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Hi everyone welcome to the getting started guide series with Google optimized in this short series of videos we’ll walk you through how you can get started using Google optimize quickly and easily we’ll give you an overview of the product how you can set up your first account setting up your first test and understanding your results Google optimize is a natural extension of content experiments in Google Analytics and is our testing solution in market one of the great things about Google optimized is that you can actually get started really quickly without the need of a lot of development cycles or involvement with your development team before I begin though let’s take a quick look at some of the foundations of testing and a culture of optimization so it’s really important to teach your organization’s how does to get started with optimization you want to make sure that they understand processes involved and that you set out a good roadmap of tests for your organization you want to teach your organization how to design good tests so that when you put them in market you’re gonna get actionable results and finally you want to understand those results when they come in you can learn more in a webinar that we recorded called test with success even when you fail with a link on your screen now there are three types of testing with Google optimized the first is a bien testing and this is comparing two or more versions of your site to see which one performs best next there’s multivariate testing were you looking at multiple combinations of elements in a single page and seeing which combination of those elements works best for your site and finally there’s redirect tests these are tests designed to split traffic between different URLs or different websites and you’re sending that URL or that whole site traffic to that next page let’s look at a couple of case studies some of the companies that are using google optimized so first we have the Motley Fool and The Motley Fool was really focused on increasing their newsletter signup and using their Google Analytics data they saw a steep drop-off in their newsletter signup so they used Google optimized to be able to improve this experience what they found was a couple of things first this reduction in time to deploy their tests from two days to ten minutes this is huge in terms of man-hours used to actually develop and run tests and they saw more importantly a 26% increase in order page conversion rate so these are really great results at the Motley Fool saw by using Google optimize next we have Transavia which is a low cost airline in in Europe and they wanted to optimize the digital experience and improve mobile usability with their MDOT site they turned to conversion rate optimization teams for ideas what they found after doing some testing was that they were able to reduce the time spent on analysis by 50 percent based on the results that were coming through with Google optimized and their initial tests showed 77% lower bounce rate and a 5% higher conversion rate on mobile so again really big results for this company wanted to leave you with a few things to get started with Google optimize so first we have our optimized marketing page you can see with the link there on your site this has a lot of information about the product as well as more case studies to help you understand a lot of the use cases out there next principles of mobile design this is on think with Google and it’s a great article it’ll help you get started there and finally you want to use your data you want to understand the data that you have with Google Adwords and Google Analytics because these are really going to be the starting point for which you want to test and optimize your websites so there you go we have an overview of Google optimized in the next video we’ll look at how to get started with setting up your first account

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