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We’ve got this Antichrist figure which keeps being shown and it is shown as both or either a male or a female I mean it’s androgynous at the end of the day and so this Paris Jackson magazine cover which people have been talking about and this is her acting as this false New Age Christ is cracking open of the veil you see you see the smashed glass behind her head in the halo cracking through the matrix cracking open the the veil you know Paris breaks her silence breaking the boundaries breaking the rules that the man of lawlessness so this is all part of just like in the days of Babylon when they merged and when they came together as one in rebellion of the creator’ rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft which you know all of this role reversal is essentially and so that is what all of this is about the centralized coming together as one breaking borders breaking boundaries you can see it happening all over the melting pot that’s being created in Europe and you see it happening all across the world and that is all part of this so here we have this Nimrod female aspect doing that familiar hand sign of the false Christ like we’ve seen the paintings of the Vatican and cracking open the third eye Sophia of the Gnostics and we’ve got across the top the name of the magazine is Rolling Stone that is a counterfeit inversion of the stone that rolled away when Christ was resurrected so this is a counterfeit the false Christ’s airbrush completely airbrushed you know the real Jesus had no looks that we should behold him in that way so this is all about image and androgyny the lightning bolt around her neck and a dog collar and I don’t know if you’ve seen this poster around but it’s everywhere this is that very same Antichrist character the female Jezebel masquerading as the alpha male resident evil the evil that’s taken up residence on this earth being supposedly defeated and that is the nature of this deception the halo yet again around the back of her head the Black Sun notice the Jesuit symbol behind her head there’s another link here between the false teachings of the Catholic Church and how this figure is arising with that symbology evil will end is the false battle where Satan masquerades as light and claims to defeat the darkness it’s the Hegelian dialectic it’s the false light masquerading so you see the similarities between these false Christ’s and how they’re depicted as this feminine masculine feminine androgynous character which comes to offer a false hope and it was the same thing just last week at Beyonce’s Grammy performance notice with me that she’s wearing very similar attire this same Catholic Vatican headdress and it is essentially the same thing it’s representing that false savior the false light defeating the darkness and it’s even evident in the word she’s singing let’s take a quick look at some of the symbology you see here in this in the womb in the black void where she’s you know showing her pregnancy and it’s about the birth of the mother goddess in a different dimension is the other side of the veil so she’s talking about the birth of love and again it’s a reference to the New Age and you see all these ladies appearing here I think there’s actually 12 and what we’re seeing here is firstly an inversion of the last supper which we’ve seen many times and also this is actually a reference to Revelation chapter 12 the book of Revelation in the Bible this is the Babylonian counterfeit and there appeared a great wonder in heaven a woman clothed with the Sun and the moon under her feet and upon her head a crown of twelve stars and she being with child cried travailing in birth and pained to be delivered and then it goes on the passage goes on to talk about the dragon and her overcoming the dragon and giving birth to this child which is to rule the world with a rod of iron which means severity so twelve stars woman travailing in birth these are all references this is queen pregnant queen and this is a reference and she’s even got like a looks like a moon goddess figure on her belly a little depiction so you see so she’s walking down this table to the head of the table so again I think that this is a subtle reference to both the inverted Last Supper where she’s acting as that christ-like figure and also to as I read the passage in Revelation 12 and so there’s like two sets of twelve ladies and as I said in version of the Last Supper you notice that they’re all female we’ve got the counterfeit lying signs and wonders of Egypt go home I’m naturally going back on this chair which is obviously hinged to the table so it’s completely counterfeit but this looks like the birthing position as well remember this is about the birth of the Antichrist and that you see there the they’re mimicking the waves the blue abyss the smoke again you see the blue in the background so again it’s about the birthing from the abyss the Queen the mother goddess but this is remember this is all one thing that don’t get confused because their own doctrine is confuses confusion it’s a ball is confusing essentially what this is is one enemy masquerading with many different faces so try not to get confused is like the Baphomet androgynous you know giving birth to itself and it’s mimicking aspects of the Bible is trying to fool Christians and fooled the world it’s a one-man show like I’ve been to a theater once where one man did the popcorn took the money for the ticket and turned on the projector it’s a one-man show the entire thing is the one-man show so worshipping this Lucifer as God we’re going to start again the counterfeit returned to Eden the counterfeit defeat of the curse the defeat of time this is a gnostic principles they’re all getting into the birthing position again sympathy for the devil I mean this is again one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve this is like a clock is like the twelve disciples inversion with all females and the Queen at the center cracking through time the flowers just like the wedding so we had the last supper supper we have the wedding and we have this passage in Revelation the woman clothed with twelve stars I mean being barreled down to and worshipped as God this figure from the abyss giving birth along the waves this woman travailing in birth supposedly against this dragon but again when it comes down to the Gnostics this is a inversion of the Bible so who they think is the dragon is actually what’s good because remember it’s upside down so this is evil actually fighting against good but calling good evil this is the way they work is all upside down is all inverted even the logo for the television company down in the bottom right it’s a nice absolutely unbelievable those about you know being betrayed but again we’re talking about the loose of the biggest figure here so you know that it’s all it’s all a lie farther of life in fact the devil betrayed what was good and decided to choose the wrong path and let mankind in that direction you see they’re all in like wedding garment cell and this to me is the creepiest part because we get spoken to telepathically like it’s coming into our minds with how her lips moving again account a bit sign and wondered there is a curse that will be broken and this is exactly what we’ve been showing counterfeit Savior counterfeit feminine figure posing is the Christ because I mean that is unbelievable defeating the curse of time 1,000 girls raised their arms so a thousand points of light and this is this is completely again the anti male agenda because this is against the father this is against the son the true son of God this is against Authority the man of sin the reconciliation is possible the big great deception that is coming upon this world that that if people will choose to pursue unrighteousness they may fall into this trap of rejecting the real truth the real defeat of the curse which happened 2,000 years ago it is finished over cross our sin and shame is defeated and that we can be reunited and redeemed by Jesus Christ to the true creator in heaven but this this is the enemy I mean it is plain and simple what it is the enemy pretending to be the Christ pretending so that it might mislead people to hell the reconciliation is possible it’s already possible it’s being completed in Jesus if we’re going to heal let it be glorious Wow the counterfeit return to Eden the counterfeit Golden Age this is literally ripping off and copying the Bible to make people believe this big lie this is like a a mimic of a mind to mind telepathic communication again think back to the story the stories in the Bible of Moses in Egypt when they counterfeited the miracles this is exactly the same thing think about what it represents symbolically and spiritually that maybe this individual that arrives on the scene that is part of this great deception maybe these sort of things will be used you know telepathy account of it to let us see that that people do really believe that well this is the real deal this is the Christ but really it is such a deep poison because it is just off-white so close to the real thing looking so much like the real thing just a slight shade of grey yet is the most abhorrent abominable evil because it masquerades as light it looks like light so that many may be deceived I mean is that not the worst kind of evil at least one it’s obviously evil like a dragon that you can see it’s evil but this is just off-white and that is the hardest to discern and my friend was telling me about that that it’s so important for us you know when it comes to discernment it’s easy when it’s black and white but when it’s gray and why it is so much more difficult it’s lucifer is the devil posing as the savior and that is all we really need to know it’s all true the Bible is true and Jesus is true he really defeated the curse is that not clear it’s not clear even by the way that they attack that all the time at the very least the gospel is life-changing the gospel is the power to save us from the power of sin and death it’s the only power that can save us call upon Jesus Christ from a true and honest heart and you will be saved confess him time is short folks god bless you

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We are now living in the absolute End Times as per biblical prophecy.

Our Lord Jesus Christ – King of Kings. 2nd Coming and return is IMMENENT!.

Please do not waist another a minute.

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