Hitfilm Express Green Screen Tutorial!

Hi guys welcome to today’s video today we are going to be teaching you how to green screen in hitfilm 4 Express so the first thing you’re going to need to green screen is obviously your footage so you’re also going to need not only a green screen but your background clip too so I’ve just got this video of a forest which is going to be my background clip so once you’ve got your two Clips imported first thing you want to do is to click on your background clip and make a composite shot out of that so right click and press make composite shot and you can call it whatever you want with them and just leave all these the same and click OK now it will open in a new tab here which means that we’ve got another sort of place to be working it the reason we want to use composite shots is that you can do visual effects much more easily in composite shots due to the layering style of the composite shot so now you’re going to drag in your video this actual video was three minutes long it was this massive compilation of stuff you should probably use this one but anyway I’m just going to press this button to insert the part that I’ve selected into the timeline you can see it’s actually a bit smaller than the background so what I have to do is I have to go into the controls into the transform and I scale it up until it fills the screen which is very nice now I can also drag the composite shot in now points to the actual length of the green screen and I can drag this to make this shorter as well so at the moment all we’ve got is the top clip over the bottom clip and no effects have been applied so instead of going through in the effects tab and combing for different effects under keying it’s a really easy way to green screen and hit fill that’s if we if we go down all the way to presets we go down to 2d effects and we can drag the green-screen key or blue screen if you’ve got blue screen and drag it straight onto your green screen clip and this way it will apply three effects all in one and they’ll be pretty much ready-made for you to go okay so as we can see the first clip effect was the color difference key then the map cleaner and then the spill removal so we’ll go through each of these in turn in your controls tab under your effects little window you can see all the three effects and if we go into our color difference key and we just turn off all of these we can see that this is actually the main keyer so we can select the screen color and these minimum/maximum controls control how much is keyed out so the minimum is the value at which all green will be keyed out and the maximum is the maximum at which this can be keyed out the closer you have these together the sharper the edge will be and the further away you have the more blurry the edge will be as you can see and you can adjust these until you come up with a pretty sharp edge right on the edge of your character alright and you can also change the gamma which sort of changes both of these values at once now if you use one a quick method to do that you can also view the match which means that all the white things will be visible and all the black things won’t be and this is great because you can see if there are any holes say in your green screen for example I might have cut this out a bit and there may be some holes in there somewhere like over here so that Matt is also very useful so now we’re going to go into the mat clean up the mat cleaner is pretty much optional but you can do a few things with it smooth smooths out the actual shape of the green-screen mask so I wouldn’t recommend doing this too much maybe just one pixel if you really need to but yeah I wouldn’t recommend doing that too much feather smooths out the edges sort of blurs the main bit and unless you know you really want to go handle this I wouldn’t do this all that much maybe one or two pixels at the maximum and chunk will simply choke your selection right in in case you have a bit of a wonky key you can also view the mat in here as well now we go up to our final tab which is spill removal spill removal removes spill and spill is what happens when on a green screen light reflects from the screen onto your actor and this way it looks sort of obvious that they’re on a green screen so spill removal remove these green sort of reflections and you can select the screen color again and select the strength of this ball removal you can check a slick standard or extended all right so that’s the basics of green screen feel free do you turn off the video right now but I’m actually going to show you one or two more things that you can do to just enhance the look of your green screen so the first is to blur the background now with hitfilm for express rather than free within three a new effect was came in and that’s called lens blur so what lens blur does is it blurs an image similar to how a camera a real camera would blur out of focus areas of your image and this is very useful because if we blur the background then it looks much more realistic because in reality the camera cannot focus on anything or everything you can change the radius and if you know the camera you shot you usually shoot on and you can change the shape of your iris too if you don’t know any about this camera sort of stuff just change the radius however be mindful that the lens blur effect will take some time to render what we can do is apply a grade so if we create a new layer and create a grade and I’m not going to go into grading too much into this video because I have another tutorial on it and the annotation should pop up right now but what what you can do is apply a grade to this to your clip and that way when everything looks sort of similar like the gray has been applied to all aspects of your clip then you can it looks more realistic you can also grade your actual green screen clip to match the colors of your background clip alright guys thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed this video whether you watch all of it or some of it I hope that I helped you guys out then we get to like and subscribe and comment if you want to see another video similar to this one I’ll see you guys later bye

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