How To Clone Yourself Multiple Times in a Video Easily

in this video i will show you how to clone yourself using filmora9 cloning yourself or duplicating is actually pretty interesting effect if you are new to my channel my name is james and i create video and tutorials to help you to leverage text so that you can create greater impact in your life now and the first thing that you need to do is actually to shoot your clip in such a way that you would have the necessary clip and this is what i have done okay so this is my clip here and first off let me just bring this clip onto the timeline here okay and just click on ok and i am going to adjust the track height to make it smaller so that’s easier to see all right so you have me over here making sure my camera is in focus and talking okay so i’m just going to snip it off here all right so what happened is as i make the video i’ve actually planned that i will stand somewhere here on my doppelganger all right on my evil twin so this is the initial part of my video clip now you can shoot the clip at one go or actually shoot it using two separate clips that’s up to you the important thing is that you should mount your camera on the tripod so that there’s no camera movement and then you don’t need to adjust for the angles and making it more difficult for yourself so now that i have my clip over here i’m going to slice it again and this portion where i’m sort of moving around this portion i can still use this okay this this section here i’m not going to use this i can actually just remove it all right so next i am going to bring this clip over to another video track and i’m going to use this both let’s go back to the beginning okay so as i’m talking over here and then there is another person shows up okay so next what you have done is that with the clip now what you want to do is go to effects and look for the mask just go and search for the mask function over here search for image mask drop it onto your clip on top double click it and you can actually see the mask right now the first thing of course is need to change the shape of the mask it’s much easier to use the square mask here and then the next step is actually to adjust the mask so you need to adjust your mask in such a way that the shadow is matches we can feather the line a bit using this effect over here and if let’s say there’s some light changes you can adjust your light so that it matches both clips i will do the same for the following clip as well and finally make some color adjustments to make the clip look a little bit better if you like this video give it a thumbs up if you want to see more videos consider subscribing as well and check out this playlist here for the rest of the videos on using filmora9



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