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Hi guys hi welcome back welcome to episode number 3 3 3 333 and it took me three hundred and thirty three episodes to get the Man in picture none other than the video superhero I would call him as he always comes up with a great great video product and he’s none other than brett ingram hybrid how are you doing today welcome to hey good how are you thanks for having me thank you so much for making after three hundred and thirty three episodes todd has been here for thirty three times I think he keeps this busy okay so and guys I mean it was it was I was actually forced to get bread today because right now he’s actually on this on the launch time and normally what happens Brett is its before the launch that I normally interview and we reviewed the whole product and stuff like that but this time when I saw you have created a beast like Flixter and the name in itself is beautiful and when I saw Flixter I was blown away and last 24 hours I’ve been actually testing it trying it I’ve been referring it to my list and of course to the audience all around and everyone is loving it I just want I couldn’t wait to actually get you on picture and actually talk about how did you actually get this idea and you know how did you get everything together and make this beast sure well you know it’s funny because I was I was looking at the market and I was seeing you know all the sort of niches that are filled with this that the other product but the one thing that was missing was something that you could use to create professional studio quality videos for marketing and for websites and things like that a lot of either technical knowledge or design skill yeah now without spending thousands of dollars to outsource it so you have Camtasia which is great for screen captures but it isn’t good for making marketing videos alright and then you have like After Effects but the problem with that is I mean if you’ve ever even seen the dashboard software it’s super powerful but it takes three months Steve and learn how to use it yeah and so you know if you’re gonna try to create a video that the big challenge the big problem is how do you go ahead and do it it’s got to be professional if you’re gonna get any kind of results with it and if you don’t have the skills your only other arm is to spend thousands of dollars to Dowe sources it costs a lot of money to get guys to make videos for you so we wanted to make a video production studio in a box and that’s basically what what Flixter is and when I say video production studio up in the box so do we do we actually can we use this beast for any kind of videos like we can create marketing videos video sales letter and short videos long videos videos for social media stuff like that so is it like fully loaded fully packed yeah yeah I mean essentially you know and I’ll be able to show you some of the features of it but you know you can you can do you know any kind of marketing video that you can imagine you can create video ads you could even create you know a home video if you wanted with all of your personal memorabilia that you put in there and make it into a home video it renders in you know high-definition mp4 video so it’s industry standard stuff and it’s super easy you can add text and I had effects to the text so it moves and it’s you know kinetic text and things you get images videos alright you can add graphics um there’s a ton of different things you can do you can create a lot of different kinds of videos Wow why don’t you show us the super easy pick you best live in action can we see the demo live in action and we go guys let me see the toughest thing isn’t using the software it’s figuring out how to share my screen let me see if I can okay so there’s a plus sign and there’s a share screen button they’re awesome and guys where we are yes yes yes yes it’s loading it’s loading all right okay I see I see someone who is very very similar to me and now I see the software okay okay so I don’t know I guess I if I can get that to move but this is the dashboard and basically what you can do is you can start from just a blank canvas and you can create slides like this add things to the slides and render it as a video you can start with a YouTube video or if you want to do it the fast and easy way you can actually load an existing project and with every level of the software we give you some done-for-you projects oh well so with one click you can see I the software in here I load the project in here it has these slides that we’ll play in a video yeah so for every one of these I can change the background if I decided you know what I wanted to change the background color to something else or do a different texture or whatever I’ll get upload with my own I can also choose one of the ones that’s included in the software so depending on what I want to do you know let’s just say we wanted to go in this one instead it’s gonna so it’s white but you’ll get the idea yeah alright so you can see how it changed a little bit but you could still see the text so you can change the backgrounds than any of these things you can also go in here and you can change obviously the text you can add as many text boxes as you want oh well and then you can add all these effects so you can change the color of the text you can add a shadow you can add highlight you can also animate the text you can have it enter the slide from a different direction you can use different effects and you can have it enter word by word line by line and you can also have it enter in a variety of different ways so you have a lot of different options of what you can do to make kinetic text and I’ll show you what this all looks like in a second because I shall play this this video yeah but basically so you could do whatever you want with text and it’s drag-and-drop alright so if I want to move this around well I just move this wherever I want awesome now you also have the ability to do images so if I wanted to add images you could see these images are already in here the blue lines right and those are the ones that you already see here on the bottom of the slide alright but you can add whatever image you want you click on image there’s a bunch of included images and all these different categories and then you also have let’s let’s just add one so you can see how this works um it shows you preview what you’re gonna add and then you can actually animate it even if it’s even if it’s a still image oh why drag it drop it does it you do whatever you want okay so you could do that with with the images as well and then if I want to just remove that I can remove that and she had the option to do that with images as well in it and it does support animated images as well animated gifs um you can there’s a lot of different things that you could do with it you can add sounds you could add sound effects you can also add a background music track right down here well there’s one already loaded in here what I could click this and I could choose any of the ones in the included library or I could upload my own well you have options there as well music and then if you wouldn’t make video slides you can do that too so I can go down in here and click on video yes and I can go ahead and in the included library there’s a bunch of categories here as well I could go ahead and choose any of these videos that I want mm-hmm and I can import the video and I could choose just a segment of the video I could choose the start and end time that I want to import I could choose to mute the audio or I can pull the whole video in and now you’ve got a video as a background if I want to preview any one slide I just double click it oh preview the slide for me all right if I want to preview the whole project I click this up here now you could do all the same things on a video slide that you could do any of these other slides so I can go ahead and add text to this too okay if I add a text box sample text box and by the way I didn’t mention it but there’s a ton of fonts built in also okay whatever font you okay you load that on there and you can see it puts it right on top of there all right now if I decide you know what I’m gonna delete that slide out now let me just show you this is a really quick and dirty version there’s a or going on alright but obviously I’m not gonna go through every single feature let me just show you what it looks like if I preview the whole video okay let’s so okay so we get the anyway into text so yeah you can see it animates the text you know it does it does the videos yeah as images it does all that kind of stuff and so it’s a superpower video production studio in a box and it’s high-quality it was it was high quality and the slides are already done for you so awesome great and yeah Brit so if anybody okay so I have a rapid-fire you can come back if if you want we’ve seen the magic here so pretty sure yeah basically now it’s stuff time for you so the software is super simple but this time is really difficult for you because we have a rapid-fire for you and the rapid-fire is all about Flixster not about your girlfriend’s okay so it’s it’s so the first question that I have is can we use this beast both on Mac and on PC you have to either say yes or no yes yes okay so 101 okay second if I do not know anything about designing I mean you’ve already answered that but again I’m putting it because I have it here if I don’t have any design skills or tech skills can I still produce a high quality video yes you can awesome okay so can we create a video in under 60 seconds a short one using this yes awesome great and yes you do that okay so the second last one and a little more trickier I mean right from the time I install and the time that I spent in learning and production is there any actually you know do I need to learn anything before I get started or it’s as simple as it looks in the demo it’s as simple as it looks in the demo so it’s any design skills or experience awesome and now the toughest question of all right now I know it’s already launched but can people get it at a discounted price right now one when it’s when it’s during the launch period yes it’s it’s still on an early bird price so it’s still on discount awesome when the launch ends then it goes back to full price awesome great and the last one do people get a you know regular updates upgrades on the software I mean I’ve seen already in the last 24 hours they’ve been some updates so you know I say more than yes sir now on this one yeah please okay yes actually one of the features I built into the software because III knew how important this would be is the ability to use push updates so in real simple English all that means is while every time you run the software it automatically will check if there’s a new update part and if there is it it’ll automatically download it for you you just click the button to say yes it’ll automatically download it and install it for you and it will update the software for you so yes yes yes yes okay great so all yes and you got the rapid fire really fast now okay so and bread like you’ve already said this is still in the early but ours I mean we all know that we have some funnels when we actually launch these products to actually get get our cost in incurred in that so what exactly can we expect once I buy Flixster the front end version sure well the front is completely functional you don’t need any upgrades in order to be able to use it you can create videos you can do all of those things that said there are a lot of sexy features that you can caucus as well with some of the other things so with the regular Flixter gold version you get the software the ability to install it create unlimited videos you can them from the blank canvas we include a few templates for you that you can use as well there’s an audio and voice recorder so you can Porterville for the video if you want to do that and you get some hundred fonts 80 icons buttons and shapes that are included and 500 HD video footages 25 music tracks and loops so that way you have everything you need to start creating videos right away well and what else do we and then you want to know what the funnel yeah yeah yeah please okay so then you have the business addition which is gonna get you to our 20 additional business style templates you get five hundred fonts you get a lot more included graphics you get borders and footers for the videos you get animated social graphics that you can use you get transitions so you can transition between the slides with animated transitions you also get text-to-speech technology so now you don’t even need to use your own voice you can convert the text on the slides into a human voice which is super cool and you get a thousand videos included in that for stock footage that you can use then we have an agency edition which has an additional 18 languages to the text-to-speech kinetic text and transitions 5000 commercial use videos you get a lot more content you get a lot more templates included in these and then there’s the Platinum Edition and there’s the Premium Edition and so each time you go up the chain you get more things for tea niche done for you video images temp and templates that are pre-created for you by ad agency experts so now you’re getting templates that literally professionals had created you can make combo video photo image and gift slides and you get a thousand transparent images which you can overlay right on top of your videos and it looks like the person or the object is right in the scene because it has a transparent background oh wow in addition to five thousand photos and images and then there’s local done for your niche video templates that you can actually customize in a few clicks and then you could sell them to local businesses that they can use as marketing videos and that’s what the premium edition so there’s a ton of different archaeologists I didn’t want to overwhelm you with it all but hopefully that was yeah I think I think that was really too much but having said that guys as Brett said you know the front end version is completely functional and you don’t need the you know the upgrades to actually work with the front end so there that’s that in itself is huge and it’s completely function you can create unlimited videos and then we have more sexy packages in the upgrades once you take Flixter they’re completely optional but they’re yeah it’s important to note that you don’t need to remember what I said cuz it’s all laid out for you you’ll see exactly what’s in every single level so it’s not not a worry okay great okay and one question that I have is you said local business package that you have included in one of the upgrades so with the front end if I create the videos can I sell it to my clients with the features that we have do we get the commercial license those videos the videos with the front end are designed for your own personal use you can use them in advertising you can use them on your web sites and things like that they’re not actually designed to be sold to clients they’re designed to be created for yourself okay awesome so guys you can create unlimited videos for all your campaigns without any doubt and you know as as Britt said he’s actually regularly updating it and you don’t need to worry about it because once you click and open the app you know it automatically downloads the new version if there is any and you don’t need to worry on that just go out there and blast create as many videos as you want and you know it takes almost like 60 seconds to start your first video without any technical skill without any design skills without knowing anything it’s super simple to use I’ve seen it personally and that’s the reason I couldn’t wait to get bred here right away show it live in front of you and not to forget there tons and tons of great cool bonuses that you also get with Flixter and they are all inside jvzoo the links will be in the download link will be inside a video where you access your purchase or Flixter and of course you know not to forget Brett and Mo they are super super great when it comes to the support desk so if you are stuck somewhere which you won’t be but still if you are they’re waiting for you to you can just you know they just contact they just reply in under 24 hours or less but they have premium supporters so you are not left alone so don’t worry about it Flixter is waiting for you any last word that we miss bread no I mean I appreciate you having me on I can tell you from the heart that I spent a year and a half developing the software and that’s how important it was to me to do it right I love it I use it myself so hopefully you will too there are tons and tons of apps that I have I get every day you know a new app in my in my inbox but this is something that I really am looking for for my own personal projects guys because of the simplicity and the complete great cool features that really is gonna save thousands of dollars for me and it’s gonna do the same for you and as it did for bread and more and her team so go out there take Flixter and one last thing before we leave keep smiling because you look good when you smile and with flexor you’ll smile even more this is wake along with bread signing up bye bye tick here you

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