How to Add Subtitle In Filmora 9

[Music] hi welcome back to another tutorial on my channel in this video you will learn how to add subtitle to your video using film or a nine let’s getting started now [Music] here I am in film or a nine video editor with one video track in some example subtitle box I created let’s delete all of them except the title to add subtitle for your video with filmora simply go to title tab click subtitle here you can select any of these template for your title double click on it to preview as usual now I will drag a template on of the video track to use as my subtitle double-click to customize it now it is similar to how to add and customize text in filmora type your subtitle here in this box you customize your text here use a preset if you want you can also go to Advanced tab to get more control of the subtitle [Music] [Music] that’s calling but it’s hard because I’m four [Music] [Music] [Music] once you’re happy with your first subtitle just copy and paste it on the timeline to create another one that’s how you can add subtitle to your video using film or a nine if you liked the tutorial don’t forget to Like and subscribe to my channel bye for now [Music] [Music] you [Music]



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