guys and how and see how you think what you feel and make sure you let me know show me some if your images once you’ve done them so hope you find that interesting and I shall speak to you again on the next video please leave a message below this video if you are if you like what you saw and I’ll send a few more videos your way as well ok see you later

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