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We’re living in a time when they are normalizing the absurd and one of those ways of bringing the next generation up in this satanic philosophy debaucherous world they are indoctrinating them of course this is where it all comes to doesn’t it it starts off as freedom and equality in religion in sexuality all of those things and then you start to realize that hey hang on there’s other groups that wish to be included in that equality and of course it’s going to mean the normalizing of the absurd in many different areas of society and one being satanic indoctrination of children much like this children’s Ouija board if there was such a thing pink Ouija board people have been talking about this on Facebook but you just you wouldn’t believe it would you but that’s that’s the whole thing isn’t it okay I understand that equality is good and necessary absolutely but you can understand that it won’t stop where you think it will just keep going and going and going until the most of all truest things are seen as normal and we’re well on the way to that so at least you know it’s quite encouraging that you look back down here on Amazon Amazon hang your heads in shame for allowing this on your site so there is still some people going against this in general public which is good amazon should be deeply ashamed for marketing such products for kids disgusting letting kids play with the supernatural worst kids day game ever not a game and most definitely not for children so it’s good that people are still standing up against that one way in which they did this was in the movie Jumanji which is kind of a glorified Ouija board really certainly all about the dark hearts and black magic a movie that was very appealing to children sword in the stone Alou they’re opening of portals the jungle the law of the jungle opening portals very real things these movies include very real things so definitely not really a movie for children is it when you’ve got Solomon’s not illusion on the board itself Solomon’s not illusion I believe and it’s to do with the opening of portals a black hole in the center the void like the womb matrix type stuff and portals definitely with Solomon’s not as I said just real things I watched a bit of this movie the other day and seeing more now I can’t believe what quite what we’re watching and what we did use to watch as children shall we have a let’s have a look at this a couple of clips from this movie it ties in a lot to the end times stuff we’ve been doing I just dropped my speaker on the floor give me one second there we go sorry I cut there so let’s have a look at this clip and let me talk about some of the things I think he wrote he rolls a seven here there playing this board game he rolls a seven which as I’ve said several times recently about the avicii front cover with level seven to do with the womb and it’s interesting what happens when this this happened so he rolls the seven and he’s talking about the sand remember the barren land on the in the womb in the black void on the bottom level this house there in this big mansion again and just watched and the floor is quicker than the sand sea so then it this happens and he goes into this womb-like he sinks into this room grabs a trumpet wormholes do with trumpets at is in the womb this is totally witchcraft this movie than this exactly like Titanic I’m going to show a clip from Titanic in a second but pretty much the same thing with Jack in the abyss and that like a wardrobe door interesting synchronicity look at this a familiar a familiar scene we have seen this time and time again with this represents the demonic entities in the womb just like in Pink Floyd the wall just like in Pink Floyd the wall where you get this entity coming out of the wall and we see it time and time again I’ve sewn in Daniel Bedingfield as well whether it’s just their face coming out of the womb and it’s pretty interesting that it’s level 7 the womb the quicksand mentioned and then he stuck in there like this and it’s about getting him out in this mansion that typical mansion that these things happen in like so he rolls a four interestingly but let’s let’s get forward a bit actually in this it’s got the oculus eye in the window there and you’ll see that’s relevant as time goes on remember this board is about the pit and Solomon’s knot and of course the demons the entities so it’s all very real stuff she then places Solomon’s knot he basically so this guy goes off to get an axe this whole scene you’re going to see here is actually the cracking open of the ox of time and space the whole mansion will crack in half remember what I said about CERN being like a wood chopping the whole whole reality the whole dimensions the whole tower that we’re in is like a tree and this is about the axe again like in Beauty and the Beast when it showed the Machine and the chopping the wood chopping device so this guy this boys got the axe and it’s about breaking him out which you’ll see in a second skip on a bit so she places the board Solomon’s knot over his head and then like that gate the black hole above his head pretty interesting he’s got his axe this whole same sequence he’s going to happen here getting him out being the breaking of the house like the breaking cracking through time and space stuff enrolled a for earlier which is half of infinity and of course these creatures have eight legs so it’s the four and the eight but let’s skip on a bit so they go off and then what happens the whole place the whole mansion begins to shudder he’s still stuck in like that and he’s being cracked open out of the stone that’s it was set in stone he’s been cracked open out of that the whole place the eye there and then in the window in the background the eight-pointed star and that’s being cracked open in half like the four cracking infinity in half the whole mansion is being cracked in half this is like the belly of the beast the belly of while this house cracking in half and it freed him from it so just leaving that there that that scene is pretty much the same thing well is it represents the same thing as this Titanic representing the whale in that movie and the whole thing cracking in half the grounds of Titanic represented the whale the sounds of the whale and that’s exactly the same thing as that house in Jumanji cracking open there cracking open time and space the ship the cosmic ship there’s a movie come out just recently called child 44 always remember that that is the cracking of infinity before the slicing open of time the halving of infinity there and that is that’s what Jumanji was showing there and of course the cracking open through time and space is what CERN is doing and that’s what it’s all to do with freeing them from the pit just like happened in Jumanji in that womb when he rolled a seven the whole place cracking open just like Titanic and another new movie that they’ve brought out they’re bringing out San Andreas which I’m going to play a trailer for this the end of this video San Andreas is showing all of this end times destruction again the full of the tower the falling of the tower these trailers are and the pillars these trailers are really set out purposely to allude to these same rituals people the oculus but it’s all about this and I wanted to show you in this they even show that cracking open of the of the earth they’re cracking open just like in Jumanji and they showed it also in war of the world remember when the the things went into the pit at the beginning when they when they came out from under the earth the cracking through the earth and through buildings oh my god they always say that this is about their God it’s about their destruction and there you go on the East Coast a lot about California guys in these things no predictions from me or anything but they do keep showing these same things California Dreaming you need to get out and pay me now and then this is well Hoover Dam I think this is Hoover to do with Hoover Dam probably is Hoover Dam sorry I don’t live there so I don’t look at very much but I think I see the dam there and they keep showing this to also to do with the birthing of the abyss of course the womb and all of this stuff the waters pouring the outpouring of the waters and I believe it’s near the Nevada desert which is of course the barren land water in a barren land stuff but whether that’s just a ritual that they keep showing or whether it’s actually going to happen who knows but I will say that this is all to do with the destruction of the ox of time and space the whole world just like in Revelation expects of the end of time and also to do with mountains being moved from their very place like in Inception have you with him god be with you unbelievable though they keep showing these same things when are the public going to realize that they’re just being indoctrinated time and time again it was like Hunger Games in this scene and it was to do again to do with that damn Adam was to do with the dam and the destruction of the dam they keep showing time and time again blowing up that dam look this was in Mockingjay the same dam type thing that they keep showing in the birth from the womb the cracking open the breaking the veil of the womb and the outpouring of the water into the barren land stuff and guys you can’t really deny at this point the reason I keep showing these things in movies is to show you that Jesus Christ is the truth inadvertently because some people are very hardened heart these days and we need to up our game up our taxes to show that this is in fact the truth and Jesus Christ is the truth and the evidence is everywhere this world is clearly coming to a pinnacle and everything is coming together as ahead you can see you can see the world is gearing up for something you can see times are changing right before our very eyes and we just really need to be spiritually right with our Creator what is there to lose what is there left what is there left to see before some will will actually look for Christ and quite frankly we there is no escape without Christ he is the only way to the Father all of this has been spoken of all of this has been spoken of Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the life he always has been but the game that the way of sharing the gospel the truth is changing the world is changing very fast right now so we’re standing here at the forefront of this spiritual battle against the Luciferian fallen angel worshipping elite and telling you that the only Messiah lived 2,000 years ago are you hurt are you hurt people need to know that the shaking is not over we’ll get hit again and it’s going to be a bigger monster oh my god the earth will literally crack open and you will feel it on the East Coast I love you emphasizes enough you need to get out and I mean if you can’t god be with you hold on we gotta get over the phone crust is so weird the wind is blowing toward the storm Philly lightning doesn’t strike twice where’s Robbie I saw the lightning yeah 26 times Lincoln Avenue taking you to the core you’re gonna wanna crap but you’re not going to are you they’ve been living in that direction they’ve been planning this for a million these are all in the first they’ll keep coming and I’m gonna see mom again in my life I know you are fight I know it seems I can have to put your goat you is not a war this is an extermination and if you still choose to ignore this ignore this message if you still choose to carry on in life regardless of everything that we’re seen in this world well then go ahead go back to watching those Hollywood movies that are consistently and constantly showing you what is coming go back to playing those Xbox games in which you are fully immersed in the occult and in what’s coming there is no way to run from this there equally there is no fear when you know Jesus Christ in your heart but know that this is the message of grace and if there’s something inside you that reacts really angrily or badly when you hear that Jesus Christ died for your sin and set you free by love and by grace from your father the Creator then that is the spirit of Antichrist which works in this world increasingly in this world as we lead up towards this because really is such a fantastic message of hope that there is safety and salvation and true peace in Jesus Christ and he died for your sins and he set you free and this is the greatest message that’s why none of us who know Christ personally are scared by what is to come because it’s the greatest hope ever that we know we are going home soon and that’s what we all wait for and we are so encouraged to see the the prophecies that are being fulfilled to know that there is hope for the future that goes beyond this world which is clearly getting slowly and steadily more corrupt and more obviously obvious that this is not the kingdom of life this is the kingdom of death a dualistic kingdom of false light and darkness and that is what we’re in so please guys as you see this just I hope and I pray that you will call upon your only Savior who saved you from all this and from all that is coming all of this has been prophesied and they’re showing you right before your very eyes that these things are to come god bless you all and call upon Jesus Christ to be your personal Saviour through all of this he is the only hope there is to cling on to he is the only one in which you will find true peace things are going to get quite bad in this world in times to come however long that may be but the only hope we have is in him call upon His grace while there is still time Grace has been falling like the spiritual manna from heaven for the last 2,000 odd years the time is drawing to a close they keep showing us the end of time time is growing to a close there is still time for you to be saved just call upon him and believe it with all of your heart and you will find him god bless you all you

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