How To Apply Image Filters in Visual Composer for WordPress

Hi and welcome to another episode of piece Meg TV in today’s video for WordPress we’re gonna be taking a look at how we can create some cool effects with media inside visual composer so let’s take a look at how we can do that right now so for this example I’ve got visual composer open and I’ve created a simple row with two columns and what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna add in just a media widget so if I come down and click to add a new widget and we’re just gonna choose single image now any of the image image gallery or carousel you can use it with those but for now we’re gonna use single image that’s gonna allow us then to choose the file that we want to display your name so I’m gonna click to add the image and you can see I’ve got a range of different images already created and uploaded to my media library now let’s just for example use this one of the little girl now what I want to do is you can see that on the right hand side once I select it I’ve got all the normal information you expect to see I’ve got the size the dimensions the file name dates uploaded and so on and I can also go in in our description captions and everything that you used to see you but if we look at the top you can see we have attachment details and we have image filter and a drop down list that gives us a range of different options or styles that we can apply to this image so let’s just say for example that I wanted to go to black and white I can click on that it’ll show me what it looks like I can come down and like say well I saw look what dream looks like all fresh blue for example I can find one that I think I actually really like I score well that was sort of like a retro sort of Polaroid effect now if I click on set image that will create a duplicate of this image for me with the effect that we just set there the filter applied to it so let’s click set image that will then go through and you see will get a little sort of dialog box at the bottom so let’s say and I’m doing something at the moment and that’s now creating that duplicate copy and you can see our image is now inserted into our image box so we can click Save Changes we can do the same against let’s click and we’ll add a second single image in there and we click to add another one we will do this time as you can we’ll go choose this one but as you can see we’ve now got the duplicate already created is we have two versions of the file if I click on that everything else is exactly the same about it it’s been incremented forwards telling us exactly what effect has been applied to it but the file name is pretty much exactly the same with just that appendage on the back on the end and we can do the same again so let’s click on this image let’s go and find let’s just say we’re going to use black and white for this example and we click set image and that’ll go through now and create that second copy of the image with that filter applied to it so we can then quite easily add that in and you can see now we have that available to us I think Save Changes we now have these two different images based upon the originals where the effect or filter applied to it all done inside visual composer itself so it’s a great way of taking images and get a little bit creative with the images whether having to go and use something like Photoshop or Lightroom to make these changes obviously you don’t get as much control but it’s still a great way of being able to create or get creative with the images in your website well I hope you found this video useful I hope it’s something you’ll find you can use when you’re building your websites and visual composer if you did find it useful please hit that subscribe button and give it a thumbs up if you need comments questions or feedback on this video or anything else we cover on the channel please pop those in the comment section below until next time take care you

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