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To some the idea of noah’s flood conjures up images from sunday-school bible stories of a small boat overstuffed with cute animals that gently bobbed in an ocean for 40 days many simply call it a myth fewer and fewer these days believe the flood account from Genesis 6 to 9 is actual history the Bible frames the flood as an actual historical event one that involved a specific family of eight Genesis says the flood lasted for a full year engulfed the entire world and preserved animals plants and humanity from well-deserved judgment the flood represents the most detailed account of any single event in the Bible both the Apostle Peter and Jesus even referred to the Genesis flood as a real historical event so it’s safe to say that the credibility of the Bible and even Jesus himself hinges on whether the flood account actually happened as described in Genesis join us now as we reveal how Noah’s Flood lines up with brand-new scientific research over 1,800 oil will bore holes from four continents have all been compiled and mapped the newly emerging map tracks the thickness and extent of each rock type as they were laid down by the flood this research reveals the same six mega sequences of sedimentary rock deposits across multiple continents each mega sequence contains a huge stack of rock often with coarse-grained sandstone on the bottom then finer grain deposits like shale then topped by lime stones each mega sequence is bounded above and below by flat eroded surfaces called unconformity x’ a few places on earth have layers that represent all six mega sequences how did they get there what do they say about Noah’s Flood catastrophic ly water deposited sedimentary layers top most of the world’s continents would Noah’s Flood bring lots of water and lots of mud geologists agree on the six mega sequences but they differ on the timescale in which they happened if they took millions of years then they have little to do with the flood but if they were all deposited rapidly and recently then the flood should come to mind many also question when a larger landmass such as a Pangaea like supercontinent broke into continents that moved to their current configuration for the first time ever new mega sequence maps allow us to see how the flood shaped our entire planet just like the Bible said including reconfiguring the continents according to Genesis the Garden of Eden was a lush paradise one that was set up for eternal life worldwide vegetarianism and harmony with our Creator there was no bloodshed disease or even death plants and trees had no thorns or thistles and humans tended God’s creation then came the fall we disobeyed God and ate the forbidden fruit sin entered the world and death through sin suffering pain mutations and cancer now plagued humanity plants and trees grew thorns and we transitioned from keepers of a lush garden to laboring farmers the earth and universe began to decay and grown under the weight of sins curse not even two thousand years later humanity had turned so corrupt that God sent the flood as a judgment against us for God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually and God said to Noah the end of all flesh has come before me for the earth is filled with violence through them and behold I will destroy them with the earth God instructed Noah to make an ark a word that means box our chest to specific dimensions materials and construction and Noah did according unto all that the LORD commanded him and Noah and his family entered the ark along with two of every basic kind of land dwelling air-breathing animal with nostrils these add up to about 5,000 pairs of animal kinds needed to reproduce all the variety and animal life we have today then in the six hundredth year of Noah’s life in the second month the seventeenth day of the month the same day were all the Fountains of the great deep broken and the windows of heaven were opened these two events The Fountains of the great deep breaking up and the windows of heaven opening began the first day of a 371 day long calamity that resurfaced the earth and killed everything that moved on land hot magma mixed with steam pierced the Earth’s crust giant rifts our tears ran thousands of miles across the planet scalding hot magma vaporized massive amounts of water that jetted into the atmosphere the water fell back to earth as intense global rain along with torrential rain from heaven for 40 days worldwide catastrophic rifting caused massive mud filled tsunamis to speed across deep ocean floors then on the shallow ocean floors killing everything in their path the first mega sequence wipes out mostly shallow marine habitats the bursting Fountains of the great deep spew out megatons of magma and carbon dioxide sure enough the first mega sequence rocks show a spike in volcanic activity and massive amounts of carbon dioxide during these first 40 days intense water currents overtopped most of the flooded continents water Laden sediment travels at highway speeds thick sediment blankets start covering low regions of the continent fossils show that the first three mega sequences buried the shallow seas that were filled with marine life as these deposits have almost no trees are land animals all three mega sequences covered similar environments across North and South America and Africa the three continents map so far one global cause Noah’s Flood best explains this one world wide effect then by the fortieth day of the flood the absorb x equals began hitting the maps show that this is when things got much worse something shoves the water over the tops of even the high lands from that ancient world the newly forming ocean floor offshore is so hot that it starts very thick pushing up the ocean waters from beneath sea level rises dramatically molten magma rises and fills the widening gaps pushing the mid-ocean ridges wider the hot ocean floor shoves against the continents then slides beneath it like giant conveyor belts deep beneath the earth in some places rather than the conventional model that has the seafloor spreading slowly this runaway subduction actually happened quickly moving at about five miles per hour due to the heat caused by the friction and pressure of the rapidly subducting plates as the diving ocean plate subducting to the land they push down the continental edges and then release them creating tsunami cycles that blanket the continents just how tsunamis happen today only more intense and frequent for example the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in Japan and the fourth largest in history was a magnitude nine point one earthquake that occurred in 2011 this earthquake was caused by an undersea megathrust about 45 miles east of the Japanese coast at the center there was a 160 foot slip between the overriding plate that was part of Japan and the underlying pacific plate the sea bottom rose about 23 feet when the fault unlock and the resulting earthquake triggered a devastating tsunami that was 133 feet above sea level and traveled inland for six miles the tsunami is occurring during the flood however were different much different with the ocean ridge bursting open rapidly and pushing the ocean floor under land continents on a worldwide scale tsunamis were happening in cycles several every hour and with long stretches of subduction zones active at the same time the incoming phase of a tsunami has a much higher speed and is highly turbulent which keeps the sediment in suspension but it leaves behind layers of sediment as it slows down in they’re treating phase this cycle repeats several times every hour during the 150-day inundation stage of the flood first entombing the shallow marine life followed by land creatures in different habitats and elevations leaving behind what we see today in the fossil record these types of tsunamis have even occurred in recent history such as the tsunami caused by slipping ocean plates that hit the coast of Washington in 1700 and left behind multiple representing each wave of the tsunami recent seismic technology actually allows us to investigate whether this type of rapid abduction occurred sure enough these scans reveal a ring of unexpectedly cold rock at the bottom of the mantle beneath the subduction zones that surround the Pacific Ocean the severity and elevation of this stage of the flood is why the first land creatures and plants start showing up in the fossil record laid down by the absorb mega sequence entire ecosystems are buried in enormous deposits that later turn into coal such as the extensive Appalachian coal beds in fact the US has over 7 trillion tons of coal reserves where did it all come from while we know that coal is formed by dead plant material being sandwiched between sediment layers we only have enough vegetation on the Earth’s surface today to produce just a fraction of the existing coal reserves this shows that the pre-flood world was mostly covered by lush vegetation the rising flood waters and tsunamis that were necessary to sweep over the land and very vast amounts of vegetation that turned into coal are best explained by a catastrophe of worldwide proportions the fact that over a dozen states in the US are filled with dinosaur fossils buried under heaps of mud also attest to the flood in fact geologists have found a temporarily exposed dinosaur Peninsula where the dinosaurs made their last stand now buried there along with lake and sea life transported by the massive waves the earlier flood deposits the first three mega sequences do not seem to have deposited much material over this dinosaur peninsula only a few hundred yards of sediment remain along the margins and in many places no deposition is left at all deposits thousands of feet thick occur east and west of this temporarily exposed peninsula that extends from Minnesota to New Mexico now buried across it are pre-flood wetland plants and animals including dinosaurs turtles frogs fish and many birds thousands of dinosaur track ways up and down this peninsula plus similar temporarily exposed low areas on other continents suggest that dying dinosaurs and other hearty track makers floated waded and walked on fresh deposited mud trying to find safe ground next the massive Zuni mega sequence hits the absorber and Zuni mega sequences are the most severe because the continental plates began to move more quickly from the original Pangaea like supercontinent configuration to where they are today with oceanic rifting and plate subduction increasing dramatically and the continents traveling apart quickly the tsunami like waves began washing across Western North America while virtually no sedimentation is occurring in the East when coming up over the dinosaur peninsula the Zuni catastrophic Lee buries dinosaurs in the Morrison Formation a 13 state area encompassing over 700,000 square miles this jurassic unit includes at least 141 massive dinosaur bone yards where dinosaurs like Camarasaurus Diplodocus Apatosaurus Stegosaurus and Allosaurus are found the Cretaceous layers like the hill Creek Formation are found on top of the Jurassic and hold hundreds of mass bone yards containing several different types of dinosaurs such as t-rex Triceratops Sentra Soros and Edmontosaurus that had been living in a different ecosystem also buried by the Zuni the Zuni was so massive and fast that in engulfed entire regions with mud flow burying giant creatures like this t-rex under 50 feet of muddy sediment entombed so quickly that preserved blood cells blood vessels and bone cells were found just recently how much water does it take to pile 50 feet of mud on top of a dinosaur the Dinosaur National Monument in Utah contains thousands of visible bones from 11 kinds of dinosaurs that were buried in a jumbled mass in the Morrison Formation together with crocodiles turtles lizards frogs and clams what type of event would it take to bury all these different land animals with millions of clams when the dinosaur peninsula floods over completely large herds of dinosaurs are entombed in massive fossil graveyards in the Upper Cretaceous system found in northern Wyoming Montana and Alberta Canada the dinosaurs had tried to escape by fleeing northward up the peninsula as waters advanced from the south explains this massive graveyard in northern Montana that’s over 1.2 miles long and contains 30 million fossil fragments representing over 10,000 adult Maiasaura that were simultaneously buried in this entire collection of bones not a single baby was found every one of these 10,000 Maiasaura was between 9 and 23 feet long does this seem like the adult dinosaurs were stampeding away from the raging floodwaters with 100% of their young falling behind and being engulfed in a different part of the peninsula just 170 miles northeast of this location is one of the largest dinosaur graveyards in the world one that even secular scientists admit was caused by a watery catastrophe here thousands of centrist ARS are buried in 14 mega bone beds over an entire square mile which is nearly 500 football fields looks like a massive herd of these creatures thousands of them were simultaneously buried in mud by Noah’s Flood just 45 miles west from this location is yet another massive flood deposit and this one even has 49 different species of dinosaurs buried along with turtles crocodiles fish flying reptiles birds and small mammals what type of disaster could bury nearly 50 species of dinosaurs and many other types of animals including marine life together in mass graves these mass burial sites are common in the US as well for example look at this dinosaur dig site in Wyoming where a 1 meter thick layer of mud stone stretches for 80 acres with over a million bones buried in a graded sorted bed where big bones are found at the bottom and little bones on top the only way to develop a graded bed like this is by a catastrophic process that transports these bones and deposits them during a single event large flying creatures like pterosaurs were able to fly to escape the rising floodwaters delaying their demise until the later stages of the blood the fossil record shows they’re buried in many different layers all over the world there is no doubt that widespread volcanism was also involved in finishing off the dinosaurs as many of these mass graves are literally packed with volcanic ash ash that in many cases was mixed with water when it emplaced the dinosaurs in their tombs one section of the Morrison Formation called the brushy Basin member spreads across five states and includes over 4,000 cubic miles of volcanic materials without a single volcano in the Morrison Formation geologists believe this material had to be carried all the way from volcanoes on the west coast volcanoes created by the magma rising from the subducting ocean crusts plunging under the land today these subduction zones form the Ring of Fire responsible for over 90% of our earthquakes the Bible records that on the 150th day of the flood God made a wind to pass over the earth the water started to recede The Fountains of the deep and the windows of heaven were stopped and the rain from heaven was restrained now enters the final mega sequence the Tejas here after the water peaked over the top of the highest remnant of the pre-flood world he began to rush off the continents eroding and reworking some of the deposits laid down in the previous mega sequences especially carving away at the zuni deposits this final sequence appears to have been different than the others because there was a reversal in flow direction as the waters began to sheet off the continents this flow reversal transported much of the fossils deposited earlier off the highest uplands spreading them towards the edges of the continent the evidence points to the Tejas draining the flood waters southward off of the u.s.

Towards the Gulf of Mexico with a sheet wash pattern all at once this is why we find massive sand deposits in the deep water of the Gulf of Mexico billions of barrels of oil have been discovered there with much of it found within a massive 1,100 foot thick bed of pure sand in over 7,000 feet of water over 200 miles offshore in addition plants swept off the pre-flood lands formed massive coal beds such as in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming in Montana these Tejas layers contain the largest coal deposits in North America that currently supplies over 40% of the coal in the u.s.

Some of these stacked coal beds are up to 200 feet thick and areas that are 60 miles long by 60 miles wide the sheer volume of plant material required to form such a massive layer of coal testifies to catastrophic circumstances the massive runoff that began with the Tejas may also explain the lack of human fossils in the rock record any residual human remains left buried and earlier deposits were totally destroyed by the erosive retreating floodwaters in line with God’s promise to wipe them from the face of the earth any residual remains were ground up and likely spread in all directions over great distances by the Tejas lessening the likelihood of finding any human fossil remains because humans were impacted earlier by the floods violence they were destroyed in the snot buried hole deep in the sediments leaving no fossil traces erosion in the Tejas sequence would have affected the strata beneath wiping away even traces of human remains buried in earlier layers when God stopped The Fountains of the great deep on day 150 the new ocean surface began cooling and sinking allowing the flood waters to lower as they sheeted off the continents into the new ocean basins Psalm 104 describes the mountains being raised at the end of the flood and the waters draining down valleys and off the emerging new land surfaces the seafloor rifting process and the resulting mountain forming process explains why sea creatures are found on mountaintops all over the world high above current sea levels for the remaining 220 days of the flood the water recedes from the earth and it dries out allowing time for earth to be replenished with vegetation for the animals to eat when they eventually come off the ark this year-long catastrophe left behind a vast number of proofs that quite frankly make its occurrence obvious first we have the staggering volume of fossil bearing sedimentary rocks around the world over 1 mile thick on average billions of dead things buried in rock layers laid down by water all over the earth and the sediment they are found in lies above sea level what sort of water process could in place so much sediment above sea level on top of the land surface another clue is the vast horizontal extent of individual sediment layers with little-to-no erosional channeling between successive layers what sort of transport and depositional process could conceivably gener such uniform layers over such vast horizontal distances many of these layered beds are separated by bedding planes on the scale of inches to Feet a feature so common that if you stop to think about how it happened it’s as if the sediment is being deposited in pulses in a repeating manner with each pulse producing a thin layer commonly found around the world the floods tsunamis provide a perfect explanation and it happened so quickly that there was no time between deposition of the layers for surviving critters to burrow into the layers and turn them over what has been discovered both from a creationist as well as from a secular understanding is that much of the continental fossil record was already in place before any of the present-day ocean crust had come into existence at a rift zone for example all of the trilobite fossils had been deposited plus all of the older coal deposits had already been formed before any of the present-day ocean crust had formed since in creationist understanding the presence of fossils is a completely trustworthy indicator of the action of the flood this means that much of the flood Cataclysm had already unfolded and it generated fossil bearing sediments on the continental surface before any of the present-day ocean floor had appeared it further implies that all of today’s ocean floor formed since the onset of the flood during roughly the latter half of the Cataclysm it also means that all of the pre-flood ocean floor plus the ocean floor formed during the earlier portion of the flood must have been recycled into the Earth’s interior during the Cataclysm these considerations indicate in a compelling way that rapid plate tectonics must have been a major aspect of the year-long flood catastrophe this six mega sequence worldwide flooding process perfectly set the stage for the subsequent Ice Age the oceans had been tremendously heated by the rifting that had taken place across the 45 thousand mile ridge system and the creation of a completely new seafloor of hot lava as a consequence this caused an abnormal amount of evaporation and thus continuous rain that was likely worldwide the volcanic activity created by the subduction zones that created the ring of fire would have spewed volumes of Ash and aerosols high into the atmosphere resulting in cooling especially in the higher latitudes these factors combine to produce an ice age that lasted a few hundred years but ended as the conditions that caused it waned the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat in the seventh month on the seventeenth day of the month just as Noah and his family entered through the single door of the ark to be saved from the flood there’s only one way of salvation today Jesus Christ in the book of John says I am the door By Me If any man enter in he shall be saved through his death and resurrection Christ paid the penalty for our sins offering salvation to those who will receive him with so much evidence supporting the historical foundation of the Christian faith we pray that you will consider following Christ as the only way for salvation as many as received him to them gave he power to become children of God even to them that believe on his name which were born not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man but of God John 1:12 through 13 are you a Christian student looking for answers about what the Bible teaches about creation the fossil record dinosaurs download the Genesis apologetics app from the iTunes or Google Play stores for answers to these questions and more you.

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