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Hell shaking prayer hell shaking prayer go to Daniel if you will please a sixth chapter well Daniels main occupation though was prayer he was a busy busy man at 80 years of age he’s assigned to be president over these princes and the province his time alone with God took precedent precedence over everything that he did now this man was over all the intellectuals he was over the astrologers he was made the the main leader over the whole province now this is a busy man do you understand this there’s no man can be in that position without being a most busy man but nothing could take away his time for prayer three times a day this man stole away from all this occupation from all of this his his burdens and his leadership needs and he slept he slipped away and spent time with the Lord at 80 years of age he got his direction on his knees this man never had to call a conference he never had to go to a committee meeting to get answers he never had to take a roll call he never had to do this he prayed and God answered his prayer this was a man who heard from God because he was a man of prayer the scripture says very clearly Nebuchadnezzar for example has a dream none of his astrologers or sorcerers or magicians can interpret the dream and he has decreed that they all be killed and this included the wise men this was a death warrant not against all the astrologers and wise men and intellectuals of his time that surrounded the court they couldn’t interpret his dreams and he said since you can’t dissolve my doubts you’re dead there’s no purpose for your being alive Daniel receives this message and he calls a meeting with his three praying French Shadrach Meshach and Abednego and they didn’t try to interface they didn’t try to take a survey among the Jews to find out how they could find some plan to call survival of the Jewish nation they prayed the Bible says they went to their knees they went to the knees to hear from God Daniel the second chapter slip over to slip back this to the second chapter of Daniel if you will please and look at verse 20 through 22 Daniel answered and said see he’s prayed and he’s got the answer now and he said blessed be the name of God for ever and ever for wisdom and might are his he changed at the times and the seasons he removes kings and sets up kings he gives wisdom to the wise knowledge to them that no understanding he revealeth the deep and secret things he knoweth what is in the darkness and the light dwelleth with him now where did Daniel get that he got it no other place than in the secret closet of Prayer he got it seeking the face of God the Old Testament search at this time was at its lowest point it’s in captivity the spirit of Babylon had gotten ahold of all the people the praises of God had been silenced they have lost their song the scripture says and Satan is set on destroying Israel because out of Israel is going to come the seed out of this nation is the seed Christ the Messiah who’s going to destroy the power of Satan the devil knows that and he’s trying to destroy the royal seed he’s trying to destroy the seed Jesus Christ and it was Satan himself who initiated this decree you know these men did initiated themselves it had to come from demonic instruction the world is not impacted by super churches the world is not impacted by massive buildings or massive memberships it’s impacted only by holy ghosts in exposing truth that gets into the heart and changes it that is the only thing that impacts the world the world is not impressed about a church and a theater on Broadway if people came in here and did not hear something that struck their heart if that did not expose the deeps in the sitting in their heart if the Holy Ghost wasn’t here it’s just another show when the nation begins to see the handwriting on the wall when judgment becomes so evident in this nation they’re not going to be turning to prosperity preachers they’re not going to be talking to those who said all is well when the finger appears and it handwriting is on the wall and I see that finger appearing right now the finger is already here and when that finger begins to write judgment and everybody knows it’s beginning to happen there had better be some daniels around who can read the times there should be there had better be some praying people not only in a pulpit but in the few who know what God is doing who are not afraid who have the answer because everybody is going to be like Nebuchadnezzar they’re going to have doubts they’re going to have fears there will be churches all over the United States and around the world when people get up right in the middle of the servant update how many Skitch do you think they’re going to be when the handwriting comes how many jokesters in the pulpit how much straw is going to be preached and given and fed to the people when the people are losing everything that had many are going to be losing their houses and their lands and their possessions and they’re going to get up right in the middle of the message and say pastor what’s happening what’s going on you didn’t tell us you didn’t want us but I get tired of warning yes I get tired of the word doomsday preach I get weary about yes in my flesh but there’s something in my heart I know that when the handwriting comes on the wall it’s going to be just like Nebuchadnezzar who has the answer who understands the times who can dissolve my doubts we had better be there we had better be men and women of God on our knees he turned to his feet he turned to his astoria said you’re stalling you don’t have the answer and I see that stalling in the pulpit today because men have lost touch with God very I thank God for the prank preachers but they’re so few so few like the man I told you about pastor 1200 people asked me and my wife out for dinner and his wife said we asked you out because my husband has a confession she said honey you better tell him or I’ll tell him I thought it’s going to be adultery and eat a t-bird I says he’s the best when Amy said that I don’t it he said I have to ignore your preaching got ahold of me said I have not prayed in one year I’m not praying one year successful pastor people church growing and because there were certain people coming who wanted to hear what he had to say because there was no power in it to convict them folks don’t want you to know that when hard times come when people are in trouble when they’re sick and afflicted and they’re having family problems and things go wrong they’re not wanting empty foolish candy cotton preaching they don’t want something that tells them they’re alright they want to hear the truth they wanted unadulterated they wanted even piercing if it necessary they want the truth he said I need my doused dissolved you’re a pastor here the church I’m telling you you had better be a man of prayer in the days of head a head because your people are going to want their adults their doubts resolved they’re going to want a man in the pulpit that can stand there and reassure them what is happening and what is coming in the near future I’m amazed that the terrible misconception in the church world today about what the world wants you see all these polls and everything else they’ve come up with these ideas that that work only in a time of prosperity when all things are well but none of these things work when the handwriting appears none of it works when the difficult times are coming and people’s families are breaking up and their children are going on to going to drugs and and and and their their bank accounts begin to diminish the finger of God is on the wall now we have a belch as in a thousand lords trembling a thousand lords who don’t need a skin a thousand lords who are shaking a thousand politicians who don’t know what’s happening and two thousand politicians that are Tana shhhht what is happening nobody has an answer there it’s fear and trembling and Daniel comes on the scene and they tell us that people don’t want to hear preaching about sin anymore they tell us that you have to be non-confrontational there’s a church in San Diego charismatic church that advertises I told you this this ain’t your mama’s Church fifteen minutes is singing fifteen minutes of lecture and football scores during the service wait wait to the wall the finger of yours Daniel comes on the scene not too flattered he doesn’t come to give them what they think they want he knows because they’ve been on the knees what they need listen to me what he said thou Belshazzar you have not humbled your heart you have lifted up yourself against the lord of heaven your days are numbered your kingdom is finished your weight and God’s ballots are found wanting no Sasser it’s all over he told it like it was he told it unadulterated untainted and they loved it they wanted it they put a gold neck on his chains the satin robe on him and make him the third ruler the whole kingdom it’s what they wanted to hear they wanted truth that would set them free folks we came to New York City to start a church and when we first saw a whole row of transvestites when I looked down one day and saw these men dressed look like very pretty women some very pretty blondes I’m not making fun but I’m I stood there said Oh God what kind of preaching is going to take drug addicts alcoholics people that were raising hands praising the Lord and still performing in these shows that were violent filthy what kind of preaching no I’m confrontational am I gonna come down with a pad and pencil and line them up and say now what would you like me to preach so that could keep you coming back you want the organ out you don’t like the songs up here tell me what you want we’ll give it to you never this church would be empty this church would have been closed in six months they would have laughed us out of town because every one of those down there were hungry they had doubts it needed to be resolved they wanted the truth and it came forth with power and unction and love and grace and it changed their lives and many of them are here some of them in the house tonight let me talk about the perils of a praying man this is one of the occasion that I called a conspiracy of interruptions I’m certain the devil conspired with these co-presidents to involve Daniel and job related busyness that would take him away from the secret closet ask preachers today why they don’t pray one after another I have no time by the time I have I fulfill all the demands made on my time I can’t do it all I have time to do is to go and many go to the Bible just to find a text and preach on it they go to the Bala gistic and a sermon and you ask any businessman that’s that’s not praying anymore why I I just don’t have the time it’s a conspiracy of interruption right out of hell the philosopher Corden and a Soren Kierkegaard referred to busyness of Christians as a narcotic I don’t agree with everything Kierkegaard writes but he has empower ‘full warnings too busy Christians he said it leads to double mindedness he spoke of men falling deeper and deeper into busyness while their love for the truth slipped more and more into oblivion he said it’s a mass of connections the stimuli of activity ever increasing calls upon one’s time the more impossible for any to understand the danger he’s in the mirror of God’s Word is there but you have to stand still to see a reflection but he said the busy man is now moving so fast he has no time to reflect he rushes by now and he sees nothing he may even carry the mirror in his luggage but he doesn’t take it out to see look and judge himself worst of all the busy man is in worse condition than a man with a life killing disease because that man though he may not be able to stop the deadly disease he sees the symptoms growing worse but the busy man has a condition becomes more and more agreeable more and more comfortable the disease of busyness is easier to excuse he becomes less prayerful less conscious about the things of God and his convictions begin to wane and finally his actions prove that he’s lost the heat of his convictions but Daniel was wide awake than this this attempt to try to get him so busy he was no longer in the secret clause in a prayer he prayed in spite of it even knowing that if he would end up in the lion’s den and you know the rest of the story the decree calling for a 30-day moratorium on prayer was signed and Daniel winds up in the lion’s den how doesn’t matter woman become a matter woman of Prayer what was it that motivated Daniel to pray so powerfully and shake hell that the devil had to organize the whole empire to try to shut him down he was that effective one man was that effective with God what what what is it that brings about a pregnant that a man of 80 years of age is praying with more intensity than when he was a young man yeah here’s an 80 year old man that is seeing clearer than he’s ever seen he’s hearing from God clearer than he’s ever heard before he’s 80 years of age and he’s lost nothing of the touch of God what was it about him what motivated and where did he get that desire to pray that motivation to pray I want to know because I’m getting up there you see Daniel lived in the New York of his day he lived in a time of spirits of apathy of drunkenness love of money and great temptations and he’s a busy leader and he lived in a time when when very few were praying but why would an 80 year old preacher pour his heart out to God so fervently in the face of a lion’s den you see prayer does not come natural flesh and the devil conspire against it and it’s so easy to start praying that it’s hard to continue in it so many have been called to prayer and started and maintained it for a while and then began to wane over and over but you see in time of spirits of the cleansing and prior to judgment God has always all through the Bible the scripture said has gone looking he’s gone searching for those that were seekers after him remember in Jeremiah the fifth chapter don’t turn that we hear God pleading run to and fro through the streets of Jerusalem see now and see if you can find a man that executed judgment that seeks the truth and I’ll pardon he’s a pardon all the sins if I can just find one man that was seek my heart here were people who no longer grieved never sinned they refused correction they were fully fed and blessed and prospered not committing adultery and not running with harlots and they’d broken all the bonds of morality and God says I’m just looking for a praying man I’m looking for a seeker after my own heart you find it again in Ezekiel 23 when you read of the cut of the times some allure to ours a conspiracy of the prophets ministers ravening wolves raving after innocent souls stealing from the poor and the widows priests who violate God’s law pastors profaning his holy things putting no difference between the holy and the unholy hiding their eyes from sin prophets full of vanity preaching lies false prophets saying thus saith the Lord when God said no such thing God’s people are oppressed and robbed and vexed and God cries out I seek for a man among you that should make up the heads and stand in the gap before me then I should not destroy but I found none god forbid that he should be in this house tonight seeking you seeking me and find us not God forbid it should happen in this generation especially among those who are seekers and it’s that person that’s in the Word of God it’s the person that’s beginning to read the times through the word you can’t know that times except through being sudden with thought in this word you don’t know what’s coming you don’t know it’s going to come to your life you don’t know what’s happening but this is how a man of Prayer a woman of Prayer is made by the hand of God not only faith comes by reading the Word of God but a spirit of prayer from the Holy Ghost comes through being sudden with God this is where Daniel God is knowledge that’s where he got his wisdom he was a man just like you and me he’s a man of my passions he was not a saint any more than you and I are as far as being perfect and after he read that he said I set my face to the Lord God to seek by prayer and supplication that began to fast with sackcloth and ashes and I pray to the Lord my God you see Daniel being a man of word becomes a man of prayer you can’t become a man or woman of brown not being a man or woman of the word the praying man who shakes hell is the one to whom God has revealed the conditions of his church and that man humbles himself and identifies with that condition he identifies with it Daniels discovered the time for God to bless his church this company looks at the church and he says God may be ready to bless but we’re not ready to receive he looked at this sad condition of the Church of that day and he said we’re satiate you with the sins of babblin we’ve become prosperous and comfortable we’ve drifted from the moral standards and we once honored and God I believe put this brief and Daniel’s heart he said God is ready to restore his church he’s ready to revive but we’re no condition to respond to God’s desire because our minds are polluted Babylon is on the brink of destruction it’s on its last legs but we are divorcing we’re indulging our minds have been corrupted our families are falling apart we’re breaking God’s laws were ignoring the warnings of the prophets we’re no longer obeying God we’ve drifted away from its own in the ninth chapter go home and read it it’s all there pray for revival like you will talk about everything God wants to do any duff’s then God has a heart to blesses people bless his church and bless your family and mine but if our minds are polluted with the things of this world if we are not seeking his face we are in opposition receive His blessings today we have the interest we have the internet superhighway now listen to me please and I I am not exaggerating I have been I can back it up I’ve seen it in the papers and I’ve seen other counts 90% not of content but of activity on internet 90% is pornography was handed a letter this morning from a school teacher that’s in this church and probably here tonight she said the they’re monitoring the the 15 16 year-olds is there other computers and they they call from a Knopf and said look in your classroom and 15 year olds were into pornography watching terrible filth folks we’ve lost the whole generation of kids and I’ve often wondered why teenagers of Christian parents can come to this church I have preached sometimes under such an anointing I knew that this fear the Lord was on me as if I were in heaven and I knew that I stood between heaven and hell and as a man standing in the gap and I’ve seen Kristin teenagers sitting right in this church with her hands folded down bored and chewing gum and I said how can that happen when hardened old-time sinners are getting up and walking down the aisle and some words shaken than their knees trembling and a teenager sitting there chewing gum totally untouched until you find out the mines have been saturated and they can’t get those visions out of their mind because if you’re watching pornography sir our ma’am and there are many of you hidding sitting here right now you’re tuning in you’re watching that filth and it’s Saturday in your mind and that’s why you don’t pray that’s why don’t you read you that’s why you’re not reading your Bible you’ve got your mind polluted and here’s the prayer that shake chair it’s the matter woman who sees the condition God shows him the condition of the church and the nation and something rises up because he’s been in the word or she’s been in the word said Oh God I don’t want to be a part of this I don’t want to get caught up in this world the accessible I’m getting iniquity I don’t want my eyes polluted I don’t want to be a part of this I don’t care who doesn’t pray I’m gonna pray I don’t care what I read the Bible I’m gonna read my Bible I want nothing to do with it in a cry of my heart night and day I’m starting to take on ministers conferences and that’s it Oh God I’m too old to care what people think anymore my God we’re losing a whole generation we’re losing our kids even in his church we have people can sit in church and be unmoved because they’re in the filth preachers all over the nation minister friend who went to Germany and the superintendent of a Pentecostal movement said don’t mention filmography because almost every preacher that’s in our meeting goes to bed at night with pornography and I crown God where are the voices where are the people the cryotic is the where are the praying people and I say God whatever it takes whatever it takes keep me on my knees hallelujah folks I don’t produce conviction I can’t move anybody’s art if you’ve been moved by the Holy Ghost tonight if God’s touched you be put anything he put his finger and anything in your life I’m taking a step tonight I want you to forgive me for drifting you know people who backslide don’t even know they’re backsliding they become that’s the narcotic guard talked about I don’t know how to give an altar call tonight except if you’re not right with God this is the time if you’ve been back slidden if you’re not right with Jesus come and if God’s putting his finger on something obeying don’t say no to the Holy Ghost don’t say no to the Holy Spirit don’t shake off conviction that’s dangerous the Lord loves his church he loves his people with an undying love but we are so bent on going our own way we’re so bent on drifting we’re so bent on on giving up that burden of the Lord that’s why God has to keep building a fire under see keep me and that’s what I believe the house of God is for encouragement I believe it’s for healing I believe it’s for the ministering of grace but it’s also for the ministering of stirring up our hearts and our minds to continue in His grace to continue fervently before the Lord I know he has to do that in me he has to do that in me every everyday it has to keep stirring my heart I want that I don’t want to drift I want that stirring in my as God stirred your heart tonight you feel the moving of the Holy Spirit that’s a wonderful thing to have the Holy Spirit moving on you if that’s the case thank God for that because you’re in a position to be touched and blessed will you pray this prayer from deep inside your heart Lord Jesus I do love you I need a touch forgive me Jesus for neglecting you I repent I’m sorry don’t let me get too busy don’t let me go away from the word we’ll be back to the closet of Prayer Lord forgive my sin forgive my iniquities and cleanse me give me clean eyes and a pure heart let me not be involved with the sins of this generation give me power over the seduction of Satan Jesus I received the cleansing healing power of Jesus right now the blood of Christ applied to my heart by faith I am forgiven and I am free and Lord Jesus give me power now of the Holy Ghost to worship and praise and seek your face thank you Jesus you

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