HitFilm Live Q&A

YouTube we may be live as well over here and a bottle of water yes no just very quickly guys that’s on Facebook yeah yeah your face is gonna see on Facebook you can put the videos side by side guys you’re just letting us know at the moment somebody said that the audio is very very good on YouTube so can you let us know whether or not that’s actually a problem oh there’s a lot of question lot a lot of people okay so is the audio bad on YouTube is this the question can we okay audio links like it’s okay audio okay we’ll go with that audio is okay thank you bye nice it’s okay whew Wow my glasses on psycho yeah I got any of the screens luckily I have people here to interpret it for me oh I can’t read any well I’m sorry about the delay on YouTube to start with guys we are live now so yes just do it answering your questions if you have any about a film about what get up to live YouTube and and a play button perhaps a YouTube play button yeah they see we have one that’s find out later on yeah it’s going up we do so yes we have should I read out some YouTube question we actually have done the flash effect very recently I started it being all flashy and severe made it it was a few weeks ago now you can go to our Channel yeah if only he would come back if you were lighting day how’s your bear doing so you want to give a quick update I’m sure he’ll be on the livestream at some point he’s dead yeah he might be working on something super secret awesome may well be yes he’s doing some very elite visual effects work oh yeah it is true yeah you know I guess it’s it’s it falls to me and the problem with that is the it would be well people we won’t be able to afford to live and eat software you know we have Pro which we can sell on Windows and we can sell on Mac and we can sell enough coffees that we can make Express completely free which is what we want to do that’s like the whole mission of the company but if we were to make it on Linux then there’s the issue that we won’t be able to sell Pro it firstly it’s a huge job much bigger than us moving it from window windows to mac which as people know was we did a Kickstarter and we raised the best part of a hundred thousand dollars to do that doing the conversion to Linux where some of the standard things that we use is just not available so we’d had great alternatives means it’s even more expensive than that and we absolutely know we would make less sales of the pro software although the free software would be would go down very well but we do not as a small company have anywhere near enough money to pilot into developing a completely free version for the next I’m afraid and I know that’s not the perfect answer and but unfortunately you know the majority of users are on Mac and PC so that’s where we had to focus yep somebody’s a suppose rebellion film at Alconbury fairly sure I recognize it from training there well then you’re completely correct yes it was RAF Alconbury and that crazy bunker that there is like a heritage building that they’re not allowed to knock down but they let us go in there and they were very kind and very good to us the whole time that we were there just say that Red Alert has popped up on the comments we’ve been watching from your tutorials they are fabulous so keep up the good work yeah definitely we love everyone that makes tutorials it’s like our favorite thing and sometimes more often than not we learn something about the software so yeah definitely that’s for sure you made a video on how to make an intro and is there any way to find one we have a number of tutorials yeah yeah we’ve got some tutorials on title sequences and stuff like that our channel is full of was like over 400 tutorials now so type in some keywords type in intros stuff like that we did something really cool recently we did a defender style intro a lot of techniques there can be transferred over to like a youtube intro or anything like that so a lot of the techniques that we cover in tutorials can be transferred into your work and you can tweak stuff and make it cool so yeah just local waters Maiden and see how you can make it your own really and we are always trying to improve that part of the software so you know in the pro version and software you’ve got borås which is really good at doing 3d titles and everything but we are looking for future versions of the software there being really great options for both Pro users and express users to make really funky text and stuff like that so yes stuff will appear at some point or another to make it even better thank you good work for us well yeah we could do that something that we’ve been wanting to do for a long time we don’t really have we don’t really have to resource to be able to contest at the moment because you guys send in so many awesome options that we have said hi that we have to then kind of go through the wall and give them the time of day that they so but that is something that we want to do in the future so if you are keen on a film contest do let us know the skydiving how could anybody know about the skydiving caste we have the secret there is a the largest project that we’ve ever worked on have being undertaken at the moment and the tutorials that are being made for that will be there’ll be some stuff in there for express users and there’ll be some really really high end stuff for pro users showing basically how you can do film level visual effects inside the software but we can’t talk too much about it right now there’s Cosi sitting right next to me and she slapped me around the back or the front row wears rings any tips for filmmaking oh exposure for filmmaking and getting questions that is a big question and you know like we’re we’re kind of I’d love to say we were thority on this but the people to go and ask about this would be Ryan Connolly over at film riot the way that he gets his stuff out there I mean it’s all about having good stuff in the end you know nobody really gets very far unless they’ve got something is either a great idea or is really good quality and a great idea and buy in terms of putting stuff out there you know you can’t just stick something on YouTube and not actually go and learn about the YouTube algorithm you can’t just stick something on Facebook and expect it to work without knowing what you’re doing but I know Ryan has answered questions like this in the past and Kirstie has also done some stuff on the YouTube algorithm on our website is a word I can’t say algorithm we’ve had this issue before many takes and it’s definitely worth looking at that because it works in a very particular kind of way and as long as you operate within those parameters you can get good results really importantly do you guys watch the community hit film videos film videos yeah everything yeah yeah literally so anything that you guys send our way we watch it’s basically these guys are like the internal cheerleaders so all over they run through into the the room and they gather everybody around yeah they come straight through to us so if you want to send us any of you work and show us what you’ve made and you can send it free to any of our social media channels or we’ve got a couple of contact email addresses on the hip phone website what would that email is shows me not to brag but not too bad but yeah that’s a good one not to brag but at hepn.com send anything there and it will come straight through to us and we’ll be able to check it out and we love checking out your work because ok gives us many awesome ideas and showcases what you can’t do yeah it’s great Finley asked what is the best way to stabilize GoPro videos in hitfilm he can’t afford a gimbal neither can any of us yeah this is I mean it depends how shaky this GoPro footage is you know if you strap it to a car or a go-cart or something it’s so shaky you probably won’t get anything out of it but what you want is as much resolution as possible so you can have a better job if you do it very very high resolution rather than if you do it like a high frame rate and low resolution and then you’re just trying to actually find things on the horizon line that you can actually see in as many frames as possible and then you can use the stabilization which is part of the tracking features inside Express or inside Pro it’s not it’s not quick you know the gimbal will make this much easier but you can stabilize stuff as long as you’ve got like a horizon line or something that remains in the shot but if there’s just someone like spinning around and rolling down a hill or something like that it’s gonna be really hard to do that excellent NDP productions asks do we need to check with you before we post tutorials no go for it if you created something on hip film tutorial or anything feel free to post it wherever you want so see agent yeah but you you can feel free logos that we have and and if you do put your toes out then please do tell us about them because the guys are going to highlight them more and more on our YouTube videos because you know the tutorials that other people going out there really innovative stuff really exciting stuff and they tend to be the stuff that other users like you are going to want to watch that’s why your tutorial in the first place totally yeah so send everything our way Slippery Lima camera now while we might while we might not be able to answer that right now we are hoping to have a shout out in the next couple weeks which will basically be an update on the best cameras of 2016 yeah spot-on yes they will work on that at the moment so that question will be answered very soon is it yeah it’s a bit of a general one is people want a camera for doing the beach man 13 I think he’d already asked this on Facebook YouTube as well so how do I make a click black and white okay Ali do you want to jump in well so there’s actually a few options you can use so in your effects panel you’ve got the hue saturation and brightness effect you can just drag that onto your clip and fiddle with the settings there and make it black and white really really really simply there is another effect and I’ve forgotten the name of it now well you can use the color wheels color wheels that’s it so there’s one of the presets in the color wheel effect will just automatically make your footage go black and white without you having to do really anything with it apart from selecting the preset there’s probably some new stuff coming in about this as well because it’s such a because you can use the the actual like histogram and the curves to modify one channel versus the other because if you’ve got something like a shot where you’ve got people in it skin when you convert it to black and white you want to do certain things relative to it it’s like a landscape shot or outside so we can probably end up doing a tutorial on this yeah that would be a wiring to do so yeah alright I’m doing things in black and white somebody take notes like why’d you toriel hated all your beard thank you many occasions I believe well that is the best compliment thank you so much so Red Alert comeback on YouTube and they’ve said and unfortunately red let me we’re going to be able to offer answer con many questions about specific features for the future but I like a question generally where do you guys see the future of his film oh well if I see the future of hit film being to make more and more professional style tools come down to a price range that regular people can afford and when I say professional start tools I’m not just saying you know other editors or other visual effects products is looking around all the stuff that an indie filmmaker or in the future of motion graphics artists would want in their toolkit and trying to pull as much as that that’s relevant into hit film as possible to just make it really powerful tool so you know we have endeavored to do that so far but we’re stepping things up all the time and with this next version and whatever might happen after that there’s lots of stuff coming in to just make it a much more rounded tool bringing the best from other products in the industry but also from industries that maybe are not expected for us to be looking at says will you guys be featuring films made with hit some on YouTube in the same way that you do with hit come tutorials I think they may just not know about I think yeah well you know we you know we’re we’re working this out as we go kirsty is the mastermind of all things so social and YouTube that we’re doing and oh yes she is they working out modifying it as we have time because you know it small team and we’re trying to do the stuff but I know Kirstie’s at the forefront of her mind is showcasing the work of hip filmers and the kind of stuff that they do so the more videos that we see that we think are really cool and the way that we can put them together into episodes that we’re doing we’re definitely going to push people in the direction of other people’s content absolutely so Phillip Wesson thank you very much for your comments you’ve been around for a while by the way god bless you guys I got into the effects and filmmaking with you almost eight years ago whoa not eight years ago you make me feel old it’s a long time and as a sprightly 30 back then what am I gonna so film Empire have asked very quickly one yeah one response a lot to your favorite movies what’s your favorite movie favorite movie Oh crikey I don’t know back to the future probably best movie of the new Batman series I really like film again Darnay Rises there you go Yul somos the future – kinsmen yes you probably work on that I need to actually work on one of my favorite film is the great 3m has has been asking any plans for tools for stereoscopic or VR work well some I’m not in stereoscopic like before they are I wasn’t a great fan of it because you know everyone said it was going to be a big thing and then the virtually no cameras ever did it and it was a very expensive thing for consumers to consider but VR when it comes to three and 360 video rather than VR if you’re gonna use 360 video and it’s not stereoscopic then you lose pretty much any other minute of it actually being the are you just sitting inside the bubble that someone’s paying in the inside of as soon as it’s stereoscopic you actually feel a bit more like you’re there so looking towards those tools are definitely something that we want to do knocks so sorry if I said that wrong asks how many people are working on developing itself you may be surprised to know they’re actually oh there’s the secret information with Congress we’re very small teams we’re smaller than the after-effects team then therefore even us and the after-effects team put together would be smaller than the premier team krazee-eyez oh yeah our attention that the main voice is standard in the office so I feel like only needs to put them on the spot good repair that’s all we got I’ve been repeating what I say back to me in a good banging voice and my back trying to go back to find you there’s an awful lot of questions coming up in the meantime kilaguni because elsewhere as the headquarters off hip down Norwich England Norwich is a very very tiny City which is about 100 and 120 miles from London if you can’t work out where it is fine London aim towards Cambridge and then keep going and about the same distance away again you’ll find Norwich which is a much better place than Cambridge they just have a more famous University okay so Chris regarding you or our e360 emotion tracker on gear 360 video is it possible and how puzzles for example so when it comes to is possible to track motion but the issue it have is the distortion of the 360 so we have tools for titles in 360 we have a gear 360 ourselves that we have played around with a bit well you’ve got out there now at the moment it’s stuff like mocha and synth eyes that are doing astounding jobs with 360 like well beyond and the other tools that are out there so we’re looking to add more compatibility with the leading tools out there that are very specialized you know we know that goes over a Imagineering you might make a very well and there technologies first-rate stuff so first we’re trying to add capabilities to work with them and then because they’re tools can be weather professional tool so they can be quite expensive we try and work with those guys in order to do special deals where that we can offer you their products only every so often because you know they’re they’re a little team too but like we try and work out ways of getting you their best technology a more of a hitfilm kind of price but yeah we are working on more it’s more about working on support than for what they do then building it ourselves at the moment but that isn’t to say that we won’t be looking towards that in the future the ability model simulus simulators will become kind of an add-on feature in Express and the truth is right now um it is in fact an add-on because it is such a very powerful feature there’s not that on it’s not an add-on anybody’s and I’m not an add-on the first version of Express they were an add-on and I think you can probably count on your hands and feet how many people ever bought that add-on because it wasn’t what expression was about Express was about being a free product and then the few extras that we do have and we like we like to make the product really good without the extras and the extras are more specific there we would if anything we try and make those less expensive but with the the 3d model technology that we’re always upgrading and developing and Pro and the particle simulator which – it also gets updated in numerous ways it kind of makes it hard for us to make those very inexpensive for express therefore we’re kind of looking at something we can do in the middle basically is the idea there we know people want some of that tech but it’s very hard for us to just strip it out and put it in as a plugin for express but in the end if we can make everything free we would so we’re working towards those goals right so I think probably it’s time that we opened the silver play button that we know we have because we’re probably getting to a point where a long time like 40,000 additional subscribers since then right yeah yeah so this is uh hopefully these guys have worked really hard on this both for them you know like III only know anything about YouTube because of the stuff that they do and it astounds me every day so this is a real triumph for them and the whole team here to actually get something because you know this silver play button you know it was a thing of dreams not long ago for him to actually be able to get to that level so um they’ve done really well and I hope it’s as pretty as we think I mean hitfilm you can use to combine two different shots together movie you could use to do tracking masks and to do stuff like that connecting together but I’m not also entirely sure what’s meant if you want to send that question to support with a bit more detail then we’ll be able to answer it – sweet well yes we do have patients not opening our plaques on out but we’ve only two weeks only two weeks we got letter once it’s a you’ve done something at very few youtuber creators accomplished hundred thousand people subscribe to your channel we did six months ago no worries YouTube thanks piece of foam goodness Wow that is also okay Oh shine a few oh no you’re reflecting on the top-secret information on that border for that yeah that’s cool it’s silver oh yeah Wow amazing thank you to everyone for subscribing that is awesome yeah thank you to everyone on to the gold one come on guys you know so shiny whatever we go over to see Sam and Nico Ricardo digital and they’ve got like you know it’s massive great gold one on the wall I’m gonna take this with me next time yeah Wow thanks guys you helped do this which is amazing so thank you for that is that is the coolest thing I think unfortunately the next one of these the gold one doesn’t come to the million you’ve been here since the stop well thank you very much the Kickstarter was really really amazing for us actually and it really helped it’s odd you know all the publicity we’ve done at that point the Kickstarter ended up in the best publicity weird over them we’re out that than anything else so yeah so as people like you that made the Kickstarter success that actually helped promote really have fun going on the trajectory is now but thank you I made it today my favorite hit some craters again Wow I felt bad because he’s not I feel like I should swap over with Kirstie because you know Kirstie’s really landed Baldy says a hundred thousand subscribers gets to a country and a Western belt buckle I wish no I was gonna I was actually going to cast it so will there be more Express tutorials absolutely Express tutorials are probably you know it’s hard to get the balance right yeah because every Express tutorial is a pro tutorial as well but yeah there will be loads more Express tutorials yeah there’s rice on boardings all of those sure yeah we do try and balance it I think that at the moment it’s putting more Express tutorials if you go and check out our videos than Pro but yeah there’s a lot more to come Maggie well there are a couple of reasons where that might be happening but mostly it’s probably about the hardware that you have so – oh yeah so yeah ahead film we get really you know you get really different reports on this some people say have found incredibly fast and then every so often we have people who say it’s laggy and this can it’s 94 of yours it can be all sorts of things so it can be it can be do you do with your computer but it can also to be to do with the footage you’re using so some codecs when you bring them in even some varieties of mp4 can be less than perfect when it comes to variable playback or random access playback which is what hip film does so the best thing to do there is to reencounter footage and there are several tutorials are believing then on our channel and our other people’s channels about using tools like handbrake sorry include your footage into something that will be much faster inside hit film now the more intrinsic problem could be that your machine is not up to spec CPU why because we don’t require anything special like I 3 i5 i7 any of the latest stuff from AMD as well all good but what you do want is you want enough RAM which is typically you want a machine with 8 to 16 gigabytes and then you want a fast hard drive if you can get one and you want a decent graphics card so a lot of lower powered laptops that maybe like three or four years old came with some pretty bad graphics cards you know it’s a bad graphics card if you try and play Call of Duty on it or battlefield it will look awful and play terribly that means it’s a bad graphics card hitfilm uses the same technology that video games going to use so if you can’t play a video game with a really nice smooth fast framerate with decent quality settings it’s not gonna use a headphone particularly well saying that we’re always trying to make it better and I know for a fact the next version of hitfilm is going to have some significant performance improvements so yeah so great news right the great Simon Jones the beard is missed we are merely copying so s Malin has said Jimi’s down at the whole version to transfer your video to publish it my video I created can’t be imported I’m not quite sure what you’re talking about there but I think maybe you may be talking about not being able to export it sounds more like downloading the entire video to your computer so that you can actually write use it which you do need to do videos I’m a huge amount of storage is one of the problems of working with video it used to be audio because no one we would have dreamt of like working with video on a computer it’s insane now yeah video takes up all the storage so if you yeah you need to be able to store huge amounts of data and then you need to be able to access it quickly which is the other problem Keith Kroll says just wanted to congratulate you on a major accomplishment here thanks focusing thank you thank you okay so are you thinking about making a tutorial to the intro of James Bond well we do have a long my hero this is my dream is and I keep putting it forward and everyone stares at me and says that’ll be really hard I might now be awesome if you made like the Skyfall intro or something like that you know the answer is at some point I will get my way yeah but I don’t know when that’s going to be the the reason that I guess the obvious reason we haven’t done it is because you would also need a really awesome start James Bondy style piece of music yes because they you know they make it go to the music so if we use wood to make the visuals you know if you play like big-band music over the start of Skyfall it’s hum not half as impressive as it is with the act of tuning so if we can find the right piece of music you know em you said here’s some music is that you know something James Bondy like yeah we’ll make something to that that would be awesome but sure we didn’t need that music we need to be able to give it the music as away as well so that they can actually like together it’s just hard but someone out there might know someone who’s like super good music and yep willing to Calvin Serrano the legend that is Calvin Serrano one of the one of the top hit film users in the world I might add he’s in Germany but in the world as well you know he makes some amazing stuff using hip film and I can’t ever get how he does it but um yes Danny Rosales is asked a very specific question what do you eat for breakfast in Norwich well I have a couple of eggs some toast oh nice rap Wow beans that’s cheese yeah a lot I like breakfast i am i have Weetabix is we debate school just weet-bix I don’t know terrible HD 4k as in what most people call 4k support is in there but I think true 4k like cinema 4k you need Pro for that but UHD all sorts of questions he’s got time to has cinnamon french toast for breakfast tomorrow Simon Jones that’s my word I think that’s something that we’ve previewed kind of in a youtube search rule in the past which is very fast very nice Tobias they especially for you we’re actually in the middle of kind of upgrading everything a little bit so it’ll probably be spoiler I might leave everyone around about around I hope the guys in the office are watching Calvin Serrano will um implement some more professional export formats formats like DNxHD or HR thanks Calvin you know I know we re actually are implementing all sorts of things in the next version of hit film we’ve been in touch with Apple about formats that they might have and making them more natively supported and working on a better workflow between Mac and PC with higher quality formats so the answer is yes to that but there will always be more to learn big yvx camera import/export so yeah we currently have 3d model or animation import with Alembic and a bit of animation and 3d model import way of FBX there definitely is scope for us to do camera as well I think we will I hope I don’t think it’s a massive step change from where we are now to be able to do that so yes we will have to do that as well there are so many I’m really impressed guys thank you so much for joining us this is really yes exporting audio engine mp3 this is audio on his own we’ve had this question before and it is on our list of things to do so at the moment if you just want to export audio you kind of export it in an mp4 so you kind of not just doing what you would expect to be able to do we know this is something that people want it’s a disproportionately large job compared to what you would think it would be so yeah we are going to work on it I do there’s plenty of them in London but one like I know if you gain individual effects I do things so if you’re doing editing and stuff like that there’s there’s plenty of them in London and everything and there’s lots of just you film theory but there’s a lot that do practical stuff in London the link to you know a lot of the big earth TV channels and stuff but if you’re going into visual effects there’s one in Bournemouth which is whether you’re doing screenwriting which is another thing that they do really well but visual effects they actually I don’t know if they still have this but they had a link with eylem so people that went there and studied visual effects and we’re really good had the option to go and do like a semester or whatever over with I them and there is nobody better in the world visual effects in Ireland even I mean what are great and they do good apes right oh yeah I get those emails from Estate Studios all the time there you go right now so yes them as well PC will feel free to contact our support team and we’ll do everything we can to help you same for anybody else that has any technical issues I’m sorry we can’t address all of them on this live stream but if you send us a ticket by the website and we will get your students we can also do tell us the specs of a 40 gram PC because yeah that’s got to be a monster that’s got to have all the graphics cards in it as well in the very beginning yes I did all the coding and and it’s so good that I don’t do that now so yeah I I did all the coding to hit film along with in the later stages mainly to people but initially it was me then those three of us and then there’s the team that there is now who are all massively massively better at coding than I am so yeah my presentations for my study chemistry works great it’s really good to hear about people who are using it for education yeah there’s a really good stuff coming in the next version a hip film that would be really good for doing that kind of thing we’ve got some really amazing tools coming I’m not going to mention yeah yeah show us the video so that’s it let’s see slow motion look that slow motion is a it’s is a complicated thing you know it’s on those things it’s best capture it in camera if you can and we have certain tools there’s a speed tool inside hip film and it doesn’t think that it’s called interpolating frames so it’s trying to make up frames from the frames that it sees around it but there is a product called twixtor which is the best tool in industry is that revision that do that so those guys they made here it’s a no effects plugin so should work in hitfilm you know we’ve got a link to twixtor in our last QA couple of weeks back and there’s a link in the description and we talked about it a little bit there as well it’s very a very extensive tour it’s not necessarily like super simple to use but the results that some people get taking like 60 frames a second footage to a thousand frames a second can be pretty amazing so yeah take a look at that please coffee bean production service we are constantly looking for new awesome effects to do so if you do have any stress things like that and putting them in our YouTube comments is actually probably yes yeah any literally any suggestions you have pop them in the comments and we’ve got a good good list going on so we’ll take them all on board and see what we can do to get them someone’s asking about nuts here and having them actually soar pre-installed and coming in a drop down list we need we should do that what we would like to do is find like you know one of these sources that gives away a bunch of free lots because I know there’s some out there they have like really good sets and try and come to some kind of like usually call agreement where we can bundle those with all copies of head films so people have access to them if anyone has any suggestions of really great free luck packs that are out there people that we might contact and say hey can we put this inside hitfilm if we give you know some credit to you guys do let us know and we’ll see what we can do yeah shout out to the cool community things the red alerts back on Ian says guys keep out an eye out tonight I’ve got a hit film zombie tutorial oh nice Ami’s yeah yeah check out mine ndk pharmacist said I’m using you know love it I’ve used it for about four fan films and it runs great that’s awesome here Paul Paul says hip on three pro essential training was made on lynda.com which was a really useful easy-to-follow tutorial for very new users are we planning on doing everything like that in the future well I’m not sure what we’re allowed to say other than the great Simon Jones might have something something coming up but yeah basically you know as the product grows and will be Wow nearly one point seven million years as the product grows and we keep moving in the right direction we will look to having really great content wherever you guys like to find it so you know whether that’s lynda.com whether it’s YouTube Facebook Instagram will always try to have great content in the place that you want to see it mmm and coffee beans production says I’m thinking on making tutorials but I may need your sketches on my channel is this a good idea well you know you should really be doing exactly the content that you love doing as long as you it depends what you’re wanting to do it for if you’re doing it for the love of the content that you’re making then that’s cool you don’t necessarily need load as loads of subscribers if you want to be a YouTube beast however you’re gonna make sure that you that’s good you don’t have to make sure that you do the YouTube algorithm and that you post consistently and that you post about 12 minutes let’s cuddle up guys let’s cuddle up I don’t want to let’s do that one and then we’ll just move down towards carries yeah if you like to sketch then you keep doing scheduling up to tutorials doing in fact you toriel’s really difficult so do whatever it feels natural to you depending on kind of your business strategy if you have a business strategy then you may want to employ the YouTube algorithm but it’s up to you I love massive do we do more of these – people want these you know like let us know please do I guess we promise we’ll know what we’re doing next time yeah yeah we got it saw it now down I’m really really disturbed by the camera angle and there’s so much space above our heads I can’t cope with the composition something else to work out Oh I said I’d be easy and fun to make short films with my friends and make my ideas come true City flicks says I’m on the fence about getting that film simply because it didn’t imitates me yeah that that’s understandable you know your visual effects editing is hard enough you know like getting into editing understanding all the different tools you see all these people that have magical like keyboard combinations they’re doing with their fingers and it’s just how am I ever gonna get rid of that in the same ways how am I ever gonna get good at playing piano visual effects like the next level on from that I would say if there was ever a product that’s gonna make that as easy as possible for you it’s hitfilm not because the product is like so simple it’s because we have the tutorials there and it’s more about you know trying to achieve something that you really excited about you know one of the big ones they can host at Iron Man it’s really really fun it’s not massively simple but it teaches you some principles follow the some of the tutorials that Axl has done over the years where he’s just teaching you some tutorials about you know he’s teaching about compositing and some basic techniques and then go forward from there is intimidating and yeah it’d be great if we could you know actually wouldn’t be great if we could make it one button that you click and it does everything the whole point is that you know it’s a tool and you’re the artist and in the end you know none of us would say don’t have all the tools you know if you can get all the software get all the software not just hit film and it’s not about the tools it’s about you and your creativity and the thing you’re trying to make but yeah you have to put some time into that yeah if you’re intimidated by it just stop stop is really the best thing I love 3d product so we’ve got a we’ve got a playlist on our YouTube channel which I made recently called the basics and or something like that and go and check it out it’s about ten videos and gives you some really basic things to follow just so you get a little understanding of what the software can do and then once you’ve got that kind of stuff down you can then work on the more advanced tutorials yeah as I said earlier we’ve got like hundred four hundred and fifty videos or tutorials on there so there’s a lot of stuff check out the community tutorials as well because these guys are likely people that much closer to being in the same position that you were at some point so they’ve probably made the tutorials remembering however long ago was when they were going or this is quite intimidating and they tried to make it more friendly so you know check those ones out as well because those guys do amazing stuff and hitfilm forums as well yeah go check them out so many places there’s a lot of advice there to be had coast-to-coast Rowan says why don’t you create two interviews at some live streams that’s a fantastic idea that is a great idea because they’d be far more interesting in Norwich who you know are big on this YouTube thing we tend to be kind of in a little tech bubble of our own but we may have opportunities to go to London nice I can’t read anything on the screen yeah and inscape digital popped in at next week’s tutorial it’s a sci-fi title that will work in both it from pro and Express so it’s a lot of subscribing you may or may not know YouTube quite a while ago actually added this little bell and you may find that subscribing to hitfilm doesn’t actually mean that you are notified of all of our videos so if you really do want to see every piece of content that we put out there which I would I would encourage you to do because it’s pretty good and then be sure to click the little bell on our channel so that you get all the notifications of all the cool stuff as well absolutely especially in the coming months there’s going to be more and more by the by the amazing Chabert yeah you know the tutorials of yes make all those other tutorial makers don’t want to do it anymore you know loads more from him on there and maybe some other new faces to our owners will there be an emoji drag and drop effect in the next release well you know Calvin if this is going to make your dreams come true I know I know you’re on the beach test of this so I’m sure you can push that one through what do you think guys I just the what they’ve opened up for filmmaking is amazing I really thought my only experience with a drone was a inspire one flying in my head taking it to like Alaska next week and if you appreciate you do that’s throw my career I’ve not had to go I’m scared of them I’d like to have one but I know I do someone’s in damage probably me so we’re gonna take two or three more questions okay it’s not technically a question but it’s really cool the last display said using hitfilm with a group of seven to seventeen year old kids coding pirates dig in hitfilm amazing they said was more about it we need to know more about these things you know like because we’re all about spreading the word and spreading the love so just get in contact with these guys yeah contact us on any of our social stuff or not to break and if you’re using you know using Express with a bunch of people and everything like in a school then I didn’t say this but you know if there’s a any way that you want to do any more 3d mode stuff or pro stuff and talk to us because my bedroom Harris Akira she says best way to use it felt to make stop motion animation I tell you the thing about stop motion in hitfilm is there isn’t optimized for that website that’s not what we’ve done so far but we would need to work with people like you to actually make it better at that because at the moment you bring it in as an image stream and maybe beds of these miniatures out of it and do stuff like that so we’d rather actually hear from you about how you would want it to work so you know once the thing is in a video form so you’ve done all your stop-motion and don’t it if them’s going to be great with that but if you’re trying to actually you know put the thing together and pick out frames and everything we need to be better at that we have no experience in the team with that so we would rather talk to experienced people remember the other logos hip film I had all kinds of names we didn’t know if we’re going to name it following on from our previous software which was called effects lab and vision lab and composite lab in the end kind of we went with head film because you know it actually kind of looked kind of balanced and it was easy to say but yeah it didn’t really we didn’t really get through too many alternative names because we just wanted to move away from the software but I developed which wasn’t as good to the software that these guys developed which is first-rate so somebody did I can’t remember who asked it but somebody did ask is there a gonna be a new hit from Express yes there is gonna be an awful lot of really awesome stuff that’s going to be over the next we buy and then stuff on here for another 20 seconds chronic yeah we’re gonna check how we turn this off let’s start waving now you know it’s good exercise I presume I can just well I would just probably close yeah that’s it right okay if I end that Skinner say goodbye then okay yes and I know how to win this one cuz it’s a big red button this is finish well done Facebook good job thanks guys come and join us again awesome cool Thank You freshness thanks for the button as well so we’re playin

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