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Is there a supernatural dimension a world beyond the one we know is there life after death do angels exist can our dreams contain messages from heaven can we tap into ancient secrets of the supernatural our healing miracles real Sid Roth has spent over 35 years researching the strange world of the supernatural join Sid for this edition of it’s supernatural oh welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural there is there is nothing nothing this world has to offer compared to having intimacy with God to having the assurance that he knows your name and that you can hear his voice and you can accomplish your purpose on this earth heaven must be the most wonderful place my Jewish mother used to say that she’s in heaven right now my guest died from a medical viewpoint and went to heaven and he went to a room called the body parts room now these body parts are waiting for us and after he learned how this operates people are getting body parts next it’s supernatural hello Sid Roth here with dr.

Gary wood and Gary we’re happy today but in 1966 you just a young man you driving with your sister and you have a crash what is the first thing you remember after the impact well Sid there was a sharp searing pain that went through my upper facial features and I felt a crushing in my larynx and then I was just relieved of all pain dying is just like taking your clothes off and just laying them aside I stepped out of this body this earth suit and then was lifted above the top of my car and my whole life passed before my eyes and just an instant then I was caught up in a swirling massive funnel shaped cloud that grew wider and and very bright but not as bright as the lights that are shining here in the studio in my face angels took me underneath their wings and now while this is going on eventually a paramedic gets to you yes what did the paramedics find out well they pronounced me dead at the scene of the accident I’ve learned that I was dead for over 61 minutes oh okay now you’re caught up in the air there is no pain it’s was it a good feeling it was ecstasy it was peaceful calm tranquility in angels begin to sing worthy is the Lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world then his cloud opened up and I saw this gigantic golden satellite suspended in space that the Bible calls heaven it had 12 foundations Sid the names of the 12 apostles were inscribed upon them had 12 gates of pearl and gate over 500 miles in width I started walking up a green grassy hill the grass came all the way through my three yet there were no intentions where I previously stepped there were diamonds on the grass there was an angel standing in front of one of those gates of pearl and he was at least the angel was at least 70 feet tall did you say did you hear that 70 feet tall and that’s tall at the fall he had a sword he had beautiful goes spun here and there was an angel inside of the city that was Colding some books there was some exchange between these two angels and then I was allowed access in the city and I have to say that I was allowed access in the city because I received Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior who was the person that you met besides the angel well it was my best friend in high school and he had been killed in an auto accident his head was decapitated I recognized him immediately which answers in my mind will way to know one another in heaven and certainly we will and then my friend will take me on the tour of the place called heaven tell me about the library that intrigues me wait I saw volumes and volumes of books there’s books of prayer requests our spiritual growth in the Lord and souls that we have wonder Lord Jesus Christ because that’s the dearest thing to the heart of God so so let me see if I got this straight there there there’s a book and it has the names of the people that I say you have one to the Lord did you look in that book I did and I saw people that I had led to the Lord even up to that particular time and then the most exciting thing Sid was to see the Lamb’s Book of Life and there it is just covered in wool that’s white wool and I looked into the Lamb’s Book of Life and I saw name written in the Lamb’s Book of Life and said paid in full by the precious red blood of Jesus so I had a right to be there and I saw what happened when someone received Jesus as their Savior what transpires is there’s always a welcoming committee when you come to heaven there’s always celebration and excitement and I saw a man received Jesus as Lord and Savior of his life and there were people watching and looking at was sitting like in bleachers it’s kind of recording Hebrews chapter 12 they’re not looking at all the bad things in life but they’re looking at the good things that and they’re pulling forth they’re cheering for us they’ve in essence said we’ve run our race you run your race and then wait a second I I feel something right now I feel I believe the presence of angels you have an angel that accompanies you is that angel here right he is here right now why is he here well because I’m a man on a mission with a message sent directly from heaven to make it all that thought we’ll be right back we’ll be right back to it’s supernatural many viewers report testimonies of miracles signs and wonders and Healy’s as a result of watching it’s supernatural I’m 14 years old this morning I watched it’s supernatural about angels and warmth poured on me it made me cry God healed me of stage 4 inoperable cancer it is a real blessing to have it’s supernatural to watch each week if you’ve been touched through watching it’s supernatural share your testimony at forward slash praise we turn to dr.

Wood I am so intrigued by the body parts room tell me what you saw about 500 yards from the throne room of God my friend took me and I was captivated by the sign on the outside that said unclaimed blessings when I opened the door to my astonishment I saw lakes hanging there from the wall I saw real lakes real lakes every part of one’s Anatomy was there in that room and people asked me why do you need a place like that because God has a spare part room God has a miracle and I saw what happened SID when people on the earth pray the prayers go up and Jesus receives that prayer a commission sends out an angel angel goes and takes the spare part room brings it down immediately now sometimes it’s instantaneous sometimes it’s like Daniel who had to wait 21 days to receive his manifestation but here’s what I saw I saw people received a miracle and then on the other hand I saw the angel bringing the miracle to the person the person say something like this well I guess it’s just not my time but way to say why would they say that if the angel brought it well they didn’t see it or they may not have been you know prepared for that or they may have been taught that God doesn’t perform miracles today what I’ve met a lot of people that have going to heaven and they have actually witnessed the spiritual warfare of the angel trying to bring the answer here air and demons interfering well that’s exactly what I was seeing that demonic forces didn’t want the miracle to come to the person but when the person would lift up their hands and the Lord really emphasized this to me said to say in last 6 months and this is where we’ve seen an increase in miracles that when we pray for people to lift up their hands and say I believe I receive because what I saw was but he’s like that’s simple that that’s mark it’s Scripture it is it’s so simple it is faith is simple faith is not complex faith is not difficult faith is just believing the Word of God and acting like it sorry very briefly tell me about one person that odd you prayed for or that hurt your story and got a body part well there’s a lady named Stacey and she’s from Kokomo Indiana and she was believing God for any lungs she’s in the medical profession she had severe allergies from a young age and she read that she read that part and I heard that part in the testimony that I gave and she said I want new ones and so she prayed and she received and she’s totally healed of asthma and now she tells her patients I understand how you were but now I’m completely healed and opens up the door for her to share her story as to how God gave her new body parts why did you come back I’m on assignment I was sent back to tell people that heaven is real there’s a song to sing there’s a missionary journey to take there’s a book to write your unique and purpose for this earth no one that can do what you are called the commission to do here upon the earth Jesus called me to give a specific message he said there’d be a spirit of restoration that would prevail throughout the land he said that there would be a teaching and emphasis on prayer and he told me to always pray it is written if I possibly could then I could triumphantly say it is finished and number three he said there’d be a great outburst of miracles and he said tell my people never to bind to the condemnation of the devil thir and worthy he said you’re worthy because you’ve been redeemed by the precious blood of the Lamb and that is worth applauding I can tell you this but he had a sister that didn’t even believe in miracles but when he died she was crying to God in a name that is above even death in the name of Jesus and what happened well she began to cry out and when my friend was taking me on his tour in heaven as she began to cry out he said to me you’ve got to go back she’s using that name and so I just shot right back down into my body they noticed life signs they rushed me to the hospital to stabilize me and then I was told the next day the severity of the accident I’ve got a picture here the x-ray your nose was torn off your teeth were knocked out your jaw was broken your neck was broken you had severed vocal cords you crushed larynx that’s kind of an understatement and you’re hearing a song that many of you know Jesus touched me he touched me yes and what happened well when I heard that song Jesus walked into my hospital room and looked at him he actually walked him he actually walked in how would you like Jesus to walk into your bedroom how would you like Jesus to walking from your factory and said this is humorous to me but people often ask me this question well is Jesus Jewish yes he is when you die you’re not going to lose your ethnic origin jesus had olive skin he I saw where they drove the nails in his hands I saw they play the crown of thorns upon his head he had beautiful blue eyes Jews from the House tribal injured David are known to have blue eyes and he’s walked over put his hands on my throat he smiled and all the time I’m hearing the song sing he touched me touch me and then he just walked out of the room now he didn’t come in through the door he didn’t leave by the door he is the door and the little nurse had been attending me about ways that you have to get this clear his odd vocal cords are cut his larynx is crushed you don’t have to be a doctor to understand that means you cannot speak he was a singer he has a doctorate I believe in music and he would never sing again he would never speak a word again the little nurse comes in and what happens well she walked in she said good morning mr.

Wood how are you this morning and she was just trying to cheer me up and I threw my hands up said praise God I’ve been healed thanks for that and she dropped a trace it needless to say the doctors went out or she went out and got the doctors doctors came in they said you can’t speak you can’t talk but I got a second opinion doctor Jesus let’s get out there I’m not getting doing it every day when I was the weather the the voice therapists say she said it’s absolutely impossible for number one for me to even be alive with the crushed larynx because with a crushed larynx your food will go directly into your lungs instead of into your stomach and so you’ll drown to death essentially are you’ll son do you know what the thing that’s so amazing he can’t talk by the way I want you to know this a medically speaking because says his vocal cord is still cut it is his larynx it’s still crushed but it’s a double miracle if you if you look at it that way but when he sings he touched me people get healed and he told me God told him many of you are going to be healed in this next segment and I got proof from heaven there is an angel on this set and I’m doing all I can to sit still but I’ll be back in a bit we’ll be right back to it’s supernatural our world is rife with comparisons about what separates us day after day we go about our lives with tunnel vision but scripture tells us how Messiah broke down the wall between Jew and Gentile allowing for the creation of one new man one new humanity this spiritual completeness is set to usher in the greatest move toward God the world has ever known Sid Roth has discovered scriptures key to reaching the Jewish people with God’s love when does humanity opens the door for God to move in signs and wonders and all will see the evidence of the invisible God promised in Scripture at you’ll find mentoring tools to empower you to share how one new humanity is critical to bringing multitudes to know God you’ll understand Israel and the Jewish roots of the church and how all the nations of the earth will experience blessings unseen in human history log on to today and learn how man is the key to unlocking God’s greatest blessings we now return to oh Sid Roth here with dr.

Gary wooden Gary it is getting soul such power is on this set right now I and the devil tries to knock out December of last year just a few months back yes you had cancer what did the what type of cancer and what the doctors say well it was an acute attack of pancreatitis so his pancreatic cancer is that much hope for pain not really not really I was I started off with they gave me a limited time you know to survive and started off with morphine just pure morphine every five hours would drop to two hours and then every 15 minutes as I could just pump it into my body to relieve the pain what I did see it I didn’t do anything different but were you fearful that this was your time to leave absolutely not because I I’m a man on a mission with a story okay Adam all right what what listen I’ve got story for you right now and it’s truth if you have a life-threatening disease and there’s a purpose for your life and you have not fulfilled that purpose no devil in hell that seek you out you hear me then yeah that’s what I learned said God God’s plan for your life is greater than the devil’s planned to destroy you and I stayed in the word thy word if I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee I stayed in faith faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God now that the nurse the doctors they all walked in they all said mister would you have cancer they gave the negative report I chose to believe God’s Word over that and then I stayed in joy and most important I stayed in fellowship with fellow Christians I went to my home church had my pastor in my church and all the believers there to lay hands upon me and to prayed the prayer faith and knowing me with all and the moment they did I knew I knew that I knew I was healed and I walked back to my seat turned to my wife and I said it’s done it’s done you know that’s you you’ve been to heaven you’re maybe special but I know better you serve a special God yes that’s what makes him special and that’s what makes you special we serve a special God and gary said something that was so profound he said that Jesus told him about when you prayed for it believe explain that exactly well he said whenever you’re prayed for immediately declare with your mouth I believe I receive and said ever since I’ve started urging people to say that to say I believe I receive I’ve seen an increase in miracles tell me about that person from Korea very briefly well I was in a church service and there was some Korean three people there from Korean origin I walked back to the young man and he said I deduce myself and he said oh I know who we are he said you very very popular in South Korea and I went oh yes sure something like that you know then I discovered that they watched it’s supernatural with you and they saw me on a previous program and they down the website flew 21 hours to be in the service to bring their mother he was dying after lung cancer and God erectus Jesus okay here’s what’s going to happen right now Gary is going to release words of knowledge and pray for you and you are to say just before he prays I believe I have already received I believe I received because you’re instructed to do that in mark diverticulitis is being healed right now and a rotor cut problem in your shoulder is being healed eczema this rash that’s all over your body acid reflux has been touched and healed people are being healed Sid in their joints right now and it’s like they’re being lubricated and they were very stiff a thyroid problem is being touched and being healed you know I heard this song he touched me touch me I don’t know nothing I know that as you sing this I know that as he sing this sings this if you will believe you will receive oh he touched me join me audience and all the joy that puts my soul Oh something happened it’s happening right now and now I know he touched me and made eat me there is such a presence of God in the studio right now Gary God spoke to you about the importance of living a holy life we don’t hear much about that why is that even so important right now well the Bible of course Word of God says without holiness no man will see God so that’s very important but he said those that will walk in holiness in this last day will be rewarded for that and walking the blessings of God those that choose not to are going to be exposed and it’s time to discard and abandon anything that’s hindering our race with God throw it off and run the race to fulfillment so we can hear Jesus say well done they’ll get in faithful service are you walking in holiness are you looking at pornography are you involved in the New Age the occult are you involved in sex outside of marriage are you involved in addictions of any kind are you involved in homosexuality are you involved in lying are you look you know if you’re involved in sin repent means to tell god you’re sorry and change your action and turn from your wicked ways and ask him for the power to overcome you can’t do it yourself but if you will do your part if you will repent and believe the blood of Jesus has washed away your sins then God’s going to do his part and give you the ability to walk a holy life and watch the blessings that you’re about ready to walk in you have you ever wondered what heaven is truly like do you know someone who questions whether there is life after death now you can know the testimonies of 16 people who have experienced life after death they each sharing glorious detail what heaven is truly like call now and get this supernatural testimonial book heaven is beyond your wildest expectations and the two-part audio CD life-after-death plus Gary woods audio CD is there anything too hard for God yours for a donation of $35 shipping and handling is included ask for offer number nine one five eight through this book and two-part audio CD series you will understand what happens the moment someone dies as they travel through God’s tunnel of light hear powerful testimonies like Bill Wiese I would make pull up this tunnel and suddenly this bright light appeared I know immediately who it was I said Jesus and he said I am and when he said I am I collapsed at his feet here first-hand accounts about the awesome beauty of Jesus full of overpowering love and compassion gain faith to believe God for your healing as you understand that God has a body parts room where miracles are waiting to be accessed take the tour of God’s heavenly library with volumes and volumes of books that contain every detail of each person’s life understand that our worship on earth mingles with worship in heaven which is incredibly beautiful understand how our prayers are converted into visible fire and rivers that ascend to heaven hear the moving stories of family reunions in heaven not only my grandmother Mary was there but other family members that accepted Jesus Christ are the Messiah as Lord and Savior they were there and it was something it wasn’t just the ones I knew but generation after generation after generation through Gary woods anointed audio CD is there anything too hard for God you will obtain an impartation for faith to believe God for your miracle breakthrough Gary wood shares in detail about seeing happy children and animals playing together in heaven tasting the fruit of heavenly trees which impart spiritual gifts and knowledge seeing the prayers from Earth ascended to heaven as an army of angelic forces are dispatched for battle to destroy the demons effectiveness and I saw my name written in Lamb’s Book of Life and said paid and pulled by the precious red blood of Jesus once you understand eternity your life on earth will have purpose you will clearly understand your destiny don’t miss out on getting this supernatural testimonial book heaven is beyond your wildest expectations and the two-part audio testimonial CD life-after-death + Gary woods audio CD is there anything too hard for God yours for a donation of $35 shipping and handling is included s for offer number nine one five eight call where you can send your check to sid roth it’s supernatural p o– box 39222 charlotte north carolina 28278 please specify offer number nine one five eight or log on to call or write today next week on it’s supernatural my next guest said next year will either be the best year of your life or the worst year of your life and he has found ancient Biblical mysteries when implemented on a practical basis result in a supernatural increase that will cause you to be on the right side of the ledger you …

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