How to Add Image Carousel in WordPress With Elementor

Hey guys this is Noah from Elementor today we’ll go over the image carousel widget with it you can add interesting and dynamic galleries to your page as you can see on this page we have a gallery image carousel a three column carousel and a logo strip carousel to begin let’s click on the Edit with Elementor button first let’s search for the widget in the search bar and drag it to where the blue line is displayed now once the widget is placed you’ll see the Edit image carousel area with the content style and Advanced tab in the content area you have full control over the image carousel contents in the content area you have the image carousel options and additional options in the image carousel options you can add images from the media library using a wordpress gallery so you can see the images are now displayed on the page and we have image size the image sizes that are listed here are the image sizes that you set for your website under settings media so here we have thumbnail medium medium large large full and customized now if we customize it you can set a width and the height apply it now you could choose the slides to show let’s pick one image stretch which means stretching the image out in the widgets now you can choose whether to display the arrows and dots or only arrows only dots or none and you could add a link to the carousel you could choose media file link which links every image to its media file or custom Earl those were the image carousel options we’ll move on to the additional options where you could choose whether to pause on hover or auto play when you enter the page whether it starts playing on itself and you have autoplay speed infinite loop effects a slider fade animation speed or direction in which it will play alright those were the contents options of the image carousel now we’ll move on to the style options here you have full control over the navigation styles and the image styles under navigation Styles you could set the arrow styles and the dot styles under the arrow Styles options you could choose the arrows position inside the carousel or outside it and you could choose the arrow size and its color under the dot style options you have the same options of dots position which means outside the carousel or inside the carousel and the dot size and its color now for the image style options you have a border type here you could choose the type of border for your image and its width which gives a very cool touch to your carousel and its color and the border radius let’s give it 20 as you can see it’s rounded the corners of the carousel those were the style options of the image carousel and now I’ll show you how to set a carousel of three columns first let’s search for the widget again and drag it into the page let’s insert those images and set their size now four slides to show we’ll leave it at three slides to scroll we’ll give it one for image stretch we’ll leave it at No a navigation we’ll leave both the arrows and the dots now I’ll show you how to set a bigger space between the images we’ll just go over to the style tab image style options and here you can see that the spacing option is added here you have the default or customize the customize always opens at 20 but you could set a bigger space or a smaller one and now I’ll just give them a bit of border radius let’s put it in preview mode and here we go I hope you enjoyed this video for more videos and tutorials subscribe our youtube channel or visit us at Doc’s elementary calm

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