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Hey then here in this video I’m going to be going over Flixster this is a new desktop video app for Mac and PC that allows you to create infomercial slides style type videos that videos that you can use for video sales letters for Facebook ads for selling ecommerce products others number of things you can do with this as it’s pretty flexible and we’re going over exactly how it works now these are some of the examples here’s a quick example of the video style that you can create with Flixter I’m just going to play this video here then here’s another example and the good thing about this app is this allows you to create videos from scratch meaning that your a lot of the video creators have come out recently or they kind of give you these cookie cutter templates you have to work with and that does make it faster to create the videos but your videos are kind of this the same has everyone else is now this allows for a lot more flexibility it’s kind of similar to Camtasia only without the actual screen recorder feature but allows you to build out different slides with text allows you to put in video motion Clips in it you can add a whole script and then sync the script with text as well so the way it works is you’re gonna download this is for mac and pc then you’re gonna go to new here to create a new project just give it a quick name here and then you can choose the slide size now you can create it Full HD 120 1280 by 720 or just you know standard web so I’ll just pick this one here and then what you want to do is you can go here to themes and then pick a general theme for all the slides now you don’t have to have all the slots this exact same thing but whenever you create a new slide it’s going to save time and allow you just to make one you’ll make it the same here so you can have it like a blackboard there’s a black streak there’s a blue arc here you can go through and pick the kind you want so I’m gonna pick that and then you can go ahead and start creating all your different slides here by just pressing another slide pressing this button here it’s gonna build with the slides out and you can see your different slides up here in this area and you can also see the timeline of the video down here how long it is and if you want to save time what you can do is go to this script feature here and actually paste in your full video script so if you’re trying to make a full video sales letter with slide videos and some motion in it instead of writing you know you can go ahead and create each individual slide to customize it or you can just paste in your full script here and then we’ll go ahead and you anywhere you want to space you just hit return and then it’s going to create the slide off of all those off of all the different text that you imported so you can basically have all your slides credit all at once and then whenever you’re done you have all your slides ready and you have the you know everything how you want you can actually go over here to where it says sync you can record a voice over if you want there’s the that ability and then you can also sync all the slides with the actual audio that you upload or your voice over meaning that you can have a full video sales letter and instead of having to you know rearrange and edit every single slide to have it match up with the audio you can just upload the video cell script and then quickly sync it right with the audio to make full videos to letters pretty quickly so that’s a pretty good feature of it something that I would definitely use now as far as customizing each slide a little bit more what you can do is go to you can right-click on the video girls to go to backgrounds and if you don’t like the color of this particular slide where you have both of them blue but say we want to change the round the color for just this slide we can go here to backgrounds click this button here and then we can choose a different background for example say this one hit apply I hit OK and then it’s going to change this that but if we make any more slides they’re still going to be our original theme that we chose now in addition to slides you can go over here to where it says videos and it’s going to come with on the front end 500 stock video motion clips that you can put in your video as well so not only can you make slide style videos we can also put a real animation or real stock video footage in it and the video editor can handle that so what you can do is go ahead and upload your own if you want or you can is gonna come with 500 Clips like I said on the front end and then go over here and just kind of you know browse there’s some abstract ones there’s no nature scenic ones that are gonna come with it so you know say for example we wanted this one we’d hit okay and then you can go ahead and edit this clip a little bit further so say for example we didn’t want the full clip we only wanted a part of it well what you can do is just hit the start time so we want you to start right at the beginning and then wherever we want it to end we’ll go ahead and play it so say we want the end duration now here pick that and okay and now this clip here of a change into winter is now in our video then as far as adding the text over the slides what you want to do over here is you can do that as well we can go over to text and then you want to select the slide that you want to edit click text and then we can add different text now to our slides so you want to go here where it says add this is a you can create a sample text box here so you can actually create a number of different samples of text customize them with how they appear you know the background colors the actual color of the text the the font there’s a lot of tons of different fonts it comes with and you can actually create a number of different text boxes here and then apply them all at once and then see which ones you like and fit that look nice with the video so there’s a lot of customization ability as you can see here as far as different fonts that you like background colors of the slides different themes clips that you can add so I’m just gonna click out add here actually everyone remove that I’m gonna plot kick click apply and slide hit okay now we have two of our text boxes here we created and you can go ahead and click them and drag them around and edit them right on the actual crater too so so these are you know this kind of video panel here allows you to go ahead and move the text around and move different shapes around so we can add text to the different slides go ahead and add images as well to the different slides too so what you can do here is you can go ahead and add different images now there’s actually marketing elements in here like by buttons you can put in your video there’s things called like elements like arrows pointers are different you know shapes there’s actual photos that you can put in here you can upload them from your drive or depending on what version you get you can actually choose photos from the cloud to pull down from the Flixter site to add and now not not all these you can have to check which version you get but I think you’re getting 80 different types of icons and elements and stuff on the front end version and then if you want more will be the ability to upgrade and even potentially pull some from the cloud to use as well in your Flickr videos and then finally you can go ahead and add us sounds and slides or sounds in audio tracks you can upload a voiceover you can like I said before customize your own voice over here have your own custom voice over upload one you can actually upload a background music like background jingle music and then when you’re ready go ahead and sync all your slides together you can also change the duration of all the slides here you can sync it with the actual script you imported and they can have like a full a video sales letter you can have a full or you know maybe a shorter Facebook type ad you can have something like introducing a service for a local business if you especially if you imported like different clips of like plumbers working or you know I like I like a restaurant type clip so there’s a so the good thing is there’s a lot of different things that you can create with this app and and use it now one of the drawbacks is this takes a little bit more time to create it’s not just like a template that you quickly plug in there’s gonna be obviously a little bit more work to put in you’re gonna have to write the scripture yourself there’s not like any done-for-you script like that it’s similar to Camtasia I’ve ever use that but there’s no screen recorder ability so that’s not in there as well and there’s no actual green-screen element where you’re where you can import like a spokesperson with the green screen and then take away the green screen you have to have everything already finalized if you import any video clips in there but overall you can definitely you know get some results with this for your marketing as it looks like it’s working pretty decently and it’s a vailable as a desktop apps you can download it and work anytime that you want to go out you don’t have to be connected to the Internet now it is launching for a pretty low price and there’s a number of exclusive bonuses that the creators have given me especially to give away to everyone who’s buying this to add on value so if this is right you want to learn more you can check out the sales page whenever our launches for the early bird discount price and get access if it’s right with no monthly fees and all the bonuses below hopefully this covered exactly what Flixter is how you can use it how it’s different than some of the other video creators that have come out and it is launching for a fairly low price at a.m.

Eastern Standard Time thanks for watching this video and I’ll talk to you again soon .

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