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thanks so much for having me and it’s always great to be on and talk to you and talk to your subscribers and viewers and everything else we are back and I’ve got something really really exciting this show and share with you but for right now let me just give you a little bit of a background in case you don’t know who I am my name is Brett Ingram and I’ve been a full-time internet marketer since 2007 so I’ve been doing this now as my main and really only source of income for more than the last ten years and I tell you that so you know I have a track record so you know I have experience that I know what I’m doing I’ve heard seven figures online it’s many times over you know I don’t I don’t not updating the stats and everything else the point is again it’s a credibility issue I want you to know that you know I’m doing this I’m doing it successfully and I’m doing it on a large scale you know the other thing is I created a launched over 30 products so I know something about making products I know something about you know in particular now software you know that has been my focus for the last several years and specifically software that will help you do things online help you do marketing help you make money help you get traffic those kinds of things anything that will automate stuff that you want to do so I’m also equally important you know I’ve coached in to help hundreds or thousands of marketing I mean that’s really the passion that drives me you know I love to be able to share what I’ve learned going through the process myself and see other people make breakthroughs see other people get results that gets me very excited and so you know in light of that the things that I create are typically things that are going to help you they’re going to automate and simplify stuff that you already do and they’re gonna cut the cost way down from the ways that you would have to do traditionally so you know the reason that I started online and you know I think this is really important and we’ll get to it in a minute as to why but you know the reason that I started online is because of my family you know I wanted a better lifestyle you know I don’t how much money you make if you don’t have time you’re poor you’re poor in the sense that you don’t have freedom to do the things that you want to do and so all the money in the world is great but it only is great if then you have the freedom to be able to spend it and so there are plenty of high power jobs and careers and things like that where you can make a lot of money but if you’re living out of hotels and you’re flying on airplanes every week calling in to see how the family’s doing by the time you get to know your kids they’re up and out in college and starting their own lives and so for me I wanted to be able to raise children I wanted to be able to you know have that kind of lifestyle my daughter couldn’t be with us in this particular picture but the idea is the same you know I wanted to be able to be there and and have an opportunity to spend time with my family and not just be about making money and why this is significant is because I want to ask you what is it for you you know something is something triggered in your mind something triggered that said you know I want to do something different whether it was you don’t want to make more money or whether it was I want the freedom or whatever it is if you’re working a traditional job but you’re sort of moonlighting as an internet marketer or you’re trying to start that there’s a reason for it you know it isn’t just flat-out money there’s there’s something deeper than that and if you dig deep and you find that that’s very powerful because it will keep you you know it’ll keep driving you and that’s what you want to tap into you know is it spending time with your family like it is for me is that important is it firing your boss you know maybe you work for somebody you don’t like or even if you do you just don’t want to have to answer to them anymore you know there are a lot of different reasons maybe you want to take a vacation whatever you feel like it you know just buy a plane ticket and take off because it seems like a good time to do it you know that is really appealing thing to a lot of people to be able to do that maybe it’s buying a new car or you know buying a new house you know obviously material things are really nice experiences are valuable as well but it’s nice to have nice things there’s nothing wrong with that and maybe it’s as simple as eliminating the stress in your life I mean psychologically when you have to work for somebody else especially if you’re worried about your job or your job security or the finances of the company you work for it’s very stressful you know if you have bills to pay and you’re not sure if you’re gonna get a paycheck you know that’s that’s a stressful place to be and if you have your own ability to make your own money then you can eliminate that stress and the bottom line is I want you to have that freedom I want you to have that you know wake up in the morning freedom freedom you know just like you see on the TV and you know where everybody seems to be smiling and carefree and relaxed it’s a great place to be and most of us feel that way when we go on a vacation but then we come back to our lives and it’s stress and craziness and everything else and so if if that’s your goal I want you to have that freedom if it’s just about making a few extra dollars a month that’s fine too but whatever it is that’s driving you you know that is why I create software that you can use to improve your life I used to do a lot of coaching I used to do a lot of info products and what I found them is as valuable as that was and as great a connection I could make with people very few people would actually implement what we would talk about you know I would offer these coaching programs or people would pay a lot of money and you’d be shocked at the number of people that would never even use the calls you know you have a resource that’s gonna talk to you one-on-one that’s done this successfully that is gonna help you it actually cares about your success and you don’t make the phone call you don’t schedule the calls you don’t do the work and so I got to a point where I said you know what wow this is profitable you know I’m not helping people the way I want to help people so if I make software if I do something that’s 10 they can use that I know you’re gonna be able to use it and you’re much more likely to use it so I switched several years ago and started going exclusively in software and that’s what I make now and I want it to be stuff that’s going to help you improve your life in one fashion or another now my longtime partner at this point Mullah teef we’ve worked together for quite some time and we’re you know we’re back at it again with this and I you know we together we have almost 20 years of internet marketing experience and success we come from two very different places two very different backgrounds but we both were successful and when we got together we sort of meshed that into a greater whole than the sum of the parts and so it’s it’s been a fantastic partnership and you know we’re back at it again and I want to introduce you to Flixter because Flixter is our brand new creation this is something that um I have to tell you and I’m not saying this from a marketing or a promotion or a shameless plug standpoint I’m being totally serious and honest about this this is by far the best thing that I have ever created it’s taken well over eighteen months to develop this software it’s taken six figures in investment to create this software so this is not some shareware slap together software this is serious commercial grade software and we’re still we got a lot more stuff we still want to add but the point is it is serious serious software the bottom line is video right now is red-hot it’s the most viewed clicked and shared medium and it’s only getting bigger text all these other things even static images are sort of being phased out on the internet video is grabbing everybody’s attention the problem is if you’re the average person even if you’re in into internet marketing if you’ve ever tried to get a sales letter made for you that’s a video thing or a professional video produced they want at least two thousand dollars you know we we would spend anywhere from five to ten thousand dollars to get somebody there did to render a professional video for us that’s what already created the script we’ve already got the text we’ve already got all the other stuff just to create it dad the effects and the animated text and stuff like that thousands for each one or you need to be a serious designer I mean it could take weeks to create one if you have the chops to do it and most people don’t and by the way if you want to verify this you can go on Fiverr right now Fiverr right now is a separate market place that they launched just for making videos like this and people are charging an average of two to four thousand dollars for one video so it prices it out of what the average person could do but you can’t compete without it so we created Flixter which is your own professional video production studio in a box literally now I could tell you all about the features but I’m a big believer in showing not telling and so I want to do a quick demo right now right here so you can see exactly how this works and how powerful it is so let’s jump right in I’m gonna show you how fast and easy it is to create stunning professional quality videos with Flixter you can start with a blank canvas the YouTube video or a done for you template just like this one and you get 30 video templates produced by an agency so there’s super professional to get you started really really fast now for any slide in your video project you can go ahead and change the background just by clicking on the backgrounds button you could choose any of the included backgrounds or you can upload your own and you can apply them to your slide or all the slides and literally just one click now you can also add text and you can add as many text boxes to these as you want you click on text you can add all the text that you want you can change the font you can change the color the size you can add a drop shadow or a highlight and you can add kinetic text effects also then you could position that text anywhere you want with simple drag-and-drop ease then if you wanted to add images you can add images to your project as well by clicking on images and then you can add images from the included library in a variety of different categories or you can upload your own just click on the image it shows you a preview and you can choose an animation right here click OK to add it to the slide add it to the project then you can drag and drop it where you want you can resize it if you want it’s just that fast add images to your project as well then if you want to add salads you can click on the sounds menu and you can go ahead and add a background music track from any of the included library or you can upload your own you can also add a voiceover track so if you have a pre-recorded voiceover track you can do that or you can even record your own voice right into your video in if you want to add videos as backgrounds for your slides you can do that as well you can choose from the included video library there are a variety of different categories here you can choose any of these included videos or you can upload your own or you can even add one from YouTube right inside the software when your project is ready all you’re gonna do is go up here and click produce and then you can choose where you want to output your file and you can choose the quality of that file and then you just click on start to create your video right now in real time right on your computer you can see how fast and easy it is to make jaw-dropping videos with Flixter that I just showed you a small sample of what the superpower software can do Flixter is the ultimate video maker for your business your social profiles your video ads and your life you can see that Flixster makes it possible for anyone to make professional studio quality videos and minutes I mean is that awesome or what I’m so proud of this if you act fast this is important the first three hours we’re gonna have a price freeze and a huge discount we’re practically I mean this is ridiculous I I mean there’s not much else I can say about it except check it out rabbit I mean you’d have to be crazy not to because it’s a huge discount the price is frozen for the three hours after that the price is going to start rising and it’s only gonna go up from there it’s never gonna be again at the price you’re gonna see what it first goes live so jump on it right away to save big and lock in the best possible value now I want to switch gears a little bit I want to give you some tips because whether you get the software or not it’s important for me to try to make a big impact on everybody that I talk to and I think this is super important so let me share these with you now even if you’ve heard me say this before it’s worth listening to again because I come back to these same three things when I look back on my own career and my own success the first tip is and this is always gonna be number one follow your passion no matter what you’re doing and I don’t even care if this extends beyond internet marketing this extends into any aspect of your life but particularly with online marketing forget about chasing the money forget about Bitcoin and you know this fad and that trend if you don’t love what it is don’t do it because somebody loves it and that’s who you’re competing against and they are gonna crush you you know you might make money for a little bit but they’re gonna keep getting better and better they’re gonna pour their heart and soul into what they’re doing and they’re gonna crush you it’s that simple so if you’re passionate about what you do and you get up every day excited then you will be successful because you don’t need to be motivated by the money that you can make or by external things and you’ll crush the people that are doing that just for the money so follow your passion whatever it is find a way that it’s something that you love and find a way to monetize that or make money from with that and and and do that and you will be well on your way to success success the second thing is persevere it’s a fancy way of saying keep going you know the biggest mistake that I see it you know if people get the first step right and they’re you know they’re doing things is they get to a point where they hit a roadblock and they give up they get right right to the edge of success and then they and then you know something stumbles and they get distracted and they get busy and then they lose track of where they were doing and then a couple of months go by and then they’ve totally lost it and what they didn’t realize is they were right around the corner from having a breakthrough it took me three months to get my first online subscriber when I started it took me six months to make my first seventeen dollar sale how many people would have given up after a week two weeks a month and when I say it took me that long I don’t mean I was like sitting on the couch eating chips setting up my marketing thing and waiting I mean I was working I was working a full-time job I was going to night school you know for my MBA I had a family at home and I was finding time in between the Crocs to do my marketing and I was spending hours a day on it I wasn’t sleeping much which I don’t recommend in general but if you have to do it for a short term you could do it and the fact of the matter is you just have to keep going and eventually you will get the breakthrough if you’re if you’re if you’re consistent and persistent and you keep doing it and you pay attention to the results you’re getting and you make adjustments along the way and the third thing is use leverage this is my biggest mistake early on I did follow my passion and I didn’t know exactly what I was passionate about but I loved the whole idea of internet marketing so it took me a while to actually zero in on it but I was in the right area and then it was just a matter of sort of tweaking it till I found what I loved you know so I was in the right area and I was really really hard-working and refused to give up I had so many obstacles against me I’m not going to bore you with the details but it would have crushed most people they would have given up a long time ago and that’s because you know they didn’t have if you’re not in touch with that driving force for me I had in the back of my mind all the time I want to spend time with my family I want that freedom leverage is the big mistake I made it took me a lot longer to become successful because I was trying to do everything myself I was trying to learn everything myself do everything myself you know not spend any money on stuff what I’ve realized is you know you need to be smart about it but you need to invest in things that get things done faster for you you know if it’s a low level task that you can get someone to do for cheap outsource it if there’s a way you can get software that will automate what you need to do buy the software and automate because the fact of the matter is there’s too much to do in a given day and it will slow you down and on the Internet time is money the longer it takes you to get something done the more money you burned the more money you’ve lost the faster you get it out there you could always make it better you can always make adjustments to it later but you’ve got to get it done so use leverage so you aren’t the bottleneck so you are able to get more stuff done faster and you’ll get to your goals a lot quicker so those are the three marketing tips write them down somewhere and look at that every single day and use that as the thing that drives you and it’ll be much much easier to have focus and clarity and to become successful with it so that’s all for now I want to say thanks for watching I appreciate your time I appreciate your attention I love the software I hope you will love it too the tips that I shared with you are from the heart the things that I embody and and follow every single day and I hope you will too and as always thanks so much for having me on and I wish everybody the best of success did you know it takes six months four thousand pages to write one point eight million words that’s right sounds like forever but did you know that you can do this right now in less than 60 seconds in fact 90% of your customers are buying right now not tomorrow not days not weeks later but right now is a direct result of watching a video it’s why this time next year 80% of everything on the web will be video you watch them you like them you share them your customers are doing the exact same thing watching an astonishing 4 hours per day if you didn’t catch that here it is again they’re watching four hours a day the fact is they hate to read it’s why five times more people are watching officially making this the highest record in history those videos on social media it’s why they’re getting 1,200 more traffic to sales it’s how YouTube Facebook boasts a staggering 13 billion views per day it’s insane what’s even crazier is when you have these awesome looking videos your customers automatically trust you I bet you didn’t see that coming box office style videos means business the numbers don’t lie there’s framing high angle low angle a frame with Anna frame and all the other Spielberg stuff there’s location music sound there’s expensive software state-of-the-art equipment for composition and if you don’t know what composition is don’t worry about it what matters is a live action highly engaging studio style video converts visitors into paying customers like never before and to make such an impact you need screen writers videographers producers and composers there’s animators designers and editors who can do this for you either you know how or be ready to pay thousands because the fact is video beats every form of communication it captures attention and engages almost all your senses you can see it you can hear it and you can feel it your customers get a multi-dimensional experience that’s powerful and it’s exactly why a video like this instantly changes your business overnight it benchmarks you as an authority builds your credibility and magnifies trust because come on a video like this comes at a price and when your videos look a million dollars your audience knows you’re serious they can feel the effort you put it they can feel the quality it’s time-consuming to accomplish and yes it’s difficult to make to better yet apples think differently video did just that Reeboks video and Nikes find your greatness video to these tiny little videos sold millions of products and services a bunch of footage with custom messages music voiceover some motion graphics that a video agency charged hundreds of thousands of dollars expensive video rights no doubt complete with cool animation designed with state of the art software and it’s exactly why we built Flixter just for you a revolutionary one-of-a-kind software that creates agency style highly engaging videos that sell just like the big brands without spending a fortune that’s right Flixter empowers you with high converting videos with the ability to add your messages in style with backgrounds effects music and filters that result in professional and awesome videos that are quick fun and easy to make magnificent live action box office style videos that are ready to go at your fingertips create high converting six seconds 15 seconds 30 seconds two minutes or longer videos or make video ads to real those paying customers in stunning videos your customers never expected from you jaw-dropping videos for your website blog your social media profiles and even your advertising in a matter of minutes once inside the dashboard select a directors template from our library add your own video or grab one from YouTube use it edit trim it select your fonts color add your message position it add your web address and your call to action wow them with special effects throw in some hypnotizing music from our library or add your own if you have voiceover add that to better yet you can record your own directly inside the dashboard or you can go without it’s entirely up to you you’re in full control your powerful visually persuasive video is ready for massive traffic and sales and the best part hit go and because you download this software you have an unfair advantage to instantly get your studio polish gem in seconds that’s right no need to grunt or wait for an email you get your videos when you want so you can start generating sales immediately quickly and easily create freaking awesome quality videos that are showstoppers your visitors actually watch to the very end so they become paying customers in fact the video scripts are written by professional screenwriters and copywriters the video templates are designed by agency directors and producers and finally it’s all composed and handcrafted by distinguished designers and editors so you get masterpieces every time these are now your videos and you won’t find them anywhere else that’s right everything is built in-house and no matter where you place your flick stirs you will be taken seriously they look expensive which means you are serious about your business it’s what you need right now to be significant you matter your business matters and we’re not just saying it everyone is jumping on video right now if you hesitate you’ll be out of business before you know it just look around who doesn’t have video so if you’re looking to take advantage of the super powers of video grab Flixster today if your video suck and you need a highly professional and competitive edge click the button below and get started right now and if you don’t impress dazzle or amaze let us know for a full refund simply try it Flixter comes with an unconditional video awsomeness money-back guarantee so if you need a studio style live action 15-second video that converts a 30-second captivating video or a two-minute infomercial for your business you can take weeks months or you can get in control now and dominate to profits Flixter is now your studio so you can convince command and make a breathtaking impact on your audience to massive sales get Flixter right now and crush your competition with tiny little videos that’s right teeny tiny professional videos that are high converting and highly engaging with amazing quality that sells it’s your time it’s quick easy fun and it takes less than 60 seconds so click a button below and get Flixter now try it risk-free an unconditional video awsomeness money back guarantee we know you’ll love it click the button below to get started right away

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