have you heard what the Lord is saying now for 2020 – Lance Wallnau

so this is a really special broadcast because I have an opportunity here to interview my friend Larry sparks who is a senior prophetic editor and I guess you’re an author consultant for some key prophetic ministries and that includes like Bill Johnson Chris Valentine Randy Clark who else James gall bill Hammond so a lot of the prophetic leaders when destiny image was established in 1983 done nor I who started it fell like the Lord told him to publish the prophets and that’s what our mandate has been since then so my question for Larry because I’m noticing a lot of Christians are discovering the digital zoom capacity and so we have I’m seeing a lot of group prophetic updates and I’m noticing them and I’m not necessarily inviting like that it’s just some of this is very distressing to me that I know he’s asking my opinion so I literally create my own studio now just to broadcast my thoughts so but anyway I’m just kidding so Larry I was looking today at a number of prophetic perspectives because I love it these are all friends of mine so I take them all in and then I’m kind of like you I analyze what it is that I’m hearing and then I kind of mix it up with my own perspective but right now there are three main schools of prophetic thought regarding this whole seminal moment in history so what are those three schools of thoughts that you’re getting from your variety of clients well and I’ll share this but you know what happened is I really got frustrated because like you’re saying we live right now in this push-button society so it’s good and it’s bad it’s good and that we can get information out quick it’s bad in that that there is a lot of prophetic immaturity out there yeah you know back in the day when I mean Bill Hammond and so many of those leaders plan use modern perfect movement and there was a lot of accountability go into prophetic words so now you have a barrage of stuff being released into cyberspace and I just want to encourage you we need to well what does the scripture say don’t despise prophecy right I think Paul said that because some prophecy can be despicable and he’s basically saying don’t throw it all out there’s a lot of good but we need to be discerning so the three schools that I’m seeing right now responding to crisis responding coronaviruses number one people see it as the punitive judgment of God in other words that God is proactively judging the United States judging the nation one version is God the judge is judging the earth and the United States particularly as is affected by this and and and it’s interesting because that’s one of those things where biblically God does and has the right to judge as we see in the Old Testament as we see eschatologically and in the book of Revelation you back that up Larry with a Bible verse I can back that up with obviously I think it’s revelation 14 and 15 where the judgment of God is released into the earth the wrath of God is released in the earth but some people would say well that is for eschatological end times times obviously we see in that well we’ll get to the verse that you shared because I got frustrated with all this stuff I’m a prophetic publisher I started pull out my hair and got frustrated about this and then I saw the broadcast you did with Mario Murillo pretty wild yesterday folks you really want to get that and that and that deeply ministered to me so we’ll kind of we’ll kind of end there so there’s that that God is judging the nation’s number two and I’m concerned by this as well is that God never judges that this is not God that God never uses plagues that God never releases judgment and he won’t do that until the book of Revelation until his wrath is released into the earth or that is something that he did back in Old Testament times I just get concerned Lance when somebody anybody says God never does this unless it’s something that the Bible obviously clearly said I mean he never lies we know but that that concerns me it’s I’ll say this it’s a hyper exaggeration of the goodness of God and I believe in the good we both believe in the but that’s the second perspective so the second perspective this is weird Abilene here on the on the Swiss cheese method which is putting the holes and the various ideas because you could you could pretty much find an argument for every position ya know but I want to hear the third position with FERC before we go there yeah the first one is the punitive judgment of God the idea that God is judging and and then there’s the second version I’ve heard to which is that this is not certainly not judgment God’s not judging but this is an opportunity or a moment for the church to showcase itself or in display its understanding the gap in other words the church is a solution but this is in judgment yeah and the challenge with the first version of all judgment would be what I think the challenge that that is basically because I do believe a lot of the would talk about how the wrath of God is poured out on Jesus so you know you can’t one of the most dangerous things that we can do is when we see plagues sea sickness crisis and immediately folks immediately said well that’s God judging somebody we can’t make those statements you know that I think it’s dangerous and I think the the flaw and that people could find than those of us would say the second version which is that God only does what God only does good things and doesn’t judge is clearly the Apostle Paul says if a man judges himself he shall not be judged the crowd the the the teaching of the book of Acts or Corinthians or the epistles is clearly saying that judgment is a foundation doctrine and self judgement business is a necessity because the whole idea of judging yourself so that you don’t end up having to be disciplined because judgment isn’t always an indication of destruction judgment is actually like a parent with a child it is for our good so that we can associate consequences with our actions and God prefers that we self judge so that circumstances don’t have to do it in which case there’s there’s the the Swiss cheese eye flaw in that argument because it’s a New Testament practice which is self judgment yeah and so how could judgment be the suspended in this dispensation yes what is indispensable to your own to your in practice what’s the third prophetic position the third one I’ve shared an article on my face I’ll be totally transparent I was getting so overwhelmed by the flurry of all this different prophetic stuff I I was looking for somebody reputable theologically to see what they had to say about I don’t like people like me evidently who are very opinionated you are very you know you and again I wanted to see you are you’re looking for a Scholastic someone with it with it with a with a who’s reference point isn’t prophetic perhaps but actually stall correct and somebody who is not a cessationist they still believe in the continuation that gives in spirit and that was NT right and to write had that article on Time magazine I read it I released it though I put it up on Facebook but I gave it a caveat saying listen I don’t even necessarily agree with all this but I noticed that it was a third perspective and a third perspective is basically maybe it’s just a plague maybe there’s nothing very good no meaning in this verse maybe this is just like things happen yeah and you know I think all three of those perspectives have they have an element of validity you know it’s not like well I don’t agree with you know God judges if God is good and there is a real devil who steal killer asteroids and devours and then sometimes in the earth things happen because we do live in a fallen world and for us to go around assigning prophetic significance that everything can be goofy when it’s when we’re operating at a certain time so without naming or our alienating any names I would give a mensch a name no got there but there are names that go with each of these positions there are and and I haven’t Nate because all of these people I’ve great respect and admiration for we need to learn just as a side note we just need to learn how to disagree agreeably and be able to converse and talked about these things but I’ll say this and then you share whatever you have to say the Lord one thing God did tell me about this whole thing and it goes right into your conversational Mario Marilla was what I heard you guys said thank you Lord for sanity and this whole thing the Lord said this Larry it is not going to be helpful for people to focus on the lie of this in other words why is this happening well maybe God judging Oh God never judges when we focus so why what happens as we get dis unified we debate we start devouring each other because we stand ironclad ly on our different perspectives as to why this is happening and the Lord said this he said Larry don’t focus on the why focus on the what what my people need to be doing right now and then he referenced the scripture that you shared about with Mario all right so now now let’s do the thing we ought to be doing are you guys all tracking with us so far hey you want to share this with other people share this with your friends because this is a great this is inbred this is a timely conversation great prophetic perspectives and you know what gets me I can’t hardly believe that the number one thing the church needs so much right now is clarity yeah we’re supposed to be the light of the world we’re supposed to be the foghorn and the FOB we’re supposed to be you know every metaphor is about we’re supposed to be the ones actually know what is happening and be able to clarify and share for other people instead we’re dis unified at this moment we were in contradictory interpretations and instead of providing them something this big you know trust me God is saying something yeah something that big that affects the whole world isn’t like well you know these things happen all the time yeah you know it’s like it’s like allergies they just come no it’s true so this is a you situation so I reject the NT right position I think he’s wrong NT right is wrong and the reason you know it is Time magazine published it that’s the first warning right there go ahead let’s go to the bottom but this is what I find it you say I just I just got a kick out of it because his last name is right he’s wrong but under those of you that are better baby boomers will explain these justice second chronicles 7 and so so we’re all familiar with 7:14 if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and fret we can almost recite that but later you brought up and I believe in studying the scripture in context verse 13 so second chronicles 7 13 says this when I shut up heaven and says God listen God says this what I shut up heaven and there is no rain or command the locusts to devour the land or send estulin s– among my people if my people who are called by my name alright so here we go folks it’s my people that are called by my name will humble well i remember we’ve had cycles of history as i’ve been growing up where we’ve had massive repentance and this this is the signature verse for the church because it is so powerful it puts the onus on us to be the ones who have authority over the gates of hell if the land is hurting never healing the land if the land is hurting then the church is the only power that can go up against the powers of darkness so to the extent that satan is behind stealing economic wealth destroying families and rearranging the order of nation-states and a new global order to the degree that that is a spiritual warfare consequence of daniel epic proportions like the shifting of world powers well to that degree the church is the only agent that has the authority to deal with the gates of hell notice this verse says if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and you’ll do it as soon as there’s a sin to be forgiven a and a repentance it needs to happen and a divine intervention that reverses the curse of whatever’s coming Mike Pence president vice-president Mike Pence has a prayer group he prays he prays with Christians obviously and the verse that is the signature verse of those prayers is this verse this has been going on for three years it’s and so when he gets up and you hear him say I want to just thank the President and I see such a gracious guy you see if you want to see what a Christian acts like let’s look at him you got in terms of like a politician he goes and I want to thank these leaders and these people that are all wearing the President and for what he’s doing and I’m convinced that as we work together we will see you know the the grace of God heal our land or you’ll always end up with heal our land and it’s code it’s like a cue an encode a few stuff it’s a code say humble yourself and pray people pray pray probably yourself so Larry the plague was the thing that God spoke of in that verse yes well I you know what I find interesting is we can quote this verse verse 14 so quickly but we focus sometimes on the pray but it all sometimes but humbling ourselves what does that mean I think it’s as a nation as individuals recognizing you know what we don’t have the ability to do anything about this like we need to humble ourselves before God and a pro come to him repent and actually ask him for Supernatural solutions like I some of the language that we don’t emphasize humble yourselves turn from your wicked ways like I know a lot of people right now are rightly emphasizing repentance yes we need to pray but we also need to repent and repent yes in changing of the mind of metanoia but it is also turning from those sins so wait we can have a Bible study here give your boat yeah you don’t you think that you know we were talking about prophecy actually we should have I never forget when I was in class oh are you and a mass working on the master’s degree we had a Dean come in Dean Matthews and he would say I’m hearing a lot of opinions but I’m not hearing a lot it is written hmm and and we would get so I kind of scold and I think you know what for all the prophetic that is out there there there has to be an equal balance on it is written and what you just heard Larry say is it is written yes that if you want God to intervene and a pestilence then to heal the physical realm of land economics crops cetera for an agricultural society that the people of God can make that happen simply by realigning with heaven but what’s really trippy for me is what Mario was saying yesterday which I keep on working on and that is when Jonah is on the boat and the okay he explained to the to the people and the fishermen he said the reason this has happened is because of me I’m not doing what I’m supposed to do on the Prophet running from God and I’m the reason this is happening the moment you throw me overboard it’ll it’ll calm down and basically he had to get separated from the society in the storm so that he could fulfill the thing he wasn’t doing which was to preach the gospel of repentance and coming judgment to the major cities and political powers of the nations what if that hears music gasified and I’ve just started out there what if all of this is happening because God is sending a message to his church that it’s time if they stopped traveling with the world system and the direction is moving in and do the unpopular thing get out of the boat and go preach the gospel even at the risk of persecution because we are the ambassadors of heaven and there is an end to this era and there is a judgement to come that all men and nations are going to encounter and that we’re to warn them of what’s coming well it’s interesting because one of the words the Lord gave me before all of this really influenced by just being in proximity to what you teach is the whole idea of Elijah you know in our charismatic community we love to say while I’m declaring and I’m decreeing and that’s good but Elijah didn’t declare and decree in a prayer room he actually showed up and I felt like the Lord said I’m calling my people because like Jonah I think we’ve been running away scared of actually showing up on the main stage this is the language of Lord gave me the main stage of cultural conversation and ideas folks it’s easy to stay in the charismatic bubble it’s easy to stay in the charismatic conference circuit I mean we’ve all we can talk from experience it’s easy it’s comfortable but the Lord I felt like the Holy Spirit is saying me and listen I published all the prophetic stuff I love the supernatural I do conferences okay I love that do you think I need my Elijah’s to actually boldly step onto the main stage of cultural conversations and ideas they were never made Elijah was never made for the sidelines prophets were never made just to have Christian economic summits or Christian political conversations Christian entertainment like we need to be the ones contributing to the main conversation there’s no doubt about it and I would go so far to say that if you go to Haggai hmm you go right to and this is this is my perspective on this and it threads through three positions I believe this is judgment and I think I can make the argument that the main object of it is the church and that its ultimate manifestation is economic this plague will pass it’ll happen America may not pass with it America may not go on because we cannot afford as being the 50% of the of the drive behind the global economy if this thing is not ended by divine intervention and and soon then we simply cannot afford the weeks and weeks that Bill Gates is talking about if some of these politicians are talking about and there are leftists there are people on the left that are wringing their hands with absolute delay because so many of them are deranged to begin with and they don’t recognize that that while this puts Donald Trump on the ropes for the possibility of him being able to be elected they don’t recognize they’re in the car going over the cliff they’re just happy to see Trump’s Porsche get wrecked they’re in the vehicle that’s the nutty part so anyway let’s go to hi guy because now guys the Prophet God sent to warn his people during the day of Silas during the era of God’s divine intervention in history the Lord had basically said to the people to the children of Israel I’m gonna end your Babylonian captivity I’m sending the ruler his name is Cyrus and when I have you guys know that I’m I give a Cyrus word on Donald Trump with a couple of other prophetic voices and so now you had Cyrus in office he decreased something for the Jews to go rebuild their house the house of God and second space has rebuild the walls of their city and the children of Israel got so discouraged Larry because it seemed like it was too high a price to pay and it was a lot of opposition you read Ezra for and see the deep state those that were in the land fought them hired lawyers litigators and legislators and then corruption that was taking mice and the children of Isreal quit they gave up and when they gave up the Lord sent a prophet named Haggai and what does Haggai say he goes to them and to Zerubbabel who was the remnant leader of the transition and he goes he was a secular leader by the way and he goes up to him and he says you people say this isn’t time it’s not the right time for us to be involved with God’s house projects and you are all working on your own house your own vision your own ministry your own business your own enterprise and because of that I took all your wealth that you put into a bag and I put a hole in it and look it’s all gone and why did that happen why did the dude suddenly stop coming what the rain stopped coming why was there a NGO prosperity and then twice the Prophet says consider your ways consider what I’m doing I’m doing it because I’ve got a project and you aren’t in it and because you’re not in it I thought I would get your attention I’m not gonna let you build yours you know they’re showing the project once the project it’s right there folks there it is it’s called the United States of America it’s the capital I’m showing them this picture of a year Larry it’s the it’s actually it’s the it’s the battle that Donald Trump is in every day and there are so many Christians I’m listening to them you’re not hearing them connect the dots they’re not saying oh could it be that God has a project and it’s it’s basically restoring America that is getting America on its feet that it’s restoring Christian influence and vitality and American in this country and that if the church does not do it’s called to do that America will receive in its power it will continue on the course it was going on in 2015 and it will be what we’ll have to manage the decline of a great nation and China and a new world order will emerge and with that an accelerator on every end time apocalyptic horror you ever read about in a science fiction novel because it’s all right there in front of us Larry I think Haggai chapter one is saying I’ve got a building project yes if you don’t get involved with it this is the consequence but if you do I’ll restore to you what’s been lost you know and this is one of those books that I was in for quite some time because number one I know one of the favorite phrases among the prophetic community is no more delay but the funny thing is here they were experiencing a delay and they were self perpetuating it they were seeing the plans and purposes of God delayed not because there was some sovereign hand of God holding back his purposes I mean it talks about here and this is always so convicting Haggai one verse for me is it time for you yourselves to dwell in your panel houses and is temple to lie and ruins and your right goes on to consider your ways you so much you’re basically working working and working and you’re not seeing a return why because we’re not working on what God is building that’s the question like we’ve perpetuated this message in the late nineties about what’s God’s plan and purpose for your life and I look and I’m sorry the church has got itself separated from politics it’s the stupidest thing we could have done and I’ll tell you why Haggai chapter 2 verse 2 speak now to zerubabbel the governor he’s talking to the believers who have skin in the game for the sake of the government that God is working through in other words he’s saying send the word – not to the preacher hmm it’s first to the political interest and then to the preacher because the preacher is the next person he talks to Joshua he says get the word to cerebral than Joshua what’s the word I love this take courage God’s got this is why it’s not all gloom from afar for you that are listening the Lord saying take don’t be fearful don’t freak out I’m with you only get into my project and the nobodies then I love what he says here because what the Lord stirred up the spirit of the rule and the Lord stirred up the spirit of Joshua the preacher and the Lord stirred up the sphere of the remnant Larry everyone out there that’s watching this every Christian has interceded is praying for America have a revival for America to have another great awakening or Reformation let me say just suggestion that the word awakening is the word stirred look it up it’s the word you are in the Hebrew the word is the word stirred and it means to awaken to arouse to stimulate to open the prophetic eyes to see the time and get this it is used in Deuteronomy of the Eagle that stirs the nest it literally is the American awakening hmm brothers and sisters this is why on the one hand we have to look at this not as a because it’s so self-righteous that they get the judgment of you know sin and iniquity actually is the judgment that has come because of the negligence of God’s people during a moment of God’s mercy and intervention in American politics and all the preachers right now to tell you what they’re saying they’re avoiding this like a rat sandwich they don’t want to talk about political discourse now that suggests this is why this video is gonna go viral because we are not getting divine intervention until we get an agreement with what God said yeah that much that much I think is common sense so the Lord I believe is saying if my people who are called by my name my zero Goebbels and Joshua’s and the remnant and if you will let me stir you I will awaken the spirit of the remnant I will awaken your spirit and then we’re going to get to work on God’s building project all of us are in our houses now yeah what does God say is the problem we neglected his house mmm Larrin i was stuck for two years i had this revelation and i didn’t know i didn’t sighs ooh at the house of god’s a church because the new testament says that the house of god that the church is the house is living done but i think we’re right now in a place where there’s something shift you know and it’s that the house of God has an interest in the city we have an interest in the Nehemiah is the walls around the city not just the house this is the hour of sheep nations it’s the hour when the house of God needs to join itself for the salvation of Nations so that the house I believe sheep nations are right now rising Paulson arrow is talk having this conversation in Brazil Viktor orbán’s having this conversation hungry these are sheep nations that are not going into the global order of Japan Iran Russia and a basket of currencies where the American dollar is no longer the common currency and folks we are in a twenty five trillion dollar crisis and the world isn’t using our money and it all starts coming home well you know what I was thinking I went back to second Chronicles 7:14 I unless you had some other things to share I think maybe we should pray with the people well let’s drill down as we’re saying because who’s praying that prayer well then you know this is what I saw right here is what he says seek my face and I actually felt like that is what the Lord wants us to go after because like you were saying everybody’s quarantine in their houses I actually believe the Lord desires in this hour as we seek Him it says seek my face not my hand right so I’m all about the hand of God I’m all about signs wonders and miracles absolutely hundred percent but right now as we have really nothing else to do could it be that there is a reset happening you know Cindy Jacobs had a prophetic word at the beginning here about reset sometimes we deliver prophetic words and we don’t quite know the ramifications of them but I do believe God is pushing a reset and while we are in this time where it’s really just us and our families I do believe the Lord is calling us with intentionality to seek his face and what does that mean I believe it’s to seek what he wants to do to seek his project you know no more of this god bless what I’m doing I mean how long I’m a movement we’ve been living in this Haggai one moment we’ve been asking God to prosper and to bless what we’re do as opposed to let’s align let’s get an alignment with what God wants to do and let me throw this out before we pray yes in 2nd in the second chapter Vega the Lord gives a promise and the promises that he is in the business right now of shaking nations and I really believe that verse 7 says I will shake all the nations and they will come with the wealth of the nation so I’m going to fill my house with glory the silver is mine and the gold is mine isn’t it interesting the Lord goes right to the economics of the shaking and he’s saying it belongs to me and the gladder glory of my house would be greater than the former and in this place the place where my house dishonored and where my purpose is established I will give Shalom well I’ll give divine peace so the Lord is giving a promise of restoration and it’s curious to me that when you go down there in 12 13 and 14 he says by the way let’s talk about social distance yeah he got that social distancing he says you know when a Jew comes in contact with the courts do you does the clean Jew make the corpse clean or does the unclean corpse contaminate the Jew and what’s he saying he’s saying that unfortunately contamination spreads to the righteous easier than righteousness gets to the contaminated which means that it’s easier for things to fall apart than to build them up and so he’s saying it’s going to take a little time for us to reverse this thing but you be patient because I’m with you yeah and now that I’m with you you get involved my project I’ll give you your recovery I’ll put the silver and the gold back in place I won’t let the churches closed down I won’t let America go down but it’s going to take a rent I don’t care if the majority to get this work but there’s a number of people right now if you shared this message and you believe it you got a judgments folks and see if this is true or compared to whatever our anyone else is saying Jim lafoon prophetically 2018 I heard somebody just quoted he said the Lord showed him a vision and it was a New Year’s Eve service of her than 17 months was going to be an economic shake in the New York stock changements going to be I was going to be like shut down which it is and the californ was going to be flying up in the air and at the time and that happened the Lord reached out his hands and grabbed it and then I believe the Prophet said that the thought that came to him was Aaron running out at the time when a plague broke out in Israel and Moses said go out there with a sensor of intercession Aaron went out as a royal priesthood as an as an authority of God’s government and interceded and ended the plague then there was damage fourteen thousand died and I listened to that I thought I received what these prophets are saying but then it’s not always the complete message that’s where the respect of the body the humility to have a conversation listening I’m thinking I believe that I’ve gone so glad that somebody did see and say something Chuck peers talked in January I think it was in Las Vegas that he had a word about there was a plague that was going to come and that it was going to be that there’s gonna be a great shaking that would be settled by Passover we’re coming into that and like a week and and I look at those two and I say oh that’s so encouraging yeah we got problems here just saying that but I’m I am saying to you the mistake we make is we become almost like the Nostradamus lovers who read the National anyone yeah we’re so who prophesied who said that who did anyone say company president and so we’re like that we’re like the adolescence that that are all were asking or interested in is what are people saying and then we go off into 5g cell towers conspiracy theories and we’re and did this come from the lab and you know in who on or did it come from the market that is their elbows things they’re not what God’s talking about what God is saying is hey man I’m shaking heaven and earth and you’re in a pivotal moment of decision we’re loving we cannot miss this you know because if we do if God doesn’t extend his in if there isn’t a Passover intervention there’s a there’s a devouring of America’s future and a shift of if that happens it’s because I believe the church did not awaken itself to get involved with saving America we got involved with some other project you know and so well just as a final note there because I think one of the things that you really could say announced your prophesied that in this season there would be a real revival of the Bible and I do want to encourage you guys again I believe in the prophetic but so many people are saying you know it’s 2020 second Chronicles 2020 and there’s a statement it says this will believe his prophets and you will prosper and I just want to encourage you I do believe in the legitimacy of the prophetic ministry and I like what Lance was saying there’s so many different prophets where it says in the scriptures Paul says we prophesy in part you know you need to have biblical discernment and that is the humility ya have a dialogue to be able to say I want to hear and then piece the pieces together and have a conversation yes but it says this before it says believe his prophets and you shall prosper it says believe in the Lord your God and you shall be established and I want to encourage you yes let’s pay attention rightly to the prophetic words but before believing in the prophets and prospering it says believe in the Lord your God believe in his work believe in the scriptures what he says and you will be established and you will not be moved and you will not be shaken because even with everybody prophesying and giving a special piece of the prophetic puzzle if you don’t have that discernment that only comes through the Word of God you can be blown through every wind of doctrine so that’s why I believe it’s so important first and foremost to be in scriptures like we’re doing now so let me just close this because it is the word of the Lord hey guys said regarding these the contamination of defilement that comes from death a corpse to the living room the Lord is considered from this day onward before one stone was placed on another in the temple of the Lord since Haggai to verse 15 from the time when one came to a grain of heap of twenty measures there would be only ten he’s talking economics now when there came to the wine VAT to draw 50 measure there was only 20 I smoked you with every work of your hands with blasting wind and mildew inhale and yet you still did not come back to me declares the Lord do consider from this day onward from the 24th day of the month of the ninth month from the day when the temple of the Lord was founded consider it is the seed still in the barn even including the vine the fig tree the pomegranate the olive tree it isn’t born its fruit yet from this day I will bless you but the Lord is saying is take a good look at the two-and-a-half to three trillion dollars that was accumulated over the course of three years that just left take a good look at it look at it and then consider this I’m speaking to you and I will from this day forward bless and restore then the word of the Lord came a second time to Haggai in the 24th day of the month saying speak to Zerubbabel the governor of judah and say i’m going to shake the heavens and the earth stop and think what does that mean God says you’re getting visited right now and awakened and I’m going to deal with the situation and the economy as you get involved with my house I’m going to get involved with recovering yours and then the Lord says this but know this you’ve entered into a season of shaking I’m gonna say something to you the election is gonna be one wild ride because the left is already it’s after it’s like it’s like blood in the water then there’s a spirit it wants to take down America and the Lord says I’m gonna overthrow the Thrones and kingdoms that’s gonna be governments are gonna be shaken there’s gonna be angry populations when this happens because there’s going to be a global economic reset and there’s going to be people that are upset and it’s going to is going to be the who’s going to the distress of Nations and the Lord says he’s going to be shaking that heavens in the air what is happening he’s going to be shaking hell’s hierarchy over nations this is where when Christians pray and seek God’s face we must intervene in such a way that we become not escapist ready for a rapture yes I’m hearing preachers say that well forgot about the world system we’re all going to heaven no the opposite be responsible to influence nation as a sheep nation fulfill the Great Commission to make a disciple on this take this thing seriously because nations are going to be turning against the church or they’re going to be protecting the church and Israel in the next chapter and then consider this the Lord says but I’m going to begin to bless you from this day forward the power of kingdoms are going to be shaken I’m going to overthrow chariots and riders on that day but the Lord says I’m going to take you through a bowl I’m gonna make you like a signet ring that means the signet ring was that got like a credit card yeah that you would put into the wax the Lord says I’m gonna take those of you that will be the remnant that’ll do what I want you to do and I’m gonna make your words I’m gonna make your thoughts I’m gonna make your influence I’m gonna make your ideas as much persecution as because it’s gonna break out against the message of Christian nationalism which means Christians are not letting a merit could go to the devil or the secular world we’re gonna fight for America to have a revival and and honor God and honor and honor and honor Jesus if there’s an opposition let it come because God’s going to give us the anointing of a signet ring which is to make the impression and the hot wax of this moment in the hearts and minds of people that will cause many to be saved and many that were a Backson to come into Awakening and many that are that that are in the halls of power to feel the full force and throttle of a kingdom movement it was Solomon who made the prayer in Chronicles and that was a weird mock typing type to use because it was a king and a priest it wasn’t Aaron it was a government man yes who was also doing the business of praying for the nation hear me the end times from zerubabbel to Solomon is a fusion the royal priesthood the gods raising up is a government leader praying for God to hear the cry of repentance and God sent fire on the altar of a government ruling who was repenting with the people and seeing God answered the prayer well I’m sorry for getting carried away enough but the but that that’s good that that’s kind of like where I think it makes sense for all this conversation yep I agree no all right great we can pray for that yeah pray and finish I hope somebody’s we’re always ready to pray yes all right well uh this is why for your father I thank you right now for all of our friends who aren’t home God and I pray I just sense you want to visit them but I feel like God there’s gonna be special encounters I’m just gonna prophesy a minister I believe you’re gonna have special encounters as families as business leaders as people right now where there’s a lot of temptation please hear me don’t please resist the temptation to try to figure out the why and let’s focus on the what and we know what to do right now and I know that’s to go back to the scriptures like it says my people are called by my name humble themselves and pray and seek my face they’re like as you seek the Lord as you seek his face even using some of the language that was released today even studying that God what is your bill what did what is your building project whatever thing you’re doing in the earth that you have actually gifted me talented me and equip me to be a part of because I really believe that the Lord is going to give you great vision in fact for some people right now where you’ve like I don’t know I almost feel like aimless I don’t know what I’m called to do it’s almost like this time of reset is going to push you into that place of seeking the face of God it’s not saying God just bless me or bless what I want to do but as you come before the Lord I really believe God is going to give you vision I I pray right now God give our friends vision of the building project your building project whatever you’ve called it whatever part they are called to play in this because Lord I know in Haggai talks about you fill your projects with glory that’s a word he fills his building project with glory maybe some of us need to repent for going about and doing our own things God look that we’ve been building things that you’ve never told us to build we’ve been focusing on things you’ve not told told us to be focused on so Laura we repent for that we turn from our own ways we humble ourselves we pray and we say Holy Spirit show us what you’re calling us to participate in your building projects the things that you are establishing in the earth beautiful my thoughts are going to the prophets I’m praying right now Daniel chapter 9 it says that he observed in the books what was written by the word of the Lord to Jeremiah I thank God for the Cindy Jacobs Rick Joyner’s Jim Baker’s you have been prophetic Chuck Pierce’s thank God for even the rodney howard-browne it’s down there in Florida the for Bill Jones for Chris Belton yeah Jim golfer mark Sharona for there’s so many prophets I thank you Lord for all you have Jeremiah Johnson John en lo for all the prophetic voices and I’m asking you Lord to bring prophetic clarity to the prophets because the prophets have a responsibility to hear so the Apostles and others can render accurate judgment regarding what Israel ought to do it’s it’s the hour of the restoration of the fivefold ministry and Billy Graham passed away and his body was in the Capitol and the feast of Purim Donald Trump tapped the coffin five times and prayed for God to raise up a new generation of multiple male and female Billy Graham’s I think there’s a five-fold anointing that God wants to release the Millennials must not be burdened with the debt and a financial collapse of the Western it’s not fair I’m asking the Holy Spirit for you to rise up now and to grant to us your presence to cause a repentance in a and a and a hearing ear in the prophetic community with the remnant of those that are seeking your face now be able to line up with what heaven is saying and Larry I believe there’s a place for identification repentance yes which is chapter 9 of Daniel where Daniel prayed as though he himself had committed the sins of the nation that agreed the Lord and he says Lord we have sinned we have committed iniquity we have acted wickedly Lord we’ve allowed them the abortion of babies the collapse of a marriage the confusion of gender we’ve been allowing death to multiply without interest we’ve been actually criticised in government and political people and not even involving ourselves in the issues Lord America has been singularly more blessed with freedom and prosperity than any nation in history and we have been the most unthankful the most irritate the most the most discontented and so Lord you have every reason to look at America pumping out as we do our social justice version of reality globally our same-sex values our pornography we are literally the the country that belts the world with our Babylonian toxicity and Lord there needs to be a justification for America to continue and it can’t just be because we’ve got Christians here because there’s Christians in Venezuela also so Lord the sins I believe of this nation that we need to own and we have failed we have a no bajor voice we have it listed here your commands we have not stood in the gap – with with with the division of races the church did not rise up and model the reconciliation that could be a rebuke to those would exploit and play games with race gender and economic differences so father I’m asking you to have mercy on America again you already gave us mercy forgive us for speaking evil of authorities folks I’m remembering now when Aaron went out with that sensor of incensed as we’re doing right now to pray and we’re going to pray throughout the house over we’re going to pray throughout this period of time that God will end and stay to play Aaron went out to end the play the play came the because the people were full of strife and speaking evil about the authority that God had given them in other words America’s discourse particularly the the disgraceful mists of them of the way that media and and analyse have perpetually obsessed with destroying the business guy that God is working through and trying to use in the crises Donald Trump has more enemies slandering and obsessed with his destruction at any president since Lincoln and Lord we know the Bible says it was strife against leadership that opened the door for a plane in Israel and we’re repenting of the strength also we own it we all speak things we shouldn’t be saying we divide too quickly we’re too presumptuous in our in our in our utterance about one another and about dignitaries and authorities we don’t have authority to talk about yet forgive us Lord for our our arrogance well we’ve offended your your majesty we’ve offended your goodness we’ve been ungrateful to your kindness we’ve overlooked your mercy and took it for granted we said it isn’t time to get involved with this stuff but it is time Lord yeah now Lord for everyone that is hearing I pray that you will open our ears everyone just say the Lord Lord I’m available and I’m willing yes to say Lord I’m available and I’m willing most of you I believe is the Christians already so it’s not get save them and it’s it’s get available yes and whatever the Lord tells you to do in Satan America in restoring America obey it obey it and do not let this president this vice president Mike Pompeo ben Carson the number of Christians that are there right now in this government this White House do not let them down by just being a spectator and a critic repent of your own disengagement and ask the Lord to show you how to get meaningfully engaged in building a wall around the the nation and its independence and its sovereignty and its strength and I believe God will send another Billy Graham revival I think it’s going to send a repentance to America of spirit but it’ll be a patriotic move in other words it’s a move it says we’re not perfect we had plenty of things we’ve done wrong but God has blessed America and we will not take credit for that yeah we’re going to acknowledge it I mean god bless this country with us with an extension of grace and may we see a divine recovery and an awakening you know one last thing I just wanted to say let’s let’s repent for this is I’m thinking that Jonah word and I just want to say ah you know what we need to repent for running away I on behalf of the prophets on behalf of the church on behalf of those places where it’s so easy for us to stay in comfortable conferences and comfortable church buildings I want to pray right now and I want to engage in just a moment of identification or repentance where it’s thank God we repent for being like Jonah and running away for our assignments and our assignment is to go to the Nineveh our assignment is to go to the hard places your assignment might be to go to Hollywood your summit might be to go to politics or government the key is we’ve run away from the hard places God actually made you for the hard places he anointed you for the hard places the reason that they’re hard and the reason they look like Nineveh is because we are disengaged and I actually felt like the Lord was saying the state of nations is like the boat Jonah was in like America the condition of America is indicative of whether or not prophets and the leaders in the church are either running towards their assignment or away from their assignment in other words if we run away from our assignment our nations will look like the boat that Jonah was in was being tossed by the sea and it looked like it was being destroyed so Lord we repent for that and we run towards our assignment which is to run towards the hard places going and I hear the Lord saying this one I had just a little more focus on the target right now that Larry’s in the assignment for many of you is to not avoid the criticism of a popular opinions we have to stop being preoccupied with being popular like and avoiding triggering people yeah I believe the assignment is stop running a popularity contest and start doing what God told you to do and say what God says and and let the favor of God be your shield and I’m serious about this I really believe that for many more many of us we don’t talk about issues and because we’re not informed we don’t feel confident and then we have a theology modeled mostly by leaders that we all look up to that we don’t have to because we’re just going to pray and God will move and we’re not going to get involved but that is the problem we’re not involved and we’re all building our own little revival expectations that our ministry houses we’re not building the nation and I always say this at Leah and Rachel were the two wives of Jacob and they produced the twelve tribes the government of Israel Rachel was beautiful every Christian loves the move of God and revival getting touched dreams prophecies angels healings it’s almost like you don’t have to have an opinion on same-sex marriage or polygamy or multiple wives or socialism or capitalism you don’t to talk about things you want to talk about just talk about the Lord well all right that’s revival and when God moves in revival it’s a wonderful thing Reformation is léa léa was unattractive Leah the Bible said was squinty I don’t that meant but it meant that she was not the attractive girl the Rachel was Leah however produced the prolific family that Jacob wanted produced Reuben produced Simeon for this Levi and those words are to see God to hear God and to be joined to the Lord and so she was the one who produced really the strength of what God wanted Reformation isn’t pretty we all want revival but God wants is to go into the institution by the way Reformation is top-down it’s not bottom-up revival is grassroots you can have that revival in your town Reformation is going to be for the top that meaning the gates of hell that occupy the high places have to be a sail and God’s gates have to begin to move in institutions are affected by Reformation people are affected by revival and where they meet I think there’s a Great Awakening Amen father I thank you in Jesus name for the anointing and admittance watch yes I want you to think of truth we people you can share this with right now share share share and and you can help us out with what we’re doing you go to land small calm and every every dollar that why never asks for money but let’s do it right now every dollar that comes in right now we’ve got a couple of missions for and one of them is this message has to go out it means my don’t look for month because I’m really most most what I need to do is done by grace by you guys anyway you guys just share it so I’m happy but we need to have more people in alignment if this message is right then may it go out further and if it’s wrong may it go out further so we can have a better conversation but I do think this is this is what the Lord is saying we need a divine intervention we don’t deserve it and it’s bigger than just a revival it’s a Reformation and a Reformation is God’s project not ours again thanks Larry for being on this broadcast I shake your hands but it would be observing the appropriate protocol social distancing bye-bye hi I’m Lance well now but you already know that did you know that you can subscribe however you just push that button right there or over there and thing now we’re connected look forward to seeing you soon you

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