Glitch Effect Filmora 9 – Selectively Glitch a Scene

in this video I will show you how to create a realistic a glitch effect but more than just a realistic glitch we should also show you how to create a transporter effect if you are new to my channel my name is James and I create video and tutorials to help you to leverage tech so that you can create greater impact in your life to create this realistic glitch effect the next best thing that you need to do is actually to shoot a suitable clip avid shot this scene intentionally and the way I wanted to shoot it is so that there will be a section where I am inside and then there is a section at the beginning or you can also do it on a different clip where you are not in the scene now once you have that done what you need to do is I click to drag this onto your track here I’m going to use this section as the clip at the bottom and then the next thing that you need to do is to actually to place this up onto these are the track the section that you want and this part is the part that I want so I’m just going to split this over here next I’m going to delete a section that I do not want now because of my section over here is a little bit short what I’m going to do is to extend this by changing the speed I right click and go to speed and duration and then I’m going to change this to say somewhere in the region of 0.1 a little bit too long it’s okay we can trim this over here delete the paths that I do not want zoom in a bit to the timeline so what I’m going to do is I’m going to select this split the clip on top move again approximately 5 frames split it again you don’t really have to have exact width but it would be good to actually keep it approximately there the next thing that we need to do is actually to slowly make the transporter effect so because it is a glitch effect and it’s glitching so go to the video and double-click on this track here click on compositing and we’re going to adjust the opacity of this clip if you just want the glitch effect without the teleportation effect all you need to do is just to leave the opacity alone and leave it at hundred percent next what you want to do is reduce the distortion glitch the spot emitter put it down to the glitch distort here and if you have over here you’ll notice that this distortion is like this now this doesn’t look very realistic the next thing we want to do is go to search for a mask and we we use a shape mask so select the shape Mouse and drag it down onto the clip here double click on the clip again and you go to video effects open up even notice that there is a glitch and there is also a shape mask now you can adjust the Alpha of this glitch which actually show how strong the effect that you want I’m going to lower it a little bit I’m going to go to the shape mask and I’m going to change the shape of the glitch effect first by changing the width just want me to the edge and you can also adjust the width of this mass here so next what you want to do is to further this effect okay so that the mass isn’t so distinct and I’m going to do it for the same for the next frame over here maybe say about these frames four frames down this particular one so you don’t need to do it for every frame I’m gonna do the same for the this section here and then at the end of this I’m gonna do another section and I’m gonna do this to make it like a transporter effect and actually here do the same now that is completed the timeline it should look something like this so let’s take a look at how it goes whatever it be great if you can just snap my fingers and hand spoil yourself cows way oops sorry that’s a glitch let’s try that again it works I hope that you have benefited from this tutorial if you want more information about other tutorials on a few more online check out my playlist here and remember to subscribe so that you will be notified whenever I release a new video


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