Geeky PowerPoint Shortcut: The Drag and Jump Shortcut

Hey speed demons here’s a geeky PowerPoint shortcut that I’m going to call the drag and jump which is activated by using a combination of PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts which is why this is kind of a geeky PowerPoint shortcut and this came in response to the duplicate verse copy and paste the video I did a little bit ago specifically that hidden feature of the duplicate command and Tony is the one who sent this through as an alternative way to create that hidden little jumping feature and again you can check out my other video if you want to see that duplicate hidden feature so this is the drag and jump to different keyboard shortcuts that combine for a pretty cool effect as Tony pointed out so let’s first talk about the drag and this is really a hybrid keyboard shortcut and if you’ve never heard me talk about hybrid keyboard shortcuts before it’s a mouse plus keyboard combination so the hybrid shortcut there’s a whole bunch of them but three of the best ones are control drag shift drag and what we’re gonna do here is just a ctrl + shift + drag and what this is is a copy + alignment of whatever objects you’re working with so if I just come in here into PowerPoint and I come to the next slide I’m gonna delete this graph if I want to create that duplicate copy of this graph instead of hitting ctrl C and control V to copy and then trying to move and align it instead of hitting ctrl Z to duplicate and moving to align it what you can do instead is and I recommend first selecting the object that you want to copy in a line start to move it with your mouse just like you normally would I’ll ctrl Z to undo that and what you’re gonna do is you’re going to start to move it but before you unclick with your mouse hit the ctrl key there’s your copy hit the shift key and there’s your perfectly aligned object and notice I cannot move this into an unaligned position here with my mouse I’m kicking it back and forth and then when you unclick with your mouse you’re going create that perfectly aligned copy of your chart graph whatever you’re working with and I just again recommend sometimes you try to hit ctrl shift and then drag and it doesn’t work so I really recommend first trying to move your object then hit the control the shift key and then unclick with your mouse to create that perfect copy so that is the drag of the dragon jump now let’s talk about the jump part of the dragon jump and you’re gonna do this using your control shortcuts really it’s called the repeat commands and there’s really two keyboard shortcuts here you have f4 just a straight up f4 and if you have your function keys inverse you might need to hit can FN plus f4 which you can check out my other video about that or you can just hit control Y both of these are the redo or repeat keyboard shortcuts and where these are super useful if I just come in here to PowerPoint I’ll delete this Inc is it allows you to select an object here on this slide do whatever you want up in the ribbon alright I’m just gonna come and fill this you know let’s fill it light green I’ll fill a dark green like that so I could format something once then I could come to something else on this slide or another slide I hit f4 I could come to something else I can hit control Y I mean they’re really the same exact thing but what allows you to do is just basically sweep through and perform one specific operation which is kind of like an assembly line for formatting objects in your slide so you can do that either with f4 or control Y just remember if your function keys are inverse you’re gonna have to FN plus f4 and where these two combined if I come to the next slide is let me just delete these out of here is that ctrl D to duplicate keyboard shortcut right I use my smart guides and then I use that hidden feature to jump my slide titles all the way down so the drag and jump is I’m going to select alright the add details text box here I’m gonna start to move it hit the ctrl + shift key to create that perfectly aligned copy so I don’t have to mess around with my alignments later now if I just hit f4 I get that same exact hidden feature of the duplicate command and let me just do that again I will just delete these boom-boom-boom-boom-boom you can even do this two rows at a time so I will select my objects I’ll start to move them control shift alright I’m gonna use those smart guides again where’s my smart guides right there alright a control shift drag then F 4 F 4 F 4 and you can see because I’m building this slide with the concept of relative alignment positioning something I talked about in our speed training courses the slide basically fills in itself so that’s an alternate to the jump feature that hidden feature of the duplicate command that again you can check out in my other youtube video and again thank you Tony for sending this through that is super awesome and I’m gonna now call that the drag and jump in honor of Tony if you want to keep up to date or a power Patrick reso PowerPoint hacks tips and tricks to help get you to happy hour make sure you subscribe here to my youtube channel if you’re just looking for PowerPoint resources to help each it happy hour like PDF cheat sheets free mini series and other assets that I’ve pulled together for you just look for the links directly beneath this video this is Taylor from that’s a bold speech aim and I’ll see you at happy hour

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