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Welcome to manna-fest hosted by international evangelist teacher and author perry stone enjoy unique insight into prophetic and practical truth it’s time to feast on fresh manna so get ready to be blessed and encouraged and now here is your host and teacher Perry stone if you watch the manna-fest telecast for many years you know I’ve stood here many times this is a new program with a new message with a new shirt thank you very much spagett oh I told them when I start taping the sounds go off in the Holy Land you know it’s you never know what you’re going to hear but this is a real important message it’s called I’ve actually titled this how how prophetic Wars shake up territorial spirits and I want to read this to you it says this in Daniel chapter 2 and verse 21 God changes times and seasons he removes kings and he sets up kings now if you are aware of the prophetic word you’ll know that there have been six major empires of prophecy all the way back to Egypt Assyria Babylon medo-persia being a Persia Greece and Rome and if you will look at those empires a number of those empires shifted when one empire would overpower the other for example the Babylonians came in overtook the Assyrians and then the Medes and Persians came in overtook the Babylonians Alexander the Great and the Grecians came in and overtook the Medes and Persians and of course the Roman Empire emerged in that in this part of the world in the Mediterranean area the reason I want to share this with you is to help you understand how that when new leaders are appointed it doesn’t matter if it’s in the United States if it’s in the nation of Israel anywhere in the world there are spiritual powers connected to the rise and fall of world leaders and to understand that we go for example let me read a verse that helps you understand how this takes place in Revelation chapter 18 verses 2 & 3 this is the prophecy about Mystery Babylon he cried mightily with a loud voice and said Babel of the greatest fallen is fallen to watch this and has become a dwelling place of demons a prison for every foul spirit and a cage for every unclean and hateful bird and this is a reference to a part of the world at that in fact Mystery Babylon according to John and Revelation is the city that’s ruling over the kings of the earth and in this particular overthrow of Babel and once the city Falls its overtaken by demonic powers and demonic spirits now in the in the seven prophetic empires actually six that have existed the seventh is coming and will continue for a short space some things happened that you have to go into the history or you have to go into the Bible to understand first of all when one Empire would overthrow the other Empire the old spirits were displaced and a new print spirit took over now Daniel 10 if you’ll remember Daniel is writing from Babylon and the Medes and Persians have overthrown the Babylonians and in Daniel chapter 10 Daniel describes how a prince over the kingdom of Persia came from Persia into Babylon and as Daniel was trying to receive an answer to a prayer from a revelation behind the Prince of Persia was preventing the answer from coming from God in heaven over Babylon to Daniel and so what happened was when a new Empire took over then the spirits were talking about demonic spirits now of that particular Empire then get dislodged in the area where they are from and move into the new area where they are taking over one of the most interesting stories that illustrates this was many years ago in Tibet there was a group of missionaries working with the tibetan months monks actually they were over there you know basically ministering to them and trying to witness to them and in the got up one morning and all the monks were saying that a thousand of their gods had left for Germany it was the day Hitler had been elected as Chancellor of Germany and many of you are aware of the fact that Hitler had had a very occultic group connected with him in which he assigned them to conjure up evil spirits and demonic spirits and when he was a student in Austria he stared at that spear which it was allegedly the spear that pierced the site of Jesus and throughout Roman history whoever controlled that spear would control the world and when they would lose that spirit they would lose power over their empire or over their nation and Hitler’s stared at it and he was taking a mind-expanding drug and in a diary that he wrote he mentioned how that he was staring at the spirit and he suddenly saw a beast that’s the word he used sublime and fearful that appeared behind the glass showcase and in his 20s in Austria he said I gave my soul to the spirit of the Beast and when he invaded Austria one of the things that Hitler did was he took that spear and put it in his possession and when the Allies bombed a bunker in the 1940s in 1945 in Berlin they that spear was in that bunker and we found it and it was in our possession and oddly enough and we had it in our possession when the United States had control of that same spear which again allegedly was the spear that pierced the side of Jesus we became the super nuclear power of the world when we bombed Japan so this is there’s a lot of mystery and mystique mysticism if I can use that word that’s connected in the spirit realm to empires that rise and fall so again if we look back at this situation with Babel and we discover that it will in the future once the the city Falls it becomes over taken over power according to John and revelation by demonic spirits and by all types of evil spirits now I want to I want to read there some things that I have made from my notes from the Book of Daniel in the Book of Daniel when the Medes and Persians overthrew the Babylonians in Babylon there was an angel of the Lord and we believe that angel was Gabriel that made a statement to Daniel and said in the first year of Darius the Mede this was the new king of the Medes I stood to confirm and strengthened him the first year of his administration a leader now listen carefully a leader of a nation can bring with them the angel that is assigned to them to bring them success and if an angel of God is assigned to a world leader to bring that world leader success watch carefully demonic powers are suddenly raised up to stop the prophetic success of that leader now whether or not you and I’m going to make this statement because obviously the United States is split about 50/50 whether or not you like or dislike Donald Trump he did something in this city that every other president promised if they were elected they would do and Bush didn’t do it and Clinton didn’t do it and George W Bush didn’t do it and Obama definitely didn’t do it and that was he said I’m going to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem not now the reason that’s significant is when an embassy is moved into a city it recognizes that city to be the capital of that nation and it’s stirred up demons now listen to me it didn’t just stir up political people it is just rip radical left it stirred up spirits like nothing I have ever seen in my life now I want you to understand the prophetic side of this the prophetic side of this is that when a man recognizes on the 70th year that the nation exists and it is the capital that means it’s aligning prophetically with what the prophets of the Bible predicted would happen before the Messiah comes now that’s that’s safe now I I really believe that he did not do this to help bring Jesus back like some people suggest but in the process of doing this he has aligned the this nation in the city into the prophetic realm that the Prophet Zechariah told us it was going to take place at the time of the end so imagine that in Revelation 12 it says that Satan has come down with great wrath knowing he has but a short time imagine the stirring up in the spirit realm of the principalities and powers against this man because the enemy says if I don’t get rid of him how do I know he’s not going to do other things that would help create the avenue or the road for prophetic events to be fulfilled as this makes sense to anybody so spiritual people who understand the principles of the Bible understand what I’m talking about now what I want to do is this I want to I want to also mention to you and this goes in line with what I just told you but I want to mention to you that demonic spirits will attempt to retaliate against those who move them out of their territorial power whoo I just said a mouthful right there now I’m gonna prove it to you from the Bible in mark chapter 5 and verse 17 Jesus came under an attack after casting the demons out of the man of Ghaderi and the people ran Jesus out of town because the territorial spirits had lost control when Jesus showed up that’s one example a second example is in Acts chapter 16 when Paul affected at this a City with the preaching of the gospel and then they are arrested and beat up and put in prison to silence their voices because of the impact they had in a city that was totally controlled by the spirit of Python or what we call spirit of divination or occult spirits another example in Acts chapter 19 when when that demon was cast out of that man you know the the seventh sense of Skiba came and said we adjourn by Jesus whom Paul preaches to come out of the man and then that spirit was raised up and jumped on those seven men anytime that there is an impact of the gospel or a life-changing situation that could affect prophecy that is connected to a particular momentous event then two groups become involved number one the angels of God become involved and number two the demonic powers become involved because the angels are a sign oh I wish that well if you all get my book on this season of angels you’ll understand what I’m saying during prophetic movements the angels of God are assigned to bring about the prophetic word that God has spoken they fight for the fulfillment of prophecy it’s in Daniel 10 11 12 Satan on the other hand attempts to bring his powers along to raise that people to oppose that it’s it this is this happened when the Jews returned from Babel in captivity and they were rebuilding what back in that day what was their temple on the Temple Mount platform and Sanballat who was from Samaria and a group of other men rose up against them and tried to stop get this the rebuilding of the wall at the end of 70 years captivity am I talking to anybody that understands prophetic things and so they were raised up to try to stop what was happening by using opposition and government laws in opposition to stop the Jewish people from actually doing what the Lord had told them to do now what I want to do however is to tell you and show you a couple of things from that from the story of Daniel as it relates to what happens or what begins to happen when spiritual powers are released during these prophetic seasons in the Book of Daniel we discover something very interesting and I want you to track with this because this was a revelation to me I never read this in a book I never heard a preacher preach on this but it’s a revelation to me in the Book of Daniel for for the earlier part of his time in Babylon he could get an answer to prayer that quick when they would put them in a lion’s den he was already protected before he ever got there when the three Hebrew men were placed in the fiery furnace they were already protected by the fourth man right but or they ever gotten the fire and someone said well three went in for were seen three came out what happened to the fourth man I said he’s still down there because he knew that wouldn’t be the last time his kids would have to go through the fire so he decided just to stay here for the fire but I think somebody wrote a song on that mistake now I want to give you three things that happen to Daniel because as he became older in the city of Babylon something began to happen that made it more difficult for him in the realm of the spirit not for him to walk with God but in the realm of the spirit now track with me right here while show you this when the persian spirit new spirit new Prince took over Babylon with the Medes and Persians something shifted now in America what has happened is there has been a shifting I have never in my lifetime seen anything like this the war we’re having is not political everybody wants to make a poodle it is a spiritual warfare and anybody who’s got half a sense of discernment knows this is not about left-right Democrat Republican that’s what the visual presentation is it is a spiritual warfare over the social moral soul of the United States of America that’s what that’s really what the battle isn’t and remember both angels use people and also demonic powers use people from both sides this happens this is in the Bible but let me show you this are you ready number one Daniel hit these challenges the older he got when the new spirit took over the premium first of all his prayer base was dwindling the Jews were leaving captivity and coming back here leaving the older people who could not travel in Babylon and Daniel was one of those in his 80s and so now he you know he had thousands of Jewish people that were there with him in prayer now they’re all gone leaving his prayer base less than what it should be now you followed me because I’m going to show you this taking place in United States of America number two Daniel was older now and it became more difficult for him to battle in the area of prayer and fasting than he was younger because as he was older remember this remember he prayed three weeks became week by fasting and was hindered three weeks in his prayer why the prayer base is dwindled he’s battling more you know like I do it’s a whole lot easier to pray with a hundred people in this to pray by yourself and so now he’s older he’s fasting fasting makes him weak he used to be able to fast man and just get on I know that story most of you do too so now because of his age things are changing not with his walk with God but with his ability of fasting in prayer the battle is intensifying making it harder on him physically because now he feels weaker is anybody understand that you know I used to be able to fast like crazy to get that preach for you know 11 weeks straight and hardly eat I can’t go a day without eating now and try to pray I mean really I just it’s just difficult now the third thing that happen is this that Daniel was dealing with a new Prince spirit that he had never hit before he’d never encountered this Prince of Persia he had dealt for 70 years with the Prince of babble of Babel and whatever principality we want to call that but it was over babbling so when the Prince of the kingdom of Persia a demonic principality very strong very high-ranking moved from Persia – babbling because babbling would be the new headquarters of the media Persian Empire you know that historically then Daniel is experiencing a battle with spirits that is never encountered before now something shifted in the atmosphere with the new spirits that came in I have lived in the United States for 59 almost 60 years I have watched the progression of America come to where when I was a kid we slept with the windows open and the doors unlocked and we had guys that were telling drunks and we didn’t worry about them breaking in because they just were not the kind of men that would break in and steal anything when I walk to school a half a mile at kindergarten by myself with trip with traffic and people never took a bus and nobody worried about kidnapping me because the people of the town weren’t gonna do that in fact in the home boys of the mountains you kidnap a kid you might as well get ready for eternity you understand I’m saying cuz the homeboys are gonna raise up in anyway let me let me not go there I’m a limo leave em alone so so what I want to tell you is this is what’s happening to us number one the prayer base in the United States those people that I call the prayer warriors like my Aunt Bea daughters of Rachel a lot of them not aunt B are going home to be with the Lord now you’ve got to replace the prayer base every time a saint in a church dies you got to have somebody that can replace them but what’s happening is in the rural churches and some of our churches in America the older prayer base has gone to be with the Lord and nobody’s replaced them so basically we’ve got programs going on we’ve got good music going on but where’s the prayer base are you with me so Daniels prayer base diminishes and that’s what’s happening to us the second thing that I see happening to us is this that is I’m going to say it this way the prayer warriors are getting older or going to be with the Lord or the prayer base in a lot of the churches is dwindling and we’re comparing to what happened to Daniel and thirdly we are dealing with spirits today that we’ve never had to deal with now I my family on my mother’s side came from Italy and they were Catholic and came from Italy and lived in West Virginia worked to the coal mines in my dad’s day in Bartley West Virginia in McDowell County a lot of the people who worked there were from Germany or from Europe because when they came and migrated to the United States a lot most of them were in that they were Catholic a Greek Orthodox or Orthodox or Catholic and they they came into the mountains and work to the mines and a lot of times in those earlier days the people that came in had some kind of a religious background in some form of Christianity we have however people who come into the nation and I want to say this and they bring their false gods with them and just like in the ancient day when Israel settled this land there were seven Canaanite tribes that worshipped idols that they they said let’s get along with them let’s agree with them and God said their gods are going to be a snare to you and gonna be a thorn in your side because what people don’t understand is when you bring in Idol gods you bring in demon spirits with them because demons operate through idols there were entire nations where people are possessed by demons because they have all kinds of false gods and false idols that they feed they pray to they leave food to they leave money to and as a result of that the spiritual powers in those nations are very strong so my point is that what happened to Daniel in Babylon is happening to us today and because of the number of war wars that are taking place whether their internal struggles whether their civil wars and nations or actual national wars there is a shake up of the principalities and powers the way that Daniel countered it and this is the only way that we can counter in our time is number one by fasting because fasting breaks the back of those demonic powers according to Jesus even what he said and number two is to stay intently in intercessory prayer there must be in every Church in every group of people intercessory prayer at the Omega center international we have Tuesday prayer from to and will usually have somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 to 25 people show up we have prayer in a prayer barn a barn that’s right not where there’s animals but it’s a prayer barn nonetheless and we’ll have the low number will be 50 and the high number is a hundred and fifty and they’ve been doing this for eight years every Thursday and the reason the ministry is going the way it is the reason that we’re reaching the nations of the world and the reason God has blessed us and prosper us the way has is we have people who know how to pray and get things done through prayer so in the nation of America right now we have to fight what we’re fighting through intercessory prayer because what God will do he says this this is God speaking I will raise up people but I can take out the people and the people not being anybody in particular that I have in mind but the point is only through intercessory prayer can it change and we need to learn how to call on the angels of the Lord and I think that’s the reason why the Lord really put it on my heart a while back to details of the subject of angels because they are there and so many times we don’t ask God for their assistance and ask God to send them to help us and we need to do that I really I really believe that well I’m with my partners here on the Mount of Olives I hope you’ve enjoyed the program I do have a totally brand-new offer that I want to share with you so stay tuned and don’t change the route the the channel at all because I’ve got some information I want to give you let’s give the Lord a hand from Jerusalem first day Ephesians in depth the Warriors strategy is now being made available today with so many spiritual conflicts and personal struggles this teaching is urgently needed this series was taped on a set using a Roman type town with numerous replicas of Roman military equipment you will experience 12 hours of teaching divided into 23 30-minute lessons on seven DVDs that’s right seven DVDs on this landmark series you will discover how to sit in heavenly places how to walk by faith and how to stand in the evil day four of the lessons will teach you how to defeat the four types of satanic spirits that you wrestle with in life you will also learn how a written and spoken word from God becomes a weapon called the sword of the Spirit you will discover how to renew and restore your shield of faith and even see the various types of shields used during the Roman period two lessons will also teach you how to keep your feet from sliding into traps that are set by Satan and secret four lessons will reveal the battles that you will fight in the time of and a strategy needed to overcome in each situation you can apply this teaching and it will help you to defeat the adversary in every area of your life every piece of Paul’s armor will be presented in an exhaustive study but the best part is that I will show you how to use this protective gear in your daily life these seven DVDs with 12 hours of teaching that’s twenty three distinct lessons is available during this very special limited time offer I want to send you this teaching Ephesians in depth the warrior strategy for your donation of only ninety five dollars or more ordered by calling toll-free 181 bread order online at or if you wish to milk in your request right perry stone PO box 3595 cleveland tennessee 37320 and ask for offer eph 132 that’s eph 132 take time to feed your spirit this revelation that I know is going to transform your situation god bless you boy this new offer I’m so excited about it I hope you enjoyed the broadcast as well but we ordered a lot of shields that were replicas of shields in the Roman time with the designs on them and everything and a lot of people don’t know this that the Bible talks about this being the shield of faith but we often preach it for individual faith when in the Roman army they had a particular war movement that they would do when they would come to take a city in which everybody would put their shields overtop their head like a tortoise they got the idea from the shell of a of a tortoise and they would put that over top their head to protect them from the stones that were flying from the city wall and other objects that may be coming off a city wall to try to harm them and I was thinking about how that we have to pull our faith together in these last days one of the things that really disturbs me about the body of Christ is how divided the body of Christ actually is not only on I mean I mean you can have a group that believes everything exactly alike like another group and they have one doctrinal difference and they just split over that one thing to make it a big issue or you have believers that split over ethnic churches like certain color goes to this church a certain ethnic group goes to that church this these things should not be we should be coming together and one of the things God has put on my heart I want to make you aware of this is to go into the Midwestern part of the United States I keep having a reoccurring dream I had it again last night of the Midwestern part of the United States of revival breaking out in these very small communities and the entire town getting involved in revival and I’m not saying I’m the person that’s going to do that or bring that but I want to be obedient to the Lord and so we’re going to be coming for example to Alaska in the month of June to a church their first time ever preached in Alaska we’re coming to Salt Lake City Utah in July we’re going to be coming to Nevada for a special service there in Reno Nevada with a our dear friend Mary Murillo and so we have so much planned but the best thing for you to go go to and look up my itinerary so you can see it firsthand so do that when the program is over please and see where we’re coming to because we don’t have time on we’re very limited on time on the manna-fest telecast of expressing some of the things that we were able to do or places were able to go and the only way we can do that is keeping up of course through social media which were grateful for if you have never received jesus christ and ask him to come into your life to forgive you of your sins that’s the greatest thing you can do he came to bring eternal life and eternal life can only come with the Lord through a relationship with the Messiah who’s Jesus Christ so call on his name pray to Him today ask him to help you he will be there for you prayer is powerful see you next week on manna-fest makes no sense except that the word of God is true we are living in a very prophetic season this is it comes back with a sword not a magic one so after all this study here this is my conclusion let me share with you what this is about we shall see.

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We are now living in the absolute End Times as per biblical prophecy.

Our Lord Jesus Christ – King of Kings. 2nd Coming and return is IMMENENT!.

Please do not waist another a minute.

No matter what religion you serve, there is only one God.

If, you want to be assured that you will not have to endure the perilous times that will befall you.

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