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It’s nation Kingdom against Kingdom great earthquakes should be in diverse places famines and pestilence and fearful signs and great signs of the word great is mega sand it means big or large keep that in mind bigger large signs will there be from heaven and in chapter 21 verses 25 through 26 says this and there shall be signs in the sun and in the moon and in the Stars and upon the earth distress of Nations with perplexity the sea and the waves roaring that that word roaring there in Greek means the echo from the sea when the tsunami struck Indonesia do you know what everybody described it as an echo coming from the sea they could hear an echo they usually they use that word on the internet and echo exactly what Jesus talked about men’s hearts failing them for fear for looking after those things which are coming on the earth now watch this next verse I conclude there for the powers of heaven shall be shaken in the Bible from Adam to Noah is ten generations a lot of people don’t think that there was a lot of prophetic activity happening during those first 10 generations but the Jewish historian Josephus gives you something very interesting that Adam had a prophecy that was given to him directly by God that he passed to his son Seth and Seth’s sons recorded it in brick and stone so that it would never be lost here’s the quote the sons of Seth were the inventors of that peculiar sort of wisdom which is concerned with the heavenly bodies and their order and that their inventions might not be lost before they were sufficiently known upon Adams prediction that the world was to be destroyed at one time by the force of fire and another time by the violence and quality of water they made two pillars the one of brick and the other of stone they inscribed their discoveries on them both that encase the pillar of bricks should be destroyed by the flood the pillar of stone might remain and exhibit those discoveries to all mankind and also to inform them that there was another pillar of brick erected by them now this this was written 1,900 years ago the statement now this remains in the land of Syria to this day nineteen hundred years ago those monuments still existed we don’t know where they’re at maybe they’ll be discovered in Egypt sometime we don’t know now Alexander the Great was a general that conquered the known world of his day he sent a letter to Aristotle and here’s what he said when I came to such a place in India says he the natives told me that they had with them the Sepulcher of an ancient king who had ruled over all the world whose name was Canaan the son of eNOS who foreseeing that God would bring a flood upon the earth wrote his prophecy on it tablets of stones and they are here the writing is in Hebrew that’s heavy that was our exam of the great the Jewish book of Jasher it’s mentioned twice in our Bible discovered in 1840 translated to English says this in chapter 2 verses 12 through 13 Canaan knew by his wisdom that God would destroy the sons of men for having sinned upon the earth and the Lord would in the latter days bring upon them the waters of the flood and so in those days Canaan wrote upon tablets of stone what was to take place at that time and he put them in his Treasury it appears that that was India we don’t know why he went in that direction where I he ended up there but that appears to be the territory where it was now that is the oldest prophecy known Adams prediction of fire and water coming to the earth however the oldest biblical prophecy given by a man was given by man named Enoch the seventh from Adam I’ll read it to you from Jude through 15 Enoch the seventh from Adam prophesied of these saying behold the Lord is coming with ten thousands of his Saints to execute judgment on the earth and to convict all who are unkind among them of their ungodly deeds which they have committed in an ungodly way and of all the harsh things which ungodly sinners have spoken against him word of that quote come from well imitate where it came from it came from a book called the Book of Enoch which was known in the early church which is quoted by the early fathers in the 1st and 2nd century now once again no one knew where that book was until it was rediscovered in a scroll form in 1773 now let me read to you from the scroll of Enoch 1 and 9 and this is what Jude had quoted from this is the actual quote from the scroll behold he comes with mirrors of a whole of the holy to pass judgment upon them and will destroy the impious and will call to account all flesh for everything the sinners and the abs have done and committed against him that is the quote now what I want to share with you is these are two early prophecies one deals with judgment and the other deals with the return of the Lord are you listening somebody one deals with water which was a flood and knows that in the other one says the other prophecy says fire is going to be the way that the final judgment is going to come upon the earth at the time of the return of the Messiah now having said that Adam prophesied before the flood came 1500 and years before it actually occurred remember men were living longer back then Adam lived to be 930 years of age and he died in the 56th year of Lamech sly fuite was Noah’s dad so these men actually knew each other now according to all Jewish history that I’ve studied on the subject three men understood the heavens they understood the stars the planets and the constellations because God had given them direct knowledge the first was Adam the second was a man by the name of Seth who was Adams son the third was a man by the name of Enoch who was translated if you’ll remember after so many years of living he was the youngest in fact he died after 360 days I’m sorry 3 or 65 days he is translated alive into heaven three men had understanding and knowledge of what I’m about to share with you the Sun its rotation the moon how it worked with the waves of the sea and the constellations of heaven now let me say something about constellations because we’re going to tap on a few things in a little bit with some pictures Satan did not make the heaven Satan did not make the Sun Moon and stars and before there was ever a Torah or a Bible written there was two thousand five hundred years when men had no written record from God and God revealed himself through the heavens and it became perverted through the Egyptians the Babylonians and the Greeks who made mythology out of it now having said that in Genesis 39 9 through 11 Joseph has a dream he dreams the Sun Moon and stars are bowing down before me his father interprets the dream and he says this he said shall your mother she represented the moon and I he represented the Sun and your brother’s eleven other brothers indeed bow down before you so in other words this is important to understand this Jacob believed that the Sun and the moon represented him and the mama and the those constellations each represented one of the so talked about the 12 major constellations represented one of the sons now let me give an example ready there’s a tribe called Judah Judas emblem is a lion there’s a lion in heaven called Leo let me just throw one thing out there for you don’t want to get sidetracked from this when the season begins you’ve got two equinoxes that begins in the spring it being the Sun begins in Virgo the virgin guess where the year ends up in Leo the Lion why does the circle start in a virgin and go around and in in a lion because Jesus was born of a virgin but is coming back as the Lion of the tribe of Judah in the book got it in the book of Revelation so Gus I want you to understand as we get into this God made the heavens not the devil now from Adam to Noah as I said earlier there was no written record so how did God teach men he appeared in visions he appeared in dreams and if you read your Bible angels are constantly showing up angels showed up at Sodom angels showed up with Abraham angels showed up with Jacob every time you look around there’s a man even in the book of Judges they were coming as angels now according again to history I’ve taken this from the Old Testament first that I’m taking this from Jewish history early church fathers we combine it together something really bizarre happened that can be proven by history now listen carefully I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this but I’m taking you somewhere that’s why we got to go here there was a group of angels according to history that before God ever sent the Torah to Moses the revelation of his word he sent angels down in the form of men to teach men righteousness now according to everything you can find on this subject these angels once they took upon themselves flesh could sin you said that’s impossible wait a minute Jesus the word became flesh and was tempted in all points as you and I yet without sin we’re not talking about an angel in a spirit body we’re talking about an angel that could take upon itself the form of flesh how this happened we don’t know but this is the reason why in a Jude a six one through four the sons of God came to the daughters of men and produced a race of giants this is why in Jude 1 6 through 7 second Peter 2 through 2nd Peter chapter 2 4 it says the angels that didn’t keep their first position God is now bound in chains of darkness in the inhale and these are angels that came into the daughters of men and produced Giants now I’m going to give you three quotes real quick the earliest report of fallen angels is found again in the Book of Enoch which was known in the first century church here’s the quote the sons of heaven who belong to the guardian angels lusted for the beauty of the daughters of men and in the time of Jared you could read about him in the book of Genesis they decided to descend upon mountain Hermon to carry out their plans from there for there were two hundred them and their leader made them swear an oath to adhere to their purpose and it was this oath that gave the name to Mount Hermon mountain Hermon is a snow-capped mountain between the border of Israel and Syria they consorted with the daughters of men who birthed a generation of giants who said about mercilessly destroying human beings the Fallen Angels also taught me in the use of weapons other tools promoting immorality and crime in this matter demonic wisdom came into being in addition to divine wisdom but it led to the corruption of mankind moved by man’s outcry the four Archangels appeared to God and were given orders to punish the fallen angels now your Bible talks about the New Testament fallen angels that did not keep their first estate Josephus the Jewish historian wrote about this same thing for which reason they removed their camp to Hebron when they had taken it by when they take it at the Hebrews had taken him from they slew the inhabitants they were there were till then left a race of giants whose bodies were so large and whose countenance was so entirely different from men that they were terrible to the hearing the bones of these men are still shown to this day unlike any credible relations with any other men he’s saying I have seen the bones of the Giants in Hebron that was 1,900 years ago final quote and I’ve got many more quotes I want to give anything you give me three Justin Martyr early church father book one page 190 how the Angels transgress wrote this God committed to the care of men and all things under heaven two angels to whom he appointed over them but the Angels transgressed disappointment and were captivated by the love of women and begot children who were those that were called demons and beside they afterwards subdued the human race by themselves partially by teaching them to offer sacrifices and incense of which they stood in need of after they were enslaved by lustful passions and among them that sowed murders wars adulteries terrible deeds and wickedness this is important to understand this whence also the poets and mythologist not knowing that it was the angels and those demons whom had been begotten by them that did these things to men and women in cities and nations which they really ascribe them to God himself and to the offspring of those who were called brothers Neptune and Pluto and to the children again of their offspring here’s what he’s saying Greek mythology perverted the true story they didn’t understand fallen angels they didn’t understand these Giants so the Greeks came along after the Giants had all died and the Fallen Angels were all bound thousand year later 1500 years later and they make mythology up he said but they don’t know what they’re doing because they don’t understand the real history is everybody still here is there proof of them yes dolmens dolmens what is a dolmen a dolmen means a stone table they are located throughout the world this is a picture of one which is located in Israel this is there are 3,000 of these located in what is called the base jean or the Golan Heights of Israel why is that important for you to understand number one these are so large that engineers from America have said you would have to have a crane to pick up these stones they cannot figure how human men have put these up there in Stonehenge England they are in Ireland they are in South Africa they are all over the world do you know why because the world used to be all one continent and before the flood these giants could go anywhere without having to take a ship and then at the time of the flood the continents were divided up and that’s the reason why that you have these located everywhere because you say how did these Giants get all over the earth take a map have your kids do it take a map of the world cut it out and you can put it together like a jigsaw puzzle something happened the Bible even said Peleg in his day was the Earth divided so these stone tables as they’re called 3,000 of them are in the bolan heights why is that important because if you’ll read your Bible there was a man named odd king of Bashan whose bed if we take it to English – art – our standard of measurement ready 4 foot wide 18-feet tall and he was a giant in the land of the by well brother Perry I just don’t believe there’s any evidence of John’s well let me read this there’s a temple and I’m Dhara in northern Syria it was built similar to the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem in 1936 it contains stones carved with Lions cherubim paul metz and other geometric designs it has three chambers like a temple it has a chamber for a shrine like a Holy of Holies when the archaeologists dug it out they were shocked to discover this that there are three of these in the entrance of those are footprints three feet long now they they’re saying perhaps it was dedicated to the god of that air but don’t miss this this temple that they excavated where these three footprints are are located right in the heart of where the Bible’s Giants used to be so when people look at me and they say well I just don’t believe all of that that you reading the Bible you better start believing it my brother are you still here now here’s the reason I’m talking about Giants here’s the reason I’m talking about fallen angels because there has been a huge interest in what is called unidentified flying objects better known as UFOs and by the way that on the right is a mock-up that is not the real thing from area 51 anyway you don’t even know what that is that’s fine but the point is what are these flying saucers interestingly enough they didn’t really start appearing till about 1948 when Israel became a nation again Hitler I have the actual book from Germany Hitler was working on a flying disc he sat in the Olympics and watched a guy sling a disc and the German government was trying to develop what was called a flying disc in fact some scientists from Germany believe it was already made and so I believe that a lot of what you and I see in the atmosphere is military and secret military intelligence of things they’re working on that you and I have no clue about now we’ll say this there is so much going on and so much weirdness taking place that it cannot be all military I’ve got something Oh Lord I shouldn’t even get into this but I’m taping in Israel and my TV producer calls me in when we get back he said I’m going to blow your mind I want you to look at this and something’s shot across the screen and he slowed that thing down and it was what we had heard about four years of flying rod it was three and a half four feet long it was crystal it has a clear it’s got a membrane running through it and people have tried to determine what they are I did get a letter from a guy that when he was a little boy throwing wood chips up him and his sister they hit one you can’t see him and that your eye fell to the ground he said was about three and half foot tall had little teeth and fins these have four fins on them this whole internet sites dedicated to some say there flies that just show up on I’ve been taping in Israel for thirty years and have seen flies on cameras had never seen this it’s right over the Sea of Galilee brother one of them is shooting up in the air and one of them is shooting and going down into the ground I said wouldn’t that be weird if that’s the spirit of somebody dying I got my staff all shook up when I told him that I’m not telling you I believe that I just thought I was having fun with it now there’s something going on out there here’s my point listen carefully if in the days of Noah if in the days of Noah we’re going to repeat ourselves there were giants in the earth that was the offspring of something supernatural and something natural that produced a demonic seed is it possible that we’re going to see visible demonic powers principalities and powers of the atmosphere begin to manifest and actually see them and be able to photograph them in these last days and the world will be deceived and being a more diet taking its life on other planets does anybody hear what I’m but you know there’s also in the Bible in the Book of Ezekiel a cherub and it’s described as a wheel within the middle of a wheel and that wheel begins to spin and it’s got what looks like eyes on it what if it’s lights what if it’s not eyes my point is this you’re going to hear more about this you’re going to see more about this you’re going to see things showing up all over the place and don’t be deceived into thinking that there’s a you know evolution must be real because there are many many planets with weird creatures that have evolved let me tell you brother there’s only one planet that God sent his – and that was planet earth and you better know that before you get started one planet he died here hey preach on he didn’t have to die over and over again now the mystery of the heavens shall we go there shout yes in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth Genesis however we read in Genesis 2 in 1 that the heavens and the earth were finished he created what does it mean by heavens it means that there are levels of heaven 2nd Corinthians through 4 Paul wrote this he was caught up on to a man in Christ 14 years ago whether in the body or out of the body I cannot tell God knows but such a man was caught up into the third heaven and heard and saw things that it was not even lawful for men to other everybody say the third heaven what is the third heaven in Genesis chapter one and eight there is the firmament that’s the arch of the sky where the birds fly then we read where there are stars and lights in the firmament that’s the second heaven where the Sun Moon and stars are but Paul wrote in second Corinthians paradise where the righteous people go at death is located in the third heaven and there’s three levels of heaven when you read Isaiah through 14 about where Satan is cast out of heaven watch what he says Satan says I will ascend back into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will sit in the further sides of the north and ascend above the height of the clouds now watch it clouds is the first level stars is the second level above the stars in the regions of the north is the location of the throne of God let’s just break it down this way by this little chart here there are the clouds which is man’s Dominion Genesis the stars are Satan’s Dominion Ephesians two and two Prince of the power of the air also principalities rule the atmosphere that’s where all this weird stuff is coming from by the way folks and then there’s the sides of the north which is God’s Dominion second Corinthians chapter 2 and verse 12 however the Lord says great and fearful signs would be from heaven that is not the clouds ace that’s the star the Sun Moon the stars he makes it very clear in Luke its where the signs are going to take place now let me go through a journey with you I’ve laid the foundation now we get to the depth of this he said there would be signs in the Sun some scientists are concerned about the sun’s activity in the year 2012 now my boy is just enamored by this you know he’s 19 years old and when you got a 19 year old kid that’s a boy they kind of zone out on you how many parents know what I’m talking about they just kind of zone you know we found out when I wrote that book the Jewish code I did some research and I said you know pastor we put our guys in the military at age 18 because they’re out of high school they’re making a career change a career choice but do you know God said put the boys in the military at age 20 and I said what did God say age 20 and I got to researching that for that book and I found out that there is the judgmental part of the brain in a young man does not develop till age 20 hey God knew what he’s talking about there did that doesn’t mean our soldiers are not smart but I’m just saying God knew that that was the better age of maturity to make quick decisions and it’s true when they get to be about 20 come on something happens one lady said I woke up and didn’t know was the same boy I said is that really my son he said he loved me is that really my boy is that something enter his body last night what happened anyway my boy is fascinated by 2012 we talk about it a lot the National Academy of Sciences outlined the worst case scenario for 2012 their theory is based on a stoller solar storm from 1859 that shorted the telegraph wires in the US and in Europe and also created fires the Sun is in an active phase cycle every 11 years but in 2012 it could release a powerful magnetic storm on the earth it would if it were a face if this goes the way they say it could because of the positioning of the Sun it could disable satellites disrupt the power grid and communication systems on earth modern power grids are interconnected and this type of storm could be a disaster now this is what two scientists not preachers said on Fox News it could knock the power out for six months no electricity for six months now that’s interesting because think about what I’m going to say why in the Book of Ezekiel is there a Gog and Magog war with men riding on horses because if everything went out power wise you would be going back to fighting the old fashion well somebody will get that later I’ll just leave that alone there I guess so in the in nineteen 1989 a son storm shut down power in Quebec Canada in 2003 ten solar flares over two weeks knocked out to earth Earth orbiting satellites so they’re saying well why are you so you know what’s the big deal now it happens every 11 years and they said they have miscalculated the positioning of things and now will it happen I don’t know my point is signs in the Sun what are they talking about the Sun so here we have just again a reference to the Sun from Jesus now here’s another one sign in the stars I love this one scientists have discovered a strange cosmic noise that booms six times louder than expected it is from the distant cosmos and no one knows what it really is sound waves cannot travel in a vacuum but radio waves can because of their low frequency the Stars quays our Milky Way all emit what is called a static hiss that was detected in 1931 however a recent discovery by Alan Koh Gert says it’s much louder and here’s his quote from a scientist something is going on out there because the radio waves come from far away traveling at the speed of light they therefore represent an earlier time in the universe now why is it that they’ve son discovered a sound emitting they have discovered stars are producing sounds the whole universe is producing some kind of a sound well then we just give it to you from the more spiritual perspective praise him all ye angels praise him all ye hosts praise Him Sun and Moon praise him all ye stars of light praise him he heavens of heaven and he waters that be above the heavens when God created the heavens and the earth and job he said to job where were you when all the sons of God sang together and the morning star shouted for joy we might not be able to tell what that hiss is or what that sound is but you’ve got to understand something about the Word of God they say the universe is expanding and it’s continuing to create why because when God said let there be that word is still in the universe you can’t kill the Word of God you can’t destroy the Word of God the Word of God endures forever and I believe what they’re picking up is that creative word in the early part of creation that is still bouncing around all over the heavens all praise God somebody signs in the Sun signs of the stars all but here’s another one whoo if I say fearful signs this is really what many many men who in the scientific community are very much afraid of National Geographic August 8th reported an article by Richard stone no relation by the way I don’t guess called target Earth the kid Peak National Observatory June 18 2004 David Tolin and two other men saw something it was an asteroid the size of a sports stadium there was a 40 in one chance it would collide with earth on April the 13th 2029 it is projected to come within 21,000 miles of the earth but they’ve said there’s probably a little chance of impact however here’s their concern about it ready for this it could pass through a keyhole alright where earth Scrabble would deflect its course and then when it returns check this out on Passover 2036 it could then strike the earth the name of it is called Apophis which is the god of evil in Egypt called destruction I saw a star fall from heaven with the key to the bottomless pit whose name was Abaddon or apollyon whose means destroyer the third angel sounded and there fell a great star from heaven burning as it were a lamp and it fell upon the third parts of the river upon the Fountains of water the name of the stars called wormwood and the third part of the waters became wormwood and many men died of the waters because they were made bitter this is Revelation chapter eight 10 and 11 and that word star is the word aster where we get the word asteroid so the Bible predicts an asteroid will strike and when it hits the earth one-third of everything goes man is killed waters polluted trees and grass we don’t know exactly I can speculate maybe where it’s going to hit it would take too much time to go through all the prophecies of the countries that survived versus those that don’t in the Bible or the regions but is it possible because you know there’s other asteroids that are out there that they don’t see because of the Sun and all of a sudden it repositions or something they catch them this happens all the time and there’s only as far as men who watch asteroids you can put them all in a McDonald’s restaurant so it’s not like the whole world’s watching this thing there’s only a handful of men to look out for asteroids now let’s just have some fun you want have a little fun because you know everybody likes to get in the numbers and what if what if okay who’s the fixative Jesus was around 32 ad the church was born that year on Pentecost 30 to 80 the church is born 30 to 80 to 20 to 20 30 to would be 2,000 exact years on a Gentile calendar woohoo are you listening at a seven-year tribulation to that it would take you to 20 39 so 20 36 would be mid-trib which is exactly when that asteroid hits in the bible mid-trip hey you say you think we’re going to be here that long I don’t know if we are but I’m gonna tell you one thing you should serve God not because the rapture might not happen for 20 years because you might leave this world before the rapture takes place it can happen to any of us with with you know it can’t you know it’s true it happens all the time to good folks so my point is that’s why you serve God not because well I guess we’ll be hearing maybe we can party for a few years well no you don’t want to do that you want to serve God you know cuz you know how many your heart might just give away one day and boom there you are that’s why you got to keep you stuff I love the prayer my little girl prays every night we taught her to pray this because pastor I don’t know how people I’m not trying to be hyper or super spiritual or under spiritual but when I get up in the and I ask God to bless my day and Lord just blessed it but when I go to bed every night I scan Lord Lord if there’s anything I’ve done or said that should not was not right forgive me that my little girl prays that every night the last prayer Jesus if I’ve done anything wrong forgive me and she says and don’t let me do it again I said I like that prayer isn’t this interesting now now I’m not saying or projecting that date what I am showing you is fearful signs in the heaven what could be more fearful than a possible asteroid here’s a weird one look at this machine this is called an atom smasher let me tell you about this thing it’s called the atom smasher or the Hadron Collider and they were using it or getting ready to use and it broke down September 2008 they are trying to create a big bang that they want to prove helped create the universe and they’re trying to create a big bang inside of this thing it will smash atoms at a high speed and create a temperature of over a trillion degrees ooh I have a friend of mine who’s a laser scientist on my board and he knows all about this and he got to explaining this to me and he lost me now folks when you lose me because I think I’m a pretty smart guy I am lost you understand you can forget it I’m lost here’s here’s the problem with this Collider some scientists are saying it could create a mini black hole on earth another one they start crank this thing up if it goes the way it could on the other side of the world let’s say it’s China it could create an invisible black hole with the atoms and start sucking the earth in and rip the earth apart / federate professor Otto Roessler a German chemist is concerned he said my own calculations have shown it is quite plausible that these little black holes will survive and will continually grow exponentially and eat the planet from the inside could that be I’m only asking why in the tribulation there is a mega earthquake that shakes mountains topples all cities and causes islands to disappear oh just thoughts not saying it is just hope that machine just keeps breaking down as all I got is a now I asked Wayne he’s on my board Wayne he’s a laser scientist this guy I’m saying he’s four for real he can take aluminum and creates a fire out of it and they were going to use it on the space shuttle wings you know once you put it on there that it endures heat he’s a genius and we were talking about this I said think about this what if they were to shoot things like that into outer space and create maybe create holes black holes or things in space listen what the Bible says all the hosts of heaven shall be dissolved the heavens shall be rolled together as a scroll the hosts shall fall down as the leaf falls from the vine this is Isaiah 30 I think it’s 34 for what I’ve got here revelation 6 the stars of heaven fell to the earth even as the fig tree casts her untimely figs when she is shaken of the wind and the heaven departed as a scroll to listen somebody is going to do something now this can all be supernatural you know that but somebody I think is going through something to start messing with space and when they start building these machines to mess with space they’re going to mess the whole molecular structure up and going to actually man man could create how do you know that some of this stuff mentioned in the book of Revelation man is actually positioning himself to create some of this happening and sometimes doesn’t even realize it oh preach all now you say well that’s pretty fearful well let’s get to some really wild stuff hey-ho in Matthew 24 when Jesus was giving the disciples they came to Christ and they he predicted the destruction of the temple but they wanted to know more about the future so here’s what they said Jesus what will be the sign of your coming in the end of the age Matthew 24 and 5 now this is always puzzled me because Jesus then starts talking about wars rumors famines pestilence earthquakes he gives he gives signs they did not ask him for signs what it’s singular they asked him for one word I want to know what is the sign that you’re coming to this always bothered me so I decided to find out what he was talking about now listen what he says he tells him all these things Wars rumors of wars famines pestilence earthquakes then he says immediately after the tribulation the seven-year period at the end of the tribulation in those days the Sun will be darkened the moon will not give her light the Stars will fall from heaven and the powers of heaven shall be shaken and then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven Jesus goes to all this long discourse of when you see this it’s a birth pain when you see this the end is not yet that’s not what they asked him for he’s giving him that they want I will know what is the sign of your coming the sign of the Son of Man appears in heaven then the tribes of the earth mourn does that mean they so just see him well why did you say and then I will appear in heaven he said there is a sign that starts appearing in heaven whoa what is the sign of the Son of Man first of all the phrase son of man people say well Jesus was not the Son of God because he called himself Son of Man no Son of Man is a if you go into the Arabic Aramaic or the Hebrew of the Book of Daniel that phrase is mentioned about the Son of Man and it is a messianic term that the Jews understood to represent the Messiah so when Jesus calls himself son of man he’s not saying I’m just a man I’m not God not the son of God he’s they understand it’s a messy under Jews knew what he was doing there now having said that the sign of the Son of Man everybody should know this if your Christian is the cross the cross is the sign of Christ a crescent moon is a sign of in law in Islam a black dot on someone’s head what are they they’re Hindu that you know that you don’t have to ask what religion you know when you see a cross on somebody’s net you assume they’re Christians now there’s some rappers out there I wish I’d get that cross off because of how they’re living because they’re active singing these terrible songs and call them women all kinds of words they’ve got some big cross that probably a pray and grandma gave them but they need to take that thing off because people think they’re Christians and they’re act in that way I’m going to preach this whether you like it or not really don’t matter but the sign the sign of the Son of Man has always been the cross now Constantine was an emperor of Rome listen to what happened Constantine in a vision or in the sky saw a cross he was going to battle he was going to war right with the words in this sign conquer he placed on the shields and the top of the standards of his troops the cross and he defeated Maxie deist and the victory made him the Emperor of the West later the chi-rho was placed on the Eagle who I’m sorry replaced the eagle on all the standards of the Roman Empire and Constantine became the first Christian Emperor now the bottom line is that Christians had been persecuted for centuries when Constantine in that fourth century is going to battle he sees the cross and that became the sign of the Son of Man and that’s why I watch this the sign of the Cross came into existence among the Catholics the sign of the Cross came into existence now there is in this in the southern part of heaven what is identified as the Southern Cross it’s the smallest of 88 modern constellations it gradually was lowered below the European horizon in Athens in 1000 BC of thousands before Christ can you all see that there the Southern Cross was visible but low in the sky by ad four hundred four hundred years after the birth of Christ it never rose above the horizon in Greece now I was told and-and-and-and that when Jesus was hanging on the cross right below the horizon at night you could have barely still seen the Southern Cross and after the crucifixion it begins to disappear and you don’t see it because it’s too far into the South does that make sense to everybody Southern Cross now on August the 17th 1999 all planets except Pluto were either square or opposite of each other in history this alignment marks the end of one cycle and the beginning of another a weaker version of this was in January the 11th 1910 four years before World War one hit the entire world the planets that were in alignment were Leo Taurus Aquarius and Scorpio which their emblems are listen a lion a bull a man and the eagle some of you know where I’m going with this but show the grand cross this was an alignment of the planets it actually formed they actually lined up in August now Muslims keep up some of them do with cosmic signs and on August of 1718 299 when this alignment took place it scared them in Jerusalem I’m telling you I had an Arab friend of mine who was a Muslim and he talked about when this started making the news that it frightened them because they knew that these alignments meant something now watch this this is a sign of the planets forming in the shape of a cross but it’s significant you got to catch this it’s significant the constellations they are lined up in Wu let me say it again Leo Taurus Aquarius and Scorpio whose emblems are aligned a bull a man and eagle why is that important what I will show you this because some of you may not have caught this yet the next one shows the picture that around the throne of God our four living creatures the Bible says around the throne of God is an angel that has the appearance of a lion one like a man one like an eagle and the other like a bull or an ox and those planets formed a cross in four constellations that are symbols of a lion a bull a man and even here now what is that that is not a fearful sign that didn’t scare me that’s a great sign it’s like wow see even the Sphinx I don’t know if you’re aware of this or not but I did some research on the Sphinx I went Fink’s I went to Egypt the Sphinx is very interesting because he’s got a man’s head lines Paul a bulls body and originally had eagle’s wings hello okay all right oh by the way I can’t prove this I preached this last time I was here based on some evidence but we talked about the New Jerusalem in 1500 miles 1550 hundred miles we assume always it’s a square but it never says it life it lieth in other words the foundation is Foursquare these little boys in China in the 1930s start fasting and praying at an orphanage and had a vision and one of them saw the New Jerusalem and it was a pyramid now it can still be 1500 miles high why is that why is the pyramid one of the oldest Emmas in the world who built that thing who built it why they put a sphinx with the same emblems that are in heaven oh it’s all over me right now okay now I’m going to show you some pre signs look this way LEM explain this to you there are numerous galaxies in the universe galaxies consist of stars and gases those gases are beautiful some looks silver some look blue some look red some look orange and the Hubble telescope is now discovering things in space that no one has ever seen before and these are great member mega great science mega signs large signs big signs amazing signs here’s the Whirlpool Galaxy the Whirlpool Galaxy was discovered at the time America was getting our independence now among the in the world with the Whirlpool Galaxy consists of seven stars some referred to Amos five and eight when it mentions the seven stars as the Big Dipper the Big Dipper will show you this in a minute which is in this galaxy has seven stars others say that Amos five and eight refers to the pleadings now by the way let me just say this that in your Bible it mentions the Pleiades it mentions or Ryan so when I use these terms I can look at some of you and say it sounds to me like he’s talking about astrology no no get your head out of the sand okay because these naor Ryan seven stars will come back here let me just explain something just a minute when Jesus is holding up his right hand and Jesus has says there’s seven stars in his right hand right what do you think he’s doing those are the seven pastors of the seven churches you understand why is he why does he have his seven stars in his hand because if you go back and study the seven churches of Asia there were hundreds of churches why is he only address seven can I tell you why the Apostle John started those churches I found out it was John that started all but one of those churches and he may even start at the seventh one that’s why God gave him the message to those churches because those were his babies but let me tell you this ready for this Bombers are seven when there was hundreds of them why Zeeland addressing seventh because they’re all located in Turkey which is Asia Minor at the base of the Taurus Mountains that’s significant when you understand that if you go out in the constellations of the heaven there is a constellation called Taurus the Bull the bull was the high priest offering and in the neck of Taurus the Bull is a star called the plea of these and there’s one star in the middle that all the Arabs and Jews taught in the ancient time was the center of the universe and it’s surrounded by seven stars called the Seven Sisters and it sits in the neck of Taurus the Bull and the seven churches are at the base of the Taurus Mountains in Turkey so in other words this is stuff that they would have known in that day that we’ve lost him the West because we don’t study it does that make sense all right now in the Whirlpool Galaxy hey there is a North Star that is of just above the edge of the cup of the Dipper in the heaven brightest star in the heavens the directional star when you get lost if you can find the North Star you can find what south east and west is and by the way heaven is located in the sides of the North that’s in your Bible the Bible says in the book of Job he stretches out the north over the empty place and he hangs the earth upon nothing that’s a scientific fact so you see what is called Ursa Major or the Big Dipper all right and when you see this at home it’s much more clearer the pictures are real clear more than on the screen like that but you see the different stars that are part of that dipper now the Hubble telescope June of 1992 released of very strange photograph now what are we talking about before we do this we’re talking about the sign of the Son of man in heaven that there would be signs in the heaven I just showed you a grant the Grand Cross showed you the Southern Cross get they go up and find a black hole with dust and gas in the center and when they took the picture this is not retouched this is the exact picture this is in the middle of that galaxy hey how do you figure that the gases are forming a cross I just love this now listen this part scripture there’ll be signs in the Sun and the moon and in the stars sons is that a sign I think so look that was that may of that may have been there for some further you know who knows how long but we didn’t know it we didn’t see it to our day and time we wouldn’t have known these things until now you gotta understand folks these are signs that the Lord’s coming he said when you see these things begin to come to pass that’s why everybody’s got to get the heart right with God he may not come for three five ten years twenty years from now I don’t know but I’m telling you better serve Him and get right now that’s I’m not done yet he said then they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds with power and great glory when these things begin to come to pass look up lift up your head your Redemption draweth nigh now these next ones guys don’t show it til I tell you to report on Fox News website on April 2009 spotted by the Hubble telescope the three things I’m going to show you we’re all reported on Jewish Passover this year in GC – 70 49 sits in the southern constant constellation of Indus it is a bright cluster star galaxy a very strange gastly halo stars surrounded by cosmic dust this is the actual picture check this out crown of thorns look at it real careful what did Jesus wear you got a cross you got a crown of thorns taken by NASA’s Hubble telescope at Kitt Park National Observatory in Arizona it depicts that this next one depicts the helix nebula which is a trillion mile long tunnel of glowing gases in the center is a dying star which has ejected masses of dust and gases that produce this image this freaked people out when they saw this is called the next one is called simply the eye of God great signs in heaven did you hear me great science mega some are fearful hey man an asteroid meteorites that could hit our satellites that’s fearful stuff the Sun knocking out the power that’s fearful but wait a minute not all is fearful some are going to be great one of my ministry partners gave me this photograph and I hope before we show it I hope I hope you’ll be able to see it because if you see it up close it is it is very bizarre there was a meteor coming through and again this was shown this was made public it Passover and it looks like something is blocking it and this is simply called the hand of God in action let me tell you this one that actually has five fingers on it and where the red is is where the the intensity is of the the meteor and this hand looks like it’s coming out of nowhere it talked to me somebody and we looked at the fingers there’s fat what looks like but now that’s gas that’s gases see but if you were to see a spirit if you were to see a spirit it would look different I know it my spirit would come out of my body it could walk through a wall because it doesn’t have the solids now listen to what Jesus said I’m gonna say it again everybody listen carefully when you see these things begin signs in the Sun Moon and stars when you see these things begin to come to pass look up lift up your head your Redemption now I wanna I want you to step we’re going to pray but I want to conclude with this I’ve been preaching now for about 32 probably going on 33 years when I was just a young kid preaching my second service at my dad’s church for some reason I preached on the coming of the Lord I quoted every scripture from Genesis to Revelation I knew and I preached an hour and five minutes they knew at that point there was a long-winded preacher in the family that was only my second message I have from that time been curious and it’s always been a side subject of mine to study the events happening as it relates to Scripture I want to one to hear me in closing I can truly tell you that before my grandfather died he was a preacher for 60-some years and I said granddad did they preach the return of the Lord in your day he said sure I said when did they really start preaching he said after Israel became a nation because they knew that was a trigger I said but what do you see now he said son there are things happening now that in my day I never dreamed he told me this he said I never dreamed in my day that they would ever allow a baby to be killed in the Mama’s belly he’s I’ll be honest I never dreamed in my day I would see a day when you’d have men kissing men in San Francisco saying they want to marry each other he says no I’m just telling you in our day that would have never even been spoken even by sinners so he said there are things period that started happening in my day while I was living you know talking that when I got older he said as I got older that I never dreamed I’d see I said so you think the Lord still come and he said are you kidding much more now than when I was younger much more than when I was fourteen fifty died when he was in his eighties but that is 76 talk to me said that unless some preachers used to preach on the coming of the Lord didn’t they he stole yeah I said did they preach on a lot he said honestly not really he said but when they did they preached it very heavy I said dad you’ve been around all these years do you really believe that Jesus going to come back and he said oh my goodness why are you even asking me you know I believe that I said that in your time of growing up how much has it changed and he just shook his head and he said never dreamed when I was growing up said the same thing granddad said never dream when I was growing up I would see this I would get this age and this far to see the signs of the Bible happening right in front of mine now how do you think that makes me feel 49 years of age going on 50 June 23rd 1959 my birthday we accept checks and cash listen I apologize that’s that Randy Caldwell spirit coming out on I had to say that I had to say that just for the fun erase that out of your head tell you this yeah yeah let me tell you this I’ve been to Israel and of what I’ve watched the plant blossom I’ve watched Jews that never would believe in Jesus talking about Jesus now I’ve heard him talk about the DNA testing where they’re discovered who Jews are I’ve watched him three organizations prepare secretly for the building of a temple I’ve heard Ockman dinner jobs say I’m going to wipe Israel off the map and I’ve sat in rooms where soldiers have said to me we’re going to attack them whether Obama wants us to or not we’re going to have to take care of Iran that’s what they’ve said they said whether America stands with us or not we have to deal so you got understand akhmad in a job wants to destroy us with nuclear weapons it’s not just about Israel guys we’re called the big Satan they’re the little Satan and so Israel’s protecting us if they do that I mean the the dude’s already got a biological weapon folks that if it’s put in the water supply can kill two million people that’s a fact somebody’s got to deal with it all this is going on I’m saying to myself Jesus it’s so real that’s why I do these conferences that’s why I study 18 10 hours a day because I’m on a time limit devil is the only one really running out of time but the time to do what we do is limited that’s why this pastor God is going to give him visions to do things and speed up everything he’s doing because we have only a time only a time before he returns and I would say something I’ve studied 42,000 hours and I can assure you ladies and gentlemen never has there been more fulfilled than what’s happening now never the only other time in world history with Jesus came the first time so I want to say to you if you are not following the Lord if you are not serving him if you have been away from him this is the morning this is the time for you to say lord I need you to touch my life I need you to come back into my heart I need to serve you you’ve got to do this you can’t keep serving the Lord and risking how many people do you know that you can influence for Jesus that nobody else is ever going to reach now what you going to do when you stand before God says no I just goofed off the whole time and God’s gonna say you got 27 family members relatives kids neighbors that went to hell because of you because you wouldn’t serve me I don’t want that I want that blood to pay on me amen so I want to do something right now we’re going to open up these altars but I need you to help me with something we don’t force people to pray I never I don’t drag people to the altar I here’s what I think I think if God speaks to people and the Holy Ghost touches them they’ll will obey God and if the Holy Spirit can’t touch them there’s not a thing I can do I can tell you that right now but would you do something would you just lay the Bible aside and stand for a minute let me pray first let me pray first Heavenly Father I am so thrilled to be able to I’m so thrilled to be able to share this word it’s in what we’ve seen and hear heard today but father I feel that there are some people totally out of fellowship with the Lord totally out of walk with God and this they need you they need you Jesus and Lord I have a ask each send the Holy Spirit right now to every man and woman and young person and mom and dad and grandma and granddad it’s in this place don’t you let one person leave your loss Lord please they’ve been said well I’ve tried to serve God and have been able to do but God this it’s time it’s time to forget the things that are behind and reach for the things that are in front of them and they got a church family here that’s going to help them to stand with God and to stand for the truth it’s attention in Jesus name but I’d like for you to do all over this building but I ask you to do it.

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