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All right we’re ready to get started if you’re watching this then congratulations you made it you did the right thing because you believe like us video is the future and for such commitments you’re in for a surprise to make the easiest money yet you see local businesses around you haven’t the slightest clue how to go about getting awesome videos that sells their business in the right way they’re fully aware that video boosts sales it’s no surprise their competitors have video and they’re taking over they’re fighting a downhill battle even with the franchise’s getting muscled out by national companies with big budgets and branches everywhere they’re losing because most local businesses are a single-person operation or a very small team they don’t have the time it’s a fact they’re busy working on their business and will get by with no video or settle for even the ugliest video ever but it’s not by choice they want epic videos that will crush their competition so they can get back on track quality sells and they will pay you in a heartbeat to get that kickstart they desperately need that will make their business look a million dollars again their reputation is on the line think about it would you put your name on a video that looks like this of course not and that’s why we have the best income opportunity yet where you can make up to a staggering $1000 per sale but don’t take our word for it they’re already selling for up to five thousand dollars and if local businesses do not have video soon the national companies will take over videos like this will kill their business it’s embarrassing and their customers will turn a blind eye but what if what if a dentist had this video for their practice smiles they make life beautiful it adds fun and excitement to your world you’re beautiful so don’t compromise get world-class dental treatments what if a personal trainer had a video like this what’s your first impression that must cost a lot of money because it looks amazing right so let’s say you’re a travel agent and you had this video everybody loves holidays it’s a great way to enjoy and have some fun time with your family and friends how would that make you feel how would your customers feel about doing business with you it’s super professional and 100% credible and that’s exactly what you get with the local premium edition a complete done-for-you service for local businesses we know these locals will want to see your professional portfolio before they commit so once inside the dashboard open the video templates and immediately showcase all the videos with your watermark that’s your portfolio done it’s ready so you can start selling videos instantly for maximum profits without taking forever creating a portfolio of videos to impress it takes time so we have you covered but that’s not all you get nine agency style explainer videos all done for you we’re talking nine completely done-for-you niche video project files with voiceovers animation music effects and content the entire production from the premium studio with RAW files so all you need to do is simply open a premium project add your clients website logo contact info and you’re done that’s it really and it’s ready to go inside local premium for dentists plumbers injury lawyers insurance personal trainers car mechanics travel agents and real estate videos that are 100% customizable with your premium license and once your clients are impressed which they will be without a doubt what do you think they will want to do next that’s right get the next one from you too because with this license no one can use let alone edit these files without you it’s exclusive you get done-for-you scripts video templates complete with animations transitions background music and voiceovers all you have to do is place their website URL their contact details and you’re pretty much done you can even change the scripts to your clients liking too and you human voice to do the talking for you in 18 languages like this this Coolio is human voice in Spanish Spanish for my Flixster video f-fantastic una video clip of Flixster in italiano ich liebe in Deutschland a conflict of videos of George ma you see for sale log search will we see a total set that’s right you can target local national and international markets and get paid plus these scripts are not available used or provided anywhere else this is the only place they’re produced in-house by our army of professionals real people whose day job is working at a video agency so you are right we didn’t cut corners and neither should you you can’t afford to just look at these videos what do you think they’re worth would you pay $500 what about $1,000 what about $2,000 of course you would average quality videos are selling right now for $3,000 and real people are buying them too and that’s just the video instead we give you 9 done-for-you video templates fully loaded with video footage assets voiceovers special effects animation music fonts and everything else you need to start selling right away in fact you don’t need to sell these videos these videos are custom made and literally sell themselves but we’re not done yet it gets even better you get brand-new 20-second infomercial teaser videos that’s right you get these two 100% customizable and fully editable infomercial style videos with scripts where you can add your clients logo and branding with their website and call to action instantly impress your clients with short infomercials so they can educate their customers in a flash about their product or service these short videos make a significant emotional impact in connection with potential customers so they get in touch which means you ultimately have another style of videos to sell for 100% profits that’s right this is the biggest package we have ever offered a local video agency system with all the work done for you and your clients willing to pay you up to 2,000 dollars and even $5,000 or more you deliver fabulous that makes them look like a business every customer should be dealing with its what matters most to your clients the end result and all it takes you is a few clicks of the mouse it’s ready to go making a plug-and-play for you to get paid instantly this is your secret to get paid big money from local businesses with dazzling professional studio quality videos just like the big voice local businesses are craving for these four years and it’s the right moment for you to give it to them to help them grow their business to the next level it’s the perfect solution it will literally pay for itself even if one client pays you at the lowest end of four hundred ninety seven dollars per video if you can imagine that then imagine 10 20 and even 50 clients paying you 497 dollars for every video that’s an easy twenty five thousand dollars a month for editing a few local done-for-you premium templates plus don’t forget you can go global with these two it’s your service and you can charge whatever you like and keep 100% of the profits but it’s only available right here right now grab the local premium edition now local businesses are waving their blank check books they will pay you for being their copywriter designer illustrator videographer and editor but your secret is Flixter premium the work is done for you and ready to sell for massive profits as soon as you get in you are the hope they are looking for the key to engaging their visitors so they get more paying customers get local premium now the ultimate local niche package that will literally blow them away videos that sell themselves for 100% profits in your pocket it’s easy money and you get to keep all of it money local businesses will gladly pay you in a heartbeat get Flixter premium now we’ll see you in the members area next you

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