God is Using Passover, COVID-19 to Do Something ‘Supernatural’ on Earth – by Sid Roth

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Alright said great to be with you and welcome to Jerusalem Dateline so I’m swell Syd you’ve been having a lot of special programs during this corona virus pandemic what have the prophets been telling you the prophets are amazing prophets because we have documented on film that they spoke these words before the events happened and so they’re not echoes they are voices of God I’ll start out with Tracy Cooke on January 15th of 2020 this is the word that he released he said God is going to change the landscape of the church unravel the grounds that you walk on everything that can be shaken will be shaken in the next four months and you know what’s so amazing he also said around Passover there there’ll be something supernatural that will happen that will change everything in a good way it will be gradual but in a good way and we know that President Trump right at the end of Passover stood up and he announced a plan to open the economy would put a lot of the experts they went they pulled their hair out and he also had a dream about the the laboratory in Wuhan China and he actually saw the virus being created and when that happened he saw the reason behind it there was a motivation the press doesn’t know this but you know God’s prophets know this yeah the motivation was the next election to stop Trump from any in any way to win that was the purpose and he saw some pretty diabolical things coming I might add from China he saw he said be really careful if you get a vaccination of any sort from China or or anytime anything connected with that and in in the dream he said even clothing and machines he put a warning on mmhmm yeah to be really careful there then Hank Kuehne Minh and this is this is so wonderful because it involves Israel Hank Hank Kulemin talked about new inventions coming out of Israel and he said that he saw a light that people aware around their neck like a necklace and if they have heart trouble will healed in our heart it’ll get rid of diseases it’s just medical breakthroughs he he but many of the prophets said to me they see the absolute cure for this thing and and the and the prevention the vaccination for it coming out of Israel that’s pretty exciting Sid was there also a message of what to the church to repent and get right with God at this time very very strong as a matter of fact I personally have observed this move of God’s Spirit and it’s sort of like the move of God’s Spirit in Ezekiel’s temple where it starts said the ankles and then moves the water loose up to the point where you have to swim and and at this moment we we are about ready to see an increase in the water an increase in the holy spirit and what I have watched is when this occurs and I’ve been where it’s occurring I’ve participated where it’s occurred the major mark if you will of this next move of God’s Spirit is repentance as a matter of fact the most amazing thing happens to me almost every time I go to Israel I have large evangelistic meetings a thousand I mean unsaved Jewish Israelis and because the glory the commode the manifest presence of God is so strong literally there is 90% 95% of these unsaved Israeli stand up right after that many have been healed right in their seats and and and they say a public prayer of salvation uh and so yes if I have advice for your audience right now I’d say there’s two two things that they should be doing at this moment listen again if they would like to participate in the glory and the two things that they should be doing is number one living in leopard and repentance and number two they should be speaking in tongues without ceasing being I said you ever read in Romans 8 all things work together for good yeah unfortunately there’s a little more to that verse it’s talking about when you pray in tongues so I am absolutely excited about the new beginning that God is giving the church and it starts with us as individuals by living in rapid repentance yeah you know a couple of things I’ve heard said first first of all is this phrase Passover to Pentecost and have also heard about this year repentance recovery and recompense is that what’s here you’ve been hearing as well absolutely the best profits I know are saying that they are saying that this is a year that although it’s going to start rough first of all if you remember at Passover it started rough for agent I mean but the Jewish people were under the light and the Egyptians were under the darkness uh it it’s gonna be I I can tell you what I sense and what I believe is happening it flat doesn’t matter what’s going on in the world it’s what’s going on with you it’s are you living in rapid repentance are you praying in tongues every moment you have that’s what’s more important because all things will work together for good for you if you’re praying in tongues and living a repentant life that that’s the best advice I can tell people I can I can also tell you this glory that is actually erupting now and I believe at Pentecost many that are safe a fifty days from Pesach from Passover Shavuot Pentecost I believe many should set their faith to operate in the glory because it’s not going to be a superstar movement it’s gonna be one where the church knows we already have a superstar his name is Jesus or Yeshua and is the issuer in us the hope of glory yeah so we’ve just had Passover on our way to Pentecost do you see this is a very critical time for believers in the church I do because I think this is God’s time to to have believers operate in all of the promises in the book of the New Testament and and the truth is we know how to stand on the word we’re experts about that but how would you like to see the minute you speak like God spoke everything into creation the minute you speak like Jesus spoke everything into creation the minute he spoke miracles erupted everyone was healed it’s unprecedented Chris I was privileged to see a prophecy written by a great evangelist called Smith Wigglesworth and he had a vision of the endtime revival God calls it the greater glory I’m calling it the greater glory because it’s a glory that we Jewish people have never seen before and we Christian people have never seen before it’s as a matter of fact wiglesworth who saw every miracle in the Bible actually said it’s a hundred times more powerful than anything I have ever walked under and I I came and put my brain around that Chris a hundred times well I mean the dead were raised the blind could see the Deaf could hear maybe it’s what Yeshua said you that’s me that’s you Chris that’s our viewers right now you will do the same works I have done and even greater and I have to tell you if that doesn’t excite you to be able to walk in this this is the generation well well thank you sir for being with us and thanks for the encouraging word and and all the work you do to get these these important messages out to the world thank you Chris.

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