Hidden in Plain View: The New World Order in Bible Prophecy – Jan Markell

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Here’s where we’re going and we can start whenever you want the New World Order in Bible prophecy it’s hidden in plain view I’m going to be naming the names tonight I’m going to be I think even use some information that probably you won’t hear a lot of places I’m not trying to be sensationalistic please understand that I’m going to talk about some conspiracies but I’m not conspiracy oriented but they do exist so because we have basically we have a United Earth now as we talked about the issue of global government and that’s what’s going that’s what the dark forces would love to see happen and of course the Bible talks about it and I’ll get there what kind of government do you think a global government would be would it be a democracy probably not would it be capitalism probably not would it be socialism communism probably the Antichrist will be the ruler of it and keep in mind that anybody under the age of 50 has been indoctrinated doesn’t mean they’ve accepted it but they’ve been indoctrinated to believe that a one-world government that is talked about in the Bible is a good thing and I’ll explain that in just a moment whoo popular popularized this one of those were four of those who popularized it would be the Beatles particularly John Lennon John Lennon wrote a song in 1971 called imagine it’s imagine there are no countries it isn’t hard to do nothing to kill or die for and no religion too imagine all the people living life in peace he went on you may say that I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one I hope someday you’ll join us and the world will live as one now when the Beatles talk about it you know be at yoga no matter what they talked about starting in the 60s going into the 70s going into the 80s John Lennon killed in the 80s the world accepts it and so he promoted this concept of a global government in 1971 and a whole generation signed on to it is very demonic Trulia’s again the the thinking is by the globalists if we could have a one-world government it will solve all the world’s problems there’ll be no war will be no poverty there’ll be no injustice there’ll be global peace and prosperity but we have to get rid of individual governments and of course the biggest stumbling block of course is America America the church Christianity Family Values those are the stumbling blocks to global government which will be led eventually by the Antichrist but the point tonight is it’s beginning now and you can start to see the beginnings of it and I’m going to show you how here in just a moment so this was the mindset back in Babylon as well in in Babylon of course God got totally disgusted with it all and said I’m going to confuse the languages which is exactly what he did but the first globalist was Nimrod and Nimrod was the head of the Empire back then Babel and he built that tower he built it in part to say I’m as shook his fist at God with that tower which was built in part to save them if another flood came but it’s also used as kind of an observation yeah sort of for astrological type things so that’s the Tower of Babel it was in this area which is today Iraq planes of shiner and I think this is interesting because again the picture on your right excuse me on your left is by Pieter Bruegel which is a artist depiction I think it goes back to the 1500s of the Tower of Babel but on the other side is the EU Parliament in Strasbourg I’m going to be talking about Europe again America is not all that important everything is Europe Europe Europe in Strasbourg France that’s one of the headquarters of the EU Brussels Belgium and Strasbourg France and Strasbourg France does that not look like the Tower of Babel Europe today is proud of Babylon even though Babylon was totally a cult Europe is proud of it and is still mimicking its hour of Babel the symbol of the European Union is a woman riding the Beast revelation 17 and that’s on there one of their stamps and it’s also on a coin Greek euro coin is a woman riding the beast do they know this is right out of the Bible no again they’re kind of useful idiots of the Antichrist who’s waiting in the wings because he’s not here yet he’s not here yet they don’t know they’re being played as fools and once they figure it out and wake up it’ll be way too late even today today in promotion for Europe these kinds of posters are going back to the Tower of Babel the construction little crane there is that Europe is still under construction those stars above the crane and above the tower this is again promotion for Europe those stars are pentagrams they’re their stars that are demonic and satanic five points pentagram star again and and I played the presentation by a mere sir Fatih a couple weeks ago Europe getting ready for the Antichrist they are so ready for the Antichrist that come out of Europe which he will so this just is a reminder so why did I have an interest a renewed interest in this kind of a topic we had an election last year and it was between a globalist and a nationalist Hillary Clinton the ardent globalist the strong one worlder and Donald Trump a hundred percent pro-american having said that the globalists are trying to kind of co-opted him and bring him over into the globalist world and I’ll say more about that he said during the campaign and once he was elected we will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism now he meant that he is disgusted with these one worlders he’s not a politician he’s businessman he doesn’t understand their thinking so at this point he is still an ardent nationalist this was recently the g20 in Germany the full picture here would show everybody wearing the g20 little lapel pin except Donald Trump is wearing a flag pin so this is his nationalism he’s an ardent America first guy we need to keep praying because again the globalists are trying to co-opt him and bring him into the other camp he’s also in Michelle will say more about this next week he’s he’s also surrounded by good guys and bad guys the good guys Steve Bannon and some others and then some bad guys that are really high-powered leftists I’m not going to get into naming them but his son-in-law is one Jared Kushner so the New York Times Breitbart New York Times columnist pleads with bliss billionaires to save the nation from Trump so in the corner down there you can see 94 year-old Henry Kissinger still an ardent globalist and they’re pleading with these people to save the country and save the world from nationalism that’s how out of favor it is Whitehouse globalists using National Economic Council to undermine president’s agenda again there are globalists in the White House with Kushner Gary Cohn all sorts of them are in the White House trying to bring Donald Trump left-of-center and into the global agenda whether or not he’s caving you know I couldn’t speak to that so which will it be will it be America or will it be globalism now will nationalism trump globalism pun intended this is on the left side this is what we’re told globalism is it’s people who just have different cultures we’re but we’re all going to get along we’re just we look at things differently we have different clothing different percept and we’re going to love each other that’s the false perception of globalism what it really is is the other side and I hate to be conspiratorial but I’m going to be it’s men sitting in dark rooms start smoke-filled rooms scheming up evil and scheming but ways to bring the world together ultimately under the Antichrist okay now brags that happened a year ago June 2016 brags it happened Great Britain said we don’t want to be a part of the EU anymore headlines said the future of globalism stands at a crossroads because of so we saw polish experts Europe is at the end of its existence Western Europe is practically dead believe me this is convenient for the Antichrist who will come out of Europe the fact that Europe is practically dead the Antichrist will come out of this empire and stabilize it eventually he may even be on the scene as a matter of fact I think he is where is global government in the Bible let me read at least the most prominent couple of verses found in Revelation 13 6 & 7 it opens its mouth that’s the beast the Antichrist it opens its mouth to utter blasphemies against God blaspheming his name and his dwelling that is those who dwell in heaven also it was allowed yet again the Beast the Antichrist also it was allowed to make war on the Saints and to conquer them and authority was given over every tribe and people and language and nation so when something has control over every tribe people language nation obviously it’s a global government and obviously it’s got to be in formation now if we’re as late as we think we are and I think we are very very late it’s got to be in some form of stage right now that’s the point I’m making tonight I’m going to go through the organizations and I can’t get them all the organizations that are the promoters today of the global government but I’m going back even 5000 years first we had Nimrod the first globalist we had the Kabbalah which goes back it’s the Jewish occult goes back to the 5th century BC it promoted the one-world concept and the one-world government system we had the Knights Templar 1100 to 1300 also the same as the Crusaders they were ardent one worlders we had that morphed into the rose in order 17th and 18th century and they were the purpose of the Rosicrucians was to lead the world to a one world system it’s amazing how this concept which is so flawed which is so deceptive and so deceitful has been able to for a thrive and flourish for 5000 years and you’ll see why when we get a little closer to the end may 17 May 1st 1776 the Illuminati they were all about and they still exist all of these outfits at least starting about here 1700s still exist and their their existence today is still they bring about that one world system they’re very conspiratorial and they’re very very dark the freemasons 1800s they exist in part to bring about a one world government one world system I want to say a word here about President Woodrow Wilson Wilson was in office 1913 to 1921 the gentlemen pictured with him is Edward Mandell house is one of his primary advisors a house got Woodrow Wilson into World War one with the intent of having World War one morph into global government obviously it didn’t work I want to say a little bit more here because also under Woodrow Wilson came the Federal Reserve Bank a very evil system which you and I are slaves to so this came in under Woodrow Wilson a little bit of information about the Federal Reserve it is in 12 districts around America it is run by unelected bureaucrats it is extremely secretive but the Constitution does not mention a central bank it can create money out of thin air by people who aren’t elected these are bureaucrats who appoint themselves heavily it devalues our currency it resists congressional oversight it rewards the elites that hurts the middle class Woodrow Wilson signed this into existence in 1913 you need this for global government Woodrow Wilson when he woke up and realized what he had done he’s and he’s a progressive with a capital P believe me he still said I am a most unhappy man I have unwittingly ruined my country a great industrial nation is now controlled by its system of credit we are no longer a government by free opinion no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority but a government by the opinion and the rests of a small group of dominant men he said that in 1919 but he signed this into existence in 1913 he knew what this would lead to he knew it would it was part of the bricks and mortars of a one-world system which he was for because he’s a globalist but he regretted that he brought this into reality now in the 1920s came david rockefeller that’s not rockefeller this is a man by the name of Carol Quigley David Rockefeller is the modern-day father of globalism there are many many players but David Rockefeller and George Soros I’ll get to Soros later Rockefeller started in the 1920s the son of john d rockefeller david rockefeller formed the Council on Foreign Relations 1921 Carroll Quigley said the Council on Foreign Relations is the American branch of a society which originated in England and believes national boundaries should be obliterated and they one-world rule established David Rockefeller was the primary at least early promoter of this idea and financier the billionaires the billionaires are financing all of this the League of May came out in 1992 in 1919 with the hope that it would could create global government after World War one League of Nations obviously after World War two came the United Nations with the hope that they could form a single government don’t you find this amazing that so many people are so committed to something that is so biblical but they are looking at it really from the perspective of the Antichrist not from the position of Jesus Christ or the way you and I would look at it that this is not anything that’s a good idea it’s a really really bad idea a single government but they see it as the answer to everything in the in 1956 54 rather came the bilderberg we talked about that the first night here if you on any CD’s of previous four weeks they’re downstairs next week there’ll be a CD of this club Bilderberg came along in 1954 and again it was with the intent of somehow creating in a dark room the workings that would morph into a one-world government the Club of Rome 1968 that put the world in ten regions and out of this would come hopefully global government so all these people can think about this global government they’re obsessed by it truly obsessed they’re doing the will of Satan here’s a man who opposed it John F Kennedy was an enemy of the New World Order let me just say a word about him he criticized secret societies he wanted to dismantle the Federal Reserve he came against the CIA he really was an enemy of this whole system we know he didn’t last very long in office another man who came against it was representative Larry McDonald Democrat from Georgia he said the drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining super capitalism and communism under the same tent all under their control do I mean conspiracy I do I am convinced there is such a plot international and scope generations-old in planning yes going back to Babel and incredibly evil in intent representative MacDonald was on a plane Korean Airlines in 1983 a bomb blew up inside 200 people and representative McDonald killed he was trying to expose the globalists so you can see these men are empowered by evil their goal is the kingdom of the Antichrist they don’t know it they don’t know it they think that they’re doing the world a favor again David Rockefeller is the big new Brzezinski they put the trilateral commission together in 1973 and again cooperation between North America Western Europe and Japan but the ultimate goal was that this would help bring the world together into global one-world government okay the Vatican can’t talk about globalism without talking about the Vatican they’re a huge player and John Paul back in the 80s set by the end of this decade we will live under the first one-world government that has ever existed in the Society of nations a government with absolute authority to decide the basic issues of human survival one world government is inevitable he’s right it’s going to be under Antichrist I don’t think he understands that but it is inevitable Pope Francis is called The Vicar of the New World Order he’s called that by secularists he’s totally committed globalist he’s a socialist he’s probably a Marxist but he definitely is not spreading the gospel and here we have Time magazine the new the new world pope the new Roman Empire and 12 times Pope Francis has openly promoted a one-world religion or a new world order now is he going to be the false prophet again we don’t know it’s a little foolish to go there it’s pure speculation I think he’s a very likely candidate he’s also aging so if he’s going to be it he needs that we need to get the show on the road here because I don’t know how many years he has left I mean to to be bulbs trotting all over the world as he’s doing so again the church is not present to witness either the Antichrist or the false prophet we are removed in the rapture only when the church is removed can these evil men come on the scene yet we are to discern the times so if we’re to discern the times then I’m saying this scenario is building and building and building it began in Babylon it morphed into the Rosicrucians the Illuminati on and on council and foreign relations trilateral commission all of these with the same intent to create a one-world system one world government 1980s 1988 Mikhail Gorbachev urges a new world order they’re all using the same term new world order or one world system 1988 further global progress is now possible only through a quest for a universal consensus in the movement towards a new world order Mikhail Gorbachev again in 1991 David Rockefeller he is the modern-day Pied Piper of all this the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards world government why would such a an intelligent successful businessman as David Rockefeller say enough with American capitalism and democracy we’re going to throw all of that out and we’re going to blend all the governments of the world together with one ruler it sounds like insanity they are deceived they’ve come under strong delusion and he said this is a quote from him in 2003 in one of his books he says for more than a century an ideological ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions some even believe we belong to a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States characterizing my family as internationalists and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure one world if you will if that is the charge I stand guilty and I’m proud of it so again he’s the modern-day Pied Piper started it in the 20s he’d been picked up by others including Soros he says all we need this is a David Rockefeller all we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order what could that crisis be it could be one of a number of things it could be financial it could be terror related what if terror attacks let’s just say in America where to go off simultaneously in ten American big cities all at the same time that would cause people to say we do need a savior to deliver us from this kind of a perilous it could be weather related or environmental it could be such a thing as as World War 3 the crisis that would bring all of this I don’t think it’s any of these things here’s what it is it’s the rapture this is what will bring this this what they’re longing for it’s going to take the rapture once that happens and we’re out of here we’re out of the way we pesky Christians who keep talking about the king is coming well he came and he took us and these folks are left behind and there in a daze and they will receive this man who’s waiting in the wings we don’t know who he is they’ll receive him they’ll receive him with really open arms now more useful idiots of this whole movement would be I want to go into the environmental here just for a moment or two Gorbachev said more recently the threat of environmental crisis will be the International disaster key that will unlock the New World Order it really won’t again they think it it’s going to be financial or environmental again it’ll be the rapture but but he thinks it’s going to be inter or environmentalism that’s going to demand we have global government George W HW Bush my vision of a new world order foresees a United Nations with a revitalized peacekeeping function ardent globalist the Bush family all of them but particularly HW Bush it’s a big idea a new world order only United States has both the moral standing and the means to back it up you may think that Jean Kirkpatrick was a great nationalist she wasn’t in 1990 she said one of the purposes for the Desert Storm operation was to show to the world how a reinvigorated United Nations could serve as a global policeman in the New World Order she was an internationalist a globalist again they’re doing the bidding of the Antichrist they don’t know it they don’t know it they think that this will bring peace prosperity this will bring the solution to all of the world’s troubles they are so deceived Henry Kissinger the new world order cannot happen without u.s.

Participation yes there will be a new world order and it will force the u.s. to change its perceptions one of the biggest strongest you saw a picture of him early on here known as 90s still pushing for a one-world since they don’t give up they’re empowered by Satan they don’t know it they’re empowered by Satan because that’s Satan’s got to come against God’s plan for the end of the age for the plan of the ages they’ve if Satan has to come and try to squelch God’s endtime plan and this would do it but they won’t succeed even journalists Walter Cronkite one world government to do that of course we Americans will have to yield up some of our sovereignty it would take a lot of courage a lot of faith in the new order he also says a system of world government preferably a system of world order preferably a system a world government is mandatory the proud nation someday will see the light and for the common good and their own survival yield up their precious sovereignty yield our precious sovereignty he may be right I mean ultimately that’s true the Antichrist will cause that to happen just how willing everybody will be I think they’ll be pretty willing you know I’ll explain why again useful idiots are the environmental movement because it’s the the theory is that in order to protect our environment we have to have a single government a one world system seven in ten Brits this is the independent 7 and 10 Brits support world government to protect humanity from global catastrophes so they’re going to be willing to give things up including sovereignty to protect whatever in this case that the environment the Church of climatology Al Gore very very very wealthy a billionaire because he came up with a scam came up with a scam that fooled the world and that is we’re warming to the like less than one degree in the next twenty thirty years and we will fry like an egg of the pavement pavement if we don’t do something about this kind of global warming climate change and then you’ve got evangelicals going along with it you would think it and I’m almost for taking care of creation please don’t hear me say that we shouldn’t be taking care of creation but we’ve got outfits evangelical outfits like restoring folks we can’t restore Eden give me a break we can’t do it we can’t bring Eden back we are a society that’s declining a culture that’s declining a planet that’s declining we’re not going to go back to Eden but you’ve got an evangelical outfit restoring Eden environmental evangelical environmental network they exist to stop the world from frying all of us from frying it’s it’s bogus science it’s not even a fact but Al Gore fooled everybody some ten to fifteen years ago twenty years ago and this is the result but it’s playing into the hands of the globalist now again in of recently Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris climate agreement why he’s not a globalist he’s a nationalist he said I’m America first because I’m America first we’re not going to be in this treaty this parent Paris climate agreement we’re not going to be in it I’ve got to look out he said first for Pittsburgh then for Paris so he pulled out and it’s because he’s a nationalist young Romans they gave up the truth about God for a lie and they worshiped God’s creation instead of God and that is what these environmentalists are doing there because they’re basically leftist godless people they don’t really have a God they’ve turned the environmentalism cause into their God and they’re worshiping the creation instead of the Creator and again you’ve got some evangelical outfits who are at least playing along in this which is I find really really tragic ok globalist in chief David Rockefeller just died he died in the last six months it’s a big new Brzezinski died in the last six months I think so we’ve still got George Soros well into his 80s says the main obstacle to a stable and just World Order is the United States I said that as I opened the program there are certain things there are obstacles America the church Christianity capitalism patriotism these things are in the way they’ve got to go and he’s one of those promoting they’ve got to go they thought Hillary Clinton Arden globalist was going to win last November obviously they were shocked God just had other plans we can’t understand exactly what’s in God’s mind but he said not quite yet if she had gotten in indeed this one world plan this one world system would be so on the fast track God said not quite yet he also manipulates currency George Soros is nicknamed the man who broke the Bank of England by correctly betting that the British government would have to devalue the pound sterling Soros made 1 billion dollars during the 92 Black Wednesday UK currency crises he’s done this in other countries he does it with the hope that the government will collapse and this will bring about the one world government the one world system Antichrist plan I can he doesn’t know it’s in the Bible he’s kind of another useful idiot of the devil so you see all the rioting the rent of mobs it’s Soros George Soros funding anti Trump groups the pushes one-world government dream all over the world this man is financing a lot of the activity that’s going on by way of demonstrations and rioting he finances it he’s a very evil man I am sure he is a demon-possessed man very very evil man again these two people Obama and Trump had two completely different views on globalism in their first addresses to Congress one an ardent globalist Obama again the other a nationalist Obama the world is more interconnected than ever it and it’s becoming more connected every day building walls won’t change that this is a cartoon it says what are your thoughts on the UN’s vision of global government do I get to be in charge that’s what a world leader would want could he be that global leader I don’t think so I think it’s a European would say more about that here in the next few minutes I don’t know how many of you know what happened last October we gave the Internet away those of us who are on the Internet see it as one of the most useful tools that we have ever ever had obviously it has this evil side as well he gave it away to the UN last October that’s part of his globalism plan it’s part of his weakened America plan it’s part of his America second third and fourth not first plan is to take that internet which we invented take it away give it to the UN and that plays right into the hands of the globalists we no longer are in charge of the internet that is very very scary you find a lot of truth on the internet you also find trouble but you find a lot of truth and that’s where I get my news and information I don’t pay any attention to TV radio nothing that’s just the internet because they if you know the right sources that’s where you can go to really get the truth it’s no longer in our control it’s in the hands of the globalists this is huge it’s huge it happened and nobody even paid any attention again Clinton Global Initiative Bill and Hillary Clinton ardent ardent globalists their plan again is a one-world system so Clinton Global Initiative is all about obviously it was also a big scam and fraud but ultimately it’s about global government so again the Ovilus in a state of shock that she did not win you may think somebody like Paul Ryan are you telling me he’s a globalist absolutely he’s a globalist Ovilus maestro Paul Ryan strikes again it’s why the Congress can’t get anything done most of them are globalist on the right and the left most are globalists the media has conditioned voters to believe that bipartisan bills are good and like former Speaker John Boehner Speaker Ryan uses bipartisan branding to quietly pass globalists legislation he’s an ardent one worlder in the election a year ago or six months ago signs were in wisconsin globalists for paul ryan keep our borders open vote paul ryan he’s for open borders unlimited immigration he’s a completely sold out globalist as long as he’s in position he’s in nothing will get done in Washington nothing but they intentionally put in a globalist and you can see they’re in deadlock no kidding back in January Joe Biden at the World Economic Forum he’s warning about the collapse of the world order as he says goodbye Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook a commitment to a global basic income he’s an art one worlder open borders complete open borders and we know the downside of complete open borders but these globalists cannot see it as anything but good because it’s a part of the one world plan okay it’s been just an extra minute on Emmanuel macron he has so much I could say we talked about him on air of this weekend some of you might have heard a mere Safari and I discussed Emmanuel macron and I’ve talked about him in other meetings he’s a globalist he’s a Euro file but let me move ahead here this was on the cover of The Economist magazine which is European in summer here of 2017 Europe Savior question mark he’s walking on water is Emmanuel macron Europe Savior I don’t know he’s very Antichrist esque not saying he’s it he certainly is a floor runner if he isn’t it some interesting things about McCrone he’s one of the most bizarre leaders in history I could go into a whole list of reasons why he’s bizarre he married his high school teacher who’s 25 years older than he is which I mean you know that’s not a crime it’s just unusual he’s just a very very he just has some very he’s called they call him Jupiter after the Roman god this gateway pundit magazine says his impact on the world could be massive this young man he’s 39 years old he’s himself he says Emmanuel macron says the French culture does not exist well of course it doesn’t exist if you’re a globalist you don’t care about the French culture you care about the globalist society that’s what you care about you don’t care about Germans don’t care about Germany French don’t care about France you care about the one world system he’s the consummate one world man Emmanuel macron new president of France keep your eye on him I think this was a headline New York time McCrone and the revival of Europe have you ever heard of the revived Roman Empire here it is in headlines but cronin the revival of Europe is he suspicious the revived Roman Empire out of Daniel 7 the fourth Beast I don’t know I mean I’m not trying to name the Antichrist I think we got to be very cautious about doing things like that I really do because then when it doesn’t pan out we get egg on our face and we really look like fools but if we’re to discern the times so I think asking these questions is legitimate is he an end time player without a doubt absolutely as is a pope an end time player are they it we don’t know we need to be careful but it’s intriguing and those of us who are longing for a trumpet blast it’s fun to speculate that maybe these guys are already on the scene they probably I know they don’t know they don’t if they’re it they do not know they don’t know that they could be tapped again longing for a savior this is the home page of CNN it’s actually back in 2016 it says who can make it stop its violence against against the police it’s the Dallas police shooting of 2016 and at the bottom and I don’t think you can read it I know you can’t it says is there a leader who can stop the chaos that’s the home page of CNN so a secularists are asking is there a leader we can turn to is there a leader who can stop the chaos that’s what it says down at the bottom of the CNN homepage a year ago they’re longing for a man with a plan they’re longing for a mr.

Fixit who can stop the chaos arnold toynbee british historian said the nations of the world are ready to give the kingdoms of the world to any one man who will offer us a solution to the world’s problems any one man will give them the keys to the kingdom just solve our problems Henry Spock he is a was a part of NATO he said back in 1957 what we want is a man of sufficient stature to hold the alliances of all people and to lift us out of the economic morass into which we are sinking send us such a man and be he God or devil we will receive him Spock said that in 1957 how much more of a desperate situation is the world in now compared to 1957 I keep hearing the 1950s were a pretty safe time of happy days and things like that but this man is saying they’re so bad in the 1950s send us somebody be a god or devil will receive him and it’s things are exponentially worse than they were back then even on our currency our $1 bill it’s Novus Ordo seclorum new world new world order printed right on our currency so it’s something we it’s something that’s out there that’s bigger than you have any kind of comprehension this whole this whole kind of thinking of a one-world global government now how about how do they implement the plan here are just some quick bullet points here’s what would have to be a part of any kind of a global system socialized medicine again this is why the push and if the Republicans don’t get their act together we’re going to have socialized medicine and I have a feeling it’s going to happen but that has to be a part of any one world agenda gun control has to be a part of any global agenda big government of course for all countries not just America all countries have to be controlled by their government Europe is already that way Donald Trump got in the way of the plan here in America high taxes has to be a part of the scenario population Reed they want the population to go from I think it’s almost 7 billion down to 500 million Christians will be very easily expendable to the globalists and one way they can do it is through socialized medicine don’t give Christians care I mean that’s what would happen if socialized medicine is passed implemented in America that could be on the agenda immigration it’s cheap labor it’s open borders that’s part of the globalist plan you can see all of this is in play environmentalism I’ve already explained we’ve got to save the environment we’ve got to stop global warming or we’re all gonna again fry if we don’t stop global warming so this is the big great big push increase the debt increase poverty I can’t even include everything International welfare is a part of the plan 100 bullet points class warfare is a part of the plan no religion but a single pagan religion destroy the family and then this is a quote from Brock Adams UN Health Organization to achieve world government it’s necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism loyalty to family traditions and national patriotism and religious dogmas actually Hillary Clinton said something very similar to this all of last year’s if she were to be president she would enforce this kind of thinking here do you realize what we were spared from last November it’s because of evangelicals that’s why there’s an evangelical Advisory Committee to Trump because he’s very indebted to evangelicals who got him elected because he does not think this way but the globalists do what does God say and I think this is really really important as a matter of fact this is the bottom line to everything God says first of all let’s just look at Psalm 2 why do the nation’s rage and the people’s plot in vain the kings of the earth set themselves and the rulers take counsel together against his anointed saying let us burst thereby apart and cast away their cords from us he who sits in the heavens laughs in the original language it would be he laughs with it with derision the Lord holds them in derision then he will speak to them in his wrath and terrify them in his fury saying as for me I have set my King on Zion my holy hill God looks at these fools and he he’s actually laughs it’s the only time in the Bible it talks about God laughing it’s when he’s looking at these world leaders and there’s silly plan to undo him and install this single global government which will happen for seven years the seven-year tribulation it will happen Ephesians we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against the rulers of darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places these men are heavily demon-possessed who are trying to bring about this new system they do not know that they’re serving the Antichrist who isn’t on the scene yet I think he’s waiting in the wings so that they don’t understand the seriousness of what they’re doing they don’t understand they’re coming up against the God of the universe they have no idea because their God less but they’re obviously they’ve been at this for 5,000 years Psalm 37 fresh not yourself because of evildoers be not envious of wrongdoers for they will soon fade like the grass and wither like the green herb these men who are literally meeting in dark rooms smoke-filled rooms planning for a one world system they will fade like the grass they will wither like the green herb God’s going to have the last laugh now what is our conclusion the world is under strong delusion of Romans 1 when you get under the Romans 1 delusion it’s kind of the last phase of strong delusion is the reprobate mind these men are turned over to a reprobate mind they can’t see truth they’re blinded they’re they’re determined to wipe out God to be greater than God to be as God as says in Isaiah I will ascend and be like God and that’s what they’re trying to be they’re gonna call evil good and good evil as they try to bring about this system they’re at war with God that’s why you can’t really you can’t be a Christian and be one of these people trying to bring about global government if you hear one say they are Christian it’s I believe it’s not possible and God has the final say when it comes to this ultimate plan here’s the final say he’s going to allow it so and they’re trying to prevent God’s kingdom on earth that’s ultimately what they’re trying to do because you do realize a one-world system it’s on its way God’s system is on its way there’s going to be a seven-year interruption a seven-year system where Antichrist and the devil are warring against God they’re ultimately defeated so we are in a world that is lost confused and sure unclear perplexed and we need to give them the truth the inconvenient truth and I am I’m grieved that the pulpits will not talk about a lot of the issues that are so important today again they stop doing this some twenty years ago I think seeker-sensitive movement I think men like Rick Warren and Bill Hybels have something to do with that they encouraged the pulpits to just bring in topics that are going to fill the pews and the offering plates and not give the people what they really need so as a result world government is forming it’s forming as we speak but here’s the good news the good news it’s Jesus Christ’s return this is in the second coming first is the rapture and then seven years later the second coming when we return with Jesus Christ we return with him and we establish the 1,000 years of Christ’s reign on earth this is what the dark world is trying to prevent if they couldn’t they think if they could install a globalists system they could stop this kingdom the Lord Jesus Christ Kingdom on earth and of course God has the last say so it will not work he will come back the millennial reign of Christ it’s going to have we come back with him we serve with him we are sort of the overseers of the Millennium those who survive the tribulation go into the Millennium with their earthly bodies those of us come back in the second coming with Jesus Christ go into the Millennium with glorified bodies it’s going to happen the millennial reign of Jesus Christ I think it’s not all that far away I really do some other things have to happen first and again it’s a perfect Kingdom you’ve heard me talk about what the globalist seven mind it’s very dark and it’s very evil compared to perfection the lion and that the lamb the the lion and the I mean nature just getting along stick your hand into the nest of a snake and you’re not going to be bitten the globalists can’t compete with this and that drives them crazy so here’s the verse I think we need to think about we’ve we’ve thought about we’ve considered a lot of things that are dark revelation then the seventh angel sounded and there were loud voices in heaven saying the kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and his christ and he will reign forever and ever and ever and ever and we are going to reign with him if we are a child of the king and I trust you are because if you are not then you would be a part of the Antichrist plan you don’t want to do that I promise you you don’t want to do that the consequences are eternal and the consequences are unspeakable so I just encourage anyone tonight who is unsure of where they might spend eternity to seriously consider giving your life to the Lord Jesus Christ so that you know where you are spending not only eternity but for this one world system that you’re a part of Jesus Christ one world system because again he will reign forever and ever and ever is that not good news ultimately there’s a lot of darkness that precedes that but ultimately it’s tremendously good news that’s the good news of the gospel it’s the good news that not everybody today seems to have we have dark headlines we have stories that have very unhappy endings but ultimately he reigns forever and ever and he reigns out of what city Jerusalem and that’s why that city is in such conflict every day of the year such conflict that’s because that will be the global seat no it’s not Belgium Brussels it’s not it’s not Strasbourg France it’s not Washington DC it’s not any capital of the world other than Jerusalem where the word King Jesus sits for 1,000 literal ears I know there are many who teach that’s allegorical I believe we take it literally when we can take it literally I hope that’s given you some insight as to the plan of the ages by going all the way back to Babylon with Nimrod being the first globalist all the way through Bilderbergers Illuminati Council on Foreign Relations trilateral commission on and on all of these organizations and individuals David Rockefeller George Soros it’s a big new Brzezinski all of them Henry Kissinger scheming wheeling and dealing trying to bring about a one world system with man on the throne one of them preferably on the throne as Barack Obama said in that little cartoon can I rule that Empire that he said I want to be the ruler and that’s what all of these men are thinking we’re going to have a global government and I judge Soros will be the ruler and the Emperor and the guy in charge David Rockefeller I’m sure thought that he passed away in the last six months they all thought they would be the ruler they all came up against the god of the ages the plan of the ages I want to close this presentation in prayer I’m gonna make them we’re gonna take an offering I’m gonna make a couple of other closing announcements let’s let’s bow our heads and our hearts and / Heavenly Father we thank you that you’ve given us the keys to the kingdom and that’s the Bible and the Bible outlines things to come the Bible lays out a plan that’s actually very simple it’s just a matter of naming you as Lord and Savior of one’s life and once we do that we are assigned sealed and delivered to spend eternity with you and and to also go through that heavenly kingdom on earth known as the Millennium not Antichrist kingdom not this false system but the system of Jesus Christ ruling reign on earth if anyone tonight is unsure of that then I just asked you to pray a prayer silently and just say Heavenly Father I confess I have sinned I have really messed my life up I want to turn it around tonight and it’s such a simple plan of salvation I acknowledge that I have been a sinner I’m turning around tonight thief on the cross just said remember me in paradise I’m just saying remember me Heavenly Father remember me in paradise we just ask all of this in Jesus name Amen

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We are now living in the absolute End Times as per biblical prophecy.

Our Lord Jesus Christ’s – King of Kings. 2nd Coming and return is IMMENENT!.

Please do not waist another a minute.

No matter what religion you serve, there is only one God.

If, you want to be assured that you will not have to endure the perilious times that will befall you.

Irrespective, of what sins you may have commited at anytime of your life. If you humble yourself and ask for God’s forgivenes. He will forgive you and wash them all away and welcome you as his beloved son or daughter with open arms.

If you are not a child of Father God or have not asked Jesus Christ too come into your life yet?

I implore you to do this without delay.

Read this prayer of Salvation and ask God to forgive you now and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and you will be assured of eternal life.


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