How to create 3D Sphere in PowerPoint – (3D BALL GRAPHIC)

Hi welcome to another edition of advanced PowerPoint tutorial series from presentation process comm today you’re going to learn how to create 3d sphere in PowerPoint the 3d sphere you will learn to create looks like this isn’t it beautiful let us learn how to create the sphere from scratch by going to a new slide to create a sphere we need the base shape to be a circle so go to order shapes and the basic shapes find this tool called oval to draw a circle while holding the shift tab we don’t need the outline for the sphere so we go to shape outline and say no outline you can choose any color to fill the shape for this example I am going to use red color the next step is to right-click on the shape go to format shape since we are going to convert a circle into a sphere by adding bevel to the shape we need this dialog box open interestingly there is a very specific way to create 3d sphere in PowerPoint you need to choose the type and extent of bevel very carefully there is only one type of bevel called circle that will allow you to create perfect sphere in PowerPoint and you need to add the bevel not only to the top layer but also to the bottom layer of the shape so we add circle bevel to both the layers of the shape now how much bevel should we give to make the circle into a sphere there is a simple calculation that tells you how much bevel to add the calculation is for every inch of the diameter of a circle we need to add 36 points of bevel let me repeat for every inch of the diameter of the circle we need to add 36 points in bevel let us see what is the diameter of the circle we click on the circle go to format tab and here we see the size the size is the height and width is three point one seven inches okay so we need to know how much bevel to add we go to calculator we have three point one seven inches as diameter so we multiply this by 36 to get one one four point one two so this much bevel should be added to the top and bottom layer so I go to this I add one in width now I copy this so we can do this easily and add to all four columns here now our circle is converted into sphere it is as simple as that when we add a nice shadow to the sphere the graphic is complete there are tons of uses for a good sphere in business presentations I am going to show you some example diagram templates from our PowerPoint CEO packs Volume one and two the two CEO packs have more than 1,600 fully editable PowerPoint charts and graphics for CEOs and business presenters the two CEO packs are extremely useful for any presenter who wants to make professional presentations quickly and effectively let us see some applications of spheres in business graphics taken from our CEO max in this diagram template that showcases three achievements we used spheres along with other design elements as shown here you can use spheres as part of other business graphics too for example in this diagram template we used spheres to mark various stages of a process you can connect a number of spheres together to create your own cluster diagram as shown in this example you can merge two spheres of different colors to create a conceptual graphic like in the end as shown here there are tons of things you can do with spheres the possibilities are limited only by your imagination good quality graphics and diagrams have the power to leave a lasting impression on your business audience the quality of your slides reflects in the brand image you represent however not all business presenters have the time to create professional graphics for themselves if you are a busy business presenter who doesn’t have the time to invest in creating graphics for yourself then we recommend you take a look at our PowerPoint CEO packs just choose the template that matches your idea replace the sample text with your own text and your business lights get ready in no time creating professional presentations has never been easier why waste time creating your graphics from scratch when you can invest the same time in creating a stronger content hope you liked our tutorial on creating 3d spheres in PowerPoint if you want to learn more such tutorials and to browse through our templates packages please visit us at presentation process comm you can also follow the link below this video thanks a lot for watching the video and happy presenting you

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