Google Search Console Tutorial For Beginners 2017-2018 aka Google Webmasters Tutorial

All right what’s up everyone welcome to the Surfside PPC youtube channel today we’re gonna be going over Google webmasters aka the Google search console so they kind of go by the same name the same it’s the same tool but what you want to do to get started is we have slash webmasters open here and just to preface this video you might want to go through our Google Analytics tutorial for beginner so we just put it up a little bit before this video so you should be able to find it on our channel we’ll have it linked here but on the video you’ll see it linked so you want to look at that because the way we set up Google webmasters is we use our Google Analytics account to link the link to two accounts together so you might want to look at that video to see how to set up Google Analytics I’m gonna play a quick video now on how to set up your Google webmasters and then we’re gonna come back to the video and I’m gonna go through each of the links and webmasters and all the things you need to know using real data from one of my websites so we’re gonna have the video play now and then I’ll be back to kind of show you some more about it in here and now it’s going to give you a welcome to search console we’re gonna do the same thing we just kind of did so HTTP osho is we’re gonna click continue in here so now we have this setup the next the other thing you want to do is you want to add another property here so we’re gonna go to search console they’re gonna usually send you a message right away that says improve the search presence it’s gonna say add all your website versions select your preferred version select target country we’re gonna add all website versions first alright so so the only difference here is instead of adding www or just a new farm house goals com so the reason why you want to add both is sometimes people will come on your website it actually monitors that data differently so here we’re gonna go into alternate methods again click google analytics verify ok so both of our websites are gonna give us a message usually so let’s say I take a minute for that one so it’s just saying the WWF farmhouse goals all right so here improve the search presence so that’s gonna be in our messages added all website versions that’s good set your preferred version so you can kind of tell Google is your preferred domain display URLs as www or just display URLs as farmhouse goals I like to just display as farmhouse goals comm and save so now what that means is that a lot of your data will start to come into this up here is farmhouse goals com rather than the WWN because we just set that as our preferred version it doesn’t really matter which one you prefer it’s just up to you so we’ll come back into this message here so select target country so our language says Google has not yet processed the property that’s fine so our target country we’re gonna do target users and the United States safe doesn’t mean your website won’t show outside of the United States but if your website’s kind of geared towards just people in the United States that’s what you want so share access with coworkers so if you have other people that you work with you can actually add their email and they can have different levels of permission and you can just add them to your website so they can monitor and manage everything submit a sitemap file we’re gonna do that in a second but down here at 6 learn how to work with search console so if you want a little bit of a kind of tutorial for how to use search console I’ll go through it a little bit but um you know here’s a good tutorial here didn’t do down here real quick is if you see acquisitions search console just want to go in here and we can click set up search console data sharing so since we just set up this search console what we want to do is click set up data sharing or the bottom here so here we go search console adjust search console and we’re gonna click edit where it says none and we’re gonna let this one so the one without the www click Save so if you see over here there’s a lot of different things with your property you can link so AdWords Adsense if you go to all products so search console now it says actively linked receiving data that’s good so you can link your adsense account AdWords ad exchange bigquery there’s all these different things you can also link but search console is one of those ones you want to link right away because now we can go into not audience acquisition and go into search console and go into landing pages and there should be even though there’s no data yet alright good so that’s this once you get this page it means you’re you’re starting to kind of talk to each other so okay so that’s kind of an introduction about how to get started with search console and how to link your account i’m using google analytics so what we’re gonna do now is we’re gonna come sign into Google webmasters and we’re gonna go into one of our properties so you should have it set up now you’re gonna start collecting data if you are already getting some data from the Google search engine if you’re already getting some traffic you should have data come in fairly quickly but if you’re not it might take a couple weeks and you really have to improve your rankings to get more data so what you’re gonna do here is click sign-in so we’ve signed in we’ve already clicked to our property we want beachfront decor calm so I want to show you some different things here so you want to make sure your webmasters and google analytics properties are linked for some reason mine became unlinked recently this week so I linked them back up but you always want to keep them linked because I’ll go into Google Analytics and look at some of that data as well they have some overall things here your sitemaps your crawl air your search analytics so what I want to do is come down here to the left and show you some different things they are gonna use frequently when you’re on the Google search console up here top right the only thing I’m here for the most part is with Google Analytics property to make it make sure it’s a set up properly and then users and property owners if you have other advertisers you work with if you hire out advertising agencies or if you have a couple different people that are working you can add them here you can add different types of a different types of like user levels from like admin to just someone who can just see the data so just that’s something that I use every now and then I’m gonna when I’m giving people access to some my data or if I’m hiring somebody so let’s come down here the first thing is messages so messages is gonna tell you everything that’s basically everything that you need to know about your Google search console account you’ll get any notifications in here that are very important if your site’s been hacked you’ll get something in here when you first start with your Google search console you’ll get an opening message that you kind of want to go through and look at everything there so messages just somewhere to kind of look every now and then I like to look I probably sign in almost every day to webmasters maybe every other day and the messages are good because sometimes they’ll tell you things that’ll help you uh know know how to make changes to your account so so the first thing you want to do is come over here to search appearance we want to click on structured data so structured data is a way to tell search engines more about your website so think about if you own a recipe website and you have a recipe on your website you have a picture you’re able to tell Google some different things like okay this part of our website is the recipe this part of our website is the rating the average rating on the recipe this part of the website is the image this is going to be our featured image so it’s a way for Google to kind of see your data better structured data and when you have a wordpress website and you have the Yoast plug-in installed you can turn on structured data so that’s kind of how I do it I have the Yoast plug-in installed so I’ve structured data turn on so a lot of it’s automatic and you just want to make sure that whatever your website is that you’re using the proper structure data because it helps with Google to show I cards and to show Rich Snippets in the Google search results so if you go to Google right now and search different recipes you’ll start seeing some of those things come up from popular websites like food network and all recipes so structure data is a way to tell Google different things that are on your website and helps them process your data better and helps them serve your website better to people so very important thing with structured data for this particular website it’s not to you know too in-depth because my I don’t really have recipes I don’t have things like that it’s more just like content based so when someone’s searching for certain keywords you can look at structure data and make sure you can have this optimized I like to use the Yoast SEO plug-in so it’ll show all your items with the structured data here as you go I had it went down recently because I kind of just mess around with my plugin so this is kind of good to show you but you can see some of your errors so if you have errors here you can try to fix them usually the errors aren’t terrible but you can see some of the different markups for structure data so there’s microformats org if you’re not sure how did you structure data and trust me I’m not a professional at it there’s a lot of plugins through WordPress there’s a lot of different things automated solutions you can do and that’s the best way to do it now cuz it’ll take too much time to try to do it manually so structured data is good and it the next thing we’re gonna go to is rich cards so rich cards again is they work with structured data so you’re looking at rich card structured data on your website so you can see it’s really good about events products or opportunities so my website personally my products are affiliate products on these rich cars otherwise I would if you have an e-commerce website with affiliate or with real products that you’re selling you want to use rich cards for sure if you have events on your website so maybe you know concerts coming up in New York City if you have a website that’s based around you know tickets in New York City then you have a rich card set up so I don’t have a rich cards here these are more of an advanced thing for your website definitely something you want to use if any of these work for you events products opportunities so think about things that you can show people in the search results that’ll help them visit your website better and you can promote things better so rich card structured data put a more advanced in the search console and they only really work for certain websites better so things you want it like really research and get started with if if you think they might work for your website data highlighter this is pretty cool so you’re able to see kind of show off your site’s data and search so improve your looking search you can see some different things here let users see your key information writing search results so if you click start highlighting what you’re able to do is enter the URL of page on your site so I take beachfront to core comp enter the URL of a typical page on your website this is tagged this page and others like it sold you that all right so it says type of information to highlight so this is all the different things that you can highlight here so let’s say I come in here and I say well you know let me highlight some of my products so let’s go okay okay so here’s what you’re gonna see and maybe what this would work better for is an actual product page but what you can do is come down here and maybe I see hey here’s a product here so I could start tagging some of these things so you come in so you tagged that as a name so I take this tag that as image take this tag that as pricing so if you start doing this with more of your pages you could have your data highlighter so that in Google search results let me just click done okay so you’re able to show different things about your site’s data in search like structured data eventless things review ratings so it’s it’s something good to use and it’s something that you can show with some of your product pages you can start doing it and then Google is able to show some more things in the search results this is something I actually want to set up with my website so I’m gonna do a follow up tutorial to show some of these advanced things with highlighting pages because it’s a pretty cool way to improve your your overall search results and your search traffic so if we come down here to HTML improvements they’ll be able to show certain things like I have duplicate title tags here duplicate meta descriptions so my meta descriptions are usually pretty good here if they find things that you know things aren’t indexable with certain content they’ll show you here this is good for finding duplicates so I would come in here click duplicate meta descriptions it has a couple different pages it looks like that there’s the same Meta Description here so it’s right it’s the way the content was set up so I can improve these like right now and go into them adjust them then you come back to HTML improvements so I want to make sure there’s no errors here so next thing is accelerated mobile pages so I recently probably bought a month ago I’ve really dug into accelerated mobile pages and I’m starting to have more content with accelerated mobile pages added to it so there’s an accelerated mobile pages plug-in through WordPress you just want to download that for every page you can create a accelerated mobile page of it so it’s a little bit bare-bones you have the same content but some of the images might be smaller they might not load completely so different things like that you’re able to see some of your accelerated mobile pages with critical issues so if I go invalid CSS I can come into here and see like why are some of these errors happening so some of these errors have happened recently you can see it’s higher up here but usually what I do is if I see these errors I come in here and I make sure that the content is matching with each other and I make sure everything’s done correctly so sometimes when there’s an update in the plugin or different things like that you have some issues here so 101 index pages I have six pages with critical issues you definitely want to go in there and I need to fix some of these things so for me already just going through search appearance I already see like I need to start using data highlight or better rich cards in structure I have structured data set up but rich cards I don’t know if it’s gonna work for my website I can see with maybe some products if that’s gonna work coming to HTML improvements I can see some of these duplicate meta descriptions and title tags down so I need to fix these now and then accelerated mobile pages I have six pages with critical issues and then I know I have more than 101 pages that can be indexed so I know I just need to keep indexing these so search appearance it’s it’s important because the better your search appears in search results the higher the click-through rate you get in the Google search results the more traffic you’re ending yet the more you they’re gonna show your website at the end of the day and this is my guiding guiding principle with Google Google wants to serve the website that’s the most relevant for the user where they’re gonna spend the most time they’re gonna go through the most pages and they might revisit again and it’s gonna be useful and if your website doesn’t have those categories and those characteristics then you’re gonna struggle with your website so beachfront decor it’s a good website for people who are looking for Beach home decor Beach home furniture different things like that but I know if there’s other competitors that have better pages than me and things like that Google’s gonna serve them up in search results as they should because they’re better than my website so your job is to make sure that everything from the appearance to the content to everything makes people stay on your website longer next search traffic this is probably the best part of the whole entire search console so we come in here to search analytics and what you’re gonna see is you can filter by date so Google had an update recently here so our website took a little bit of a hit and it’s good to see that for you because you’re gonna have these hits every now and then so if you’re ever working with clients things like that and something goes up or down drastically you always kind of want to wait it out a couple weeks and see how things are just make sure your websites still you know indexing google properly all things like that sometimes when you start seeing drop-offs like this you might have a security issue so that’s why I also like to track these things but it just was a Google update so you see it go down a little bit you can see our daily clicks kind of standing pretty low and then they’re almost doubled now from where they were about a week ago so you can adjust dates here so you can compare date ranges and see what how many clicks you have different things like that we’re just gonna keep it as last 28 days it’s a good good time frame here and let’s go through all the different things you can see so you can see clicks total clicks and what the search queries are here so these are a total top click search queries right now based on the content on our website if we come to impressions so we can see you know beachfront decor is our brand name so we have a lot of clicks you know not a ton of impressions but a decent amount about 99 in the last 28 days if we click on impressions these are our top keywords in terms of impressions so mermaid bedding nautical chandelier so we have different content on our website and these all match to certain pages so if we want to come up here and say okay what pages are getting the most impressions you know take out search queries and let’s look at what pages so our home page number one most clicks looks like probably the most impressions – right now our mermaid bedding comforter sets in particular our accelerated mobile pages page here is doing very well in the search results nautical bedding sets Beach chandeliers so this is why you want to have accelerated mobile pages set up because you can see we’re doing pretty well with some of our pages here Beach tapestries accelerated mobile pages Beach chandeliers so you can see it’ll show separately for the desktop version of the website and and this is an all desktop traffic there’s gonna be some mobile traffic that comes in through here but accelerated mobile pages will show a lot in the search results when people are searching on mobile and they’re gonna be at the top – that’s why you want to jump on it now get involved in it so countries this is good if you want to see where people are coming from so for us we’re United States for the most part you know we have some other countries that come in here as well but the United States is really our main country and then we have Canada usually does fairly well but it’s a little further down down here with in terms of impressions than the United Kingdom is usually strong devices so if you want to split by the different devices here and you could also look at things like click-through rate an average position so let’s just show everything so desktop our average position 43 it’s not great honestly see tablet and mobile people don’t go as many as far for some of these pages so we’re not getting as good of our position desktop we have a lot of impressions here I think what we need to do in terms of beachfront decor is improve mobile impressions because we’re getting a lot of clicks here I’m and tablet kind of just feeds off these two so search type you can see like how people have searched so saying it has no additional information so we could just see our search queries if you want to filter by image results so it’s not showing that either oh we have 491 clicks there’s many impressions from image results so reset it to web and I want to show you come back to queries here so we can see for what search queries so let’s just say I want to see what have high impressions but maybe not the greatest position so nautical bedding looks like an area of opportunity or average position is forty point seven but we’re still getting a lot of impressions so it’s probably a keyword with a lot of volume that we want to maybe come in here and say okay let’s see what page it’s probably getting the most impressions so let’s see I know we have a nautical bedding article here somewhere maybe I’m just missing it but some it’s gonna their ultimate guide a naughty nautical bedding sets so what you want to do is open this and start optimizing for it so that’s what’s really cool about the Google search console is you can see a lot of this data and keep optimizing your data so you’re driving more traffic through Google this is something you want to keep playing around with you can see some of my data here if we come down let’s go to page two so if we go over to page two you could just keep seeing all these different keywords and what’s cool about it is so I I see seashore door Reese I’m on the eighth point not eight point nine please a verge position eleven impressions and that twenty-eight days two clicks I have a page that I with beach door wreaths that I know I can optimize for this keywords a little bit and try to keep improving that same with nautical fan polls surf betting I have a article about surf bedding and surfboard bedding so they’re getting some clicks and impressions here but the average position can definitely be improved so you want to just keep improving your content there so that’s what’s just so important all right so search appearance again rich results so this is just our normal results and then you know accelerated mobile pages non-rich results here so you could see high click-through rate here pretty better a better position not as many impressions but actually almost as many clicks so the next thing we’re going to do is come down here to links to your site so you can see who’s linking to your site what content is being linked the most you could see how it’s being linked so we get a lot of outdoor wicker furniture linked content from some of the summer things we did furniture DIY nautical area rugs if you click more here you can see some of the other pages that are linking to you some of these are good web sites some of them are a little a little out there so you can use the Google disavow tool if you don’t want some of these websites to to be linking to your data you could disavow them from from the Google search results so some different things here you can see some of them are pretty good links for us so it’s good to know with links to your site if you see people linking to your site you could always go to their website reach out to them and see if they want to you know feature any of their your content things like that so that’s kind of how I use this page I’m not on it too often but just something to know internal links will show which of your pages will have the most internal links so we have all of these pages linked right from the home page so they’re all showing a ton of internal links if you keep going you’ll see it kind of starts dropping around down a little bit so nautical pendant light so we have links pretty well surfboard towel hooks you want a lot of internal links maybe not as many as we have for some of these but internal links are good because even though you could just see like certain things here let’s see all right so just this wood signs all you need is love and a sunset wood planks on so we probably have that links from some of our different pages some different related products and posts so having linked pages is pretty good because Google can see your pages better you want internal links to be solid so if you see find internal links to sometimes if you’re trying to find why certain blog posts are ranking as well you can try to see maybe they don’t have a ton of internal links when you click on them you can see some of the different links here so just just a lot of different things that you can see from best porthole mirrors so if you come into manual actions that will show if there’s any web spam actions that Google has done on you manually we have none here so if you’re doing some black hat techniques sometimes Google will show you here that you’re using black hat techniques and they give you a manual webspam action where you have to fix it in order to maintain your rankings or keep them international targeting so if you’re targeting different countries or languages so we said before we’re targeting in the United States the most languages you can add different hreflang tags here to match different users language preferences so for us if we said okay maybe we want to add Spanish tags Google will help translate our page and then maybe we’ll show up in the Spanish search engines a little bit better maybe people who live in Mexico who want beachtek or things like that so we don’t do international targeting too much but just something good to know mobile usability so you just want to make sure that you have no mobile usability errors to be detected so if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website it’ll show that here that’s a big issue you definitely wanna fix that as soon as possible Google index down here so this will show how many pages you have indexed from the last year so this start goes back to last year we’re pretty steady here we went up a little bit because the way our site map was we actually just recently fixed it and so it’s gone down a little bit this is actually where I want it to be is somewhere around here if you come into advanced you can see a little bit more and things that are blocked by robots so we have some things blocked by robots here which is fine because we don’t we want them to we’ve told them to be blocked so blocked resources so they’ve blocked just this one I think it’s the Instagram widget we have on our website if you have blocked resources here sometimes they go up and down you want to fix them because you don’t want things to be blocked sometimes it’ll show different uh pages or things like that but we only have this here this is fine if you click on eating it a little bit more data about it remove URLs if you want to temporarily temporarily hide any URLs from your website so if you delete a page or something like that or if there’s just a page that’s a little sensitive on your website you can remove them so it’s good to know we don’t really remove things on our website often sometimes we use 301 redirects and things like that but we don’t really remove any URLs and hide them from the search results so crawl it’s coming to crawl errors here so you want these all to look good you want your server connectivity to look good robots fetch to look good it’ll show URL errors if they have anything not found it’s off 404 server errors so server errors usually happen from your hosting account so if you have any issues with your hosting account and they’re having trouble showing pages sometimes they’ll show here we don’t really have too many not found so sometimes you get issues here you get 404 issues for certain pages usually for us it’s just temporary but what you can do is you want to fix these here so if you ever remove a lot of pages from your website you’re gonna get some desktop crawl errors usually because Google added those pages to the search results you can see a lot up here we fixed those and now we’re down kind of go up and down but you just want to keep fixing them so with Google anytime they have trouble accessing one of our pages they’ll give us a 404 response code if you delete a ton of pages you’ll get a ton of 404s for those so what you want to do is come in here to the crawl errors desktop whatever’s not found I went to show 500 rows and then click up here and just click mark is fixed so you don’t really need to do much on your website but as long as those are real you know as long as you still have those pages or if you know if it’s actually correct you just want to click Marcus fix it’s showing Google that you’re paying attention to your data so same thing here so anything that’s not found these should all be fine it’s probably just a temporary thing where Google couldn’t find something so fix that faulty redirects and sometimes you can find actual errors in here so if you see anything that’s so these are blocked by us so we want them to be blocked so mark them all is fixed so you don’t want errors when you start fixing errors they’ll come back down here and you want keep your errors low because the more errors you have the less Google will keep you uh in the search results as high as they are because they want websites without error crawl stats will show how many pages are crawled per day I think it’s over the last 90 days so for us our high pages per day is about 8500 it’s pretty recently it looks like so I like to have usually when these are higher so pages crawled kilobytes downloaded time spent usually when these are higher we are getting more traffic to our website so it’s kind of sometimes when they go low we see things kind of go down and then when it goes up we see some some more traffic so I like to try to keep my pages crawled high I’m not sure exactly how they do this because we don’t address things like crazy every day I think it’s just a matter of how much the Googlebot visits you I think the more that you’re updating your website because we’ve done tons of updates recently the more you’re updating it I think they crawl more pages and download more kilobytes which is good for you because they just keep putting more of your data in their search results and an improve your search results ranking so so fetch as Google what you can do is take our website desktop and go fetch and render so you could see how Google renders pages from your website so we have a couple here that we’ve done if we go to mobile smartphone you click over here so it says Googlebot mobile smartphone it has your HTTP response sometimes it’ll have a screenshot so fecha is Google usually I do this every so often so you have desktop partial if you do request indexing it’ll crawl this URL em direct link so you can kind of just tell Google hey I updated my website so sometimes that’s good to do but it’s really up to you how you want to do this so if we click on it so we have a partial render as Google and it’ll show this is how Googlebot saw the page this is how a visitor is seeing the page so that’s fine saying Google couldn’t get all the resources for this page so it’s saying certain things are blocked by our robots file which is good because that’s what I want so if we come over to robots.txt text tester so I disallow out of these pages I don’t want all my products these are just pages that are made on my website but they’re not really useful and so gentian so i disallow them so you have a robots.txt file it’s usually uploaded in your main server directory file our directory folder so we what we’re saying here is user agent the star means allow all allow all bots disallow means don’t allow the bots to look at these pages and take them away from search results so use this allow for any type of directory you don’t want Google to index or see you can test this if you want Googlebot just to make sure everything’s good you’ll have errors and warnings here if any things were off this is a good you sometimes you just have user agent star and then disallow known different things like that so I disallow certain pages that I’ve seen in search results and next is site map so we have our site map through Yoast SEO we’ve recently kind of updated it so it’s a little bit lower here so I need to kind of go back there and make sure everything’s good but what it what we’re telling Google is every update we have to our website so when you have your sitemap index file here we can see this is built by Yoast so they have some different sitemaps all in here to that I’ve updated fairly recently ever been last modified so sitemaps tell Google what to index if you have any errors then they’ll tell you here so some different errors here they have errors in each of my sitemap files so this is something where I probably have an issue with the sitemap here so let’s come into product sitemap one saying unsupported file format so it looks like it’s a dot XML file is supported but we can kind of troubleshoot this right on the video that’s going slow but sitemaps are good you’re telling Google you can use the Yoast SEO plugin there’s Google sitemaps for WordPress you could also just set them up on a bare-bones website wherever you’re using what you want to do is come in here and go to add test sitemap you should have a page that your sitemap is on and then just click Submit and they’ll start adding a lot of your pages to the search results so I gotta come in here it looks like I get some errors and I say I’m out so URL parameters are used for really more of an advanced feature as you can see use only if you sure how parameters work so parameters will tell Google certain certain things so they know which pages to show or they’ll help track additional data from certain clicks to pages so for example let’s say a beachfront decor calm slash you know product ID equals one two three four that tells Google okay when whatever product ID there is match with the Product ID of my website and pull up the correct Product ID so it’s good for people who use product IDs and then for URL parameters it’ll automatically redirect to the correct page you could also use URL parameters to track your URLs so if you want to track certain clicks so maybe someone clicks on a URL in your menu you can say this click came from someone who was on our home page click to our menu so URL parameter is definitely more advanced something you kind of need to know how to work with I could do a whole video tutorial on URL parameters because they’re pretty a pretty advanced feature here I don’t really use them for much of my websites at all I’ve only use them a couple times in the past or they’re definitely something you need to know how to use so security issues if you have any issues here they’ll show you any security issues they have resources for Aksai hack sites cross-site malware so if you have any issues that will come up here web tools they have some pretty cool web tools here so once you click web tools it brings you to a new page you can look up your ad experience report if you were running a lot of ads you could look up some of their testing tools so again let’s look up structured data testing tool go to be front core comm and it’ll help show whether or not your structured data is implemented properly okay so we’ll show here and we’ll say you know some different things so it has URL beachfront decor comm and then it has a couple different things in here it as our logo so this is all just structured data it’s telling Google all sorts of different things about our website so the name of our website here so here’s our URL template so just some different things here that you’re telling Google you want structured data on your website because just gives Google better way to to index your website so that’s our Google search console aka Google webmasters beginners tutorial good way to kind of go through and see different things in the search results how your website’s doing and where to improve so you can optimize your website and improve your search engine rankings improve your search engine traffic so thanks for joining us today if you have any questions make sure you leave them in comments and don’t forget to subscribe

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