as you can tell I’m really tired it’s 3 a.m. welcome back to Cyrus Christina where’s my wife wife wife oh hi you’re so hyper why so hyper and I’m tired I get hyper we’re bringing it back the giant bubble balls Americana have a little dance you know Lord of these online took us two weeks to get them and finally got him so ready to do this okay look is it all right obviously you guys are not gonna wait around for us to blow these up so we’re gonna do a time-lapse here it is right I think it’s almost time guys there are these deplaning where to put the knobs on really quick we didn’t think this through well babe we have to open them anyways so they’re gonna deflate regardless that’s true Alex you dropped it you wanna act like I’m doing something wrong but really you just thought about that first ladies first yeah wait services died god I got it I’ll just hold the ball for you you didn’t do anything wait my question is wait why are we putting this on right now if you have to go in anyways okay listen let me go enter a whole new world I’m healthy three two one go go go make sure when you’re in there you’re recording for everyone to see ah start blowing me huh there’s no there’s me up like this oh yeah I know we have to yeah we know for a week enough to do that there’s a value in a pool close it so far guys it goes at least you can stand up though alright guys I think I’m next and then we’ll start doing gymnastics and see what we can do vortex – waiting on you what is Christina doing over there three two one mission blue all right babe it’s time to start doing some gymnastics I go round go round I balance beam with giant bowling ball poopers man sorry let me just help you bro sure yeah go ahead are you positive balance beam on the ball is the hardest thing where’s Christina she’s right here bro I think she’s having some trouble Justina what are you doing you got it sighs come on I think you guys are stuck right now Hey go ahead Christina your necks gonna just jump just jump Xena what are you doing that’s it to the Bobo balls really hard we got a race engine oxygen first 100 weeks the end win guys are so slow come on jump sighs down saris why is your bubble so foggy compared to Christina’s get out is your hair away yes way all right bottom challenge cartwheels there is back not bad not bad guys yeah try it let’s see what you could do actually all right should I do it ah you have your noise like push-ups babe that is one of the hardest things to do guys – maths in a bubble bar oh my gosh once you’re in that you’re appreciate oxygen so much more I love trees and bees next time we have to do that on the pool no no all right guys thank you for watching our Channel wait make sure you subscribe don’t end it yeah I know I want to end it – okay make sure you guys subscribe it posts every we post every Monday today supposed to be easy shout out goes to Elena if you wanna shout out all you gotta do is turn your post vacations in comment bubble bubble ball love you guys come bubble when you’re done I believe closeout ready three two one babe you good over there just a second a shower or something like this Romeo

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