He Killed Her Daughter. You’ll Cry at What She Did Next!

[Applause] said right here welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural my guest got a phone call no parent wants her youngest daughter was brutally murdered then believe it or not then it really got difficult God told her to embrace the murderer as her son next on it’s supernatural my guest Marcus is Jewish but she didn’t know that most of my life she was raised Catholic she got married had a couple of children unfortunately got divorced and she wants to make sure these children are raised right and she the best school that she knew in this small community was a church school so she put him in the church school they’re having a concert and she’s a good mother and she’s helping to sell the tickets and so she goes to the concert and she got a lot more than music what happened I certainly got much more than music the church was hosting a conference with the happy Goodman family and they had this powerful concert at the end of the concert Vestal had an altar call now I wasn’t saved and wasn’t interested in salvation at all but as she just presented the the offered the invitation to come to the altar for whatever reason I just got out of my feet and walked down to that aisle and got in line at the front of the church and at that altar said I met Jesus in the most remarkable way I met him so face to face what is the difference to what you’re describing it you knew about Jesus being raised Catholic what is the difference relationship relationship it was no longer just an ethereal thought there was a there was a presence of living real in front of me inviting me to do something much more than just read and I was saved that night and filled with the Holy Ghost I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and I prayed in tongues fluently that very moment and nobody ever told me to shut up so I I just assumed I could continue to do that that was my only point of reference don’t you don’t you wish everyone that received the Holy Spirit and a supernatural prayer language was never told to stop I mean what did Paul say I pray without ceasing only way you can pray without ceasing is to pray in tongues praying in tongues edifies its builds up your spirit man and her spirit was growing and growing and growing her life was going good she remarried she was a Bible teacher she has an amazing relationship with the Holy Spirit and she’s out of town a Mother’s Day speaking pay attention to that part and when come back to it speaking a mother’s day and you receive a phone call from your husband I do I live in the Orlando area and I was important st.

Lucie visiting a church that was pastored by friends of mine and I was actually staying in their home and I received a call and it was my husband and he said to me he said Lenny he calls me Lenny he said live me what I have to tell you is the most difficult thing I’ll have to say and I thought maybe something happened to his mother because she had been ill and was actually staying with us but that is not what came out of his mouth said what he said to me is Michelle who was my youngest daughter Michelle is dead ray shot her to death and Ray was her boyfriend I’d only met him twice and I was beyond shocked the unbelief was unbelievable here I am a minister of the gospel of Christ I had just ministered and now I hear this horrible horrible report from my husband it was not it was not anything any parent would ever ever want to myself almost going into shock I think I did for a few seconds but it wasn’t very long though SID because the Holy Spirit that I already had this wonderful relationship with the Holy Spirit just began to just well up within me and just give me this assurance okay it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay well I didn’t see okay there was no okay yeah there was no okay but I could hear and sense and know this voice that I was so familiar with and I just began to spend a little time with the family before I drove home obviously I had to go home and there that’s a drive about an almost a two-hour drive for me and I I was so arrested by the Holy Spirit all the way home actually Jesus rode in the car with me I’m confident of that and he at one point says it’s okay Linda I have her he said that to me before I ever drove in my driveway that Jesus that just loves us so much said to me I have her and you actually stopped at a convenience store I prayed in tongues well that was just really just truly a spiritual act because I had only been on the Turnpike just a short short while I mean I didn’t need to stop for anything but I got off of the Turnpike I’m pulled into the parking lot of a convenience store having no reason to be there I didn’t even get out of the car I just continued to pray in tongues as I had been almost incessantly since I received the call and I sat there and just prayed and prayed and I wasn’t even going any further into even asking the Lord for interpretation which now I probably should have but I didn’t I just yield it to that intercession cuz it was deep and it was pure and it was edifying and building me at the same time she was doing something beyond what she realized she was doing I mean because she prayed in tongues all the time she actually had the ability to interpret her language but not at that point but she was praying and as she did an amazing miracle was happening you’ll find out about a little bit but then you went home obviously couldn’t sleep you get up and you had a visitor I did have a visitor I did I got up early in the morning our house is small mom was staying with us sleeping on the pull-out couch because we didn’t have a spare room and I could not turn the lights on in the kitchen without disturbing her so I was in the dark sitting at the table standing up sitting walking pacing just asking the Lord help me help me help me and I was just beginning to sense this rage rise up in me and I had a powerful visitation from God he came into my kitchen said he was so real to me I didn’t see him I didn’t see him but I knew he was there I was so familiar with the God within that I was very familiar with the God who was face to face I knew it was him and he said to me he said Linda I don’t want you to be angry I want you to be grateful because I have delivered Michelle for much I go well that’s not right that doesn’t even sound right you know but just on the tale of that he said Linda I’m asking you to forgive ray well I you know I’m a minister at this point in time and not a new one I’ve been ministering for years so I knew that was in the scriptures and I thought okay all right I don’t particularly want to do this but I know I have to do this and I didn’t say yes right away but I did eventually say I will I will Lord I’m with your grace you’re gonna have to help me you’re gonna have to help me because the the murder was brutal it was vicious and it was brutal and it was horrible and so for me to forgive him at all was gonna take a supernatural intervention from God so I finally said yes and I thought okay I got that over and he’s going to help me with that but he no sooner let me say yes then he came back with something else city said to me and it it was absolutely with purest love his words came with just such compassion he says in Linda I want you to embrace Ray as a son as a son the the man that brutally murdered her daughter embrace not only forgive but embrace as a son you could do that but there was no way there was no way if I had not already been prepared could have forgiven him but you could not have embraced him as a son no no I couldn’t I didn’t want to do I would love to tell you that I was this powerful woman of God that just immediately said don’t yes I’ll do anything you want but that would be a lie I sort of I sort of banter back and forth in my spirit I never said no but I thought no I’ll tell you I thought no I thought no no no no we’re not doing this but I did I did finally say yes Lord I I know you would never ask me to do something you won’t help me to do and as soon as I did I opened my mouth and said yes I will help me that’s exactly what I said yes I will help me and instantly I instantly I was just overtaken with a river of grace unlike anything I had ever experienced before I was so saturated even my my blood cells and my tissue within my organs everything new I was overtaken with grace after that grace came on you you actually wrote a letter to Ray that young man I did I did I sat down that morning at the kitchen table and I wrote him a letter and I told him that I forgave him and I and I said a couple of other things about how I hoped that he would meet the Jesus said that it abled me to do that and I sent that letter by the way of a pastor at the church that I was attending the pastor in charge of prison ministry and so that sort of began of a thing in Ray’s life just many many steps than many other things came along too the sentence was premeditated first-degree murder in the state of Florida the only options for that are either life without parole or the death penalty so the two attorneys called me his attorney and the state attorney called me and they this is what you have to choose from and what would you like which would you prefer and I said neither I don’t want either and they thought what this poor woman just doesn’t understand the law let’s explain it again so they explained it again and said okay now which of these two do you want I said neither no I said no I don’t think she could have done that on her own I don’t think you could I do I know I could not I don’t think so no no no I could not and so the the estate attorney the prosecuting attorney said well we’re just gonna have to call you back mrs.

Markowitz because we’re going to have to discuss this I said well just make sure you understand I don’t want to either sentence and so if they call me back a little bit later and they offered me a couple of choices and I said no this is what I want and I want him to have an eligibility for parole I want him to pay for the crime I want him to have the consequence but I want him to have an eligibility for parole in a reasonable amount of time and they changed the sentence they change the sentences because that’s the only way they could do that and give him what I asked for they changed the sentence and over the time he served he became a very strong believer in the Messiah did and and not only did it become a strong believer in the Messiah or what does he call you he calls me Mom [Applause] he served how many years a little over 24 a little over 24 years yeah and I have to ask you this could you have survived this trauma this ordeal you went through without being so built up in your spirit from praying in Supernatural languages in tongues could you ever no I don’t think so I believed I would have been prepared my heart was prepared my spirit was prepared it was built up it was enabled and it was empowered at that moment that I needed it and then because I had that power and because I had that grace I was able to move on it says we pray mysteries in the spirit yes you prayed all of this into being for such a divine purpose after 24 years in prison Linda and her husband picked ray up when he was released ray will be with us when we return call now and add Linda Markowitz must-read book fire up your power tools a practical handbook for using the gift of tongues and her anointed two-part audio CD teaching discovering the holy power within you plus her brand new book I find no fault the liberating power of forgiveness this is an exclusive offer for our it’s supernatural audience yours for a donation of $39 shipping and handling is included ask for offer number nine six seven zero Linda’s practical handbook fire up your power tools is designed to assist you in understanding how to use your gift of tongues you will understand what are God’s purposes in giving you a spiritual language clearly learn what happens when you pray in tongues begin to see God’s covenant promises tangibly manifest in your life you will also receive Linda’s anointed two-part audio teaching discovering the Holy power within you you will discover what is the most important use of tongues understand the Holy Spirit’s five predominant goals for your life learn how to pray for someone or a situation when you don’t what or how to pray discover how praying in tongues gives you access to the mind of God Linda will pray for you to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and for you to be empowered to do all that God has called you to do plus is a special bonus you will receive Linda’s brand-new riveting book I find no fault you will read Linda’s powerful testimony of how God gave her the ability to not only forgive the man who took her daughter’s life but to embrace him as a son through this book you will learn what true forgiveness is and what it is not how accountability for violating the laws of God can work together with a practical manifestation of His mercy how to transform your way of thinking and open your heart to the unlimited possibilities of true forgiveness how to walk in the liberating power of forgiveness don’t miss out on getting Linda Markowitz must-read book fire up your power tools a practical handbook for using the gift of tongues and her anointed two-part audio CD teaching discovering the holy power within you plus her brand-new book I find no fault the liberating power of forgiveness this is an exclusive offer for our it’s supernatural audience yours for a donation of $39 shipping and handling is included s for offer number nine six seven zero call or you can send your check to sid roth it’s supernatural p o– box 39222 charlotte north carolina 28278 please specify offer number nine six seven zero or log on to sidroth.org call or write today now when this program ends we have a special extended segment that I know you’re going to want to see so at the end of the program just log on to the website to watch because this extended segment it will be life-changing for you now I’m here with Linda Markowitz and with rate chair Amalia and Ray was in prison I was a drug related crime for murdering your daughter the grace of God came on you to become his mother I have to ask you even before you went to prison after this drug-related crime occurred you wanted to commit suicide what did you do I uh I put a loaded 45 in my mouth not once but three times it wouldn’t fire I tried to fire it I pulled it out and it fired I put it in my mouth it when you fired it in your mouth that wouldn’t fire and then you take that same gun and that’s where the ground and pull the trigger and it fires and fired three times three times three times it fired but this is impossible how can I know I kept hearing no no no I said yes it’s gonna happen if I don’t do it myself I’ll commit suicide by a cop I’ll pull a gun on a cop and let him shoot me to death God said no I said yeah it’s gonna happen but it didn’t happen because towards the end when the cops are coming an officer pulled in and his cruiser I took the gun I stuck it underneath my shirt but there was no bullets in the gun I already threw those in the creek IRA got rid of anything so you were really going to commit suicide another one yes one way or the other yes one way or the other I was gonna be dead I deserved it right but God said no I have a different plan for you I have a plan that you can’t even imagine you’ll touch many lives I’ll touch many lives through you if you’re willing to be the instrument of my love and that’s what it was pure straight love now this this happened a Mother’s Day remember and Linda D remember always going home and pulled into a little convenience store didn’t have need to she just pulled in and prayed in tongues that was the same time he could not commit suicide exactly and we’ve we’ve talked about this apparently it is the exact same convenience store where he turned himself into the police yeah oh yeah he turned himself into the police there I’ll tell ya I could just sit in the presence of God coming out of both of you right now can you guys feel what I feel absolutely absolutely Linda’s letter that went to you initially and Linda’s contact with you though for those 24 years what difference did it make it reference to your salvation it was like Jesus was talking through her like Jesus wrote that letter to me and I cried the whole way to the letter I cried every time I read it I’m sorry I gave it to my attorney because she never gave it back I’ll be carried out a letter with my pocket for the rest of my life if I had it but I haven’t in my heart because I know what mom said she’s every bit my mom as if she gave birth to me and I’m so grateful but that letter changed my life because I wouldn’t accept requests I wouldn’t we’re not it wouldn’t happen but that he was showing me I’m right here it was like he was had his hands around me he was holding me he said I happy you’re safe I love you come to me come to me and I did and it was the best thing I ever did and he has done nothing but widen and lengthen and height in my life in ways I I still can’t I’m just I’m thrilled I’m grateful I’m truly grateful what would you say to anyone that’s facing a crisis at this moment there watches now hotel room in a bar at their home wherever what would you say to them one of the Jesus wondered Jesus no matter how small the problem is no matter how big it is if you think it’s the worst thing in the world there’s no way anyone can help you God can help you do everything no matter how small or how big one that Jesus I’ve done it I still do it and I beg God so Jesus help my unbelief why am I feeling like this I felt like I’m being attacked wanted to Jesus he is your shelter in the storm and the darkness run to him because he is everything one that Jesus I beg you the Jesus that raised talking about me that Jesus that Linda is talking about they don’t just believe in someone hanging on a cross they have him as their best friend and he says I’ll never leave you or forsake you I want you to say this prayer with me out loud and mean it to the best your ability dear God I’m a sinner I’m a sinner I’m so sorry I believe I believe the blood of Jesus washes away my sin and I’m clean Jesus come and live inside of me be my lord I wanna know we not just about you I wanna have my own experience with you now what happened the first Mother’s Day that ray got out of prison ray was released in March and as you had already mentioned Lee and I picked him up at the prison and the first place he wanted to go was to Michelle’s grave that was the first place he wanted to go so we went there together and then fast forward to May Mother’s Day we ministered together at a church in Orlando I had already received an invitation to minister on Mother’s Day and I knew the pastor well enough to ask him if I could please please tell this story on Mother’s Day it’s not a typical Mother’s Day pass out the Roses story you know you know it’s just not one of those but he was so open he was so wide open and such a such a wonderful man of God and he agreed and so I stood on Mother’s Day and told the story and showed some pictures and at the very end invited ray to come up and as he came up to the pulpit the first thing he did was hug me and I think all of the air was just sucked out of the room it was just one of those moments where God was just given all the glory because this is the story of redemption this this is redemption because ray is not the murderer and that is behind it’s over it’s done he’s a totally new creation Sid he’s a totally new man and his relationship with Jesus is so pure he didn’t get tainted with religion in jail you know he didn’t he didn’t have to mess with any of that it was just him and Jesus and occasional impartation from mama and it it it’s pure it’s pure his relationship is pure in our special extended segment Linda is going to pray for the baptism of the holy spirit for you to release not just one prayer language but multiple languages and tongues for you to have an impartation of the ability to interpret your own tongues and for you to pray without ceasing like she did I also want her to activate the power gifts resident within you and by the way one more thing I want you to pray for some of that grace that was released on you to be on all of us yeah I so be sure to go to the website right after this show to watch oh she’s here with Linda Markowitz and Linda has just finished the show with her son and Linda you said something and I want you to be careful of the microphone that’s on you but Ray would you come back for a minute please would you stand up Linda sure would you hug your son a home I’d be glad to happy to thank you now if that doesn’t thank you right if that doesn’t bring tears to your eyes Linda none of this would have happened if someone had said well just pray for two minutes and tongues way back when and and that’s fine and then maybe on special occasions but no one told her to stop so she prayed and prayed and prayed and her spirits had got bigger and bigger and bigger and she was able to transform ray and you you know this without me saying it he’s gonna lead multitudes multitudes to the Lord what a destiny God has put on his life Linda I want you to get these levers that have prayed in tongues to be motivated to continue to pray in tongues and I want you though those that have never prayed in tongues I want you to motivate them to want to pray in tongues would you talk to them right now in that camera absolutely you know if you don’t have the gift of tongues you are missing that one of the sweetest and best benefits of your Christianity because that gives you the enablement to bring what is in heaven to earth it is the connect I’m telling you it’s the connector Jesus taught us to pray thy kingdom come thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven well how does that happen it happens by bringing what is in heaven to us and that is given through the gift of tongues if you are not a believer that speaks in tongues I am encouraging you to stir up your inner man it is a gift it’s a gift if you have received Jesus as Lord and Savior the Holy Ghost isn’t going to just jump on you he’s already in you all he’s going to do is be released up and out of you it’s just something you yield to and the father said to us that if you ask he’ll give you just ask in the name of Jesus for that wonderful gift and allow it to just flow because it’s there for you and jesus said out of your belly will flow rivers of living water rivers rivers rivers and when I pray in tongues and you pray in tongues it’s like rivers rivers of his life rivers of his revelation rivers of his his resurrection power rivers of life just come up and come up and come up and they overtake you and they can come through you to others there is no other there is no other way to walk in the fullness of the abundant life that jesus promised us without this gift I encourage you ask today amen I’m gonna tell you this there is the whole way everything you see on television from our ministry all over the world this beautiful facility we have do you know when I prayed in tongues it is the most amazing thing if I had known what I was praying for I would have had the faith to pray for it but I prayed in perfect faith because I didn’t know what I was praying I mean I everything you see today I prayed into being with 100% faith no doubt zero doubt that’s why it’s all here and I think one of the most religious regrets when you get to heaven except when you get to heaven you’re not gonna have any regrets but if you could have a regret when you get to heaven is oh I could have prayed every need that I’m gonna have in the future every problem I could have prayed that these things would come into place look at all I miss and I could have prayed with perfect faith right I mean give me a break one of the things that that God has done inside of me and I’m wondering I have found that I have can pray I started with one language and I find most believers pray in that one language they’ve started with a language so they don’t know it’s unknown who’s just one right I’m back I can tell sometimes when someone got saved because their language is similar however I found out I can pray in multiple languages and I do it can everyone do that absolutely absolutely as a matter of fact when I got up off the floor at that southern gospel concert we’re Vestal Goodman she never prayed for me by the way when she’s I passed out or was felt hell out I guess is the word I was slain in the spirit before she ever got to me I was told later that when she got to me she just waved her hand you got it about going when I when I got up I had multiple languages I had multiple languages from the beginning and I believe that’s available for everyone who will extend their faith for that [Applause] happen to you it’s happened to me I have literally spoken in a language I didn’t know and I spoke in the exact language of the person I was talking to and there were in his particular language there were 26 different dialects and I actually spoke in his dialect you imagine that ever happened to one time one time in Israel what happened I was always on a tour in Israel and I was stepped out of the meeting room at the hotel where we were having a meeting and I was just praying in times because my spirit was disturbed and I didn’t I just wanted to pray out loud in tongues I don’t always do that but I posted to pray out loud and I stood beside a woman that was not a part of the conference and she kept saying something back to me and I thought well you rude woman I’m praying just leave me alone but but in in reality I was speaking her language I was speaking Portuguese and I did not know Portuguese I didn’t even recognize that as Portuguese but she heard me in Portuguese and she was trying to communicate back to me because she didn’t speak English and she just kept saying oh yeah yeah oh yeah I’m gonna go okay whatever I know I didn’t get the clue until someone came and translated for us and you have the ability to understand the tongues that you pray I do I do and we all do we asked what I wanted to free all do Paul was very clear that we were to pray to interpret and in context in that particular passage in first Corinthians 14 he’s in speaking in reference to a tongue given corporately like in a church service it needed its interpretation but it applies to our personal tongues too because if we don’t know what we’re praying in tongues were just basically coasting okay I am ready for you to pray all those things for everyone watching and in our studio audience with one more and then pray for the impartation of God’s grace absolutely into the cab solutely absolutely in the name of Christ Jesus I speak to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ our master and I say by the power in the might that is given to every believer that everything that is given unto you begin to explode in you including the ability to interpret your own tongues to walk Oh labor with the Holy Spirit to work with him to do the kingdom business it needs to be done in the earth there are things for you to accomplish places for you to go spiritually and naturally and that will be released up and out of you by faith if you will agree with the words that I say open your mouth and say I agree I agree I receive it belongs to me I’m not a stepchild I’m a child and I receive from my father and I release unto you the river of grace that the Lord gave to me it is a fountain of grace it is a it’s bubbling eternal into me I’ve not lost it not one moment from that day to this and I say unto you that it’s available to you and you can receive it and you can release it to others it is available to you because God is Grace it is a manifestation of his love to you it is his manifested power released up and out of you overtaking you and giving you the ability to release it to others his compassion dwells in you and up and out of you it shall overtake you and every problem that you have every problem that you have mmm I have a quick word for someone there I have ministered many times with with people with all kinds of infirmities and at the end of time I’ve discovered that the root problem the root situation the key that unlocked the door for their healing was unforgiveness they refuse to forgive in a situation that needed to be forgiven I say let it go and the healing that you’re looking for the manifestation of the healing virtue of Jesus it’s already resident within you is capped off because of that unforgiveness if you will just forgive it’s a choice just start there I choose to forgive say that I choose to forgive make the choice and allow the Holy Spirit to enable you to follow through on that I’m saying to you I’m saying to multiple tubes of you you will be healed you will be healed in the name of Christ and if Jesus is the Lord if Jesus is your Lord I wants to do what King David commands you to do lifts holy hands they can’t be holy unless they’re into the blood of Jesus thank lift holy hands to God even if you’ve never prayed in tongues before or if you have I want you to pray in tongues as and but I want you to do one thing that perhaps you’ve never done before when you pray in tongues I want you to be believing that what Linda just said was a prophecy for you yes and I want you to pray in tongues the fastest you’ve ever done almost force your tongue to move as quickly as it’s humanly possible and you’ll break into another language the Barna ban Aman Aman Aman wrong am I c’mon no no no no no yawn yawn yawn yawn you’re normal yah-yah-yah no no mom trade secrets up right now I know it’s hard but I will tell you a trade secret here’s the trick there’s some most people don’t know I can’t I need you to stop in tongues for a minute I need everyone to stop in tongues for a minute how many of you prayed in tongues for the first time anyone here just out of curiosity anyone went break into new language oh look at all those hands Wow okay did you catch anything when you were praying in tongues I’m curious yes I did actually and I love that that’s that’s what the Holy Ghost is for is he is our buddy you know he’s our comforter our teacher and I actually just received a completion of a revelation that the Lord had given me earlier about how when grace is working I’m resting grace works and we’re asked do you know how that works and he was just giving me the understanding of how important it is that labor into rest that labor to enter into rest that tongues is part of that labor it that wasn’t hard at all it’s not hard at all but it just takes you into his rest where he’s doing the work we’re not amen thank you [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

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