Former New Age Practitioner Exposes Aliens, Demons, Spiritism and the Occult

Basically I was looking at my phone and I got a text message from one of my friends that sends me amazing testimonies every once in a while and I received this link to the 700 club and it was this guy by the name of Steve BAM car and it was talking about his exit out of the New Age movement and I am very interested in the New Age movement and anything that has to do with the occult because I believe 100% it’s having a huge influence on culture whether we see it or not as our public high schools and middle schools I talked to students and as you start talking to me start realizing that there’s more people into the Ouija board than you think because there was a movie that came out Ouija about a year ago and there was this huge movement of the Ouija board coming back with kids experimenting and then you started talking to kids and they’re into angel cards and tarot cards and then you’re watching movies of the supernatural and paranormal activities and Harry Potter and as you start digging into these movies you see the occult how its penetrating the culture and it just starts off so innocent like Oh Harry Potter it’s a story about these kids learning how to go to school to learn they don’t say witchcraft magic and it’s infiltrating the youth and I’ve heard so many different stories of supernatural things happening in homes with kids because of the Harry Potter movie and this is why I think it’s urgent and important that we do expose us so when I watch the story of this guy Steve my guest today it was his exit on coming out of New Age so Steve thank you for Steven thank you for being on the show thanks for having me so we have a lot to talk about we do and I want you to unload so I’m gonna talk less okay but let’s get into it why don’t you give me a little overview of where you grew up and how you even got introduced to the New Age movement yeah born and raised in a Christian household like a lot of people really yes Wow okay like a radically Christian household okay home schooled under a Christian curriculum in and out of Christian private school I didn’t even hit the public school system so great a seven so you know I knew all the Bible stories growing up and in that a church my whole life I actually was really passionate about young earth apologetics for some reason in grade 9 evidence for intelligent design have had evidence for a young earth evidence against Darwinian evolution so forth I was researching this stuff a lot in grade 9 and grade 10 when I really started to and I didn’t really identify as a Christian at that time if you have you laid out you know the set of beliefs of the Christian faith I would have said yeah I probably consent to those but I didn’t have a personal I don’t have a relationship with Jesus I wasn’t born again I didn’t have the Holy Spirit so I was basically just a walking target for the enemy and what changed everything for me was I was watching a program on the History Channel at the time it’s called ancient aliens yes and yeah it’s become kind of a meme you know the guy with the crazy wacky hair and a few other characters on there who are pretty funny but it basically pushed forward the idea that all of these ancient cultures in the past like the Egyptians like the Sumerians like the babylons like the Mayans that what they were trying to describe in their stories what they’re trying to describe in their hieroglyphs when they talk about you know gods and these supernatural beings coming down from the sky what they’re really describing is flesh-and-blood alien encounters and they’ll show pictures and depictions in these ancient cultures that appear to be spacecrafts or UFOs or alien looking beings and their theory is that okay well maybe we’re not alone in in the universe maybe it’s actually teeming with life and maybe they’re you know this culture is a billion or two billion years more advanced in terms of their evolution and they know how to travel through you know just through lightyears in order to get to us and what we’re seeing all these ancient religions the reason they started is it’s just ancient man trying to with this primitive mind understand these alien visitations that he’s having and that to me was at the time when I heard that that seemed to be incompatible with Genesis you know it seemed to be incompatible with six-day creation ISM because didn’t see anywhere where’s that say God created the aliens I didn’t see anywhere where you know if the Bible says that no man comes to the Father except through Jesus Christ and you know Paul says one thing can be said with certainty that Christ came to die for sinners does that mean that for the tens of millions of planets that have intelligent life on the christ have to go and die in atoning death tens of thousands of times over for each alien planet and then the whole East River have to dictate to them their own version of Scripture depending on their own unique history and to me I was just like what if that seems like too much to reconcile yeah I’d rather just go with what they’re telling me and what everyone who believes in intra non theory is telling me that Christianity is just one piece of a much bigger puzzle of man trying to understand this infinite intelligence that is God and so when you start researching aliens for anybody who does this you know that very quickly you get into stuff that’s not just aliens you’re not researching aliens anymore because you start getting into what’s called contact material where these alien beings end up giving material to mankind they’re saying things to people when people are having alien abduction experiences whether or not they’re actually real and correspond to reality is a second issue but or how we can understand that the second issue but the point is people believe that they’re experiencing these things with these alien beings and these alien beings are always giving them information and the information is always spiritual in nature it’s always spiritual philosophy and it’s always reinforcing the the intrinsic deity of man that man’s divine that man’s an aspect of the Creator and that all the suffering in the world is a response or sorry is a yeah a response to man’s own self ignorance he doesn’t know who he is he’s forgotten that he’s a little god he’s forgotten that he’s one with the Creator and so all of this suffering all of this chaos in the world is because we de we have separated ourselves from unity from unity consciousness and so on this is called pantheism so you’ve actually got right into pantheism immediately yeah yeah because I watch those shows I’ve seen their shows you start googling YouTube stuff and you know check it out and yeah I could see that happening yeah so I start getting into pantheism and that I was I was thinking to myself okay if God is everywhere and God is everything which is what pantheism teaches then God must be me God must be the substance of my being and in the New Age movement they’ll call this they’ll call God the unified field of consciousness they’ll believe that the universal substance that makes up all of space-time reality is consciousness in an impersonal field of consciousness and that this impersonal field of consciousness gives rise to all the particles all of the everything we see in the world and so everything can ultimately be reduced down to one single substance namely this Universal field and I’m an expression and emanation out of that Universal field and so are you so we are all ultimately God and if that if I’m God then now I know what Jesus said when he said before Abraham was I am because I am too and wherever there’s that presence of I am there’s the identity of of God so Jesus is someone who realized he was God not someone who was born as God in the flesh and you know truly man truly God he’s someone who just like we have the potential to do he awoke to his true nature which is unification with this impersonal concept of God this impersonal force in the universe which the Hindus would call Brahman so everything’s Brahman the self the Atman as they would call it as Brahman and so you know now I’ve found God now I’m meditating now I’m practicing mindfulness now I’m researching mind science and different anomalies in human consciousness that seemed to correspond to this idea of consciousness being a field rather than something created in the brain and you’re digging into different religions at this point I’m digging into different yeah different religions yeah but it it through the lens of New Age you age new age well a lot it seems like as I’ve studied a lot of that stuff it seems like there’s a it’s just all packaged different a lot of the different religions and new-age it all kind of it’s the same there’s similar aspects of it but it’s in kind of package different yeah its packaged a little different depending on what the source material you’re reading is but it ultimately gets reduced back down to the the doctrine of man which is that man is divine and really this is Satan’s plan hasn’t improved at all in the last six thousand years it’s the same why What did he say I want to be like the Most High God he said yeah so that’s Isaiah 14 he said I want to ascend to the heights of God right and then Ezekiel 28 is another one but back in Genesis Genesis 3 you know if you eat from this this tree of knowledge or an evil right what’s he say so basically here’s a tree of knowledge and good and evil yeah here’s some secret knowledge some special knowledge right if you eat from that tree you will become as gods you will become like God and that’s why he doesn’t want you eating it is because he knows that you’re gonna ascend to his height when you eat from the tree and so I difference between good and evil and right know the difference between good and evil but his lie was you know through secret knowledge you can become as God through special revelation special knowledge and that’s the exact same thing in the New Age movement and some will go as far such as you know the mother of the New Age movement Helena Blavatsky openly praising Satan in her book her main work called The Secret Doctrine you know saying Satan’s the spiritual father of mankind you know because he’s the one who broke mankind out of this kind of controlled bigoted system that Yahweh created and here comes Lucifer into the rescue saying hey you know here you can enact on your freewill and you can don’t trip yeah so this is something that they teach in Gnosticism that Yahweh is evil and he the evil Yahweh created the world and then Lucifer comes along and he’s trying to empower man and liberate man and it’s all about man’s own exaltation and freedom which is really what the whole principle of Satanism is about if you read the Satanic Bible I was just gonna say cuz I’ve done some research on the Satanic Bible it’s all about that that’s that’s why it’s so appealing that’s right that’s right and why it’s so appealing but yet it but that’s also why Anton LaVey the father of the Church of Satan accuses the New Age movement of stealing its practices and beliefs from Satanism he accuses them of being hypocritical and not attributing these beliefs and these practices to whom they rightly belong namely the devil so I was kind of naive when I was reached researching this stuff and it’s sort of Turing into practice and I had an experience where I was literally outside of my body and I are in meditation not during meditation no I was having a lucid dream you’re conscious in your dream now is that called astral travel yes astral travel yeah that is lucid dreaming is not is not astral travel some might say it is it’s really not lucid dreaming is when you are in a dream and your awareness sets in and you’re you’re fully conscious that you’re dreaming and you have the state of awareness you have now only you’re aware that you’re within a dream world and I was having one of these dreams you said them all the time and I was in the occult and I remember having a thought in my head this is so real I can’t distinguish this from real life anymore Wow and after I had that thought I was in my I was driving my car in my lucid dream I was pulled up out of my car and I was hovering over the housetops and my lucid dream like 40 or 50 feet in the air and then about in front of me like 20 feet away from me there was a red being and he was he looked like Rhett you look like a reptile he was disgusting looking and he had red skin black markings on his face red cloak and he was staring at me he he had pulled me up out of my car and he was looking at me and we looked at each other for maybe three or four seconds and he had a third eye between this two eyes he had a third a third eye which is kind of the eye and the new agent represents like enlightenment and psychic power he opened his third eye at me and kind of like pulled me into it and it sounds crazy but that’s what happened then when I it was like darkness for like three seconds and then when I opened my eyes I was back in the natural except I was hovering over my body three feet four feet in the air and I was lighting up my room and I up in the air and realized I’m floating right now and I looked around my room I’m out I’m out of body I’m having an out-of-body experience and then I fought to get back into my body for the next four or five minutes and I could see my light leg my spirit man leg and even what we would call it in Christianese if you will something was bouncing in and out of my physical leg I could see them both and finally I got back into my body got pulled out again when I didn’t even want to come out of my body got pulled again no control at this point no control I’m trying to get in and I can and once I finally do I get yanked out again and you know in the New Age movement it’s this garbage lie that as long as you say affirmations you’ll be protected visualized white light around yourself because if there are negative astral entities which is what they’re euphemism for demons yes they they kind of respect your freewill they can’t do anything unless you allow them to that’s garbage yeah the minute you yield to any type of sin you know they have legal right into your life you know you’ve forsaken the commandments of God and now you’re in a new spiritual territory with a new set of rules and your free will your desires don’t really matter they don’t have to obey your free will no you’re out of control of protection of the Father God amen yeah exactly and so I realized I didn’t have control but I finally got back into my body realized I’m I was just out of my body so I got a question for you yeah this is happening you grew up in the church but you were never filled with the Holy Spirit you never had a relationship with God when you do have knowledge of God how are you tying this in your experience in this but yet you grew up with knowledge of the church how you kind of like putting this all together whole time I’m obsessively every single day trying to understand this in light of the Bible in light of Christ every single day that’s what I want to know I want to know how God fits into this whole thing who he is what he is you know who Jesus is I really really wanted to know I was really hungry and thirsty for the truth I figured you know I have one life to live this is a really weird place human consciousness is a ism amazing it obviously didn’t originate out of Iraq seven you know if seven billion years ago when a light bolt hit it like we’re told in you know abiogenesis the natural explanation makes sense some intelligence is responsible for this I need to know who okay but now you’ve seen this guy this demon now I’ve seen this guy and how are you like what’s your thoughts about what you’ve just seen with this guy I mean where do you think he’s from do you think he’s a demon the devil ed I don’t necessarily think he’s a demon no I that didn’t really clue in to me I figured he could have been a bunch of things he could have been a spirit guide it could have been it could have been just some entity living in the astral realm which though these are all demons listeners yeah yeah exactly he could have been I asked someone at a New Age event one time he could have been a Native American spirit that was like a reptile he looked like a reptile but he could have had they were saying his skin could have been red and it could have been painted okay got it yeah so I didn’t really know how to understand that this is common in the New Age movement to experience these kind of experiences all the time all the time some you know what a lot of the material in the New Age movement you go to a book a bookstore you look at the New Age section a lot of material you’ll see there is what’s called channeled material it’s actually given by these entities so people go into a trance-like state of consciousness right they reach out to what they believe our aliens or spirit guides and then they’re writing things down as this informations coming through and hence you have doctrines and demons the doctrines of demons first Timothy right yes literally the doctor doctrines of demons and all the channel material that’s oriented away from Christ they’re going out of their way to tell you how to understand Christ what the church got wrong what early Christianity got wrong that was always a red flag for me why are they obsessed with explaining away Christian Christian fundamentalism really oh yeah dude that’s crazy it is crazy I’ve met a couple psychics in girls that have come out of it but they’re like yeah we never had a problem with Jesus yeah I know yeah because where they paint the picture of Jesus yeah exactly but it’s this subtle deception where they take him off the throne that he rightfully belongs on as exalted man God and they lower him down to the level of teacher just the teacher of course he’s a teacher but though so he was just a teacher he was just a prophet of many many others of Buddha of Krishna of Gandhi all these guys had something to offer they were all expressing the same Christ consciousness the same god-consciousness that Jesus had and you know what if we want to talk about you know pervasiveness in the culture these aren’t small beliefs of the idea so Christ Christ became Christ by emanating Christ consciousness so there’s Jesus the man and there’s Christ which is a state of highly enlightened consciousness where you’re now aware of your implicit unity with God and they would say that that state of consciousness is something that you know and all through history have had you know Jesus is not unique he’s not the first it’s not the last people have this all the time and Oprah Winfrey actually has gone on the record saying I could I could have the actual quote with me I should have brought it saying that you know I used to believe she’s saying this to her live studio audience she’s answering question from the audience saying I used to believe Jesus came and died for my sins and everything like that but then I realized through reading some of this other material that what he was really doing was teaching us how to access the infinite Christ consciousness that is in each of us I was like you Marky I thought Jesus came died on the cross that Jesus is being here was about his death and dying on the cross when it really was about him coming to show us how to do it how to be to show us the Christ consciousness that he had and that that consciousness abides with all of us that’s what I got yes that’s what I got yeah thank you and what I hear you saying feel you saying in this book is is that this book isn’t about believing this book is about what you come to know for yourself yes yeah what you become to feel for yourself and that what you’re saying is that God in the essence of all consciousness isn’t something to believe God is yes God is and God is a feeling experience not a and if you’re written back your religion is a believing experience of God for you it’s still about a belief then it’s not truly die makes that human beings make is believing that there is only one way to live and that we don’t accept that there are diverse ways of being in the world that there are millions of ways to be at ease and many ways don’t but many paths to what you call God that her path might be something else and when she gets there she might call it the life but her loving and her kindness and her generosity brings her if it brings her to the same point that it brings you it doesn’t matter whether she called it God along the way or not and I guess the danger that could be on that I mean it sounds great on the onset but if you really look at both sides I hope you possibly be just one way what what about you what about Jesus is one way and only one way and that is that’s how I understand him now and you know this is Oprah Winfrey okay this is one of the most influential influential people in the world yeah you know in the last hundred years easily teaching this doctrine of Christ consciousness that man’s divine and Christ was trying to teach man how to access his own divinity and it’s these books that they pick up and which is the doctrines of demons and it just opens it just takes away the deity of Christ it does it takes where the deity of Christ or it it the some will affirm the deity of Christ but they’ll supplement that by adding in well everything is divine everything’s deity there’s nothing that’s not deity so Jesus isn’t that special so basically this this I was in I was in school at the time at University to be a philosophy major and after that astral projection experience I went into class and they were having a debate it was ancient Greek Greek and Roman philosopher they’re having a debate about the existence of the soul and I was like really satisfied and felt like I had it really tapped into something special that God was leading me down the right track because these questions that mankind has been asking for thousands of years I just found out you know a few hours ago I just found the answer yes the soul exists yes it can disconnect from the body I just experienced it I find that in the classroom I didn’t say that I was thinking I was thinking it so that ended up turning into I needed to create some social media platform where I could start sharing my research okay sharing this stuff and the stuff I’m describing this was just like the tip of the iceberg I really got into some weird alternative science pseudoscience and I knew a lot of it at the time and so I was like getting asked by my brother’s friends a lot about chakras about reincarnation and I was like okay I need to put this all in one place where I can write articles and just put it out there to the world and within you know a year and a half my Facebook page grew to 500,000 likes that’s amazing yeah it was crazy and that was because I had really big it was part of a network online there was other new-age pages that were all just exploding because people people are searching yeah people are searching so you know it says you know all made in the image of God and it says in Ecclesiastes that God’s put eternity into the heart of man so right you know searching for that right CS Lewis says that something to the effect of the fact that our heart yearns for something beyond this world proves that this is not really our home and everyone’s built with that everyone has that and in fact the the the post that ended up doing the best were ones about the nature of the afterlife you know things like reincarnation what happens when you die does heaven or hell exist because people they are searching at least you know I thought I was searching but I set up parameters in which I wanted to search yeah I defined those boundaries and said within these boundaries I’m in a search you know I didn’t want to open up the Bible and read the Gospels as part of my searching I just didn’t do that because I knew something in there was going to convict me and confront my lifestyle my worldview nobody wants to do that in the New Age movement really because that’s nobody wants to deny Christ they just want to redefine Christ and then accept him everyone knows that Jesus is the man he’s the figure it’s that’s kind of the general they’ll say like they put him on a pedestal they really really do but they just redefine him so they don’t have to really submit to his lordship yeah so this is so your blog your Facebook’s it’s blowing up you’re having high impact I mean you’re getting how many views a day I mean remember yeah yeah yeah I made a website after the Facebook page I made a website and my website was getting you know 200,000 to 300,000 views a day on it and saw it was one of the biggest in the world at the time as far as New Age New Age content is concerned and this was also the enemy started hooking you up to you started making money off this whole thing yeah he hooked it up you know I mean he always does but he comes back and he wants uh he comes back he’s like the devil did or he once he wants you to pay him back yeah he’ll be back he’s gonna hook you up he’s gonna hook you up money but he’s gonna come back to get it yeah exactly yeah yeah exactly yeah he hooked it up you know ooh you know 30 grand a month 40 grand a month off ad revenue and held you at this time 21 or 20 41 making 30 grand a month you’re living your dream satans I come here you go you keep spreading the lies keep deceiving people and I’m gonna pay you for yeah and I had I seemed to have my whole life ahead of me you know I was only gonna build more connections yeah and I was planning on ready writing a book I didn’t even have a YouTube channel at this time an active one and I was like I could I could just start a YouTube channel I could write books I could do tours I could continue on with this website I had another website fully ready to launch that I’d just put like five grand in the building out which I thought was gonna be a staple in the community I was like my whole life you’re gonna be a millionaire at this point I mean it’s yeah I think is lining up yeah exactly and I’m working from home you know maybe three hours a day tops and I agree I make my own hours yeah it was I thought you know I thought it was God rewarding me I thought that’s interesting yeah I thought you know the Bible says I remember sitting in my sports car which I had bought cash and I remember thinking to myself I was driving pulling on my drive when I told my dad I was like I was just arrogant oh we got okay yeah we got talk cause your parents were Christians oh yeah okay we gotta get on that soon but yeah yeah I pulled on my drive when I tell him I’m like seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you as well I was so deceived I thought I was really seeking I thought I was doing God a favor by waking people up to just a higher state of living a higher state of consciousness you know pulling people out of materialism into spiritism but that is that is legit though because the enemy has come to deceive he’s the father of lies yeah he’s the dragon of old he he will deceive you you won’t even know you’re to see this for the listeners you won’t even know you’re deceived but the enemy will come in subtly it starts just did think about how subtle it started you’re watching TV at home just as the show on TV and then now look at the years of what what the same what Satan did started to seeding you to where you’re at now you’re having an outer-body experiences and I can imagine so much other stuff happening and then you just pop in this verse saying seek ye first the kingdom of God that is deception at its finest oh yeah absolutely well it says then 2nd Corinthians 4 that Satan has blinded the mind that the unbelievers lest they should see the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ I was blind like I literally could not see I didn’t have the holy spirit I didn’t have spiritual discernment from God I did know and and sensed intuitively that there’s something there’s something more to Jesus which everyone generally everyone you know you know what Bible says in Romans 1 that God has clearly revealed himself in nature even his what state has eternal nature and divine power such that no man has an excuse man’s without excuse we have one one general revelation of him in nature the things that have been created and a second general revelation of him and conscience in the law that’s been written on our hearts and so when we hear the words of Jesus when we sense his presence our spirit man is like that’s my maker that’s my Creator like that’s not just another guy that’s the one who made everything he’s lord over everything I think there’s something implicit in us that no recognizes the voice of its maker you know what I mean it recognizes the voice of its father even if it’s been alienated and estranged through sin which it has been we’ve been cut off from relationship with God such that you know it says we’re dead in trespasses and sins it says that you know were even in Hebrews you know what it says we’re illegitimate sons you know because we were we belong were the were the sons of someone else right Ephesians 2 were following the Prince of the power of the air the spirit that is now at work and the sons of disobedience I was a son of disobedience but I didn’t know it I had absolutely no clue I thought I was a son of God we’re all we’re all God’s children relationally and I thought I was doing his will and during this time I am absolutely morally depraved absolutely morally perverse my conscience is seared I’m living a double life I can lie to people straight to their face and feel nothing really yeah I can hurt people and feel nothing I I got used in my teenage years I got used to silencing the voice of my conscience and when when the New Age movement you know part of the New Age movement tells you to dis identify from your feelings and from thoughts in your consciousness really because what they’ll say is you are the background awareness that is aware of what’s going on within the play of consciousness there’s something beyond the thinker and the activity that is aware that these things are occurring and so you don’t want you want to identify with the observer and just rest as the presence of pure consciousness and rest as the observer you don’t want to get into you know the thoughts and figuring out all these things there’s just the mind being the minds where the Holy Ghost start is constantly drawing you sure you know that’s a young age it’s that’s always that Holy Spirit cuz you know the job of the Holy Ghost is to draw people to himself yeah so you’re they’re teaching you how to shut down oh yeah the Holy Ghost how to shut down the Holy Ghost and had to shut down your own conscience is conscious but your own conscience is telling you hey like you shouldn’t you shouldn’t do that you shouldn’t be saying that you get used to snapping out of it and saying no that’s a judgment that’s just a label that’s just the ego and so you do get used to silencing the voice of your conscience dude that’s crazy yeah New Age is a it’s a huge industry yes yeah just how you know some of the best-selling books of all time things like The Celestine Prophecy you know 3040 million copies there New Age books like when you look at surveys that have come out recently we see that 40% of Americans meditate at least once a week that’s crazy breakdown what is what is the downfall of meditation what does it do the downstairs Christians that meditate yeah a meditation class the worst I mean I guess the real primary concern with it is well obviously the Bible tells us to fill our minds with the things of Christ all things that are wonderful all things that are pure think on these things right nowhere does it say sit there empty your mind of everything empty your mind of all belief empty your mind of all concern empty your mind of all all content let all your defense systems down never address anything that comes up and just sit there and when you’re just sitting there you have no defense systems how can I be sober minded in vigilant because the devil is roaring lion seeking to he may how can I be vigilant and careful how can I cast down every thought that exalts itself against the knowledge of God if I’m all these thoughts against a knowledge of God are pouring in and I’m training myself to not sit there and just let them be you’re trained 100% against what the Bible teaches yeah you’re trained to you’re trained to cast down every thought that exalts itself against the knowledge of God right you’re not but the New Age movement will tell you when you’re meditating and thoughts come into your mind just let them be or as ROM das will say love your thoughts when they come up with love them don’t judge them love them and the Bible says no you’re supposed to cast out you know cast down vain imaginations you know you’re supposed to test these things that go against Scripture and so you have all these thoughts pouring in and you’re getting use you’re training yourself to not compare them with the word to not cast them down to not you know assess them in light of your conscience and your conviction just love them and allow them to be as they are and not identify with them and your desensitizing your conscience and you are letting down your defense systems for demonic influence whether it be thought or just your I mean it’s a pagan practice you can’t be in a position like that do something the Bible tells us not to do and think that you’re gonna be exempt from demonic influence but I want to expose something else because I’m watching with some of your videos last night and that video you were talking about the idols in your house talk a little bit about that because there’s a lot of people that have these they go to travel to different countries and they get like these crazy masks from like Africa they have like the Buddha or they have a kin do idols or even like that God with the looks it’s like a women face and then has like a like a mermaid body there’s all these different gods you know yeah from different religions but just the innocence of like oh you know I collected these from the world I have them in my house tell us about that yeah I I would say from Scripture if we look at what the Bible has to say about you know religio spiritual practices from pagan nations apart from Israel what you see is in Leviticus 17 7 when Israel goes apostate and starts serving these gods of other nations it says they were sacrified making sacrifices unto goat demons right and maybe 10 822 and they do it again he said the Bible says they were sacrificing two demons that were no gods Paul says in 1st Corinthians 10 verses 20 to 22 he says I imply that what pagans offer unto idols they offer unto demons he says you can’t sit at the table of demons and the table of the Lord you can’t drink the cup of devils and the cup of the Lord so we’re told in Scripture you know the idol in and of itself it’s a piece of wood yep it’s just rearranged molecules it doesn’t have any any power in of itself but we’re told there is a spirituality behind this Idol that it’s pointing to that it’s connected to yep right and that this spiritual reality is demonic in nature and so when when the Bible says you know that what they offer unto idols they offer unto demons that doesn’t like demons aren’t just present on the Idol when an offering is being made it’s not they don’t just appear there all of a sudden when a bowl of grapes is in front of a Christian Idol they’re there when the bowl of grapes isn’t there they’re connected to it and so when you have things in your house that are implicitly connected to beings in another realm you’re inviting you’re inviting I believe you’re inviting your giving demons leeway into your home the door is right open the door is open and that was one of the first things the Holy Spirit showed me when I got saved was I had all these idols in my house and I could sense like just a stir in the spirit like really scary stuff going on in the spirit and it was because I had all these new-age books and I had all of these idols in my house and I threw them out and then the spiritual atmosphere cleaned out well like like the the book Acts remember talk you talked about that story when they they burn all the scrolls right they don’t they don’t sell them they don’t move them out into the garden because they’re still like how they look when they realize this is not of God this is idolatry this goes against Scripture they burnt down they destroyed them right we don’t need to be recycling idols back into the Satanic Kingdom and so some people say well I have all these old New Age stuff can I sell them you know crystals can I sell them now throw them out that’s the biblical precedent is that you burned them so I got I got a quick story no more too much time but there was a girl that her family was into they’ve grown up having supernatural stuff they’re all atheists in their house were paintings would be falling off their house and the whole thing and they were actually having Harry Potter demonic things showing up in their kids room that was nine years old locking the doors and these things so they ever call me from Germany and I’m praying with them on like hey you got to clean your house out what’s in your house so they got rid of I’m like you have supernatural videos in your house so she was going through she deleted every three-way stuff and she’s like it’s still happening I’m like is there anywhere else in your house and she went stairs in her attic she found more movies supernatural movies you know of like paranormal activities she threw all that stuff out she says there’s still stuff happening in my house I said is there books is there cds like you got to get rid of anything that’s opening these doorways what turned out she found a book that her grandfather gave her it was a book that Hitler wrote from way back while I was around and she’s like well it’s it’s a price it’s priceless you know I go dude that thing is straight demonic you gotta burn that thing you got to get rid of it so she ended up getting it burn it getting rid of it and the supernatural stuff stopped happening in their house mmm doorways doorways yeah it says in Ephesians 6 we wore down against flesh and blood but against cosmic powers and principalities and spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places and they have their own weapons they have their own propaganda pieces and if we have their and ammunition in our house why would we think that they’re not also in our house like we’re literally just taking a step into the wrong Kingdom and I I didn’t know what was doing that so I’m completely entrenched in this stuff thinking I’m doing God’s God’s will and the whole time I’m completely morally perverse and what happened was I realized I don’t know if the God started like quickening my conscience or the Holy Spirit started doing some kind of work I mean must have been drawing me but yeah things that I had been doing and suppressing and lying about I couldn’t continue doing it it just didn’t sit well with me anymore and I reached a point where it was so close to the surface of my being that the girlfriend I was with at the time she was like you need to tell me like you can’t go to the grave holding on to this stuff and I was virtually living a double life in our in our relationship and so I confessed everything like every conscious memory I wasn’t actually like going around sleeping around with other people but it was pretty much everything about that everything physical and so I confess and I’ve been lying about this been lying about that and I saw the impact that that had the trauma that created that wrecked me wrecked her wrecked me so we go back to my mother’s house and she is a born-again christian she’s this whole time she’s praying for me this whole time she you know thinks I’m lost and deceived but she is loving on me like she accepts me even though she doesn’t accept my beliefs and I didn’t get offended that she didn’t accept my beliefs I she accepted me you know some people get offended when their beliefs get questions like who your beliefs aren’t you you hold certain beliefs your beliefs don’t they aren’t you you’re a person right so my mom was loving me as a person but disagreeing with my beliefs and so just being really supportive I don’t think my dad knew the gravity of what I was doing what I was involved with he was just excited that you know he could support me and me being successful in something but my mom asked us if we were willing to give our lives to the Lord yet because she’s like Steve you know you were raised Christian you’ve always had some kind of intuition connection to Jesus are you ready to give your life to the Lord yet and I was wrecked obviously okay I’ll say a prayer of salvation we both said a prayer of salvation and it was that I mean you went through hell I don’t want to discredit that your whole life’s falling apart here and you’re just like yeah I’ll just like how like what I mean being where you were at how can you just say that easy like because my prayer salvation was not so much I’m gonna submit my life to your lordship yeah my prayer of salvation was I’m going to seek you for who you are I’m gonna stop being dishonest about my sinking yeah and I want it like I was saying words like I give my life to whatever but in my spirit and in my mind it’s like Jesus if you’re real like I need to know if you’re real I need to know I need to stop trying to pretend that you’re someone you’re not I’m gonna know who you are exactly as you are and so the next oh yeah so the next two weeks went by and nothing really changed in my life still living in sin still having you know all the occult stuff in my house and whatever and it reached a point where I had to confess a whole nother round of sin and it was worse than the first and it was just bad it was just bad I was depraved I was completely depraved so I confess this whole second round of sin and I that was when I really saw myself in the mirror like I’m dirty like I’m evil you know the Bible says that you once were darkness and now you’re light I was darkness you know I was an image-bearer but I was spiritually dead and dark and I saw in my in front of me my brokenness my sin against a holy God and the fact that I knew I had I had done something I’d sinned against humanity I had sinned against God and I was so broken my thoughts were so twisted my mind was so jacked up from all the sin I could not I couldn’t fix anything on my own I I had nothing I had no options no hope the Bible says you know we were without hope and without God in the world prior to Christ and in Ephesians 2 and so I went outside one night on the balcony of my house and I fellow the feet of the Lord and I was like I’m I’m Jen I apologize IRA I need you I repent I’m sorry for the life I lived and I was I was bawling I was just crying on my face I was like I have nothing I have nothing I need you I’m sorry and that’s when I encountered his presence for the first time what was that like it was he was really really um making sure I knew who he was yes it was for me it was less about you know I wasn’t reaching out saying lord I need love I need love it was I need answers and I need hope and um just completely being consumed by his presence around me and and knowing the simplicity of it all it’s the Jesus of the New Testament he’s the son of God he died for my sins Jesus is Lord that’s all it is that’s all I could say in my head he is Lord Jesus as Lord Jesus is Lord and the Bible says no one says Jesus it’s lord but by the holy spirit and what was crazy to me was not only was this presence it felt like it was in front of me it felt like he was in front of me but it was also filling me it was also inside of me now and I I was listening to the sounds around me and in nature like in the spirit I was detecting what was going on while he was there and like the sounds of nature they were they were glorifying him they recognized him when he showed up I could I don’t know if God was just showing like I somehow they knew you know creation knew who he was you know creations like the Kings here you know and like I sensed somehow I don’t know if the Holy Spirit showed me that they sensed it but I’m like if even creation itself cries out you know I’m done I’m done so that’s when I went back inside and the Holy Spirit started showing me the deception the flaws the agenda and everything I had researched the biggest one was this obsession with aliens that I had I was putting pieces together you know all of these cultures that were visited by these aliens they were all obsessed with human sacrifice really oh yeah they don’t tell you that on ancient aliens they all believed that these beings were supernatural none of them there’s not a single ancient text in the world that attributes these beings as coming from another planet none they all believed they were spiritual in nature and that their way to appease and connect with them was through blood sacrifice and I’m thinking wow that’s kind of a big deal I can see that demons are trying to set up all these world religions to kind of murk up and confuse people and lead people away from what I what I just experienced every all of this is about what I just experienced everything everything’s about him this whole life is about him I thought that was narrow and bigoted and whatever it is narrow the Bible says narrow is the way that leads to life and few there be that find it it is there the truth isn’t there of the truth is exclusive by nature but I had the truth living in me now and I remember I remember being like oh my gosh I’ve been wrong it wasn’t guilt it wasn’t guilt and condemnation it was just wow I was frog yeah and I remember staring at my bookshelf and I had all these books lined up I remember peace just a peace of God you never have to ask who God is ever again he lives in you now you he just showed you who he is and I repented online I told people you know I bet I sounded kind of the people I probably sound schizo or something yeah I was like I apologize for leading you astray oh this is immediately after you go to the computer this is like a day later mid-day later maybe two days after yeah and I said I’m done writing New Age articles I apologized this is all a demonic setup to keep us away from salvation in Christ alone and Jesus is real he’s Lord he just revealed himself to me I sent out mass emails to my you know ninety thousand email list telling them about Jesus telling them I just encountered Christ tell him to stay tuned because I’m gonna make a testimony video sharing with them what I had just experienced you know I was managing two community groups at the time you know totaling like seventy or eighty thousand members then my facebook page which was 750,000 telling them all like Jesus is real I just experienced him and that was my initial testimony video that I put up where I’m in my car described it what happened to me is that the one that’s on your youtube channel that’s the one where I’m sitting in the car I’m saying hey guys some of you may know me as Steve from spirits on our YouTube channel right now so people can go watch it yeah it’s just Steven bankers slash TV anchors yeah and just go to uploads and it’s the first video I ever uploaded and I didn’t have any Christians online following me at that point I was like hey Jesus was real you know we don’t have to get you know I’ll tied up in a knot over this it’s just the truth I’m not shared with them you know my journey through and what I experienced what happened I’m freaking out yeah more people yeah a lot of people were like I’m so happy you found your truth oh yeah it’s like I don’t want my truth and I don’t care about your truth I want the truth you know I don’t want the truth is not some subjective personal thing it’s like I appreciate I didn’t say that I’m like you know I appreciate you know your support but you know Jesus really says it says that he’s the way and the truth not a way and a truth actually says from John 18 Jesus says I came to testify I came to bear witness to the truth and whoever is on the side of truth is on my side and then Pilate asks what is truth so anyways there was that group of people who was like yeah great you know you found one of many paths we will celebrate that and there was others who realized okay well you’re implying that everything we believe in is demonic and false false and that you’re also implying that me and all my relatives who didn’t believe in Jesus we’re going to hell right and there’s really strong implications of the gospel and so I had people you know I mean knowing and even you everyone’s realizing that they’ve been believing a lie for how many years yeah everything is not real what they’ve thought yeah exactly that’s hardcore realization that’s a hardcore realization especially when people were looking up to me for answers they trusted my yeah you were like a guru in a sense yeah not so much a guru but I kind of I kind of mediated that between them and the gurus I kind of explained how and why things like that were true you are spiritual leader to them sure yeah and so to hear for me to like you know coherently explain why it’s wrong and to show from videos why these things are wrong it was it was throwing a lot of people for a loop you know people tell me to kill myself rid myself off the face of the earth when they told me those things I felt literally nothing inside because God’s with me he’s he’s with me you you don’t understand you just don’t understand and you know so there was that and then there was also people in the New Age movement who were listening in and they’re like okay we followed him for a long time I’m wondering if there’s anything to this you know he’s been trustworthy he’s never had anything like this happened before let’s listen and see and kind of keep tabs and see what what’s happening and I have you know a lot of people who’ve messaged me saying hey like your videos have led me out of the new Truphone actually you were talking at the beginning of the show but like tarot cards and Angel cards and everything like that there’s this woman who is one of the best sell selling New Age authors of all time her name’s Doreen Virtue you can go to any coals and he burns a noble any bookstore and if you go to the New Age section you’ll see Doreen Virtue angel cards all over the place she was the angel card person in the New Age movement you know 50-plus publications and the New Age movement hey houses all-time bestseller which is the May a major New Age public eight publishing house she also had a encounter with Christ back in I believe the beginning of 2017 where she had a vision of Jesus ended up realizing he is who he claimed to be he’s the Jesus the New Testament got baptized has also completely repented of everything online saying I apologize this is all not true like a follower following bigger than mine then mine was like massive massive following and saying you know Jesus is Lord the Bible’s true it’s the Word of God and these things that I was once teaching are dangerous and she’s repented she’s not receiving royalties from any of her past things she’s trying to get her name’s to her name taken off she’s sold out of her old life what has there been a big big response of people coming back to the Lord or getting at a new age from from her from her yeah absolutely from her and she reached out to me and she was like Steve your videos really helped me when I was transitioning out of out of the New Age movement so there has been that was that was like amazing because I reached out to her saying oh my gosh you’re a Christian now no way and she’s like you know I’m really happy you reached out to me because I watched your videos that really encouraged me when I was making that transition to me they helped where’s she from she is from she was from Hawaii and she just moved to Washington now I have an interview with her on my channel actually it’s the most recent upload I did I have to check it out yeah I’m interviewing her just talking about her journey through the New Age movement everything but basically so that the fruit of my experience ranged from other New Agers yeah being edified and encouraged by what I was sharing to people telling me to kill myself and whatever and then everything in between so I ended up making we have four minutes left so it’s let’s finish it up and definitely encourage people that maybe in in it or yeah you know whatever ever you wanted yes yeah I’ve made a website since then and a Christian apologetics website I was really into Christian apologetics even I was in the New Age movement for some reason just because I like the arguments for God’s existence so I have a website called reasons for Jesus calm and you know there’s a lot of articles on the New Age movement and on you know the reliability of the Gospels on the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus and actually I’m gonna be I’m working on a book right now that’s gonna be out by the end of the year on the New Age movement I’m co-authoring it was someone else who came out of the New Age movement we’re not totally sure on the title yet but so there are going to be resources there are resources already to put into people’s hands that they have questions if they want to know hey what about crystals hey what about Christ consciousness hey what about yoga or channeling or whatever there’s articles there’s things available on my website and whatnot I would definitely like to encourage people into no just stop suppressing the truth and unrighteousness that’s really what it all comes down to is that we suppress the truth in unrighteousness we know that the God revealed to us in nature is not just some abstract general idea of God it’s a personal God it’s a personal intelligence and we all have this intuitive knowingness that the one who made everything is somehow connected to Jesus Christ I’ve encouraged people to seek him out the Bible says whoever seeks shall find whoever knocks the door shall be opened unto him Jesus says I will by no means turn away those who come to me right it says when you seek me with all your heart with all your heart you will surely find me how do people do that for listeners right now if they’re like I want to find Jesus what does that look like that looks like you saying Lord it being sincere recognizing that you’re an image-bearer before God but you’re also fallen you’re in a state of sin you need his forgiveness you need his forgiveness he’s a holy God we have defied his moral standard we’ve committed sin and were therefore severed from relationship with him and were worthy of his judgment and so it’s Jesus if you’re real please reveal yourself to me want to know I need to know I need to know who you are if you love me if you’re really my Creator if you really my Savior please draw me show yourself to me and then get get it and then you need to now meet him in the middle if you will and read read his words see what he says about you see what he says about himself I’m the best place to start probably the Gospel of John because he has so much to say about himself and humanity in there and we have to remember Jesus Christ as a person he’s kind of like you and me he has a personality he has emotions he has a body still you know he’s approachable just like I’m talking with you we can talk Jesus just have an ordinary conversation even if you don’t I’ve had someone come with me I don’t have to pray tell Jesus through Jesus I don’t know how to pray help me pray Jesus I don’t know where to start in my seeking for you but I want I want to know you if you’re real please draw me and he will work with that 100 he promises you will find him if you seek him so if you’re willing to seek him you’re willing to ask him and approach him he’s a he’s a person he’s gonna respond to you and he’s faithful to fulfill his promises over and over in Scripture and that’s it right there the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit Jesus wants to reveal himself to you call whosoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved and thank you Stephen for being on thank you you

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