Here’s Why the LaFerrari Is the $3.5 Million Ultimate Ferrari

this is a la Ferrari the car that is so ridiculous so insane so amazing so show-stopping ly incredible that Ferrari simply named it laferrari the Ferrari because it is the definitive Ferrari and that’s all you need to know but today you’re going to know a little bit more because I’m going to review the laferrari I’ve borrowed this laferrari from David Lee who is a collector of Ferraris and other cars here in Southern California and you can follow him on instagram with the handle you see on the screen and you should follow him because he has an insane collection which I am standing in now that includes not only the laferrari but the Enzo the f50 the f40 and a lot of other stuff and I’m gonna talk with David a little bit later about this car and about his collection for now a little overview the laferrari is Ferraris fifth modern supercar following up on the 288 GTO the f40 the f50 and the Enzo power comes from a mid-mounted v12 that makes 790 horsepower which sounds ridiculous but then there’s also a mild hybrid system that can boost that figure up to 950 horsepower in short bursts it also has 664 pound-feet of torque now the top speed is around 220 miles an hour and 0-60 is in 2.4 seconds it is absolutely mind-boggling and so is basically everything else about this car when this car was new the sticker price was 1.4 million dollars since then the market has spoken and these are now trading hands above three million dollars for a car now Ferrari says they only built 500 of these for the entire world and when it was new you had to be invited to buy one so just because you had the doesn’t mean you could actually get one of these Ferrari had to approach you and offer you the opportunity to buy a la Ferrari and there’s more of course and so today I’m going to show it to you first I’m going to take you on a tour of the laferrari and I’m going to show you all of the quirks and features of the $3,000,000 Ferrari supercar then I’m gonna get it out on the road and drive it and then I’m going to give it a dug score and for more of my thoughts on the laferrari click the link below to visit slash oversteer where I’ve also rounded up a list of the most expensive Ferrari models currently listed for sale on auto trader now I’m going to start the quirks and features of the laferrari with one of the most noticeable items you first see right when you walk up to it and that would be the mirrors which come way off the car like little mirror antennas protruding from the door now the reason that they have to do this is that the body of the car is a lot wider than the passenger compartment and so in order to get the mirror far enough over to actually see anything they have to put it on this long carbon fiber post and so it’s like a foot off the car now one of my favorite things about the mirrors is the fact that they fold in but the carbon fiber mirror post is fixed in place only the actual mirror bit folds in so if you want to fold the mirrors you can do that but it only gives you like an extra inch to narrow your car if you’re trying to get into a tight space or make sure someone won’t hit you most of the assembly just stays in place which i think is kind of funny now next up we move on to the door itself and getting in first one interesting item with the door it contains the Ferrari shield on the side of the car now typically and basically all other Ferrari models that shield is mounted on the fender you can see here on the Enzo it’s on the fender the f50 it’s on the fender basically any other Ferrari it will be on the fender but in this car there’s no fender piece that has enough flat surface area to mount that shield so instead they stick it on the door which is very unorthodox in the Ferrari world then again it’s a bit of a different Ferrari than most now what do you go to get into the car you will notice when you look at it that there’s no immediately obvious door handle on the side but if you slide your hand under this line here you will in fact find the door handle down there you kind of pull on it and then the door opens up and one interesting item in there next to that door handle there is a keyhole on the outside of the laferrari this is something you would never see if you’re just standing next to it because your angle prevents you from seeing it but if you actually crouch down and get under there you will see there’s a keyhole to get in in case your key fob battery fails and you simply must drive your laferrari but anyway stick your hand under here you open the door and then it opens upwards just like you would expect the door to open in an exotic car it looks very cool it’s opening obviously when both doors are open at once it looks very very special very unique and tells you this isn’t your normal Ferrari now next up with the door open you can see what I was talking about earlier about how the body of the laferrari is a lot lighter than the interior you can see there’s a big gap between the edge of the interior and the edge of the body of the car the interior is actually much narrower than the body sort of goes on around it one of the reasons that the door ends up being that much wider is that it has a channel inside of it to send air into this air intake the door is specifically shaped in a way to make sure air flows down it and then into this intake so this giant engine can get enough air back there since that’s one of the challenges of a mid-engine car getting enough air into the engine and that’s one of the ways they solve it and next up we move into the interior of the laferrari where there are own so many quirks and features I’m gonna start with one of the most obvious ones you see the moment you climb inside and that would be the floor mat it’s not like a cloth floor mat like in your car instead it’s this weird leather thing that kind of comes out of the floor and says laferrari on it it’s a very unorthodox floor mat it’s fixed in place there into the carbon fiber at your feet never really seen anything like that before the next thing you notice if you’re climbing in on the driver’s side is the steering wheel and specifically the fact that the steering wheel isn’t really a wheel at all it’s not circular in fact it’s I mean close to circular it’s not like mostly circular with a flat bottom it is pretty much square or a hexagon whatever you want to call it but it is not a circle like in almost every other car it’s a very unusual design but common in performance cars and race cars I guess it allows you to grab it a little better on the side since they’re straight up but it’s unusual to see on a road car one cool thing about this steering wheel at the bottom you can see David Lee’s name is actually printed in there Ferrari will personalize that kind of stuff for you and that makes your laferrari seem just a little bit more special than everyone else’s or than it would if you bought it used now the stern wheel also contains a lot of other items as most Ferrari steering wheels do you have the windshield wiper controls for example you also have the drive mode selector and you also have my personal favorite that would be the turn signals for our theory is they don’t you have to take your hands off the wheel for any essential function so there are buttons directly on the steering wheel right and left that you can use to put on the right and left turn signals and I love that I think it’s such a great idea and I wish more normal cars had that too now another interesting button you will see on this steering wheel over on the left is this bright red engine start button engine start button pretty common in a lot of cars these days the unusual thing about this car is you can’t just get in and press it it’s like an old-school car you have to get in put the key and turn the key and then press it which is a surprise for a car it was made in 2014-2015 especially a supercar like this one one other interesting thing about the steering wheel the middle part of the steering wheel is not the horn you press it and nothing happens instead the horn is kind of hidden over on the sides in the upper right and the upper left so it’s easily accessible to your thumb so you can just instantly tap the steering wheel instead of having to reach into the middle which you wouldn’t want to do if you’re on a race track and concentrating and you need to honk at someone now next up another item you notice when you climb inside the car is obviously the seats now these seats are not as grippy and as tight as the sport seats in a lot of modern exotic sports cars and I kind of like that it’s nice to have a little break from your butt being squeezed one interesting thing about these seats though they are fixed in place they don’t move instead if you want to adjust your situation if you’re the driver you move the pedals there’s this little plastic lever in front of the seats you pull it and then the pedals you can see they slide forward and then if you want to push them back and get it perfectly adjusted you just leave that lever up and you can kind of push it with your legs or allow it to slide forward to exactly where you want the pedals to be and that’s how you adjust things in this car you can’t move around the seat they’re fixed presumably to save weight complexity and to help out with Headroom since they don’t have to mount the seats on seat rails if they fix them in place now next I want to talk storage inside this car this is one of the most insane amazing supercars in the modern era so storage is not really a huge concern for Ferrari and indeed there’s basically none there’s no netting behind the seats there’s no center console storage you don’t get any of that stuff instead they had to get creative with a few store for example you see this little rubber cab hanging down in the passenger footwell if you pull on that it’s a little net and you can stick small items there like maybe registration or papers you look over to the side and the passenger footwell and there is another little net in there for more papers nothing substantial my personal favorite storage item though is the fact that this car has the world’s tiniest glovebox you press on this little silver tab over on the passenger side of the dashboard and this piece pops up and it is insanely small I am currently sticking my hand in as far as it will go you can’t even really get a note card in there but it is in glovebox nonetheless a very very small one probably the most impressive thing about the tiniest glovebox in the world is the fact that it has a USB port in there so they wanted to make sure they included that even though they were making such a ridiculous laughable glovebox next another interesting item on the side of the center console in the driver footwell area you can see there’s a piece of red leather in there you might be wondering what that’s for well the theory is if you have your knee down there and you bang into the center console that red leather will keep you from getting hurt or if you ask something down there you hit the center console it won’t damage it that’s there for your comfort and convenience think about that this is a car with absolutely no interior storage but they put a little piece of red leather so your knee doesn’t get hurt next up a few other interesting items inside this car one is the dome light it’s between the seats and to turn it on you push on it to turn off you push on it again very simple very easy very normal dome light for such a crazy insane car but if you’ve wanted to know how the dome light works in the laferrari now you know another interesting item is the Sun visors they are incredibly tiny you can see my hand basically covers the entire Sun Visor when it’s down in fact the Sun Visor is so small that the airbag warning basically takes up the entire thing which isn’t usually the case at Automotive Sun visors but they’re very very small in this car now another interesting and small item in that vicinity is the rear view mirror very simple rear view mirror looks like something you would find in basically any other car but very small and the reason for that is the back window just isn’t really ver you don’t need any more mirror than this so effectively they just give you what you need now interestingly above the mirror you will find three circular buttons up there that are kind of hidden the button on the left puts the car into fully electric mode the button in the middle is the door locks pretty simple and the button on the right puts it in toe mode I guess so if you go to toe it the alarm won’t go off or whatever when you’re rolling it but the interesting thing up there let’s go back to that button on the left that puts it into electric mode what is that it’s a picture of a car with arrows pointing in each direction I asked David the owner who’s like I don’t know why it looks like that but that’s what it does now those buttons are a little strange up there especially the door lock button kind of hidden above the mirror it’s an odd placement and this interior actually has a few other odd placements for example there is a fire extinguisher that takes up basically the entire passenger footwell now I’ve seen fire extinguishers and passenger footwells before but usually they’re very small to allow the passenger room for their feet not in this car it’s a really big fire extinguisher there’s no mind paid to the fact that it will make the passenger uncomfortable but it’s there so you can save your life Ferrari in case of fire I guess that’s more important than your passengers comfort another rather on placement is the warning lights in this car the check engine light the airbag light that kind of thing they’re not in the gauge cluster which is a screen instead they’re on this little angled panel in the dashboard you put the car in accessories mode they all turn on and you can see they’re all kind of pointed at you from the middle of the dashboard which is a little bit unusual but I guess the theory was they needed one place to put them since they didn’t want to put it in the very configurable gauge cluster screen area and that is the place they chose kind of unusual and next I’m moving down from that Center gauge cluster warning light area we move on to the climate controls in this car which are pretty similar to the climate controls in basically any other modern Ferrari with all the arrows and a little dial that turns up the fan speed it’s all fairly standard for a Ferrari one interesting thing there in Celsius in this car you pay 1.5 million dollars when it was new for a Laffer re and they won’t even convert the climate controls to Fahrenheit for you I find that to be kind of absurd but that’s the Ferrari way I guess another dial that is shared with other Ferraris over to the left of the steering wheel the headlight dial that one is pretty much taken directly out of other Ferrari models but going back to the climate controls for a minute something I love in this car is the climate vents I think they look wonderful you can move them around and place them exactly where you want the air but the coolest part is they look like exhausts and I just think that is so cool it looks like you’re revving your engine even though you’re just turning on the climate controls now next we move on to the center console where there are a few unusual items probably the most unusual is the axle lifter button you can see it here it looks like a hat with little circles and an arrow I guess that’s supposed to be a car it is not a great representation of a la Ferrari but it’s the button they use nonetheless obviously if you push that the front end kind of comes up a few inches to help you clear lower curbs driveways and angles the other interesting thing in the middle here is the fin as I call it it’s this carbon-fiber fin that sticks out from the center console and it has three buttons on it are auto and PS that’s reversed automatic for the transmission and PS is power start kind of like launch control but the fin itself is such a bizarre thing Ferrari really doesn’t want to have a center console of buttons like basically everyone else so instead they have this weird angled carbon-fiber fan it is very distinctive unique and kind of odd now in front of the thing you have a little storage area I will admit there’s some storage here although it isn’t covered so you can’t really put anything there that you don’t want to fly around in case you’re accelerating hard and above the non-covered storage area a couple of other interesting items you have a USB slot and you have a little power outlet you pull down this little plastic thing and you can plug in a charger whatever else you might have into the center console if you’re a lot for already now next up I want to move on to the door panel and when you take a look at it you’ll notice there’s no storage pocket in the door panel I told you there is very little storage in this car I think the theory would not put anyone on the door panel is the doors go up so if you have something in there it could easily fall out when you open the door so they just don’t bother at all but anyway in terms of getting out of the car it’s pretty easy to do you have this plastic handle on the door panel you just pull it and then you push up the door opens and you can climb right out now an interesting item with the doors and car is the grab handle situation and a lot of cars you’re going faster you want something to grab on to and usually it’s kind of right above your head but in this car it’s actually on the a pillar like on the windshield frame that’s where the grab handle is and you kind of grab onto it you pull it down and then when you’re driving fast you have something to hold on for dear life now it’s interesting because most automakers don’t put it there but Ferrari did and I suspect the reason is when they were developing this car they knew they would eventually make a convertible version and they couldn’t put it on the doors because the roof could come off so they stuck it there instead that should have been our first clue there would eventually be a lot Ferrari convertible which of course there was and it was called the aperto now one more interesting door related item in this car over on the driver’s door you can see there are three circular buttons the one on the left opens up the front trunk the one in the middle opens up the fuel door and the one on the right opens up the charging door for the hybrid system I will cover those things in more depth in a couple of minutes one other item in the middle that’s worth noting is between the two seats you have a carbon fiber panel that comes in here and there’s a little tiny plaque that says limited edition one of 499 doesn’t tell you which one you have but it does remind you how special and limited your laferrari is as you drive it along now next we move on to the tech and the screen situation in this car you don’t have a center screen like in a lot of cars instead it’s all driver focused and so the screen is the gauge cluster right in front of the steering wheel now the screen is split into two separate components if you will there’s a left part and a right part and those components are controlled with two separate areas of controls the right bit is controlled with these little controls to the right of the steering wheel there’s a little circle there’s a volume knob to turn up and down the radio and that sort of thing but those controls don’t do most of the work instead most of the screen changing is done by a set of controls located on the door panel believe it or not you can use these controls on the door panel to do most of the controlling of the gauge cluster screen and the most important thing you can do is change the gauge cluster display and you have four different options now three of those screen options are designed to be used on the racetrack the first one is called warm-up and I guess you put it on while you’re warming up on the track and it shows basic vehicle displays nothing more the next one is called time and you put that on I guess when you’re doing timed laps and makes it easier for you to count lap times and restart lap times and that sort of thing while you’re driving on a track the last one is called race and I guess that’s for all-out crazy Trek driving on a race situation you put that on and it shows various different gauges over on the Left screen showing like your vehicle temperature oil pressure oil temperature all the really important stuff you might need to keep an eye on if you’re going flat out on the racetrack the final display is not intended to be for racetrack use it’s more for kind of street driving it’s what I would call regular you put that on and you have the familiar yellow Ferrari tachometer display in the middle and that’s probably the screen you would use if you’re just driving around town like normal in your la ferrari and those controls to the right of the steering wheel they change their function depending which screen you’re on so if you’re in one of the race screens you can use those controls to the right to monitor your lap times and you can even insert a USB stick that will kind of keep track of prior lap times on this track or whatever if you have it on just the general regular screen then those controls to the right of the wheel I think you change the radio station and do more traditional normal driving activities like that now you can use those controls on the door panel to cycle through various displays in the left part of the gauge cluster screen and there are a few interesting ones I found for example if you go into settings there’s something in there called long-run what is that I couldn’t tell you really don’t know one other interesting display in that screen over on the left there’s the display it looks kind of like a plus sign it’s actually axes and on the up and down axis it shows how much break or how much throttle you’re using at any given moment left to right access shows your g-forces which is kind of a cool thing to monitor if you want to drive your laferrari really hard now next up I want to move on to the outside of the laferrari I want to start with the fuel cap which is over on the driver’s side directly behind the driver’s window this one is pretty straightforward you just press that little button on the driver’s door panel that I showed you earlier the fuel cap pops right open and then you stick the fuel filler in there and that’s how you put fuel in the laferrari but that’s not the only way you put fuel into the laferrari and I mentioned earlier this car has a mild hybrid system and I’m not going to get into all the specifics of how it works but there is a second basically fuel door over on the passenger side again press the button on the driver’s door panel and this one pops open and this is where you insert your charger so you keep the electric motor in this car charged up and that gives you the extra power boost if you want and it allows you to operate this car in fully electric mode if you want although only for very short periods of time now just to clear up some misinformation you don’t need to always have the car charged up to drive it it will run on it’s 750 horsepower of v12 even if it is without any electrical power but if you keep it charged up using this sleek looking charger that Ferrari gives you when you buy one of these if you keep it charged up you can obtain that extra power and get the full performance out of the car which is one of the benefits of it now next we move on to the front of the laferrari and this car has one of my favorite front-end designs of basically any exotic sports car in existence I love how everything kind of comes to a point in the front like a race car contrast that with the Porsche 918 Spyder which is a fantastic car but the front-end styling looks like a fairly typical Porsche not this car everything kind of comes to this point and every design and style item in the front is leading to that direction the look of the headlights the fenders the front tone everything is just so crazy and aggressive and angry the angle that you’re seeing the car in really is one of my favorite Ferrari angles that exist I just think it looks really really cool from the front but anyway let’s move on to the front trunk you’re thinking well there was no storage inside the car so this is Ferraris chance to pack it with storage and you can take your laferrari on a weekend trip not quite you press this little on the key fob pops open the front trunk and then you go in here and you actually open it up and you will see a fan that takes up the vast majority of this front trunk area truthfully there’s no storage anywhere in this car inside or out you do have one little piece of storage in here you fold up this carbon fiber panel these signatures on it you can see there’s a little storage cubby right now it has the car cover in it and that is pretty much all you can stick in there you take that out and you can store some stuff in there but not really all that much stuff this car is just radically impractical but the front area kind of shows why it’s impractical they’ve prioritized the functionality of these fans in here over the necessity of storage that’s what you get if you want a really really crazy high-performance car by the way one other interesting atom I found tucked into the front trunk along with the car cover is the toolkit for this car you can see it says a la Ferrari on it just laferrari printed on this thing makes it dramatically more collectible than a regular phoric toolkit but these things will be pulling like 10 grand on eBay in five years but anyway you unzip it you open it up and you can see there are a couple of tools in there nothing crazy there’s also a pair of white gloves so you can do road sign tire changes in your laferrari with center lock wheels good luck but anyway in the middle you have the storage over on the left you have the little tool that unlocks the center lock and the wheel is pretty common in exotic sports cars today and that’s what’s in the front of the laferrari not really all that much cargo space instead mostly just a fan but at least it looks cool from this angle and mixed we move on to the back of the laferrari and onto something that absolutely must be shown in any laferrari review that would be the exhaust note take a listen [Music] that is a seriously impressive exhaust note one of the best I’ve ever heard and it sounds just as good whether you’re driving in it or whether you’re outside of it and one of these goes by it is absolutely an incredible sound one other thing I like on the back of this car is down here below the license plate you have this little box with 12 holes in it that is a light it is intended to be a rear fog light and it’s designed to mimic in the rain light in Formula one cars when it’s raining they turn it on so drivers won’t slam into each other and Ferrari has integrated it into their normal cars to kind of draw that connection to f1 cars and I think that is a really really cool idea and a neat look and next we move into the engine compartment and first we must discuss how to do that it’s actually pretty simple you open up the door and inside the door jamb on the back there’s a little latch that opens up the engine compartment then you just come around here and open it right up it’s pretty simple but it doesn’t just stay in place instead you need to prop it there are not too many cars I seen that still use an engine you cover top this is one of them I guess they skipped hydraulics to save weight which seems ridiculous of a car this advanced but that’s the situation now when the engine cover is open you can see it’s not like some of the prior Ferrari supercars I showed you the f40 in the Enzo when their engine cover is open you can see the entire rear of the car basically all of this bodywork comes off the problem is it’s very unwieldy to actually open that up so in this car it’s easy to open but you don’t quite get to see as much which is a little bit of a disappointment but you can still see the giant v12 back here absolutely massive and you can also see some very very important looking orange wires that hook up that v12 to the hybrid system this is the future of Ferrari supercars and next up another interesting item in this engine compartment there are some other unusual warning labels in here I’ll start with this one at the base near the latch I guess it’s telling you how to open the engine cover step one you open the door and then step two you open the engine cover seems to be skipping a few intermediary steps but it’s they’re very helpful except that when the engine compartment cover is closed you can’t actually see it so it’s only helpful if you’ve already gotten it open not really sure why that’s there the other one more interesting than that a little bit above it this warning label is for firefighters in case the cars in an accident catches on fire there’s actually a keyhole back here where if you have the key you can come back here and manually shut off the engine in case for whatever reason you can’t do it upfront and I guess that will prevent it from catching on fire or at least lessen the risk I can’t imagine this whatever actually happened you’re getting a crash the firefighters finding the key they come back here put it in turn it off but it’s there if you want it basically a second keyhole you can turn off the car using in case for whatever reason you don’t have access to the front one very unusual haven’t really seen that in any other cars let alone you know Ferrari and so those are the quirks and features of the laferrari but before I get it out on the road I’m gonna talk with its owner David Lee about it for a little bit so does it scare you with how much it’s worth driving it you don’t know for me early on I didn’t want to lose the experience of driving the cars right I feel robbed about that right and so I still drive it and long as it’s properly insured you gotta be defensive you gotta be smart about it and then but if I want to drive it fast too I would take it a track and so you’ve done that you’ve actually yes yes I know I took this at various track is it just the same you just are you flat out when you do it do you do it hard or new tomorrow I do it okay you know you know you’re not worried about special and obviously the first day and the second day you get more brave and automakers today when they make the car they don’t just make it fast and so that a professional can can only have right they want to make it fast that an amateur runner can drive right and have fun and be able to go fast with the computers and everything it just helps you go faster and faster and you just get great times now why I say that because then at the same time when I had that race track event that I was able I was also bringing the 288 GTO which is totally yeah yeah holy no yeah only old school right you know I get the same track and go and I realized how bad I was yeah oh so you’re saying that this is because this makes it easier for you to go fast it makes it easier to be to have fun and be a better driver that car you have to work at it you know you have to work at you got to know what you’re doing and you got to really be and actually any of the cars prior to the laughs all right because even the Enzo which I have I mean it’s all there’s no computer it’s all raw right I mean there’s a little assist but so it’s a little bit better but really you got to be a good driver and so you feel comfortable doing that stuff going hard and that kind of thing after right after enough lead up and then even with a car like this that’s crazy as this law could tell you as far as cars I feel the most comfortable with this car really that driving fast and on the track really yeah because you know front engine v12 it’s front heavy and and fork like 458 or the mid-engine read the v8 those are yeah those are better too but you you you you can’t the car doesn’t seem like you can push it to ultimate because it doesn’t have enough right-right-right FS yeah so so this car really is a combination where it’s actually so perfect for is this we’re sitting there and all of your cars there’s a quite a few yeah is this your favorite so I love really all of them the same but III think I would love it the best for the particular purpose and I would love this car the best for the purpose of being on the track right right whereas I would love a classic for maybe a classic car for another venue right or or if it’s for a concours and you’re doing the concours thing then that’s right a car for the concours all right but this diplomatically do you feel are you disappointed by the owners who don’t use their cars well you know everybody has their prerogative right and and if somebody wants to to look at it as an art piece or just just just a status symbol that they have it you know it’s flying is everybody’s prerogative and everybody’s interest to drive it it’s different in the past when I owned like a v8 meeting to v8 and and I was always worried about the depreciation right and I wouldn’t drive it alright you know after I I sold it and then really the memory that you have on it wasn’t a lot right people would ask you all you had that car okay if they ask you a little bit what was it like you know you don’t know really wouldn’t know and I said I mean and from that I feel robbed you know I rise up from the experience and I think there’s a there’s a balance of whether money loss o or depreciate it because you drove the car but then the wealth of memory that you gained from it I think offsets it it’s just nice that it’s right totally yeah the actual experience you’re using it and enjoying that always is with you right sure all right well you want to take it out on the road you ready you nervous all right driving the laferrari yeah I’m struck by just getting and driving in a little bit as how stable and instantly feels maybe just going on these little it’s just – it’s just so so so precise just as good as the best of anything in the world it’s just a ton of power I mean that’s a quarter throttle and it just feels like there’s endless torque and power but I can say that I’ve driven this car to win the miles per hour and the date and even at 200 you know a lot of cars if they start talking about me right look you had even at 200 miles per hour the cars go so steady like you know I only have like afraid that’s going to hydroplane whatever and also has so much more comfortable yeah it just got it it’s clearly got a ton of power [Music] yeah what was that that’s like when it’s a sound or the computer trying to tell you that you know it’s a little good it’s getting a little bit crazy you got a you know interesting so it’s like a nanny it’s like saying hey so it’s not actively doing anything it’s simply warning you like you may be going a little bit right what a weird things yeah like what you’re turning in your mouth like you might lose it inside do you pay attention to that like if it turns a lot like a baby set it’s like a micro stable the transmission is so incredibly fast which is actually the present this part is not brand-new it’s a few years old you think do you maybe feel a little bit that whatever you don’t I’m gonna feels as good as any new exotic that I’d ride the ride is not as bad as I was expecting it to mean it’s rough do you feel a lot the lane line bumps are a nightmare it’s not that bad do you drove it on the track so when you drive down the street now or you just like you know how far below its capabilities are right it’s so important well the one thing I’m struck by is the fact that it doesn’t it feels drivable and usable more than I was expecting I thought there would be a lot of compromise I thought it would be solo the Lumia you know parking getting in and out of places to be a problem n’t driving the street visibility you get from actually these really kills mirrors do a pretty good job I think like again again today’s the automotive companies right now it’s trying to achieve ability the days with the Menzel with the GT and everything we do is different so faster was scary right you had to know what you were doing you wouldn’t push it because you’re afraid to push it I comes away fairly frequently those in Maranello define factory official test driver Dario took me on the lava at that time and that was deployment yeah to the track to Toronto attractable yeah and obviously he knows attractive as he’s driving it right fast all the time like the whole time I retired and be pranking you it it’s so good though it’s just so so good everything has just been engineered so well each car has kind of built off the prior one into the point where now everything is just and so that’s the laferrari this is quite simply the ultimate Ferrari it is incredibly rare it looks ridiculous values are insane performance numbers are absolutely out of this world it really is the ultimate Ferrari and one of the ultimate cars on the road today and now it’s time to give the laferrari a dug score starting with the weekend categories and styling the laferrari is gorgeous of course but it’s just a bit more fussy than I’d like and it gets a 9 out of 10 acceleration is massive and intense and it gets a 10 out of 10 handling is incredible sharp precise basically as good as it gets and it gets a 10 out of 10 fun factor is also huge this car is more exciting than basically anything in existence and it gets a ten out of ten same with cool factor this is one of those special most amazing most noteworthy cars in the world and it gets a ten out of ten for a total weekend score of 49 out of 50 next up are the daily categories and features and the laferrari is reasonably well equipped considering what it is and it gets us a six out of ten comfort is pretty good for a car like this and it gets a three out of ten quality is okay the interior is nice everything is well made but I and probably most flaw Ferrari owners worry about the longevity of the hybrid system it gets a 7 out of 10 practicality is basically non-existent and it gets a 1 out of 10 finally value and this one is hard to rate what is the right price for one of the most amazing cars in the world these are insane money but also insanely special and it gets a six out of ten for a total daily score of 23 out of 50 add it up in the dug score is 72 out of 100 which places it here among the best supercars ever the bugatti chiron beats it out but the laferrari has a higher weekend score the bugatti is just a little more drivable every day in fact the laferrari beats out almost everything for weekend score including the 918 spyder and even the Koenigsegg Agera rs1 this is certainly one of the most exciting fun truly incredible cars I’ve ever driven the laferrari is Ferraris fifth modern supercar following up on the 288 GTO the f40 the f50 and the Enzo which I am pointing to because they’re all sitting here.

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