Ford GT – $1 Million supercar by Doug DeMuro

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this is a 2019 Ford GT and it is an insane supercar it has 647 horsepower 550 pound-feet of torque it’ll do 0 to 60 in 3 seconds and hit a top speed of 216 miles an hour now those numbers sound like the stuff of an Italian supercar but this is North America’s super car designed by Ford in Michigan built in Canada with a sticker price of around $600,000 with options and today I’m going to review it now you may remember that I’ve already reviewed the new Ford GT but it was a while ago more than two years ago back before I got his in-depth as I do now before 4k videos and I didn’t really have all that much time with the car so today I’ve borrowed this new Ford GT from my friend Carl Brauer who just got it you can check out his Instagram and his website by clicking the link in the description below he’s already posted some cool photos with it since he’s driving his Ford GT so let’s go through the basics the new Ford GT uses a turbocharged v6 yes just a v6 joining the ranks of some other exotic cars with six-cylinder engines like the Ferrari Dino the Jaguar xj220 the Porsche 911 and 911 Turbo the old Acura NSX and the new Acura NSX but the Ford GT stands above them all with those numbers which bear repeating 647 horsepower 550 pound-feet of torque 0 to 60 in 3 seconds a top speed of 216 miles an hour and a sticker price of around a half a million dollars before options those are crazy numbers in the Ford GT is a crazy car now Ford says they will build thirteen hundred and fifty of these which is about the same production run as the Ferrari f40 and the Porsche Carrera GT interestingly a lot of people who apply to buy one of these were simply rejected form chose people who wanted to buy their GT supercar based on whether for thought that people would actually use it and drive it and enjoy it and that just suck it away in a collection so today I’m going to do just that first I’m gonna take you on a tour of the new Ford GT and show you all of its interesting quirks and features then I’m gonna get it out on the road and drive it and then I’m going to update the Doug score from the last time I reviewed it if it needs any updating and for more of my thoughts on the GT click the link below to visit slash oversteer where I’ve also rounded up a list of the cheapest mid-engine cars currently listed for sale on auto trader now I’m going to start the crooks and features of the GT with the key which actually is just a regular Ford key on the front with your normal buttons you turn it over and it says GT on it but on the front side you have all the regular buttons including a trunk button just like you would have to open the trunk in your Ford Taurus you press it twice and then the trunk unlatches and then you can get back here and open it up and then you have access to your Ford GT storage compartment although it isn’t just the trunk and storage compartment that the key opens it’s all one big area that also contains the engine but let’s start with the trunk this here what you see is the only trunk you get in the new Ford GT it is probably the smallest trunk in the entire car industry incredibly tiny this is all this storage you have in this car so don’t expect to be taking it on any long trips you can see there are a couple of little loops inside the trunk and that’s because when this car is sold new it comes with a little case in there that also contains like tire sealant battery charger typical stuff that comes in a new car but that is all the trunk you get now next up I want to talk about closing the trunk lid which is a bit of an unusual process because the latch that keeps it closed isn’t at the base or the very far back point so that’s kind of in the middle as you can see when you go to put it down but when you do put it down that means that you don’t push at the very far back to close it instead you have to push in the middle to make sure it’s closed caryl recommends using some cloth you push down and now it is latched closed and that’s how you close the cargo compartment and engine cover in a Ford GT now obviously I’m not done in that area yet because I haven’t covered the engine yet so I have to open it back up but before I do I want to talk about the secret way to open up the cargo cover engine cover in the Ford GT you can do it from the key fob or there’s a button inside the cabin that will open it but it’s all electronic if you want to open it manually there is a hidden little keyhole underneath this rear bumper area next to the license plate you kind of have to look under there look up and you can see there is a hidden keyhole on the Ford GT if you separate the key from the key fob go under there stick the key in and twist that will manually open the engine compartment in case the battery is dead and the electronic stuff won’t work but anyway moving back under this cover I want to talk about the engine for a second I want to start with the quirks and features that you can see starting with the fact that it says EcoBoost on it very proudly a very middle of the engine reminding everyone that this is from Ford’s EcoBoost family of engines it also says powered by Ford on the sides which is like a nice old-school touch from older Ford models you can also see that the oil catback there says GT on it all of these things combine for some very cool elements and the engine compartment now since I have this open and we’re talking about the inch and a lot of people are asking why doesn’t this car have a v8 or a v10 or of v12 like most other supercars one reason obviously is Ford makes these EcoBoost v-six is and they wanted to give it a little bit of credibility but it also comes down to size if you look at the car from the back you can see it has this teardrop shape that starts in the front and then sort of comes to a point in the back Ford knew exactly how big they wanted this body to be and they knew that would be a lot easier to fit a 6-cylinder engine in there than a larger v8 so that’s one of the reasons why this car has a v6 instead of a v8 and the theory on the teardrop shape is that sort of the front of the car kind of pushes a hole in the air and the rest of it sort of glides through it it’s all about aerodynamics which is a bit of a theme on the outside of this car and indeed the biggest place where you can see the theme of aerodynamics in this car is your angle right now because you can see into this cars most distinctive design trade and that would be these flying buttresses in order to channel air how Ford wanted it throughout the exterior of this car they actually had these giant holes on the sides of the car where air passes right through these giant panels right here and it doesn’t just stop there in the back air also passes below the wing and just continues these big channels of air down the side of the car which is all about aerodynamics and earful that was a really big factor in designing this car and on the subject of these flying buttresses here this isn’t just a panel it’s actually functional air comes in through this giant air intake on sign of this car and then inside the flying buttress there are ducks that bring air into the engine to cool it down which is a very impressive component so not only is this big hole in the side of the car functional for aerodynamics and air flow but you also have this panel going over the hole that has a duct inside it that is functionally bringing air into the engine now another important aerodynamic component of this car is the rear wing right now it’s in the down position so the whole car is like flat in Slippery but it also goes up and there are several different situations in which it goes up one is if you hit a certain speed in any drive mode the wing will go up and if you slow down in a certain speed it will go back down but the wing will also go up if you put the car into track mode into the track a driving mode switch into track mode and the wing goes up and back rather quickly so it’s ready for race track use and produces as much downforce as possible now interestingly if you switch out of track mode the wing doesn’t go back down Ford thinks that is like a pinching hazard you could have your hand in here someone could switch out of track mode and then you get your fingers chopped off so instead you switch out of track mode and then you have to drive for a few feet up to 15 miles an hour and then the wing will go back down which is kind of a funny little touch now another interesting thing that happens when you switch into track mode probably the most interesting thing is that the car lowers itself indeed use switching to track bone in the car lowers by two inches in order to be as low to the ground as possible for the best possible track performance and it doesn’t just lower gradually it does it instantaneously now when you’ve switched into track mode in the car has lowered it is only 41 and a half inches high at its highest point which is a truly unbelievable number that’s really really low now next we move around to the back of the new Ford GT which has a few quirks and features of its own starting with the brake lights the brick lights are these big circles which looks cool but also they have an additional functional component in the middle of the brake lights there is a hole and through that hole hot air is dissipated from the engine so the engine gets hot it sends hot air out the hole in the middle of the brake lights which is really cool now obviously the brake lights aren’t the only circles back here you also have the exhausts and I always love cars that prioritize the exhaust above the license plate and this is one of those cars now given that this car has a v6 engine a lot of people are questioning does this thing still sound good like a v8 or a v12 I personally think it sounds fantastic take a listen [Music] next up another interesting item around the back is this stripe you can see there’s this black stripe that goes down the middle of this particular car that’s because this car is a Ford GT from the carbon series which is a new option for the 2019 model year it is a $70,000 option and is designed to make the car a little bit lighter and thus a little bit better on the track and the stripe is my favorite part because basically it’s just the rest of the car unpainted that’s what this car looks like underneath all the paint they left that little bit unpainted in so it looks like you have stripes when really it’s just that the rest of the car has paint which is the cool idea now obviously for $70,000 the carbon series option includes more than just those painted stripes you also get a bunch more stuff for example this back panel is carbon fiber you can see you also have a side panel its carbon fiber down the side of the car same thing in front more carbon fiber you also get carbon fiber wheels which save an impressive amount of weight and you get titanium lug nuts which also save a little bit of weight but while most of those options with the carbon series car can be ordered as regular options on the standard Ford GT there are a few options that are distinctive to only the carbon series models one of them is the stripe which I already mentioned there’s also the carbon fiber a pillar only on the carbon series cars but probably the most important component is the clear engine cover in other Ford GT models it’s glass but in the carbon series car it is a polycarbonate in order to save weight now speaking of that clear engine cover you will notice there are holes in it which Carl the owner told me is kind of annoying if you’re trying to wash the car because then water goes into the engine creates a water spots and it ends up looking dirty something do you have to keep in mind if you’re washing your Ford GT now next we move on to putting fuel in the new Ford GT which isn’t exactly the easiest thing you can do the fuel filler is here underneath the flying buttress you push it on the back it pops open and then you just kind of tilt it and that’s where you put in fuel it’s an odd location because you’re basically putting fuel over like 10 inches of bodywork and this air intake you really don’t want to mess up and accidentally dribble some fuel down some exactly the easiest or most convenient spot for it that fuel filler now another interesting item over here is this little black panel next to the front door I say it’s interesting because when you lock the car it shows an image of a lock that is locked when you unlock the car it still shows that lock but now part of the top is missing so now it looks like it’s unlocked and you can kind of play with it lock unlock lock unlock and you can see how that little graphic changes as you mess with the locks I like that idea it’s really cool now next we move up to the front of the new GT where you have one of the most distinctive lighting assemblies in the entire car business it’s this large flat piece that contains the headlights it’s so big in such a focal point that Ford even put a rather large GT logo in there just because they knew people would be checking out the headlights and they are very much worth checking out I especially like how the turn signals work when the signals are on you can see the outer strip of lights in the lighting assembly is the turn signal and the inner one is the running light when you turn the turn signal off the signal goes away and that outer strip becomes an additional running light which gives this car a very distinctive look when it’s driving down the road now next up it’s time to get into the Ford GT and when you walk up to it to get in it’s not exactly the most obvious thing what you do since there isn’t a door handle on the door itself what you do is you stick your fingers into this little blue panel next to the door and by pushing your fingers in there that electronically pops the door open a little bit from there you just kind of reach on to the door and open it up the rest of the way it’s actually a pretty good system relatively intuitive and I like how it works now with the door up like this a couple of interesting things in the door sill area one is the fact that you can see this like door assembly area in there at the hinge you can’t see that on a lot of cars and I think it looks really really cool in this one but the more important thing moving further down you can see that the Ford GT also acts as a street sweeper it picks up an enormous amount of road debris in this little area behind the front wheel which is rather interesting now in Ford GTS when they come from the factory there’s no screen here and so all of this road debris comes into this area and then kind of like blow down the doors and Carl the owner of this car told me a lot of the early ones were kind of getting scratched up until someone in the aftermarket made a screen you can put here to keep this stuff from scratching up your doors when it gets full of road debris another grime you just kind of pop off the screen clean it put the screen back on and you’re back ready to go now before I climb inside the car and go over the interior quirks and features I want to mention one other item and that is in the drivers footwell area there is a little latch if you pull that latch it opens up the front compartment in the Ford GT so what exactly is in the front compartment in the Ford GT well it isn’t more storage I told you that rear trunk is the only exterior storage you get instead let’s little compartment it prop it open with a prop and then you can see under here that there’s just some service stuff you have washed or fluidity of steering fluid and a few other things but you won’t be able to store anything up here this isn’t an additional storage compartment in fact I suspect most Ford GT owners will probably not open this very much when you’re done with it just kind of put it back down push it and it slash you know once you’re inside the new Ford GT closing the doors is fairly easy there’s this piece that juts out on the door panel covered in Alcantara you just pull on that it’s surprisingly sturdy and then the doors closed just like normal car doors except you know from above now one of the first things you notice when you climb into the Ford GT is the fact that there is no storage in this car and I don’t mean there is some storage just not all that much I mean there is no storage there’s no glovebox there’s no door panel storage there’s no net between the seats there’s nothing now the regular Ford GT has like little cupholders that you can get and there’s a little tiny storage pocket at the base of the driver’s seat but not in the Carbon series model to save weight they eliminated the little storage pocket so they go like point three ounces and they eliminated the cupholders so you have literally zero storage in the interior of this car the only spot you can put stuff is at the very front of the center console there’s this tiny little unused area where you can stick stuff if you absolutely have to that’s it that’s all no other storage in this car not very practical now another thing that you notice the moment you climb into a Ford GT especially if you climb in with a passenger is just how tight it is in this interior tighter close-quarters than almost any other supercar and that has to do with that teardrop shape again Ford wanted like the front most part of the car to plow through the air and everything else to kind of taper off and back so the interior of this car is only as wide as it absolutely needs to be to see to people it’s incredible how narrow it is in fact I can reach over and touch my camera filming me which is something I’ve never been able to do in any other car I have ever filmed from the opposite side it’s that narrow and speaking of the seats in this car another thing you noticed right when you climb in is the fact that the driver seat doesn’t move there are no controls for it no adjustments you can’t move it at all now the reason for did this is they wanted the cabin to be only a certain size and be able to pull the windshield back as far as possible again for aerodynamics and if you allow the seat to move forward you have to make the cabin bigger in order to do so they didn’t want that so the seat is fixed in place but what if you don’t fit well of course Ford thought about that so you can move the steering wheel and the pedals you can see there are two little latches in the base of the steering wheel for tilting and telescoping you can move it around and there’s also this little nylon torn you can pull in the drivers footwell area that will move the pedals forward and then you can use your feet to kind of position them exactly where you want there is actually a reasonable amount of room in this car even for tall drivers but you don’t access that room by moving the seat around instead you move the wheel and the pedals one other interesting item in this car you can see it has seat belts which isn’t really all that surprising at all but you can also see behind the seats there are these little bars those are attachment points for a racing harness and Carl the owner of this car told me they’re optional and you can’t add them after the fact you have to specify it when you order the car or else they can’t be added so most Ford GT owners are getting them just in case now the next thing you notice when you climb in this car when you go to start driving it is the steering wheel which is probably the most interesting and unique steering wheel in the entire car business we will start with the fact that it is not a wheel at all it is not circular the top and the bottom are completely flat just like in a race car which is rather interesting to see in a road car but even more interesting to see in a road car is all of the buttons on the steering wheel almost every major control in this car has been placed on the steering wheel the theory being that if you’re on the racetrack you don’t want to move your hands off to turn on the wipers or adjust something so everything is right at your fingertips on the right side at the top you have the windshield washers then below that you have the wipers themselves next you have the right turn signal then you have some controls for the sync system the Bluetooth and then at the bottom you have the stereo volume you can turn it up or down with two separate buttons now over on the left you have a button that flashes the brights then next you have the drive mode selector button below that you have the left turn signal and below that there is the cruise control yes this car has cruise control and then finally you have the next track and previous track buttons for the stereo a lot of stuff is on this steering wheel obviously behind all that you have these very cool silver paddle shifters which are a neat little touch that also make you feel like you’re driving a racecar now one interesting item with the steering wheel Carl the car’s owner told me that his biggest complaint with the entire car is the turn signal buttons mounted on the steering wheel not that they’re there because that’s actually a pretty intuitive place for them but that they’re in the middle of everything else so sometimes you go to turn on the turn signal and you accidentally press a little too high and you turn on the washer fluid or the brights it’s just a little difficult to keep track of it would be nice if those turn signal buttons were placed somewhere else so you didn’t accidentally turn on something else when you were going for the turn signal now one other item worth noting on the steering wheel is this little dial over on the right side that says okay with arrows pointing up or down if you actually move that dial it adjusts the gauge cluster there is a gauge cluster screen and when you move the dial it shows you various different vehicle things like your trip odometer your tire pressures that sort of thing every time you move the dial now speaking of the gauge cluster this car has one of the great gauge clusters in the car industry it is just one big screen and it is very cool to adjust and what I mean by that is if you start in wet or comfort mode the gauge cluster looks a certain way with the speed displayed right in the middle but if you move to sport mode the speed kind of goes off to the side and instead your gear is displayed right in the middle since that’s the most important thing if you’re on a race track you don’t really care how fast you’re going now if you switch the car into track mode the gauge cluster will change itself once again and it’s very cool to see it reorganizing and now your gear and your rpms are by far the biggest focal point would speed a very small afterthought in the corner it is very interesting to see how it changes as you change between the different drive modes in the Ford GT and by the way one other interesting item worth noting about the gauge cluster is that it displays a very charming graphic of the Ford GT if you have for instance a door open it will let you know with this little Ford GT graphic in the corner perfectly designed to mimic the actual look of the car which I absolutely love it will also let you know if the axle lifter is raised that graphic will show the GT with the front end up and speaking of the axle lifter I guess we then move into the center console where you have a row of buttons dials that are worth mentioning starting with that axle lifter it’s the furthest one in the back you press it and the front end of the car lifts up to clear like low curbs or driveways a lot of exotic cars have that but the impressive thing here is just how fast it happens push it and instantly the front end is lifted now compare this to a lot of other supercars where you realize you’re about to go into a driveway and then you have to go into the screen and cycle through some menus and then it takes like 10 seconds to lift the front of the car up not this thing the moment you see the driveway push the button and you’re up and you’ll clear it which is pretty cool and it’s the same thing coming down and the other buttons in the center console are also worth mentioning right above the axle lifter you have the comfort suspension button if you press it it puts the car in comfort mode it seems ridiculous in a car like this but hey it’s there above that you have the traction control off button and then above that you have the hazard lights four buttons arranged in a row now the next thing up is the transmission selector which is a dial in this car rather unusual you have PR nd all arranged in kind of a circle and you just twist it to go between gears in the middle there is a button marked M that’s to put the transmission in manual mode now next up in the center console above the trends mission dial you have obviously the engine start/stop button you push that if you want to turn on your Ford GT now next up moving elsewhere in the Ford GT interior I want to move to the left of the steering wheel where you will see some buttons and dials over there the button on the far left that pops the trunk open from the interior so you press that and then the trunk engine covered lid thing opens up you also have a dial there and that is the headlights and that’s just a Ford parts bin piece you will have that same headlight dial and the Explorer and the Taurus in basically every other Ford and also in a $600,000 supercar now interestingly that is not the only Ford parts bin piece in this car shared with other Ford models you’ll also see that the door lock and unlock buttons are just regular lock and unlock buttons from a Ford same deal with the power mirror control they just come off of other Ford models and it’s the same deal with the power window switches again they’re just borrowed from the Mustang and the Focus and basically all of the other Ford’s in a $600,000 supercar now the most interesting one is the door release button these are electronic release doors and so obviously that is going to be unique you press this little button and then the doors open right up but something I realized that button actually isn’t unique it’s the same button that releases the electronic doors in the Lincoln Continental so that car shares something with the GT as well and speaking of the doors one other interesting item with them is that they contain the interiors only climate control vents there are no Center climate vents in this car instead you have just four two on the driver’s door two on the passenger door which is a little bit odd when you turn on the climate control you get nothing blown on you from the middle everything comes from the door area because this interior just isn’t wide enough for vents in the center instead they integrated them into the doors which is actually a pretty good idea other interesting items in this interior one is the incredibly tiny Sun visors you can see they flip sort of the opposite direction of a normal car Sun Visor and they’re just really small and little but they’re there another interesting component the interior of this car is that this panel on the dashboard is just a panel if they stick here for the dashboard it’s actually a structural component in this car which is very very interesting very different and unusual compared to normal cars that just have sort of a plastic dash tacked on in this car its structural and you can see above this panel which is finished in Alcantara there’s a hole and you can kind of stick your hand in it and if you’re flexible enough you might even be able to reach all the way to the windshield the the hole in your Ford GT dashboard now speaking of the dashboard another interesting item with the dashboard over on the right you can see you have the American flag then it says GT and then it says K 0 for 3 you know K is this cars model gear based on the VIN the VIN contains a little code for the model year and K means 2019 0 4 3 is this cars actual production number within 2019 so what that basically says is this is car number 0 4 3 4 model year 2019 and all of the Ford GTS have that now next up we move on to the center of the Ford GT situation where you will find 2 surprisingly normal items there’s the climate control which is rather normal very easy to just adjust it’s simple like a normal car climate control the only interesting thing is that the recirculating air button has an image of a Ford GT on it and not a regular car and you also have the infotainment system which is just Fords SYNC infotainment system except on a smaller screen to account for the smaller interior of this car now this screen is not particularly interesting or entertaining in the grand scheme of the Ford GT it’s basically just Ford SYNC it’s relatively responsive to your touch it has navigation capabilities it has a valet mode it allows you to sync your phone with bluetooth nothing particularly interesting or weird there maybe the only part of the car that doesn’t have any real crooks and features and so those are the quirks and features of the new Ford GT now it’s time to get it out on the road and drive it all right drive in the new GT this is carl the owner of the car are you scared oh i haven’t crashed in it yet first impression just getting in and everything it’s such an event the doors the it’s so narrow in here you know the car doesn’t look narrow but the cabin is very narrow because of the arrow on the side if you know you get rid of McLaren they’re all about the same Fridays are all about the same this is like no other exotic car because Ford doesn’t make any so everything is kind of like bespoke and weird and the steering wheel is weird and the paddles are weird and it’s a different experience everything from the outside to the inside of the car is unconventional yeah that’s one of the reasons that it’s so desirable and people like it because they do feel like there’s nothing else on the road last time we were together driving this car and Utah two years ago I never felt the v6 was a drawback how have you put 700 miles less already how have you found about it it’s it’s something that you have to think about because if you just drive the car it’s fast right and it makes a neat noise so unless you get caught up and thinking about the fact I have a v8 you’ll never care that it doesn’t happen I remember at the time two years ago you told me that it’s down it’s a down to a theory at that point it’s a it’s a matter of theory right short a car should a car like this have a whatever be 12 v8 I always feel like you know there’s a lot of cars out there with a certain crest on and they have six cylinders said yeah nobody questions and all right it honestly feels like a v8 in the sense of immediacy of the power because one of things I love about v8 is just how responsive they are to the throttle and this feels like there are a couple of good v6 is on the market right now that feel like that and this is one of them yeah the signals on the thing are weird weird it so if you just tap it it only goes three times right although but what if you hold it down or something goes longer see now sometimes I’ve kind of got it down there’s a certain level of tap the give three turn okay I guess and another level of tap that just keeps it going and then you just have to kind of know man listen to that sound that’s what the things that I really realized because even I was skeptical about the 6-cylinder when I heard about it etc but the thing that I saw in Utah when I saw him on the track going fast was that it actually sounds great it doesn’t matter and that was a thing and I know so many people have told me over the last you know year or two all that GT it’s only got a six cylinder and I keep telling people no it’s amazing it’s it’s it sounds great it feels great it doesn’t feel like a 600 and there are people out there who are like it doesn’t sound good either or that sounds like a six it’s like no you’re just to sign yeah you know cuz over like us a frame decided you don’t like the exhaust though again if you didn’t tell people what the engine was yeah I just made them drivin they think it was a really powerful [Music] oh it’s just so quick I mean that’s that’s a quarter of stab give or take a tunnel oh I love the sound I just think it’s fantastic and it’s just it almost feels an amplified you can just hear so much sound in here [Music] what I like about it is how everything is immediate in their car the wing doesn’t kind of go up and down dick slam something yeah yeah the car yeah really does it just would you go over a bot dot I gotta let the rifle crack you go over a bot dot hole inside of the cabin goes BAM because you went over something that something you don’t even feel it I sneers no give there’s not because eyes no flex in the body or thigh attention [Music] Wow oh my god [Music] it’s just insanely fast that noise it’s just right behind you and there’s no insulation or anything it does feel more racecar than almost anything I just don’t the Senate that has a similar feel because that is also an insane ridiculous you know track focus no story the Senate is extremely cool it’s got a lot of the same characteristics in this car a lot of philosophy behind it that’s very similar to what the philosophy was – car right it’s almost twice as bright okay quick bit problem yeah that’s crazy it’s just so fast and it just feels so stable and so good when you’re going fast it just felt so capable like we were only at a quarter of what it could do which of course was true [Music] ah it’s just so good it just feels so stabled and so planted that’s the really impressive thing it feels like a you know a German or Italian supercar that company that has been doing this for a hundred years that you know it’s good at that I’ve talked to the guys that were part of the tuning yeah fine to me how’s the steering feel yeah yeah you know what the what’s the trolley good and what’s gonna be like when it when you start to use the throttle to steer as the brakes and those guys did an amazing job on this car that’s the ad light it’s really best past its limit yeah there are cars that you can drive up to their limit and they’re awesome and what happens past their limit is right they get scary yeah I want to do that but when you push this car past its limit it is very fun yeah really a fun car and that’s why you that’s when you know they got it right [Music] it’s just incredibly fast it’s also incredibly good slowing down I’m not doing it you know I’m not flooring the brake like I am a accelerator but it’s good at it clearly you could tell yeah it’s really really tight obviously there’s personally nobody well I’m not even in track mode track mode kind of scares me it just gets so low but um but it’s just so good it’s so stable the steering is also very precise which I love I hate cars with light steering I hate cars with light turn in especially yes and this isn’t that the moment you start to turn it something the car starts to do it’s yeah to do its thing and so that’s the new Ford GT this is a bonafide supercar one of the best on sale today one of the craziest fastest cars on the market period it’s hard to imagine paying 1/2 million dollars for a Ford but it’s also hard to imagine that Ford makes a car that’ll do almost 220 miles an hour and yet they do and now it’s time to give this car a dug score starting with the weekend categories and styling I love the look of the Ford GT but it’s more functional and classically beautiful and it gets an 8 out of 10 acceleration it’s insanely fast it gets a 10 out of 10 handling is tremendously sharp and it gets a 10 out of 10 fun factor is excellent and it gets a 10 out of 10 the cool factor is huge right now one of these will absolutely stop a cars and coffee and it gets a 10 out of 10 for a total weekend score of 48 out of 50 next up are the daily categories and features it’s reasonably well equipped but it obviously lacks a lot of luxuries and it gets a six out of ten comfort is low the ride is brutal in the interiors tight and it gets a 2 out of 10 quality is excellent and I suspect it’ll be more reliable than a lot of exotic cars and it gets a 7 out of 10 practicality is very very very limited with virtually no storage space anywhere in a very small interior and it gets a 1 out of 10 value is a bit hard to put a number on this car is going up in value so it deserves a high score but it’s also tremendously expensive for what it is especially compared to today’s crop of 48 pistas and gt2 RS s that offer similar numbers for less money it gets a 6 out of 10 for a total daily score of 22 out of 50 added up and the dug score is 70 out of 100 and here’s how it compares to some other track just exotic cars you can also see that I’ve increased the score a bit compared to when I first drove the GT two years ago the GT has an amazingly high weekend score higher than basically anything but it also has a really low daily score lower than basically anything truthfully it was made for ten tenths driving and it’s not very livable and that is either awesome or disappointing depending on your point of view [Music]

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