Ghost Squadron: The Koenigsegg Owners With The World’s Fastest Production Car

[Music] [Music] driving a Koenigsegg is exhilarating and scary it’s a violent [Music] [Music] go squadron is actually an Air Force squadron Koenig’s eggs are built in the facilities where the ghost squadron used to reside you know when five or six conics eggs are together you know people refer to oh look the ghost squadron is moving around [Music] Geoffrey Chiang we call him mr. logistics he’ll run around says hey we’re gonna be late if you’re not here by 10:00 a.m. we’re out of here you’re gone everyone knows where it is you know what is right [Music] Jeffrey’s the organizer Jeffrey is the master of planning my furry first car was a Datsun 200 s X it had a you know digital dash which was just really cool for that period of time and that was in the mid 80s I went from a 200sx to a 300 ZX I actually traded in that 300 ZX for a used Porsche 911 I even had an f40 and f50 a Celina 7 twin-turbo all very powerful well-known cars and the Koenigsegg is different from all of them it was the first two Koenigsegg in Southern California and remained that way for a number of years until you know the last couple of years well the internet Instagram King in this group is by accident dams kind of the instigator Den and I have been friends for a number of years you know this is like that movie where you you know the the Cowboys have their long jackets and you see that distance and they’re walking slow Geoffrey we’re not that cool cool my very first car was a 1964 bug it cost me think $150 cuz it didn’t run in fact by the time I got to run I didn’t really have a seat so I used to milk crate box I was able to meet Marc at a car show in 2017 young gentleman you know he looks older than he is he could be my third child in my family if you want to calculate age differences but first car was actually a Dodge Challenger 2013 srt8 my dad actually had a 1972 Dodge Challenger back in Beirut that was his first car all the bullet holes in it and knife gashes in it and I did so much research on the Challenger and it became obsessed with that car after meeting Dan is when that friendship you know became dangerous because you know he gets you involved with all the mega cars now like Pagani and Konan and high-end MacLaren’s and I started collecting Pagani’s as well and just recently took delivery of my Koenigsegg you get used to kind of the high-end lifestyle when you’re around people like Dan Marc and Jeffrey I mean they have to do everything for the best of the best you know baller status mark said he’s just a real down-to-earth person he’s the token patriarch he’ll tell us the stories of the old days and that’s what keeps the humor within the system we’re all Jokers I mean it’s a fun group to be around it nobody takes themselves very seriously here and and I I bring a little color to the organization my dad had a 59 Porsche convertible red with a black roof and a rack on the back and so that’s my first memory of a car that really excited me my first real performance car was was a Mustang a 67 Mustang with a 390 in it that car was a lot of fun I did manage here and there to have some fun cars I had a an 89 930 turbo slant nosed convertible that was a lot of fun but the car payment was more than my house payment at the time and so that didn’t last very long when we talked hypercar that the CCX was my first one of the things with those cars with the CCX with the Agera I have never actually rolled all the way to the floor with the accelerator because there’s just not a place to do that yeah these guys Dan and and Jeffrey and Mark they’re all car enthusiasts and so we we have that in common but they’re also just great guys everybody’s entrepreneurial there’s not a lot of fear or a lot of I better not do this or I better not do that we’re all kind of risk takers and it’s a it’s a great group to be around you know without Dan and Jeffrey I wouldn’t have the car [Music] I just took delivery of the koenigsegg agera r s Bader final edition one of two those are the end of an era of the Giro RS era these final additions were very bespoke and will never be remade again so that that’s just incredible experience to be able to say that we own the last two cars that were rolled off the assembly line what’s the name they all have these Norse mythology names because of Sweden and you know it’s Thor it’s Ragnarok it’s you know Vader and I think mark what’s the name your cargo it doesn’t have a name it’s gotta have a name I go great it’s Ruthie and and then they won’t let it go now the other Koenigsegg would be the rege era and that was the first car delivered to the US we named it cherry bomb because of the color drokken which is an Agera R s driving a Koenigsegg is really unlike driving any other car the engineering the performance the brutal speed in a positive way is a violent car see everyone’s neck break and ask what is that car what is this and then you see eleven of them behind you know one another you know going through tunnels revving and just popping like crazy nothing like rolling into a throttle and just feeling that push in your back or hitting that corner and hitting the apex and feeling the the g-forces going sideways and knowing that you’re doing something that evolution or nature didn’t intend your body to do exhilarating rollercoaster scary those are the best descriptions possible it likes to play with you likes to go scary going to 200 miles an hour in this thing whether you’re passenger or the driver you get the same feeling of that freefall you know going into a loop or dropping where your heart sinks and it just takes off everyone goes how fast this car go I say well how fast is a stop first then then you’ll tell you that’s as fast as you want to go when you do hit a turn where you want to make sure that you have the confidence to make that turn there’s no other tire besides of Michelin [Music] it’s amazing to see these cars all lined up to go there land and see how about what 10 Koenigsegg sitting there on the tarmac was incredible didn’t hurt that we had in and out on the plate do Christian von Koenigsegg the designer inventor of the vehicle you know the legend in himself credible humble person I have to pinch myself I guess you know it’s unbelievable in many ways will be at car shows or at events and you know whether it’s a 12 year old kid coming up and asking him what makes you think about making a car all the way to people who know nothing about cars and he’ll never talk down to that he’ll just explain to them and speak to them at a level that they understand Christian wants his cars to be outright performance monsters there will never be anything on a Koenigsegg that does not have a purpose and that was a quote directly from him so should we should we talk a little bit about setting a world record out in the desert and when I first met Christian and I asked him what the top speed was on the Agera RS and he said theoretical 275 and I said well YP a radical he said because we don’t have a place that we can run that car we need we don’t have a long enough straightaway or a safe enough track that we can actually test it for top speed that immediately piqued my interest because I don’t I like to know what things do I like to know how the world works I have a natural curiosity the high speed run it would have never been done unless it was Jeffrey Chang he was pushing the state of Nevada he was pushing the people that can make it happen to the end point in one day says okay this is date we’re all going and we’re gonna go break the record honestly even Krishna was like are we really doing this from the prompt Nevada to Vegas there’s a stretch of highway that has a an about an 11 mile straightaway it’s not flat but it’s straight and the the road surface is in very good condition and we had always talked about joked about how it would be great to see how fast a Koenigsegg could go on this particular highway and Mark was generous enough to offer his car to make this world-record attempt because no way I was going to offer my car and I don’t think Dan was ready to step up and offer his but you know there’s a lot of risk involved I think there was three guys from Koenigsegg and the two guys from Michelin and they had to test them on an aircraft testing machine because they don’t make a passenger car machine that will spin a tire at 300 miles an hour at 300 miles an hour or 270 that the tire valve the valve stem has an equivalent mass of like a hundred and seven pounds maybe a blowout at those speeds or you know I mean it would just be catastrophic so we ran an additional three more cost probably three more runs at top speed on the same set of tires that was a monumental feat the the tires performed excellent [Music] the single highlight would probably have for you this afternoon taking God knows how many coding six through in and out drive-thru which is fun and eating a double-double and some fries and a shake right off the wing of my car the exotics on cannery row is a it’s a phenomenal show simply because it’s open to the public what’s so nice about it it’s really a moving car show for a week and you have all types of cars and all types of car people in a great setting usually with great weather so how can you go wrong right for me I love cannery row because that’s the people show that’s the people that you know those are the people that just loved cars they just get so excited to be able to see it come up close to it feels like you’re at the zoo and the cages are all open I imagined it was probably what the Beatles felt like the the crowds are just the cheering and and pressing in and taking pictures and again for a lot of them they’ve heard of these cars they’ve never actually seen one of these kids or these people who are all social media is our X Y Z generation they don’t have $800 to get into the quell event nor do they have a hat to wear into the event like putting a little honey out there and watching the bees come you know it’s surreal I mean look at all these people they’re just here because they love cars this is one of my highlights because this is the people show Oh I mean I’ve enjoyed it all hanging out with a good group of guys driving the cars growing up you never thought you’d be here you know how owning these cars and you hear about them you see about them but to really be an owner of one of them and to display it with 25,000 people I’m guesstimating is truly surreal it’s incredible and it’s unreal [Music] my lifetime business experience has taught me that if you’re chasing a self-serving outcome it’s hard to get there if you let go of that and look for ways to serve others that the universe is pretty kind and rewarding and that is you just look for opportunities to serve and say okay what assets what resources do I have and how could what I have blessed somebody else’s life and giving someone that doesn’t have as much opportunity a chance and for them to really enjoy something and give them motivation of someday saying hey I want to own this we were all at that place at one time in our lives there are a lot of people that are held back because they nobody’s ever told them that they that they could do more if we can do something to help open that up and help people to believe in their own abilities in their own capacity that’s what brings me joy in life is watching people succeed my goal is how can we turn these assets that are there to do good for for as many as we can you know it’s about giving back and helping out where we can and we do the best we can with that we’ve had a number of charity events already last year and we have more plan for this year it allows us to use our passion for something positive [Music] you. 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