How to ADD TEXT in Hitfilm – Quick Tips

Here’s how you add text in hitfilm text can be created in the editor you have to create special workplaces called composite shots where layers are stacked on top of one another rather than linearly there are two main ways to create composite shots blank composite shots and composite shots out of existing clips to create a composite shot out of a clip in the editor select the clip and hit the make composite shot button right here or right click on your clip and select make composite shot to create a blank composite shot go to the media panel and select a new composite shot rename it and set its duration I’ll make mine 10 seconds instead of the default 30 once in your composite shot press new layer then text to create a new text layer set a text box size I usually set mine to the dimensions of my video and hit OK go to the text tool at the top left of the viewer and click inside your text box begin typing to type your text once done highlight your text go to the text panel and adjust properties such as font font type size kerning text color vertical line spacing outline as well as paragraph alignment once you’re done go back to the normal selection tool to move your text around now go back into the editor if you created your composite shot out of a clip in the editor the text should now be baked into the video if you created your text from a blank composite shot drag it in from the media panel and you’re done thank you for watching this hitfilm quick tip if you want to know more quick tips then check out the quick tips playlist otherwise make sure you subscribe to my channel to get more hip film content like this as well as more detailed content thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one stay shiny bye

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