Global 5G WIFI: You Won’t Believe What They NOW Have Planned For Humanity! With David Icke!

this is Dan Dix here reporting for press for truth coming at you once again from beautiful Acapulco Mexico and I’m currently joined by the one and only David Icke David thanks again for for talking to me once again especially in 2019 in this current climate of technology’s just advancing it at a rapid pace especially to the point of this global 5g network which is what I want to talk about today so I want to get into a little bit of the the privacy issue that the health aspects of that but before we get into that maybe we can start off with just what is 5g or perhaps we should start with how is it different from what we currently have 3G and 4G well it operates on something called millimeter waves it’s an area of the spectrum that has not been used for these purposes before and therefore the impact on people in terms of health and in terms of psychology and that’s very very relevant is simply not known and it’s well it’s not known in the mainstream arena and is not known by the the artisans of the of the telecommunications industry it’s absolutely known by those in the shadows and I think it was summed up the whole thing was summed up by I think it was a Senate hearing I saw the other day where a senator senator Blumenthal I think was questioning representatives of the telecommunications industry about 5g and he asked them how much money the industry had spent on independent research into the effects of 5g on people and that was it nil nothing not a cent and there’s a reason for that there’s a reason why if you go on the internet and you put in 5g and the name wheeler you will see a former head of the Federal Communications Commission making a presentation about 5g and actually boasting that they’re not going to go down the road of regulation because it will take too long and of course wheeler was a major lobbyist for the telecommunications industry before Obama appointed him to be the watchdog of the industry now you put all this together and it tells us something very profound and very important and it it relates to the way all debate is shut down these days when the debate is something that those in authority can’t win and you can shut down debate by hurling abuse at people and calling them Nazis and bigots so there is no debate or you can simply not investigate information and consequences of things like 5g so that the real story of what you’re doing never gets made public you know if you did independent testing on 5g then their chances of getting it through and rolled out as it’s starting to be now would be massively damaged because people would say it does what so to stop that happening you simply don’t do the research thus you don’t come up with the information that would destroy your your plan and this 5g is so important to this control system this technological control system that’s being built all around us because they need that level of power and that level of frequency if you like to to be the communication system of the smart grid world and you know people can you know laugh and shake their head or they’re like I don’t really care but this world is being directed being manipulated by a level of evil that is almost almost impossible to comprehend and it’s it’s it’s a it’s a world within a world there’s the world that we live in and we perceive and then there’s another world which is actually manipulating this one and this other world what people go about their business is in the in the process of putting tens of thousands of satellites up twenty thousand is a a figure that some that’s often mentioned to beam 5g back at every inch of the earth they’re in the process of rolling out tiny boxes to go on lamp standards and posts all the way down people’s streets to to pound out this 5g because it doesn’t travel well so it has to it has to be broadcast by multiple boxes close to the toaster houses rather than in a big you know big transmitter that we have now these big masts and all this is unfolding while people go about their business go about their lives and you know watch the sport and and and watch the game show and step by step day by day this technological prison is being constructed and the idea in the end and some of them like Ray Kurzweil at Google are quite open about it they want to use this 5g technological grid to attach artificial intelligence to to the human brain to the human mind and so artificial intelligence would then become the human mind and the human mind as we know it would actually be no more this is this is what this is what we’re looking in the face of now and you know 5g is crucial because they can’t really create this grid without without rolling that out are we talking about a global mesh grid that is literally going to be capable of manipulating mankind’s minds and emotions or what kind of a degree are we talking about well I’ve been talking for for a long long time now before any of this started about what I used to call there in those days the technological sub reality you know we we interact with energetic fields we like live in a sea of energy and that energy is information if you can hijack or hack into that energetic field through technological information which you’re broadcasting through this grid then if it’s in the frequency band through which and within which the human brain processes information then you can put perceptions thoughts and such like emotional states into the feelings into the minds of people and this is the idea you know that the brain is just a processor of information oh and if you look at it every time you think there is an electrical process that the processes that thought through the brain well if you know what the different emotional and mental states are in terms of frequency then if you broadcast those frequencies the brain is going to pick them up and it’s going to process them and you could think it’s coming from you why am I feeling like this why am I thinking this a number of people have said to me recently very random you know I keep hearing voices in my head you know and and so that’s the potential even without the connection through shipping etc nano microchipping to artificial intelligence but when you get to that level then it’s not a matter anymore of manipulating human perception artificial intelligence becomes human perception instead of having to control information to to to mold people’s perceptions of reality those perceptions are coming direct through artificial intelligence there’s there’s no human mind involved anymore and if anyone’s going well this that’s kind of crazy and that’s ridiculous and that would never happen well just go and have a look at the the statements of Ray Kurzweil at Google this so-called futurist he’s talking about by 2030 this process of connecting artificial intelligence to to the human brain will be underway and he’s very open about it for reasons I’ll come to he’s saying that as the artificial intelligence becomes greater and greater and more intelligent than we are then less and less of the human mind will be involved until what we call the human mind today is basically negligible you’ll all be AI will be AI the computer terminals really and the reason that he’s so open about it and others too is the sales pitch which is if you attach yourself to AI you’ll become superhuman but the idea is to make a sub you man not superhuman and course what’s happening is people are being from an early age addicted to technology and it’s like it’s and it is an addiction and is a drug in the sense of you know people start on on kind of soft drugs and then they don’t get the same high so they want they go on bar the drugs and hard drugs and and we’re we’re being pulled along a technological lee addicted road which goes from technology you hold to technology on your body with which there are what there is more and more now of course to technology in the body which is where they’ve been going all along and it’s like oh it’s the latest thing you put it on your body oh that’s good Oh new ladies thing in your body and so it goes on and all the time this plan and with its outcome of replacing the human mind as we know it is all in place and what we’re seeing is we seeing it play out step by step by step but if you don’t know what the outcome is planned to be then all all it all appears to be is random happenings and random new technologies and you know random things happening but they’re not random they’re taking us along a a very clear road if you research this stuff to the point where the human mind is we know it will be no more and if if people don’t turn their minds to anything except one thing then they should turn their minds to this because if they don’t turn their minds to it then they won’t have a mind to turn to anything well I guess the next obvious question is if this is a global attack on humanity’s minds how moving forward is humanity supposed to protect their minds I mean what are some of the best things we can do moving forward in order to defeat this or is it enix capable and inevitable well it’s a simple word really frequency this technological sub reality operates in certain a certain band of frequency and the idea is to manipulate human perception to resonate within that band of frequency so if you for instance self-identify with with with labels and only self identify with the world of the five senses and your own five senses what I call IMR I am our whatever label you give yourself I am our this I am our that I am our the other then that is a very low band of frequency and it’s gonna plunk you right in the frequency band of this technological sub reality and and if you’re it within the frequency band of something then all the information you receive is going to come from that something but if we can re-evaluate our self-identity and stop identifying with the labels and realize that they’re just names for experiences the true eyes consciousness the true eye is the awareness that’s having those experiences and that that that awareness is what I call that point of attention can be the size of a pea in other words a very narrow low band of frequency within the program within the sub reality or you can self-identify with being a point of attention within an infinite state of awareness and that self-identity expresses itself by you opening your energetic field what you call your your mind but beyond my own consciousness to a much greater range of of the infinite field of consciousness and and and that expansion does well it just transforms everything because first of all you start getting insights and intuitive knowing and just inspiration in terms of seeing things and seeing how things connect and seeing that actually what you’ve been told is not true and seeing that the world that you’ve been believing in is a is an illusory hoax all that starts to happen why because you’re no longer only getting your information from the band of the program you are beyond it so now you’re picking up things from way out that actually are giving you an insight giving you another point of observation of the world you’re living in and from that perspective it looks nothing like the one that people believe in the other thing that happens is that when you really wait self-identity and you move from IMR label to I am all that is has been ever can be having an experience the frequency that you start to resonate on starts to expand it gets higher and higher and higher the more you open up it gets faster and and you start to move in terms of frequency beyond the influence of the technological sub reality that the technological grid the smart grid you move you move beyond it so instead of being in the grid and of the grid you’re you’re you’re within it if you like physically but in terms of your perceptions you’re beyond it so it loses its impact upon you not only that the body is a energetic I would say holographic expression of of consciousness and therefore your state of perception your state of self-identity it fundamentally impacts upon the body so in terms of the physical effect for instance of 5g it’s not going to be as powerful its impact upon you if you are in an expanded state of consciousness because your your your your body will not react to it in the same way as if you’re on a low band of frequency really within its area of operation I’ll give you an example I I got rheumatoid arthritis when when I was 15 and I was told when my football career ended at 21 after years of pain with this arthritis there I could end up in a wheelchair when I was in mid thirties and I told the doctor it’s not going to happen and it didn’t but it you know it progressed it progressed but you know I functioned and all that and then you know when I when I started to get into understanding that the body is an expression of the mind and got beyond the intellectual concept of it into hey you know the body’s an expression of the mind therefore I can impact upon my body with my with my mind with my consciousness and I started using my mind to influence my body and I’m now coming on 67 when by oh by any you know kind of prognosis I should be you know basically crippled and you know bent over and the arthritis affects me less now than it did 20 30 40 years ago so our state of mind our state of consciousness our state of perception dictates everything in the same way that you can take a placebo pill believing it’s a real pill and believing that it’s going to have a certain effect and it has an effect even though it’s just a sugar pill or something that’s the power of the mind to impact upon the body I mean I’ve seen studies where people have taken psychoactive gone to psychoactive drug trials and they’ve been given the sugar pill or the placebo and they’ve been out on a trip I mean you know the power of the mind and what this system wants us to to do is believe that we are powerless random individuals and the labels are who we are that that’s what defines us because if you if you self-identify with labels what are you doing yourself identifying with the $world of reality and the $world of reality is just feeding you a sense of limitation if I can’t you know if you think that you have to change the world physically then basically this would be all over we’re not going to do it but we don’t have to do it the the world is a projection of human perception and it’s it’s it impacts upon the the world in terms of frequency and the way we interact with it it impacts upon the experiences that we manifest or don’t manifest little-little me perception is going to give you a little me life infinite me perception is going to give you a very different and more expansive life they don’t want us to know this cause and effect between perception and experience between perception and what affects us and what doesn’t affect us and therefore what you’ve got is this this band of frequency that this technological smart grid sub reality is resonating within and they want to put human the human frequency within that band and then you’re basically in a frequency prison but if you change your perception change your self-identity then you move beyond the prison and then you start to see things that others don’t see and they call you mad so essentially deep deep programming the mind and tuning into the proper frequencies is that a fair fair way to wrap it up it’s not even proper frequencies because you know everything in our reality is a frequency it’s it’s tapping into higher frequencies beyond the program you see if you imagine just a band of frequency that’s the program and that’s that’s the reality that if we’re in it the program is feeding us all our inform a we’re not getting we’re not able to filter it it’s it’s just what we receive but you start to expand your consciousness beyond that band of frequency you start to tap in to other levels of awareness due to greater more expansive levels of awareness and in effect your your point of attention lose beyond the program and you you’re looking into the program now you can see what it is you can see what you’ve been in all your life or this real world that people talk about actually it’s not so real now and you know I from the turn of the millennium I I was starting to conclude that we live in some kind of simulation and there was a guy at Oxford University at the time called Nick rostrum the Nick rostrum Bostrom in Austin and he was basically the only one it was ever quoted on questioning if we lived in a simulation but of course now lots of scientists have come out and said well actually it does look like we live in some kind of simulation the physics the physics of virtual reality games and our reality are basically the same you know and maskers convinced yeah he’s said it too but so I think this this this technological sub reality is actually more profound than then it even seems on the surface this 5g smart grid is actually is actually a sub reality within it with with it within the simulation it’s pushing us more and more and more into into smaller and smaller and smaller levels of perception but of course a lot of people have gotten the other way I’m waking up and going through this process of seeing beyond it but I I do I do think with there there is a simulation which is basically it’s an information source which we decode into a reality we think is real in the same way if you look at virtual reality games where they put the gloves on and the headset on and the the audio on what’s happening is the computer game is feeding information to the senses and hacking in to our decoding process our information processing system and so suddenly this world disappears and another one appears called the computer game and you watch people when they’re playing these computer games you know with a headset on and stuff and they’re all reacting as if the whole thing’s bloody real because to them it is because the brain the brain doesn’t know if it’s real or not in the sense that it’s just processing information so if you take that that basic analogy what I’m saying this simulation is is an information source which is which is overriding what would normally be our reality and it’s giving us a fake one just like happens when you when you play a virtual or get involved in a virtual reality game and again if if you if you’re playing the virtual reality game and all your senses are processing that information then if you haven’t got a radar beyond it then that game is complete what and the information that’s being it’s presenting to you is completely controlling your sense of reality you don’t know anything else you only know the game and you’ve got no filter you’ve got no way of putting into perspective what it is you’re actually experiencing but because you know you’re playing a game and you you know there’s an out there then you know you’re playing a game and although it may be real in the experience you know you could take the headset off and it’s just a game what’s happened with this world is it’s become so all-encompassing so all enveloping in terms of people’s sense of reality and perception that humanity although it’s changing has lost the understanding that there are other worlds beyond this one and thus they become mesmerized by this one and easily manipulated it controlled by this one and this is why they have to keep people asleep this is why it’s been well understood for a long time the fact that this world is not solid this world is an illusion that you know the the quantum physics has shown this very clearly for a long time but you don’t see that brought into the public arena you don’t see many newspaper articles about it you don’t see many television programs about it because they they need us to continue despite the evidence continue to believe in this world of solidity in this world of limitation because that puts us in a position where we can be easily manipulated and led once you realize what this world is just a an illusory bloody hoax just another version of a virtual reality game then you can start to have the understanding of not only what you what you but the world you’re living in but the power you have to influence it the power you have to change it like I changed my body by impacting upon it with my mind that’s their worst nightmare and what this 5g grid is and this planned to connect the human mind to artificial intelligence is all about is to override any possibility of awakening beyond the program because once you have basically deleted the human mind as we know it and replaced it with artificial intelligence well if you’re controlling their artificial intelligence you’re not going to feed concepts to people as their perceptions that involve expansion out there you they’re going to be in the program and of the program for the duration and and that’s that’s basically what where we’re going we’re going to we’re being taken to a position where the ability to expand consciousness beyond this fake reality is deleted because we’re no longer using consciousness as we have come to know it our minds become artificial intelligence which feeds us whatever controllers of artificial intelligence one is to perceive and believe computer terminals feed the computer what you want on the screen and and that will be the endgame that is the endgame and the point is this is not an end game sometime over the rainbow we’ve now reached the point where we’re looking at we’re looking at in the fate all right so I guess in closing the question now is to kind of sum this up what sort of words of advice might you have for those people out there who have been read pilled to this and they realize there is an issue and they want to help try to counter them global 5g well first of all there’s a there’s a few people at the core that are rolling this out and there’s billion plus who eventually are going to be affected by it in in the world of the five senses we have to kick up a bloody fuss about it and we have to alert as many people as possible to it because you’ll note despite the fact that there’s been no independent testing despite the fact independent scientists of commands sake saying this is a biological experiment on humanity how many how many stories you see in the media about the dangers of 5g you don’t because we’re not meant to know about it so on on a practical level people need to a get informed about it and then absolutely smack it out everywhere because ignorance is what got us into this mess not just 5g ignorance got us in this mess if we’re ignorant of something then then we can be taken down the road to something nightmarish without realizing that’s where the roads leading well I tell you it is so people need to you know stop just you know complaining about it and and and get on with with letting as many people as possible know I mean you know you let ten people know and they let ten people know that eight ten people know in a very short time vast numbers of people have had access to that information and then when people say oh well you know what can I do well you can you can do as much as you choose to do and and the this is urgent now you know this is not you know sometime over the rainbow this is happening now every day this 5g grid is getting more and more into place so let’s get off our backsides and start making a difference but like I say in terms of its effect psychologically and in terms of of health it depends what frequency we’re resonating on and what frequency resonating on it is dictated by our perceptions you know and and our perceptions dictate our self-identity you know if we think we’re little me and I’ve got no power and and I’m just a human and I am my labels then you’re gonna be operating in a frequency band this stuff is absolutely gonna be master of but if you can re-evaluate our self-identity see that the true nature of the I that we are the awareness having the experiences we give labels to then the frequency that you resin on will vastly change and it can reach the point where this stuff won’t affect you in the same way it will affect other people so it’s it’s a combination of things really it’s it’s it’s it’s getting ourselves in a situation where we have the power to not be affected but it’s also urgently necessary to override the well clear censorship of the dangers of 5g by communicating it in our own ways to anyone that will listen very very very important yeah well I would agree it’s absolutely crunch time and we’re still at a point where awareness is key and one of the great ways you can do that guys is by sharing this video there’s a lot of great information contained within maybe some people out there who’s never heard of the dangers of 5g we’ll learn a lot about this and then go on to become you know thought leaders and in the movement so spread yeah just say one thing yeah maybe I could put it like this to finish people say what about 5g what’s the problem the the human body is an energetic field DNA is a receiver transmitter of information this is well known now the brain processes information electrically so we are electro magnetic organisms and if that electrical electromagnetic balance is in any way affected or distorted then we are gonna get physical or mental psychological emotional consequences 5g because of the frequency and the power on which it operates is going to seriously distort the the body’s communication system electrically an electromagnetically and it’s gonna have a long list of consequences because of that and it might be worth just you know finishing on this to put it into perspective this these fight this 5g frequency is what at a higher power is what US military and law enforcement used to scatter crowds of protesters they have these trucks down where they fire out a frequency and the the skin is an antenna it’s it’s it’s an antenna that’s what that’s what it is and there’s the sweat ducts or any or antennas and and and that’s what this technology is based on so they they bang out these millimeter waves at the crowd the the skin and the sweat ducts decode them and give the the people the feeling that their skin is on fire and then they run course they run and and if you if you are you know disabled or something and you can’t run well you’re sitting in a situation where your skin is on fire because of this frequency now this is the same stuff that they want to fire from satellite not putting satellites up to do it it’s the same stuff they want to fire at homes from the lamps standards outside you know this is really really important that people realize the scale of what we’re about to go into and and kick up one hell of a fuss and make people aware that this is what is is happening because there are gonna be a lot of people take a lot of consequences from this stuff if if we allow it to be rolled out humanity is faced with the biggest threat that technology is bringing and agreed this is a pure insanity information is still absolutely crucial that we raise awareness about what’s going on so I thank you for continued to doing that you’ve been doing great work and in regards to 5g with that so yeah once again thanks for talking to us she’s done we all want true-true we’ll set you free …

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