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In Singapore ground effect technology is alive and well this is the air fish it uses a reverse delta wing to help push air downwards and maintain the air pressure beneath it it can reach a top speed of 75 miles an hour powered by just a tiny 70 horsepower motorcycle engine and it’s 12 gallon fuel tank gives it a range of 185 miles Batman eat your heart out but if wig crafts are to move beyond glorified water taxis they need to get bigger much bigger in theory winging ground effect works better as the craft gets bigger so a really big craft will be very very efficient that’s where the economics starts to make sense and you can start to build a business out of it funny you should say that in South Korea Jin chunk Park and his team are already hard at it this is a combination of Homa crap and air Krypton so we are saying this is a fusion technology then it’s a combination of several technologies especially vegan ground effect the wsh 500 solves the problem of takeoff by briefly diverting thrust from its engines under the craft creating a temporary air cushion before the pilot puts his foot on the gas and it’s full steam ahead the South Korean wig sikraft will carry 50 passengers and plans are already afoot for the next generation a 350 passenger beast but can carry 40 tons of cargo which is great news for fuel efficiency so Cold War technology 50 years on could help us with the fight against global warming

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