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Previously on cartridge the reason why we’re here is because auto tempest told us to fix something on our long long repair list so for my wrenching segment I’m gonna start with a fee pimping as much as I can blood Guyardo owners of the world will soon embrace the edge shield is a little fuse and all I have to do is pull it to use fifteen and so we’ll apply that fuse you pull it and immediately the car is better whoa this you got it working oh yeah – put your bubblegum fix this to the test you must take your cars on a road trip from here to one of the most prestigious car events in the world the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance tomorrow morning you will drive 200 miles in the wrong direction and to show how practical your cars can be you’ll do the entire drive on one tank of fuel and one last thing no highways oh yeah how are we gonna do that [Music] [Music] [Music] after a late night wrench athon it’s nothing short of a miracle that our cars worked as well as they did but the Sun was shining and we were ready for the latest challenge from Auto Tempest we were to drive our used supercars 200 miles south to an undisclosed location using no highways and only one tank of fuel the only thing we had to do now was fill our cars up which in my case was much easier said than done all right gentlemen the moment of truth supreme plus okay so you have president a Guyardo spider yes and this exact circumstances how yours burned to the ground before you purchased it right a little bit yes correct and up until now whenever I would add fuel about every two tenths of a gallon it would spew into my face okay so here goes everything my car’s fuel intolerance had been cured it was flowing freely we were all so impressed with my mastery of wrenching that we forgot we weren’t filling an empty tank when it clicked off after five gallons the flashbacks set in we all tried getting more to go in until Freddie noticed fuel coming out in a new way it was overfilled the gas really go until there their overflow we should give him some space he does this Mike well well you what’s good is that you don’t have a roof so you can jump out okay jump good good we have fire extinguishers so at this point I slowly backed away from Ed’s Italian powder keg I filled up my v12 GT car and we started on our long highway free journey and we immediately found ourselves caught in traffic which neither us nor our cars appreciated very much so and the funny thing about your car being on fire is everything’s behind you so theoretically you could outrun your own flames my clutch smells very faint so I’m gonna pretend like it doesn’t exist both Taurus engines functioning nicely both Ford Taurus engines online [Music] [Music] our attempts at killing time and rush-hour traffic got a little boring after a while so we took it upon ourselves to slightly bend Auto tempest rules and make up some of our lost time on a highway just for a little bit anyway [Music] [Applause] [Music] so guys item a look at me pin that moto sebas drop and it looks like it’s in the middle of nowhere any ideas as to where it could be Oh too soon buddy too soon but as I learned as I got up to speed the only thing flatter than the earth were my rear wheels [Music] that sounds like a personal problem the vibration kept getting worse and then Freddy informed me that my rear diffuser was falling off so I pulled off to fix it using some factory approved methods and adhesive materials the moment had tried to cannonball this thing you know any kind of speed of dollars heart started falling off the Lamborghinis are usually sell reliable we set off yet again making great time on the highway with Ed’s car looking like a drill through a pinata Factory right up until the unthinkable happened again didn’t work out did it no I think I need more tape this this didn’t hold though at all I’ll get more you tell her the tape expert says for sure it’s not I needed the gold kind for this particular taping I just got a text from Auto Tempest well we’re not there yet yeah they’re they’re pretty angry so it says what part of no highways did you not understand not only are your cars not as practical or fuel-efficient as they see a Corvette but it’s no question that you are all cheaters I mean a little bit instead of a nice scenic drive to Florida like you would have had you will now be directed to the most punishing car environment imaginable quarter-mile drag strip will your test your cars against the manufacturers original four mile times that doesn’t sound bad good then the person who comes closest will pass good luck with your fragile clutches and egos I don’t want to ruin what’s left in mine [Music] [Music] really yeah I like cars like these and they’re not good this well I’m from Kansas and pretty much every Road in Kansas isn’t just like this so I’ve done quite a bit of drag racing it’s very simple when that light turns green right there you just go and since we’re not worried about reaction times we’re just worried about the quarter-mile time it doesn’t matter how close you get in the green also ahead go step on that what this is like a small week so this is from previous drag racing where they make it all sticky for the cars can launch harder but with our fragile European cars it will break it if we launch speak for yourself my car built for this okay my car specifically this is James Bond drove this car sort of yeah probably more than 10% clutch so what is your original quarter-mile time 12 seconds and 3/10 12.3 yes I’m actually 12.5 I’m really I’m that cars faster than a v10 it’s pretty darn heavy the convertible aspect of being a guy or two adds about 400 pounds okay so we have three five seven those are the times to be I think we should get on the track who’s going first double-o Freddie here’s going yeah this is gonna be fun I’m staging in my Aston Martin v12 Vantage and I went too far so I’m gonna go back a little bit all right so sport mode on and there we go all right I don’t know if that was a three but I don’t know how to plug 1272 at 116 12 seven out of the box okay so that means that I only have like half a second to go little less than that yes you’re really gonna risk your clutch for a half a second I kind of want to now good luck [Music] my second attempt like the car had been just shy of perfect something I can blame entirely on me and not in any way on the cars increasingly smelly clutch I took my best time of twelve point seven seconds and then let Eddie prepare for his very first time down the drag strip [Music] [Applause] down while my colleagues down my first run adequate I knew my waterlogged Lamborghini had more in it most improved 13.3 that was a lot of fun and just what the car needed my check engine lights going back yeah I think I’ve checked it I’m pretty sure that’s not how it sits this is my wrenching Italian to know yeah that’s it but the top has to go up yes do you think yours will it will but it’s quite embarrassing does it count as up if they’re still holding it’s disgusting but yeah where No all right sport is on always on so that’s no problem where’s the block oh whoa too far too far cupcake reverse it beeps every time you’re in Reverse just like a truck there we go and I’m in first this time go backwards so this is going to be a very easy launch I am NOT going to dump the clutch on this thing because every time I do that I would depreciate the spark earnestly because I can lose 5% of my clutch all my plans with let’s just have it the coin flip I got over 50% that so there’s there’s a rush to gamble Oh ciao mr.

Clutch how much is a clutch on one of those things like for about five six thousand bucks so that run was five five to six thousand dollars i whatever was left yes on the tab there on the clutch holy yeah that was I thought he was gonna just baby the thing off the line no Tyler dollar just goes full cent okay well good job mr.

Tyler I mean this track is stickier than the buttons on that center console I don’t I mean it is not going to be kind to cars I want to see him do it again I’m the same as you know I got a 13-3 oh but there’s there’s a few differences mainly there was a lot of smoke coming out the back of your car yes you might want to be less ginger with the clutch it’s probably the cheap kind of smoke I’d imagine yeah yeah yeah I said that I was gonna take it easy but then it just happened the lights change and I just to hear the floor it cuz that’s what that’s what you do that is what you do right you did umm do you smell this are you smelling it right now I smell wooden that’s sweets Wichita to lunch okay here we go again have fun oh man buying new clutches a quarter mile at a time did I prove it all I know you approved in the volume of clutch smoke coming from the rear of your car but you ran another 13 seven really yes because I gave up I give up a lot of clutch for that just to try and beat you alright so you did a 13-7 against a manufacturer time of well 5 so 1.2 away I did a 13-3 against a 12 point 7th of 6/10 away right and you did point 7 and against what which is well 3 which is point 4 away and I and the winner now I noticed that if you go to the Internet and you google the quarter-mile time for 2015 Aston Martin v12 Vantage yes there’s a magazine test where it did a 12 flat a 12 1 so if Aston Martin had not lied about how fast this car was it if you hadn’t supported them and co-signed that lied to us then I believe I would have won this contest in my amateur first pass out drag racing career Batna thousand three-one in what universe is that a lie I had the fastest car I had the closest line expensive car yes the most expensive car cuz its quality look at it but regardless of that we did not yet sort out auto Tempest original premise to us today to see who could be the most fuel-efficient so obviously we diverted from their original idea but when I got here I filled my car up and it took about eight point six gallons of gas Tyler went to Georgia 7.11 so thus poorly running eight cylinder car that was supposed to be less fuel efficient is better than my Lamborghini I didn’t Canon pull it it I just drove it normal I mean it’s a Camry of course it’s gotta get good gas stuff well how does the Taurus do yeah well it’s Horace I’ll have you know that 10.7 go 10.7 yes mom and dad you need to stop fighting please please there is one way that we could settle this like gentlemen cage fighting no race except I’m not racing I am totally done yeah yeah oh the drag strip yet launching I’m totally done I have no clutch that I want to sacrifice anymore but you all could roll race you start from about 20 miles per hour flag and then you just go I will 100% oblige you in beating your rapped blue flood Lamborghini it’s gonna feel bad to lose this oh no it’s not let’s do it let’s find out [Music] okay roll racing with head for all the marbles and all the glory I don’t know what marbles and glory we’re talking about but you know I just want to beat him [Music] [Applause] as we came back to the start line I made sure to thank Eddie for a good race guys that was a lot of fun but I’m very very glad it’s over my car is beat up they all are you’re gonna make it we have to go it’s fine clearly it’s fine they’re used to doing that doesn’t smell like it doesn’t smell fine a text from Otto Tempest you may have survived this but you’re not done yet come on next door to you there is a full road course it is clear that the three of you wish to be automotive journalists so now you’ll get to see what it’s actually like to be one you must take your cars over there and complete a lap but while you do so you have to offer the audience three useful pieces of information and three entertaining metaphors about the cars acceleration braking and handling if you miss speak stutter or say something wrong you have to start over the time will continue and the fastest lap which I can barely for a coherent sentence that’s why all exhibits ever since me the text messages this is impossible I can’t read it’s like this is gonna be fun no it’s not absolutely all right well the Sun has set and we are at another racetrack that auto Tempest has sent us to we are at the road course at P BIR so we’ve just left the drag strip and quite honestly I think our cars are probably a little bit better suited to do this a little more less than rights not just hammer down so what they’ve told us to do is to take these three cars that we found on auto Tempest after scouring all the major car listing sites and chose to buy them to prove they are better than a c8 Corvette and I think so far we’re doing it from in this job oh yes so now what we have to do is just take them on a lap and talk with it about them uh yeah except it’s not really that simple now is it Auto Tempest also told us that we’d be doing a one-take review on these cars on our track we’ve never driven on at night and that is not yes or I can barely walk and talk and and think so driving and talking and thinking I can’t like I can string a sense together right now I’m not just thinking about it it’s very don’t hurt well I suppose we should make sure that you don’t go right when lift would be better so how about we go out do a little exploration yeah I can go out on the track and do some laps there we go let’s take our cars in the truck [Music] yes this was all very epic and while we were having fun learning the track Tyler and I were not so secretly freaking out over the challenge ahead of us and on the other hand wasn’t um what what is a metaphor what’s another way the same like a fish stick but better the Ferrari is yellow like a yellow yellow yellow Aston Martin good good good Ferrari good or did it missed well the only gonna sit over there in Google things I suppose out what I’ll just go out and do it a minute $195,000 that is unless you made the unfortunate mistake tip Winchell manual need your transmission the car goes 0-60 in point to a 195 my now when the car came out it was most it’s breakin which is impressive however I will concede that since this ball was and about a month ago experience in bricks I’d say now it’s a lot like arriving on earth and finding out that you forgot to pack any of their pants now the acceleration is good I wouldn’t say to say in bullet but at the very least it’s a kid leaving the door for recess but the best read about this and it’s hard been substantive woman and again adolescent up machining one appreciated that are and ways to go about it so the other guys in there to drive cars might be having a little bit more the twisties but I’ll tell you I’m having an absolute blast and here we are to enter the myths [Music] all right there you go open it what no prep no like spinning the wheels figure out what you’re gonna say it would take me a week just to figure out what I’m gonna say I said the things about it you’re up uh okay um I got a thing I wrote it down got it in a Google Doc tape it to the mirror yep perfect okay I can’t walk-and-talk intelligence drive and talk intelligently and maybe able to get a sinister to out but not the whole thing this is a 2002 Ferrari 360 spider and I sound way too much like a Camaro that one this is a 2000 no duckbarrel stop stop being at my head Doug this is a to know it the world more beautiful than the first blah is a 2002 Ferrari 360 spider and when this beautiful Pininfarina body was unveiled world no no no world doesn’t come yet this is a 2002 Ferrari 360 spider and with his beautiful Pininfarina body was unveiled to the world it made it more beautiful than the first time Luciano Pavarotti sang that beautiful Italian song then sings it has a 3.6 liter v8 400 horsepower accelerates to 60 in 4.6 seconds but is not the size of those numbers that matter as I tell my wife we need a bask in the sunshine for her and I don’t care about the fact that it’s slower than a new BMW 5-series the handling is just as predictable as a French Signet Golf Cart and it stops me faster than a basket of bread sticks and a tour of Italy from the Olive Garden stops my gastrointestinal system yes yes [Music] yes I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing I am NOT an automotive journalist even though some people may think I am doing a review in car especially on a track at speed in sport mode is gonna be difficult but let’s let’s try it okay so when it comes to let’s try this again so while we’re on the subject of my Aston Martin v12 Vantage s this is one of my favorite favorite cars because of its 6 liter v12 and yes that is a v6 so now the handling is something all together are there left look let’s start this over we can do this we can do this there’s a little harder than I thought so to start talking about my 2015 Aston Martin v12 answers with my favorite things about this car is is v12 that measures six liters but is basically two of Ford Taurus v6 is put together they are better than the sum of their parts because they make 565 horsepower and 457 foot-pounds of torque this thing is a rocket ship gets from zero to 60 in 3.7 seconds all the way up to a top speed of 201 miles an hour and if you think that’s not fast then you are just plain wrong now the handling is a different animal all together this has three separate modes and as normal it has four and it has track we are in tread because we’re a motor track right now handling his mic with ten pins issues it’s later than you think well when that hammer comes down man you better watch out and the brakes brakes whoa whoa so we just out from one-thirty there and the brakes are like $5,000 a piece of trash can lids these are massive carbon ceramic rotors with huge calipers that can really stop this thing and I mean it couldn’t stop faster than if you hit it free some other automotive journalists have said but we’re not doing originality we’re doing quantity and I think that is going to be it for my three things about this car and my three metaphors so hopefully you liked that review as much as I liked driving this car this one-take thing is real real hard [Music] [Applause] okay oh I can’t words at least you got to know the truck yeah yeah I did so I don’t think I did very well well I did a minute forty three one lap believable you saw me leaving one lap just say the words that is that is literally impossible sorry so what was your time five minutes and 31 seconds people have done worse have they so I had a stroke in the middle and some matters a 7 minute 12 seconds that words out all right all the words yes all the words all right well I suppose that means I have passed this how did you enjoy well the car is interesting and also when you’re trying to say lots of things you sort of go off track both in your mind and in the car is to for tours be sixes and we’re off the track we might have noticed that a young lady came up and everything come on up I’ve gotten his text from Auto Tempest gentlemen you’ve survived another track but you’re going to need to get some rest tonight horsepower is not like fine Italian wine or in Freddie’s face warm British beer it does not age well over time and we expect that most of the horsepower that left the factory in your cars has found somewhere else to be tomorrow morning you will depart for eight dynamometer tests and we will find out what percentage of the horsepower your cars began life with is still in there it says the closest to the original percentage my car is basically brand new your cars are like a thousand years old that it’s true but you started with the most horsepower so perhaps Aston Martin lied about that as well for all-wheel drive soon I guess we got it we gotta get you know yeah [Music] [Music] we’d like to thank Otto tempest for sponsoring the car Trek series be sure to check out Otto tempest comm and see where your next dream car is hiding .

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