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hi guys we feel more and I you can add image over your video in many different way the first way you can add any a simple image like this is cover the whole screen so no animation nothing now effect and the second way you can add an image and zoom in effect like this so that’s great right but you can do more for example you can now you can add motion to your image so just this and this and there’s something like crop crop models and shape and all that things I will show you in this video so let’s jump into the software so I can show you how to do that one by one okay [Music] hi guys welcome back to my tutorial Here I am in filmora 9 main editing timeline with my example project on the editing timeline you can see all these images I added over my main video track for those of you who are new to film war 9 anything that is on the top track will be displayed on your video it’s a little bit different compared to previous version of filmora and some other video editors this is my main video track where I want to add images over it down below are my voiceover track and sound effect tracks which I am NOT going to discuss in detail here for this tutorial I will create a new blank project so that anyone can follow the steps easier let’s go to the file tab at the toolbar menu select new project with 16 by 9 aspect ratio before importing media files into the library I always double-check my project settings and preferences to be sure about the project I am going to create I recommend you do the same whenever you start a new project with filmora 9 to select a file menu again and select project settings of the drop down menu here I have already selected my aspect ratio and video resolution I will need to change the FPS of the project at this drop down menu for this project now I can click OK and check the preferences of the program it’s important to check the Preferences whenever you create a new project to avoid lagging issues while editing a long project it seems correct in my tutorial let’s import my example footage into the media library now here are my footage which I am going to use for this tutorial this is the final project folder I will import to the library let’s select all of them click and hold your cursor and drop them into the library I have my separate voiceover for my tutorial however I will not import it now as I need to sync the audio with the video which takes some times for those of you who wanted to know how to sync the audio in film or a9 click the video link at the top corner of the screen okay let’s drop my main video track on to the timeline select keep my project settings in this pop-up window as I’ve already customized it you let’s cut out the first part of the tutorial as I don’t need it now I can play the video and find the position I want to add the first simple image over my video for example I want to add an image on this position all I need to do is to grab the image in the library and drop it on top of my main video track like this that’s the first option adding a simple image over a video in film or nine being noticed that you can easily shorten the duration of the image by grab the edge of the image box on the timeline and move it to the left you and you can double clicks on the image to view its properties the properties of the image is the same with videos meaning that you have motion color and image tabs at this window whenever you want to transform your image or apply effect to it you can do it right here for example you can flip your image rotate it scale it as well as change the position chroma key effect is also in this properties window too for this simple image I will reset it to default click OK and preview it to see how it looks that’s how to add a simple image over a video in film or nine let’s do some advanced tricks with adding an image with zoom and effect over a video now this is the position where I want to add let’s do the same steps to bring another image onto the timeline here is the simple image zoom in or out effect for your image firstly select your image on the timeline then click on this crop and zoom button pop-up window switch to zoom and pan click this drop-down menu and select 16 by 9 aspect ratio before adjusting zoom area by doing this your video will always be in 16 by 9 no matter what size you change this is zoom in effect for your image as you can see that I’m adjusting the ending area of the effect to switch to zoom out you can click this button which lets you swap the starting and ending points let’s preview the effect looks nice that’s how you can add an image with zoom and effect over a video in film or nine let’s go back to the timeline now now I will show you how to add an image over a video with cropped effect border and shaped like what you saw at the demo video firstly let’s shorten this image to have more space for the new ones I forgot to mention that you can also split your image to shorten it instead of trimming like this just select the image click this split button and delete the one that you don’t need let’s say I want to add an image with motions at this position just do the same steps to bring another image onto the timeline shorten it to this image let’s double click on it to pull out its properties window firstly resize and position of the image so that you can see the effect easier now I am moving the image directly on the preview window to avoid unexpected movement let’s lock my main video track first okay to add motion for your image go to its properties window and select this motion tab fillmore 9 has many different built-in motions you can select for your image you can select them by clicking on it for example this down up one motion is what I selected for my image it’s one of my favorite one being noticed that the speed of the motion depends on the duration of your image you cannot adjust the motion speed itself to speed up or slow down the motion speed all you need is to shorten or extend the duration of your image and to make your motion image really stand out don’t forget to add some sound effect for it for example when I use this down up one motion I often put a swoosh sound effect at the beginning and ending points this sound effect is just my personal choice you can add anything you want okay let’s copy and paste this image so that I can show you how to add crop boarder and shape mask effect for your image you can find these three effect by clicking on the effect tab at the main features toolbar click the effect tab then go to utility at the included folder you can drag and drop these affect directly on your image to apply this is the image border effect and this is shape mask effect let’s add shape mask effect on the image now now I have both motion effect on my image I can double click on it and go to the video tab in the properties window to customize them whenever you add any effect to your image or video it will be displayed at this area fillmore 9 has different types of shape masks you can select and customize you can change this default shape to any others here and customize its size and position from these slider you can also do the same steps to add border effect for your image just drag and drop the effect directly on your image and you can change the color size and blurriness of the border at the video effect customization area too this is the border customization where you can express your creativity for example you can change starting attending color of your border with these options adjust the size blur opacity and direction of the border once you’re happy with your custom is click okay to go back to the timeline don’t forget to add sound effect for it too finally let’s add a new image over my video to show you how to crop your image with the same tricks for example I will add crop image effect to crop my image to this small part of my face on the screen let’s select the effect tab again and drop this crop effect directly on to my image double clicking on it to pull out the properties window you can adjust the size of the cropped area easily just move these sliders to have right cropping area on the screen that’s easy right so what do you think about the tutorial is it clear enough if you liked the tutorial let me know at that comment section below be sure to hit the like button and subscribe to my channel if you are new here thank you very much for watching and I will see you in my next video bye for now oh by the way you can click here to watch more video I put one – yes – video and click over here to subscribe to my channel bye ya [Music]

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