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I’m gonna show you how fast and easy it is to create captivating flick tips that draw in visitors attention and turn them into buyers for you in seconds so we’re logged into the dashboard we can search for a YouTube video upload our own or we can grab one for the included video library all we’re going to do is search until we find the one we want and then we’re going to click on that video to load it into the preview now we can preview the video and we can choose the start time and the end time for just the part of the clip that we want to use once it’s loaded in the editor we can resize the tool and then we’re just going to click and we’re going to drag over the area of the video that we want to be animated and moving anything that we cover with the tool is going to animate and is going to move and anything that we don’t is going to stay as a still image and then when we release it we’re gonna see a preview of how awesome that looks now we’re not done yet we can disable the mask and then we can actually add text and we can add awesome other visual elements as well we can customize this text and we can put whatever we want it to say we can also change the color we can change the size we can change the font and once we’ve got what we want we just put it in there and we can resize this and then let’s say that we wanted to add another element we can actually upload our own elements or we can choose from the included elements in the library so in this case we’re going to want to choose a shape and then let’s go ahead and choose this shape we can resize the shape as well and then what we’re gonna want to do is move the shape back up layer now when we’re done with our design we just click render this is going to load it into the social posting tool for us now we can preview our final project by clicking on play you can see what an awesome effect that that creates and it’s totally visually stunning you could choose the socials that you wanted to go out to you could choose the message that you want to post with it and this is the most important part you can choose the link this is wherever you want the traffic to go to as you’re racking up viral traffic you need to decide where you want to send it so you can put in an affiliate link your own website link your social media profiles whatever link you want to put there then you can schedule the post or you can go ahead and post it in you could click the download link to actually download the video to your own computer and then you can use it on any social media any website or wherever you want to generate an unlimited number of visitors leads and buyers from flick t’v

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