How to Create a Custom Motion Path on Powerpoint

Hey oh this is Cassie and I’m going to show you how to create a custom motion path using PowerPoint and just to make it more fun I use the beach background on my slide what you want to do is go to Google and go to Google Images and whatever picture you want to move on the screen you just type it in and I’m gonna make a sailboat across the screen you want to make sure you have a PNG file that way the backgrounds transparent and you don’t have this a white box around the picture so you’re just gonna find the picture that you want and I’m gonna choose this boat right here you click on it if you see these gray and white boxes behind it that means the background is not gonna be there and you’re just gonna get the boat in the picture so you right click and copy the image you go to your presentation you just right click again and you can paste the picture you can resize it to whatever size you wish see that you want to go click on the animations page and you want to do the more option you can put entrances emphases and exit but what we’re gonna do today is motion path and since we can’t see the boat I’m gonna move it over it’ll demonstrate the path if you just scroll if you just put your mouse over it with different ones if you want more than just the ones shown you can come right here you click the more and you just click on it you know show different paths to bounce on the screen but what we’re gonna do first is I’m a demonstrate just a straight path and click OK now if you want to move your picture this path I move with it and you can preview it if you want to make it go further you just click on the path and you just you just drag it across and you preview and it shows you if you want it to last longer if that went too fast you just go up to our here it says duration you just increase the time it’s two four seconds and it slows down the image just a little bit now we’re gonna create our own path and we’re gonna delete the first one so you just click on the other path you just click the delete button and you no longer have motion back but we’re gonna go and create our own path you just go back down here and you click on custom path and now your see your mouse has changed you just click where the boat is and it turned to jump in so and you just draw whatever path you want and when it’s done see you just pick up your mouse and that moves you just press enter and it’ll be done and it previews the image if you want to see it again just click on preview if if again it’s going too fast you just increase the time and it’ll go a little slower and that’s how you create a custom motion path

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