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everybody wants videos but the problem is to make videos that get attention you need good video skills and a big budget to buy video assets or you need to spend money to hire a video agency to create great quality videos that wow your audience solving this problem is the big idea behind Flexner a production studio in a box with video assets ready to go a single app that creates and produces show-stopping videos in a matter of minutes what makes Flixter different is that it just works no complicated setup our configuration easy-to-use interface and nothing technical or no video production stuff to learn all you have to do is install the app I’ve already installed the software on my Windows machine and it works on Mac – now just load a template or create a video from scratch edit and publish there are ton of features is plug and play and no technical learning we take out the learning curve so you can get your videos published in seconds so whether you want amazing videos for yourself your brand or your business Flixter get you these Studio quality videos without taking days and without a big budget making videos shouldn’t be difficult and it shouldn’t be expensive it’s not reserved for the big brands anymore and it’s why Flixter makes it possible for you to finally have the videos you need for yourself and for your business I’m going to show you how fast and easy it is to create stunning professional quality videos with Flixter you can start with a blank canvas the YouTube video or a done for you template just like this one and you need 30 video templates produced by an agency so there’s super professional to get you started really really fast now for any slide in your video project you can go ahead and change the background just by clicking on the backgrounds button you can choose any of the included backgrounds or you can upload your own and you can apply them to your slide or all the slides in literally just one click now you can also add text and you can add as many text boxes to these as you want you click on text you can add all the text that you want you can change the font you can change the color the size you can add a drop shadow or a highlight and you can add kinetic text effects also then you can position that text anywhere you want with simple drag-and-drop ease then if you wanted to add images you can add images to your project as well by clicking on images and then you can add images from the included library in a variety of different categories or you can upload your own just click on the image shows you a preview and you can choose an animation right here click OK to add it to the slide add it to the project then you can drag and drop it where you want you can resize it if you want it’s just that fast to add images to your project as well then if you want to add sounds you can click on the sounds menu and you can go ahead and add a background music track from any of the included library or you can upload your own you can also add a voiceover track so if you have a pre-recorded voiceover track you can do that or you can even record your own voice right into your video in if you want to add videos as backgrounds for your slides you can do that as well you can choose from the included video library there are a variety of different categories here you could choose any of the included videos or you can upload your own or you can even add one from YouTube right inside the software when your project is ready all you’re gonna do is go up here and click produce and then you can choose where you want to output your file and you can choose the quality of that file and then you just click on start to create your video right now in real time right on your computer you can see how fast and easy it is to make jaw-dropping videos with Flixter and I just showed you a small sample of what the superpower software can do Flixter is the ultimate video maker for your business your social profiles your video ads and your life

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