Getting Started: First-time user setup

Setting up your google optimize account for the first time is easy and one of our key requirements when building this product was actually that it was so easy that you would be able to do this in three minutes or less so let’s take a look at how we would do that so here I am the first thing you’re gonna do is log into your account and your container and a quick note about accounts and containers an account is a collection of containers that are maybe related to each other or within the same product line or family and a container is a snippet of code on your domain that is gonna allow you to run those a be tests or those multivariate tests through Google optimized so the next thing that we need to do once we have logged in and created our container which actually happens automatically when you create an account is to go ahead and link to Google Analytics so over here on the right hand side of the screen you’ll see this handy checklist if I go ahead and click the link to Google Analytics button here I can click link property and it’s gonna bring up a window that allows me to choose AGA property that I have access to that I want to link to in this case I am gonna go ahead and link to a property that I have in my account that I’ve called test and I’m gonna hit link in the upper right hand corner now I’ve gone ahead and set up that linking and the final step is to then deploy the code snippet on my page now once I hit link I actually get this handy pop-up box that I asked me if I want to go ahead and add the snippet to my site if I click get snippet in the bottom right hand corner it’s gonna open up a box that has the entire code snippet that I would put on my page however what you really need is just this one line of code here that you’re gonna put right below your Google Analytics code already on your page now if we take a closer look you can see here it’s just this yellow highlighted piece of code here that has my container ID for Google optimized and I’m just gonna put that right below that Google Analytics snippet going back over here if I hit next I’m gonna be given an optional step to also add the page hiding snippet what this does is it helps to reduce flicker on a page once I’ve done all of that implementation I can go ahead and click done and I’m not ready to go ahead and create my first experiment I can hit create experiment name my experiment choose the type I want and I’m ready to go so there you go you can see that account setup really is that easy in the next video we’re gonna go ahead and start our first ad test

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