Global 5G WIFI Will BLANKET The Earth in A MOSAIC of “CELLS” – What You NEED To Know! With Max Igan!

this is Dan Dix here reporting for press for truth we’re here coming at you from Acapulco Mexico once again and I am now joined by the one and only max Egan now max I’m glad to be talking to you here in 2019 in particular a time when the technology is advancing at an incredible rate and we’re soon gonna be seeing this expand to a global scale when it comes to this new 5g technology so I wanted to talk a little bit about that maybe we can get into some of the privacy issues some of the health issues are related to that but before we get into that maybe you can start us off with just a general what is 5g or perhaps how does 5g differ from what we currently have three and 4G well when you look at the G you’ve got to think of it as just generation first generation second generation third generation fourth generation with the fifth generation it’s actually a whole new ballgame it’s not using the same technology they use they’re switching to military-grade millimeter wave technology and when you look at this technology and if you’re going to look at DARPA reports kind of look at some of the patents that the United States military has put out on what they can do with psychological weapons all sorts of things crowd control Active Denial anything you can think of this is what they can do with 5g so any type of military application you can think of which is has an electromagnetic base they can do with 5g and they’re putting this out blanket across the population so when you couple this with everything else they’re doing the nanotech this and everything you want to get into that people just the fact that people have got mobile phones for everybody’s tracked they can say well there’s Dan Dix they can target you for Active Denial specifically and they can affect your health all sorts of things I mean anything you can think of they can do with 5g all you’ve got to go like I said it’s gone look at the DARPA patents they put it all out there themselves to tell you so what sort of experiments have they done or have they and do they even know what some of the adverse health effects may or may not be from this well that’s the thing they’re not running any health tests they even you can look at Ted Weill or Tom wheelers speech who said from the FCC said we’re not waiting for the standards they’re just kind of roll it out but really when you look at it I mean it boils water so what we’ve got a lot of water and ice what’s it going to do to that you see an increase in skin cancers and all sorts of health problems it affects the food so how are we going to have true organic food if you’ve got this millimeter wave everywhere which is penetrating all the food we’re buying in the supermarket’s even so it affects all life forms it penetrates all this stuff and it’s a very very dangerous way because it’s a millimeter wave well speaking of all life forms and the fact that this has to control everything on the planet does it play into the Internet of Things and is that something that’s eventually going to be connected to 5g absolutely that’s that’s one of the reasons at this saying we need it because of the Internet of Things because the enormous amount of bandwidth this is going to use you know if you’ve got people performing all these transactions all the time and everything’s got an IP address everything you pick up and you’re not using tellers anymore that’s all it amazing take an enormous amount of bandwidth so that’s that’s the excuse that they’re using to roll it out but you know I look at it and the health aspects and everything that what this is going to do to the body there’s there’s underlying ulterior motives you know we’re being led in a certain direction with all this and when you look at the whole transfer Minister gender and how they want to merge us with machines and all that sort of stuff with 5g you’re going to find all sorts of health problems people are developing it’s going to be a lot harder to do things in this crumpled old shell and please transfer me over into one of these you can see where they’d be able to lead it with people you know a lot of kids are going to really like this because they’re just stuck in the technology anyway so you know you’ve got to really step back and look at it I mean 5g is dangerous in itself but it’s part of a broader broader action that’s happening and it’s all together one of the broader agenda is that a lot of people talk about in regards to this is the privacy aspect the surveillance aspect um can you get into that a little bit how is it possible that something like this 5g global mesh network can spy in track people or is that the plan oh it’s the plan and they can do it through social crediting as well you’ve got situations now in in England there’s four new supermarkets that are rolled out in England where all your groceries are watching you as well so they’re socially profiling you Walgreens and a couple of others is socially profiling you while you shop so when you look at the Chinese social accrediting system they’ve got as well now if they digitized all cash and they socially profile you in every move that you do track everything you do through all the surveillance cameras they can suddenly say look at this and dicks guy he’s talking to people and he’s saying things that we don’t like so there’ll be an algorithm there which will pick up on your profile pick up on who you’re talking to what you’re saying and you’ll just start docking your social credit points and when your social credit points get below a certain level you’ll find your guy by an air ticket one day and you’re not qualified for the air ticket and there’s no one you can call it’s just simply the algorithm is determined that you’re below and social credit points and there you are now untrustworthy and you can’t be permitted to travel because you’re untrustworthy is what they’ve done in China this over seven million people now on China’s credit blacklist who cannot fly planes they cannot rent hike right on a high tier trains and some of them can’t even rent houses so they can basically criminalize this is thoughtcrime you know you’re saying and doing the wrong thing and if you’re a dissenter who’s speaking out against the government they can limit your social crediting points and limit you from access to the world around you though by putting a digital barrier there where it requires permission to do everything and if you’re not up on social credit points and you only have the permission you suddenly become an undesirable and you get put into the smart prison because you can’t rent a house you can’t travel anywhere so what can you do that’s the way they do it you see so it’s basically a separating society into two classes Desirables and undesirables and it will all be determined by algorithms you won’t even need to commit a crime you’ve got your clock radio listening to you’ve got your TV watching you but everything listening to what you’re saying you could be in bed having a conversation with your wife and suddenly you say something that the algorithm doesn’t like and it determines that damned X is a irresponsible untrustworthy person and abducts your social credit points you don’t know until you go to buy something and then you say well what do I do and the person in the counter says well I don’t know the computer says no they don’t know so they’re not to blame you can wecan tirade all you want and see well who can I call what we don’t know who to call you go online who do I call this no one there’s no website there’s nothing no one that you can call about this what sort of limits are to their power here and how far can they take this because if they can track us social credit wise are they gonna take it to the point of manipulating our ideas our opinions our emotions are very beliefs and is that even possible I think they’re already doing that if you really look at the city manipulating our beliefs but they can mean you let our emotions through 5g again all you’ve got to do is go and look at the DARPA patents there’s a there’s a file I think it’s called psychoactive psychoactive weapons something like that you’ll find it just searched psychoactive weapons DARPA and you’ll find a PDF which has lists all these patents which tells you what they can do they can change your emotions they can change in the transparent eyelids are sort of the things they’re talking about transparent eyelids itching itchy eyeballs so you want to scratch your eyes out you know itching on the soles of your feet where you can’t scratch all this sort of stuff they can do so the the patents are off the charts and these are all official patents stuff that they’ve been trying for years and it’s all military-grade stuff and you look at what they did in the Gulf War with what they’re calling the war the voice of God how they put that message in the Iraqi soldiers to lay down their weapons and march to and give themselves up and they all got fire bombed and that’s on record that they put the voice of God into the head of those soldiers that’s admitted by themselves so what can they do with us with this 5g technology you know put suggestions in people control people’s emotions all sorts of stuff you know we’re electromagnetic beings so when it really comes down to it everything we experienced you holding that microphone you can feel that for an electromagnetic signal the goes to your brain that tells you that’s what’s going on everything you see is decoded electromagnetically where essentially energy beings so if they can manipulate that energy and then you’ve even got to look at stuff like quantum computing and all the stuff they’re doing if you if you consider your body you being an electrical being and your DNA tuned to a particular frequency that harvested and Dix from the surrounding field there’s only really one consciousness which harvests a frequency of it can they create a quantum computer by mapping your DNA and mimic that signal and then harvest your consciousness into a mainframe or can they affect your consciousness in the field and see signals that way I mean this is all the stuff that they’re experimenting on it’s it’s pretty out there too a lot of people but as I said all you’ve got to do is go and read the DARPA patents and this is what they’re telling you in the mainstream so what are they not telling us yeah no doubt well I guess that leads to the obvious question if this is the case and it does in fact seem to be how do we protect ourselves against this moving forward I mean when it comes down to frequencies manipulating you know our our emotions and our minds through microwave technology on a global mesh system is it inevitable is it stoppable and how do we as individuals protect our minds from this machine that’s a very difficult question doing it’s a very difficult question you know ultimately what it all comes down to is you know we’ve got to admit the the reality and face the reality that the world is run by criminals you know there’s nothing really wrong with technology but those who are controlling the direction this technology is going are very bad people exhibit ie the earth have a look at the place and he consider that every problem that we have on this earth is exists because it’s legislated to exist you know and whether the government’s are just a facade that we can get to and is it working behind that whatever but that’s still the mechanism we have to deal with I really like what’s happening in France actually the way they’re just pointing the whole system down and destroying the infrastructure and that’s really ultimately the only way we’re going to combat 5g in the end as nice as we want to be about it and as much as we pick it and petition and do all these things these these towers these 5g towers are putting up are doing harm they’re causing harm you know we created a legal system to prevent the causation of harm and to broad remedy when harm is caused and now our government is using that very legal system to inflict harm upon us and we told we can’t do anything about it well that’s not acceptable you know these people were elected by us to manage our infrastructure in a responsible manner that is the sole purpose of government if it’s going to exist at all and if it doesn’t do that then it has no right it is invalid so we need to pull this infrastructure down we really do but in order to do that I mean we can’t just be some violent domestic terrorists you’ve got to you’ve got to bring this awareness to the people that these towers are doing them damage you don’t need bandwidth that fast and they’re not doing it so you can download movies quickly they’re doing it so they can track every single thing you do and bring in this social accrediting system to control even everything you think you know that’s what they’re doing so we need to raise public awareness of this and pull this infrastructure down before it gets completed well I’m glad you mentioned France because you know they they joined together on the on the idea of taking down the speed camera cameras and they knocked out upwards of 60% of those cameras and that’s a really interesting collaborative thing that people decide to do moving forward when it comes to 5g we need to continue to raise awareness maybe we can reach that 10% tipping point as some people often say and I often recommend ‘el structure where we’re all at the bottom of the base that makes up this thing but if enough of us that represents one of those bricks says no I don’t like this and we step out it might be able to cause the beginning of the crash and the whole system would just fall apart so but at this point I still think awareness is key that’s the first step we need a win I mean we like I said we just can’t go out and so I’m just gonna go and pull them all down you get arrested and the people will be happy that you are you know so you’ve got to raise awareness of what these things are really doing and what this purpose of all this really is it’s not being done for our benefit you know your government is not your friend people need to understand that the world is run by criminals you know I can look at this whole international government system as an and as a multinational multi-generational criminal criminal cabal masquerading as government which is simply inflicted its mentality over ours and we need to break out of this cycle and become free again we really do it’s we’re at a pivotal point and you know with so much going on now this it’s so easy to bring awareness to people because look what they’re doing you know so enough is enough let’s stand up and say something one of the easiest things you can do is actually just share this video simply click the like button leave a comment help trigger the algorithms that are designed to stop this type of info from being seen and share it we need to spread the word and get the info out about the dangers of 5g now for anybody who’s just coming across your info for the first time where can they go to learn more from you what are the links and where can they go if they want to follow your work I’m not got a website called The Crow House calm you can go there you’ll see a youtube channel called The Crow House but if you go to the crow House comm website you’ll find everything you need to to find out about me there is there’s over 2,000 pages on that website it’s a huge portal of truth there’s no subscribers section there’s nothing to buy it’s all for free get the information and share it with whoever will listen fantastic I strongly encourage you to check it out links will be located in the description below once again max thanks so much for talking to us my pleasure Dan thanks for having me on to chat we all want true-true the truth will set you free …


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